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West Indies Cricket at Implosion Point

The fans continue to be shortchanged by the managers of West Indies cricket.

The fans continue to be shortchanged by the managers of West Indies cricket.

West Indies cricket continues at pace on a path to implosion. The WICB Board latest statement reads as follows – WICB STATEMENT FOLLOWING SEVEN HOUR MEETING. The decision by the WICB to go the route of a press statement in lieu of a press conference is indicative of the ‘peer down the nose’ approach to dealing with its publics through the years. Coincidentally, the Barbados Cricket Association (BCA) elected to do the same; communicate its mismanagement of the recruitment of a fraud as CEO of the BCA – see  The Sagicor Thieves and the BCA Fraudster – Ruel Ward and Jefferson Miller Create a WTF Moment. In both cases the two bodies probably acted under the best advice of a public relations company and not the public.

Frankly it is boring listening to leading regional cricket commentators spouting ignorance by playing the blame game for the recent muck up in West Indies cricket. It was inevitable that a dysfunctional management and operating structure would have led the region to where it finds itself currently as it contemplates whither West Indies cricket.

Instead of focussing on who did and should have done what, BU has to accept that the abandonment of the tour of India confirms a continuing the lack of leadership in the entity formerly known as the West Indies Cricket Board of Control (WICBC). An entity which lacks the capacity to resolve issues that require critical thinking. A routine requirement by any successful organization.

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West Indies Cricket Continues Downward Spiral

The following extracted from the blog  The WICB(C) Conspires Against Our International Players, Again! posted by commenter Dee Word



Yes @David change is needed I agree. But sensible people understand that the process of change is often as important as the change itself. On the evidence of the last 10 years specifically and generally the last 20 the WI cricket fraternity of players and administrators have acted too cavalier and disrespectful towards each other and thus there is a blighted sense of achievement over any the positives gained. Their change process is certainly not a best practice model.

Let me put it another way:

Overall, there’s a positive sense of achievement re the Clive Lloyd and Sir Viv’s tenures. Of course there were issues of disquiet and upheavals re monies, contract matters, representation etc. but the players for the most part kept the issues in-house and did not embarrass themselves or the spirit of WI cricket.

We remember that time for the highs and lows on the FIELD; not in the board room. World Cup in ’75, WI bashed in ’76 (Australia), WI bashing England for a few 5-0 results, WI supremacy over all others from late 70’s for 10+ years.

Brian Lara scored over 900 runs in two innings in this 20 year span…absolute genius. But my mental picture of his team includes a bad image of disrespect to Nelson Mandela. Privileged talented young-men who did not have any life altering hardships because of the color of their skin thought it prudent to use THAT tour and the absolute euphoria surrounding SA most renowned citizen to press their base claims.

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The WICB(C) Conspires Against Our International Players, Again!

Submitted by Pachamama
WIPA President and CEO Wavell Hinds and WICB President Dave Cameron

WIPA President and CEO Wavell Hinds and WICB President Dave Cameron

We have argued in the past that the West Indies Cricket Board (of Control) WICB(C) is a slave plantation. An institution where the house niggers on the Board constantly  ‘conspire’ to end the hard won rights of our international players. Their aim, under every guise, is to reverse the benefits to international players and return them to the good old days where once our best players retired a hat would be circulated for a ‘benefit’. These vicious ‘house niggers’ or Black Bothas at the WICB(C), as an institution, did nothing to transform the world of cricket when we were ruling the universe. They lacked the vision to re-balance world cricket towards our natural strengths or as their masters in England used to say – Calypso cricket. But the Indians have captured that innate Caribbean instinct and have made 20/20 cricket the revolutionizing instrument that was always frond upon by the rootless elites at the WICB(C). So Caribbean cricket is now headquartered in India.

Not satisfied with their generational failures of the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s. The Board now seeks to hide their perpetual non-performance under a misbegotten developmental construct purportedly to spread incomes to a larger number of people, cricketers. But this is a management problem not to be solved on the backs of international players. The MOU and Agreement which the Board has surreptitiously arrived at with a dictatorial leadership of the West Indies Players’ Association (WIPA) President Wavell Hinds lacks any moral authority. These arrangements, unbeknownst to the international players, now seek to decrease match fees by 75%; the Board’s international slaves are to be paid no compensation for the marketing of their images; and there are to be no ICC fees for international players. The WICB(C), as slave master, are again seeking to exert rights only know to be claimed under chattel slavery.

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Sports and Games

Akeela Jones, Barbados 'ONLY world class athlete.

Akeela Jones, Barbados’ ONLY world class athlete.

The decision to send a team to participate in the 2014 Commonwealth Games comprised of 104 athletes and officials has stuck in the BU throat like a fish bone. Barbados was represented in Athletics, Badminton, Boxing, Cycling Road, Cycling Track, Judo, Netball, Rugby Sevens, Shooting, Swimming, Table Tennis and Triathlon. Compared to Bahamas which sent 45 athletes to the same games reported to be the largest ever, a few questions need to be directed at decision makers of the national sports program in Barbados because we continue to make sport at sports. No need to mention that Jamaica sent a 114 member team to the same games.

BU appreciates that the Barbados Olympic Association (BOA) should not be involved in the management of the individual sports association but he who pays the piper calls the tune.  The fogies who administer sports in Barbados must have known there was no justification to send netball, badminton, rugby, shooting and a few other teams to the 2014 Commonwealth Games. Affected by scarce financial resources, the result of prolonged depressed economic economies in many Caribbean countries, isn’t there a reasonable expectation that judicious decisions must be seen to be made by our leaders? If the average Barbadian were to have been asked if any of the teams sent to the 2014 Commonwealth Games had a chance to achieve fourth position the answer would probably have been a resounding no! The track and field team was the only team to reach the finals in their events.

Would it not have made more sense to carve out a significant slice of the 2014 Commonwealth Games budget to give high level exposure to athletes in dire need of exposure, instead of unrealistically expecting them to move from B standard to A standard performance expecting gold, silver and bronze performances ? Here is what Neil Murrell, Acting Director of Sports at the National Sports Council had to say when he greeted the team on their return from Glasgow.

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Otis Gibson Sacked by the WICB

Otis Gibson

Otis Gibson

The West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) sacked Coach Otis Gibson tonight, a decision known 48 hours before it was announced. Hurray for transparency. The news that he was terminated by a telephone call after just renewing a contract for 2 years makes the Gibson sacking another saga to observe for the comedic relief it offers. It is no secret West Indies has become the laughing stock of the cricket world. The inability of the WIBC to stop the slide of performance by the regional cricket team for nearly 2 decades confirms the leadership vacuum which continues to choke success in almost every facet of  enterprise in our region. The most recent ICC Rankings positions West Indies at #8 out of 10 teams with only the minnows Zimbabwe and Bangladesh  at #9 and #10 bottoming out the rankings.

The WICB and the UWI represent two regional entities which have served the English Caribbean people well. In recent years these two entities have struggled to stay relevant in a world advancing at pace. It seems moronic that the WICB on the eve of an international ODI series against Bangladesh would become trapped into making such a significant management change.  Based on the WIBC press release the team manager, Sir Richie Richardson, will perform a dual role in the current series. While the WICB saga continues to unfold Barbadians were informed of very low registration at UWI, Cave Hill. Connect the dots.

All taxpayers in the cricket English Caribbean have a vested interest in the efficient management of regional cricket. In the build up to the 2007 regional governments mobilized several projects, including the building of new stadia, to host CWC2007.  Continue reading

Sports Program Not Up to Scratch

Wayne Cadogan

Wayne Cadogan

Five years ago, I wanted to write this article giving an in depth analysis of the various sports programs on the island and my opinion on why I thought that we were being stagnated and not going forward, and this goes for most things in Barbados. Barbados sports has been going through a metamorphosis for more than thirty years now and there is clearly no evidence of it not been stymied.

I left the island in the late sixties and Barbados had a very strong sports program where they did well at the international level. I do not have to speak about the cricket, because that speaks for its self. A Barbados football team of the 50’s and 60’s was a power house against the likes of Trinidad, Jamaica, Air France team and visiting English clubs from England. None of the other islands in the Caribbean were capable of beating Barbados in any sport, whether it was Netball, Athletics, Football, Cricket or even pitching marbles. Continue reading

Barbados Underground Congratulate Akela Jones

Barbadian Akela Jones wins gold at the World Junior Champions in Oregon

Barbadian Akela Jones wins gold at the World Junior Championship in Oregon