Christ Church West

Maria Agard (BLP)                     Verla De Peiza (DLP)


Maria De Peiza

Maria Agard

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  1. Observing(...)

    Independents sap votes from one side or he next. Any thoughts on who will be the major sapping victim? My bet is on DePeiza. I believe that BLP votes don’t usually move, and most definitely not in this election cycle.

    If that were the case, does anyone believe he actually could win as an independent? I personally don’t believe so.

    Just Observing.


  2. @Observing(…)

    What is disappointing is the fact that Independents believe it is enough to pay the deposit and do a few spot meetings and their job is done. If Independents want to be taken seriously and shake public perception they need to do better.

    BTW agree with that Abed will cut votes from the DLP candidate which is obviously his objective.


  3. @David
    not only will he cut votes from the DLP but also the BLP. You have to remember alot of BLP laundry was aired out over the last 5 years and the BLP has never done jack for the people of Christ Chrust West. Roads now getting paved? Why? Because election get call?

    I would vote for Taan just to stick it to both parties….one mistake the DLP made was providing the illusion that your right or your vote does not count. Verla lost and like a sore loser was still given the thumbsup to run. Either that is politics where she was rigged to fail or that was spite so that Taan could not run again and remove the BLP seating into Independant.

    Taan has alot of people supporting him and he can “fit in” with big business men as well as fellas on the corner….something neither Verla nor Maria can do.


  4. @tellwhat

    If Abed will cut votes from both BLP and DLP candidates then what is the objective he hopes to achieve?


  5. who cares? Even if he did nothing it would still be more than what the other clowns that are in parliament are doing.


  6. We need you Taan! Ch Ch W needs you Taan!

    Let’s just make a few things clear.
    1. Taan represented the area for 7 years. He didn’t just swoop in to hold a spot, he worrrrkkkeeeddd Christ Church West and I mean he worked it!

    2. People love who Taan is as a person. They know his nature of being straight edged and hard working, they love it.

    3. Taan is an indepedent candidate which removes him from the partisan two party system. He is a free thinker and has the voice of the people.

    4. Taan is the only candidate other than Mara Thompson to win by a land slide constituency level vote (86 Taan – 5 Verla). People love the man and want him to represent them.

    5. Neither Agard nor De Peiza have what it takes to listen to people of all classes and speak their language. Taan is a man that can speak to the rich and to the poor.

    6. Taan isn’t going after Christ Church West with the goal of self-glory. He doesn’t earn anything by running as an independent – he has only been giving and from his own pockets. People know that Taan’s generosity is from his own dime and they love knowing he is giving to help, not to gain a vote. Taan wants to go for Ch Ch W to actually offer representation of the people.

    7. Taan has the MOST proven track record in Ch CH W in the last 15 years. No other candidate has come close to offering a similar portfolio.

    8. As an independent Taan can back either party on policies that have the greatest benefit for the Barbados public. He isn’t forced to pick a side! The thought of someone possessing that power in Barbados politics is mind blowing

    The facts are clear people. In 4 more days you will have the right to put an X on a piece of paper for your Candidate of choice. Do the right thing and back Taan Abed for Christ Church West. The people deserve a representative and Taan deserves the chance to show us what he can do now with a little more say. Just the thought of that one variable makes me smile


  7. Taan for Ch Ch W – His website – His Facebook page


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