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EBOLA Virus Enters the White Man’s World #2



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The case of the man who travelled from Liberia to Texas, United States and had to visit the hospital twice before the geography challenged hospital workers were able to connect the dots,  has exposed the readiness of the US healthcare system to mobilize under an Ebola threat. It took days before those who lived in a modest apartment with the Ebola patient got their room sanitized by US authorities. Now that Ebola has entered the White man’s world we intend to observe how the developed world mobilizes against Ebola. The real challenge remains at the source, West AFRICA!

The biggest joke of the week though is acting minister of health Donville Inniss trivializing concerns about Barbados preparedness from head of BAMP Dr. Carlos Chase.

See relevant link: Health Ministry Responds to Ebola Article

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The Ferguson Rebellion – When a Protest Turns to a Riot, a Riot to a Rebellion and a Rebellion to a Revolution

Submitted by Pachamama


When General Bussa, in 1816, declared war on Barbados he was not so much interested in a little bit of freedom. His position at Bayley’s Plantation gave him the space to plot such a revolution. He already had this little bit of freedom. However, he was destined to overthrow the apparatus of the pernicious government of Barbados to achieve the rights all people desire. He wanted a revolution. A revolution not unlike the Haitian revolution as inspired by His Excellency. He knew of the Haitian Revolution of the 1790’s to 1803. General Bussa also knew that by taking on the merchant-planter elites he was also taking on a global apparatus of oppression. That apparatus represented a violent, terrorist structure based on chattel slavery as the global political-economy model. Indeed, the original sins of capitalism and slavery underlie the current rebellion catching the United States on fire. Bussa might have lost his war for independence but the fight for justice continues with Ferguson, Saint Louis, MO, as its epicenter. This global struggle will always find tinder amongst the descendant of Bussa around the world. For His descendant have struggled for another 200 years since and have not managed to shake off the vestiges of institutionalized slavery and racism, a struggle in which he gave his life. Such sacred martyrdom elevates Him beyond petty notions of nationalism.

Closer to ‘ground zero’ we find other Bussas and their major rebellions. Denmark Vessey (1822); Gabrial Prosser (1800), Nat Turner (1831); the New York City Rebellion (1712); Stono Rebellion (1739) Louisiana Revolt (1811); the Black Seminole Rebellion (1835-38)*. In nearly all cases we had the participation of predominately African-Americans, maroons and American-Indians but also a small number of Whites with African-Americans dying in their hundreds, at times, for freedom from chattel slavery.

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Not Black Enough

Shades of Herr Hitler who eradicated people for not being white enough, not to forget the KKK in the States and various white supremacist movements all over the world. And also, to some extent, the Jihadists. Unbelievable in this day and age. Henry Ford of motor car fame is quoted as saying that history was bunk. Mankind seems determined not to learn the lessons that history has taught us.  – (BU).

Woman ‘fired for not being black enough’


Rachel Brothers

A biracial woman has won an $10,200 payout after she was fired from her job at the Black Educators Association (BEA) in Nova Scotia, Canada because she ‘wasn’t black …

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Submitted by Pachamama
Destruction of Gaza

Destruction of Gaza

As we enter week four (4) of the barbaric slaughter of the sacred Palestinian people a simultaneous and larger war against the peoples of the world pursues apace. Indeed, the savage decades old war against the Palestinians comes within the context and at the height of an American imperial exceptionalism that has had no ‘moral minimum’. This war of aggression against the Palestinians is no different than the wars against economically disadvantaged peoples of the South. It is a  war even against Russia and all of Europe because there must never be another exception to this new and staggering American exceptionalism. It is an exceptionalism that aims to do something no other empire has considered – to have no end, almost Messianic. And nothing, nobody, nowhere is outside its sphere of interests. Its current central focus is Russia but China is to soon follow. The war on Gaza sees the Palestinian people facing the onslaught of the Zionist agents of this vicious American exceptionalism.

We are all Palestinians when, as Caribbean peoples, we are devastated by engineered economic conditions as characterized by booms and busts. The economic wars we are facing is no less criminal in nature than the brutality inflicted on innocent women and children in the open air prison called Gaza. This brutality of capitalism, as war, has reach such a normalization that we have been numbed to the growing billions still living beyond the poverty line, starving, unable to find potable water, lacking basic medicines, denied quality education, shelter and healthy food, even in ‘developed’ countries. These are still happening in a world where the number of billionaires is increasing exponentially. For these are the accepted and acceptable conditions of the Palestinians people and billions more throughout the world who are Palestinians today and have always been Palestinians.

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Palestine – The False Equivalence

Submitted by Pachamama
IsraeliPalestinian conflict entered its third week.

IsraeliPalestinian conflict entered its third week.

As the latest Zionist massacre of Palestinians enters its third week the international ‘shareholders’ have now dusted off their scripts and are again mouthing their tired refrains. These choruses would by now be sounding tired to the Crop Over judges in Barbados. However, the western tools, as blatant and tireless supporters of empire find it impossible to change the hymnal. It matters not that their bleatings are ahistorical, defy reasoning, illegal and unfair, White global dominance demands strict adherence. Unless one knows how to rap your tongue around these notions, there shall be no role for that voice within the discourse of global elites.

After supporting the collusion between General Sisi and Netanyahu which spawned the ‘Egyptian’ abortive ceasefire, Ban Ki Moon was previously prepared to let a civilian population be massacred, under false pretenses, by the Zionists. The informal understandings by Ban and his handlers was for Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the other Resistance fighters to be destroyed in their valiant attempts to mount a sacred defense of the Palestinian people. This is the sycophant who pretends to hold the post of GS of the United Nations. And this is not the first time. Ban has a long history of siding with the powerful against the weak. Of siding with the moneyed interests, against the poor. Of siding with the minority against the majority. Of being a faithful stooge of empire against the majority of the peoples of the earth. Ban must qualify as the worst, most supine, General Secretary in the history of the United Nations. He owes his position to the Americans, of course, so what more are we to expect? The UN is no more than an extension of the American empire! And Ban’s tenure clearly proves this.
But Ban is now talking about this conflict, like he always has, as though he came from Mars. As though both sides are equal antagonists.

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Caribbean Capital Reserve Bank Taken Down by the CIA

CaribbeanCapitalIn April of this year BU reported on Caribbean Capital Reserve Bank and exposed it for what  it is, a scam – see Caribbean Capital Reserve a Total SCAM. BU is pleased to acknowledge all the bloggers who helped to highlight this matter. It is a good feeling to know when something positive happens and that we (the BU rum shop) may have been a small contributor.  We urge the CIA to go further and remove the Facebook site as well.

Caribbean Businesses, Organizations and Governments and People Could Be Losing Millions To Cyber Criminals & Hackers, And Don’t Know It

Submitted by James Bynoe – CEO Cyber Security Centre
Cyber crime a threat to productivity

Cyber crime a threat to regional productivity in the Caribbean

The Caribbean Cyber Security Center (CCSC) continues to urge the Caribbean region to take the growing threat from cyber criminals and hackers seriously. CCSC estimates that on a frequent basis Caribbean businesses, organizations, governments and homes are targeted and scanned for information system weaknesses and vulnerabilities that can be exploited, yet very little has been done comprehensively to combat this growing national security, public safety and economic development threat. In the last 12 months we have seen reports from all across the region of network breaches, website defacements, ATM scams, denial of service attacks, and credit card fraud incidents. According to recent reports from leading global security organizations in 2013 the region saw significant increases in data breaches, banking trojans, mobile malware and other online threats.

While we are pleased to see justice served in the recent sentencing of the ATM scamsters in Barbados, ATM scams represents only one front of the multi-front cybercrime war we face as a region. Cyber criminals must not only be prevented from ATM scams (by the entire banking sector finally moving to more secure ATM technologies), they need to be prevented from breaking into business, government, and home computers all across the region. In recent months CCSC has responded to successful and unsuccessful attempts by cyber criminals and hackers to steal thousands in revenue from businesses and individuals, we believe that as a region we could be losing millions via unsecure and unprotected work and home computers which are compromised “right now” without the system owners or home user even knowing it.

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