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It Can’t Happen In Barbados, No Sir, I Tell You That Can’t Happen Here

Submitted by John Farmer
Dr. Anthony 'Gabby' Carter popularized Jack - at cyan happen here in this country

Dr. Anthony ‘Gabby’ Carter popularized Jack – ‘‘dat cyan happen here in this country”

How many times have I heard those words spoken? Then the person who I have been speaking with goes on to qualify his/her statement. “Here in Barbados, we have one of the highest literacy rates in the world. We have the third oldest parliamentary system in the Commonwealth with a democratic governmental system almost four hundred years old. Also Barbados has a good education system plus a good Justice system. It is impossible for that to happen here!” Have you not heard these words spoken before?

I heard these same words uttered by Venezuelans just 15 years ago. At that time their democratic form of government was the longest surviving democracy in South America, a mere forty years of existence, but still the longest lasting democracy at that time in South America. Their primary and secondary education was good and they had many excellent Universities, with Simon Bolivar University rated one of the four top universities in the whole of South America. All education was free and on a scale of meritocracy the top students were selected by the top Universities, but they could apply to any university of their choice.

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Shame On You Venezuelan Ambassador!

Submitted by Gabriel Varvaro
Venezuelan Ambassador to Barbados Jose Gomez Febres

Venezuelan Ambassador to Barbados Jose Gomez Febres

Just read the interview by Barbados Today with the Venezuelan Ambassador … what a shower of old left wing garbage that was. I made some pertinent comments as I was left outrage by this but it seems like Barbados Today did not find them adequate for their news outlet.

My comments on the article:

Unfortunately the Ambassador (who by the way doesn’t even speak English and is not a career diplomat) is telling the same big set of lies that leftish cleptocrats continue to tell inside and outside Venezuela. Venezuela has had an unprecedented oil revenue during the Chavez administration, in the region of US$120 BILLION and it only takes someone to have a look around its cities, highways, hospitals and fields to realise that the money has evaporated. Not only has earned a lot more than the previous 40 years of democratic governments but it has also TRIPLED the foreign debt by numerous loans from China and Russia to buy from TVs and washing machines to AK47 and Sukoi planes.

This same regime, the one that named the Ambassador can be clearly defined as CLEPTOCRACY, in which all it matters to its officials is to steal the country’s revenue and firmly grip to power in order to continue the robbery.

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Pertinent Questions About the Venezuelan Political and Economic Situation

Submitted by John E. Farmer
What about PetroCaribe?

What about PetroCaribe?

WHY does President Maduro keep demonizing the USA in every speech he makes? Also, why, like Chavez did, does he blame USA for Venezuela’s problems? Is it not true that IN 2013 USA purchased an average of 792,000 BARRELS of OIL PER DAY from Venezuela which is more than a third of Venezuela’s daily oil production? Is it not true that Venezuela owns refineries in the USA as well as 14,000 petrol stations under the name of CITGO? So where does Venezuela’s revenue come from? Yes, it comes from the good old USA, approximately 80 million dollars a day – not a bad pay cheque, eh?

Why, last week, did Maduro plead with the USA public not to let the government put sanctions on Venezuela? Very simple answer to that one, the already catastrophically weak Venezuelan economy would completely implode. Secondly, it is rumoured and not too difficult to certify that many of the Regime’s high echelon and Military upper crust own businesses, mansions and bank accounts in USA, Can you imagine if the USA applied sanctions and froze these accounts. What would happen if the regime suddenly had to run! The situation is looking a little dicey right now, isn’t it? Wasn’t Maduro two months back threatening the USA? Now he is pleading with them ‘please.’

What about PetroCaribe? Was this a gift offered to the West Indian Islands of the Caribbean or a guise? Could it perhaps be another way to infiltrate into the economy and geopolitical environment of another sovereign country?

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Venezuela’s Paper Problems: Sh..t Hitting the Fan

Submitted by John Farmer
Paper shortage in Venezuela

Paper shortage in Venezuela

It was only a few months back when the sh…….t hit the fan and the Maduro Government in Venezuela imported Fifty (50) million rolls of toilet paper as there was a terrible shortage of this item in the country. No rolls of this commodity could be found on the supermarket shelves, however, the Venezuelan public being very innovative and resourceful decided to use old newspapers to fix this inconvenience. The shortage was simply due to the following. The Maduro government did not supply the necessary U.S. dollars to the paper manufacturing plant in order for this company to import the necessary raw material to produce the toilet paper rolls. Then the government blamed the capitalistic owners of the Company for causing the shortage to the people of the Bolivian Revolution and Maduro decided to nationalize the company. See how easy it is to take over a company in Venezuela when you and you alone are the law. Sorry, I forgot – Venezuela is supposed to be democratically ruled, isn’t it?!

Maybe I should explain here that all dollars needed for the importation of any commodity to Venezuela, such as the raw material (not available) in Venezuela, needed to manufacture a product, can only be applied for and bought through the government. So if the government declines your application for the purchase of dollars to import the raw material needed to keep your production line going (for example, political reasons) you are left with no other alternative but to close your doors.

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Pope Francis: One Giant Leap for Humility


Malaysian Flight 370: How Does a Triple 7 Disappear in 2014?

The Flight simulator which belongs to Capt Zaharie Ahmad Shah of Malaysian Airlines

Follow an online conversation posted by Captain Zahari Ahmad Shah when he sought help to setup this Flight Simulator

Before BU family member Sargeant accuses the BU household of navel gazing …

Harlequin Property UPDATE…

Dave Ames, the beleaguered Chairman of Harlequin

Dave Ames, the beleaguered Chairman of Harlequin

5 March 2013

The Serious Fraud Office (SFO), together with Essex Police, is looking into complaints in relation to the Harlequin group.  The business activity of the Harlequin group includes the marketing, sale and construction of luxury off-plan property developments in the Caribbean and other resort locations.  If you have invested in Harlequin schemes, we would welcome any information you can give us.

We are particularly interested in hearing from people who invested in the following resorts:

(1) Buccament Bay in St Vincent & the Grenadines;
(2) Merricks in Barbados;
(3) Marquis Estate in St Lucia;
(4) The Hideaway in the Dominican Republic;
(5) Las Canas in the Dominican Republic;
(6) Two Rivers in the Dominican Republic and
(7) Garapua Beach Resort in Brazil.

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A New Multilateralism for the 21st Century: the Richard Dimbleby Lecture

Delivered by Christine Lagarde, Managing Director, International Monetary Fund, London, February 3, 2014
tine Lagarde, Managing Director, IMF

tine Lagarde, Managing Director, IMF

Good evening. It is a great honour to be invited to deliver this year’s Dimbleby Lecture, and I would like to thank the BBC and the Dimbleby family for so kindly inviting me—and especially David Dimbleby for his warm words of introduction.

This evening, I would like to talk about the future. Before looking ahead, however, I would like to look back—for the clues to the future can often be read from the tea leaves of the past.

I invite you to cast your minds back to the early months of 1914, exactly a century ago. Much of the world had enjoyed long years of peace, and giant leaps in scientific and technological innovation had led to path-breaking advances in living standards and communications. There were few barriers to trade, travel, or the movement of capital. The future was full of potential.

Yet, 1914 was the gateway to thirty years of disaster—marked by two world wars and the Great Depression. It was the year when everything started to go wrong. What happened?

What happened was that the birth of the modern industrial society brought about massive dislocation. The world was rife with tension—rivalry between nations, upsetting the traditional balance of power, and inequality between the haves and have-nots, whether in the form of colonialism or the sunken prospects of the uneducated working classes.

Read full text of  Christine Lagarde’s Address and Video

Slave Merchant’s Notebook Confirms the Sorry Tale of the Slave Trade

A wealthy slave merchant's 270-year-old notebook and business log (pictured) has revealed a chilling insight into the slave trade and attitudes to human trafficking -

A wealthy slave merchant’s 270-year-old notebook and business log (pictured) has revealed a chilling insight into the slave trade and attitudes to human trafficking –

It seems unconscionable human beings of any era would be of such a ‘mind’ to treat fellow human beings like chattel (cattle). To compound the thought many slave traders of the day in the Mother Country labelled themselves Christians. BU dares to ask what has changed in 2014 compared to nearly 300 years ago. One sees the political directorate plying their nonsense  in our parliament and the number of millionaires being generated at the bat of an eye.   The same occurred when our ancestors sold us out for the proverbial ‘mess of potage’ all those years ago. The more things change the more they remain the same.

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The Collapse of Capitalism Continues Apace, While Caribbean Elites Dither

Submitted by Pachamama
Is Capitalism about to crash?

Is Capitalism about to crash?

Complex societies collapse by continuing to do the same kinds of things that cause that collapse – Derrick Jensen, Philosopher

The mass cling to its masters, loves the whip, and is the first to cry ‘crucify’.” Emma GoldmanAnarchist, Political Philosopher, Social Activist

Recent comments by the Prime Minister of Barbados Fruendel Stuart (FJS) in relation to the perilous state of the world economy come mere months after similar remarks by the Prime Minister of Saint Lucia. Both maximum leaders rightly located the problems of their countries outside of their respective spheres of influence, even spheres of control. More precisely, Kenny Anthony told us that Caribbean countries were on the brink of collapse while Stuart went straight to the crux of the matter in stating, clearly, that no minister of finance, in the world, knows what he/she is doing. What a profound statement! And in this, he is absolutely correct!

While we have had occasions to publicly indict FJS for governmental malpractice of the highest order, at this time, we are indeed happy to see that what we have been saying for more than ten years is now just starting to be mouthed by the backward political elites in the Caribbean. This time we hold out no expectation that the clock to disaster will stop for one moment. We do not expect that there will be any vigorous debate about an alternative political-economy model. We do not expect, that for one moment, the regular cut and thrust of the petty adversarial politics in the Caribbean will cease to bring a wider understanding to the words of these two prime ministers. Words that are pregnant with meanings.

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