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Cricket Lovely Cricket

Dwayne Smith is one of the most sought after one day players in the world yet cannot make the WI 50 over team.

Dwayne Smith is one of the most sought after one day players in the world yet cannot make the WI 50 over team.

Congratulations to the Barbados cricket team on winning the inaugural NAGICO Super50 competition. The team was led by Kevin Stoute the son of local crooner Richard ‘Dick’ Stoute. The win was made  interesting with the booting of leading batsman Kirk Edwards from the team before he got a chance to face a ball and a rookie captain who was appointed two weeks before the start of the competition.

The win by Barbados must however be placed in context. Those of us who watched the games witnessed poor pitches, poor umpiring, poor fielding, poor batting, hell even poor commendatory. The biggest irony to consider is the defeat Ireland  inflicted on the West Indies today [19/02/14]. Bear in mind Ireland was a doormat in the just concluded NAGICO competition.

To be beaten by ICC Ireland in our backyard must be regarded as a another dark hour in West Indies cricket. In case you have forgotten, West Indies will be defending its ICC Twenty20 title in Bangladesh  in March 2014. What a psychological dent this defeat must  must have created.

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Fire the Pimps on the WICB(C)

Submitted by Pachamama

westindiesWe recall well, between sleep and wake, nightmares of the slaughter of our teams, by the great Australians of the 60’s and 70’s. But this New Zealand team of 2013 is the opposite of the Australians, and yet, the expectation of capitulation remains our constant companion, in this battlefield of dreams, especially at this time of the year.

Last test match the West Indies Cricket Team succumbed for the umpteenth time, over the last two decades, to a less than viable opposition. This cultural rot will only stop when we properly locate its causation firmly in the laps of the administration of the West Indies Cricket Board (of Control) (WICB) and take concerted actions to excise the underlying cancer of this prolonged and institutionalized failure.

Since the coup that ended the ‘Age of Dominance’ the cricket establishment in the Caribbean has not produced one single player worthy of that epoch. What we have had is the constant recycling of average pretenders totally removed from the mind set of Worrell, Lloyd and Richards. The warrior mentality has been stripped from them, by executive design. The coup plotters of 1991 and their descendants continue to destroy West Indies cricket at all levels. So the largesse of team management could be directed to a Richie Richardson, the instrument of the plot which relocated effective power from players to administration.

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Church of England Gay Clergy Maybe Able to Copulate After all

A panel of bishops is set to spark a fresh row over homosexuality by paving the way for the Church of England to relax its stance on gay clergy – read Mail Online article Don't make gay vicars promise not to have sex

A panel of bishops is set to spark a fresh row over homosexuality by paving the way for the Church of England to relax its stance on gay clergy – read Mail Online article Don’t make gay vicars promise not to have sex

Jack Warner Hits the Road BUT What About Lisle Austin?

The unthinkable occurred yesterday, Jack Warner resigned as minister in the Trinidad and Tobago government and as Chairman of the COP. In unravelled very quickly after the Integrity Committee appointed by CONCACAF and headed by former Chief Justice of Barbados Sir David Simmons to investigate “several allegations in relation to specific issues”.  See related BU blog CONCACAF’s Integrity Committee Finds Jack Warner and Chuck Blazer Guilty – David Estwick Take Note re:Barbados Water Authority.

While the focus of the investigation was on the two high fliers Jack Warner the former president of CONCACAF and Chuck Blazer former General Secretary of CONCACAF the name of Barbadian Lisle Austin was mentioned five times in the report. Let us have a look to see why Austin was interviewed by the Commissioners. Bear in mind Austin is a former Vice President of CONCACAF who served under Warner.

On page 36 the report states:

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15 Secondary School Principals Snub Minister Ronald Jones

Memorandum from ministry of education which instructed school to participate in BSSAC

Memorandum from ministry of education which instructed secondary schools to participate in BSSAC

BU continues to critical about the lack of leadership in almost every sphere of activity in Barbados. Have a look at the Barbados Today story Thumbs Up! Never thought the day would arrive when local media would have to run PR stories regarding how safe it is to be in Barbados. One of our enduring characteristics has been a low crime environment. It had been the main ingredient which underpinned the boast of being a stable country.

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Removing the Funding Veil at the Barbados Football Association

Submitted by St. George’s Dragon
Randall Harris, President of theBarbados Football Association

Randall Harris, President of the Barbados Football Association

Interesting article on FIFA’s activities in the Caribbean here:

No mention of Barbados but under the Barbados FIFA section here: it lists a new headquarters in Bridgetown costing $600,000 (presumably US$).

I remember reading something about the pitch and how it was not installed right. Can anyone update us on the new headquarters? Does it prove Barbados to be an exception among football associations in the Caribbean? Are we actually spending the money as we should?

Young Barbadians Athletes Excel at CARIFTA Trials Despite No National Stadium Track

CARIFTA GAMES 2013 to be held in the Bahamas

CARIFTA GAMES 2013 to be held in the Bahamas

A few days ago BU highlighted the sorry state of local sports with real possibility the National Primary Schools Athletics Championships (NAPSAC) and the Barbados Secondary Schools’ Athletic Championships (BSSAC) are in danger of being cancelled – NAPSAC and BSSAC in Danger of Being Cancelled. The reason: the National Stadium track is under construction and has been unavoidably delayed.  Incredible though it seems there was no contingency planned for this eventuality.

The result of the poor planning means that our two premier track and field championships which affords the opportunity of our young athletes to showcase their talent remains uncertain on the meet calendar. The Ministry of Sports and the National Sports Council should offer a public apology to ALL athletes who have to train everyday day with the mental anguish created by the doubt that BSSAC and NAPSAC will not come off. To repeat, the thought of a similar mishap occurring in Jamaica or Bahamas is unfathomable.

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NAPSAC and BSSAC in Danger of Being Cancelled

National Stadium track being relaid

National Stadium track being relaid – Photo credit: Nation

Does anyone believe that the organizers of Sports in Jamaica would allow what is happening in Barbados to occur over there? We have a situation where the National Sports Council and the Barbados government made the correct decision to relay the track at the National Stadium. Unfortunately because of factors beyond the control of the actors in the project (we are told) the exercise has taken longer than originally planned.  As a result the two premier sporting events which target the youth and facilitate qualification for CARIFTA are at serious risk of being cancelled.

The National Primary Schools Athletics Championships (NAPSAC) normally scheduled at the end of February has been postponed as well as the Barbados Secondary Schools’ Athletic Championships (BSSAC). With so many vacant pastures in Barbados one is left to wonder why a committee comprised of of our brightest could not conceptualized and implemented a contingency plan. Obviously if the young ones do not perform on a track which is accredited they forego having their times officially registered but which is the lesser of the two evils, performing on a non-accredited track or not performing at all?

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Electioneering – Barbados Olympic Association Style

Steve Stoute, President and Erskine St. Simmons, secretary general of the Barbados Olympic Association, arrived at Northgate Sports Centre as part of their visit to the East of England  to find a suitable training camp for the London 2012 Games.

“…for we fight not against flesh and blood, but against spiritual wickedness in high places”

Barbados Underground (BU) has taken up a number of untouchable causes over the years in the interest of integrity and transparency in public life in Barbados and the region. Politics and political shenanigans have tended to dominate our agenda in this regard, and the court system ranks highly on our list. But recently BU has become interested in the operations of the Barbados Olympic Association since it has become clear that its role as a facilitator of sport in Barbados has been poorly executed over the years while its fat cat directors have been around for decades living the lives of royalty on the millions of lottery dollars provided to it each year.

BU became specially interested in the phenomenon where, with an election process in place, failed directors could manage to gain reelection to their position for decades with such poor performance records, and also enjoy such overwhelming votes of confidence.

From BU’s investigations, it now appears that this longevity is largely due to a rigged election process which essentially gives absolute control to the directors, and which uses the sports bodies merely as pawns to present a false front of democracy and fairness and to justify receiving the Lotto handouts.

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Lt. Col Trevor Browne States Why He Is Qualified To Be President of the Barbados Olympic Association

Lt. Col Trevor T Browne

My attention has been drawn to your excellent new era medium and in particular to your articles on the upcoming elections at the Barbados Olympic Association. As you correctly indicate, I am a candidate for the position of President, as is Mr. Steve Stoute who has held that post for the past 16 years.

I wanted to take the opportunity to explain that mine is not at all a negative campaign against the incumbent. Indeed I have nothing but the utmost respect and admiration for Mr. Stoute – who has contributed a large part of his adult life to the service of sport.

My interest is in moving local sport to the point where it can realize its true potential as a National Developmental Tool, and where the unquestionable talents of our youth can be harnessed for their own personal benefit, and for the national good. All the basic requirements are in place for sport to be a major success story in Barbados.

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