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In Muslim Majority Countries, non-Muslims Have to Toe the Line

Submitted by Robert D. Lucas, Ph.D.& CFS, Biotechnologist & Certified Food Scientist
In which country does a minority race rule the majority?

In which country does a minority race rule the majority?

At present, there is a discourse on Muslims in Barbados. The following article is submitted in the hope that Barbadians would analyze things for themselves and do some reading and research.

Eighty percent of the  population of the Central African Republic is Christian. The other twenty percent is ostensibly Muslim. Ostensibly because part of the Muslim population is  non-native (illegal from Chad and so on). In the past both  Christians and Muslims lived in harmony. The Muslim rebel commander, Mr.Djotodia in the past sought funding from the “Organization of the Islamic Conference”(OIC) in Saudi Arabia in 2012 to establish a separate country.

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The Land of Make Believe

Submitted by Pachamama
Serapis Christus was merely a creation of Roman Emperor Constantine

Serapis Christus was merely a creation of Roman Emperor Constantine

Our planet home is no more than one great Disney Land. A Land of Make Believe. A land where there are no hard distinctions between what is unreal and what is real. Between what is false and what is true. What is just and what is unjust. So reality, as judged by human perceptions about the beginning or the end, or anything in between, finds the real truths about our existence forever unbelievable. This absence of truths has led to the lack of freedoms and there can be no means to stymie this rot in this epoch.’

The childhood device to understand reality through the creation of make belief is no less applicable to religion, all religions. Whether it is Christianity, Islam, Hinduism or Judaism the elevation of make believe represents a potent weapon of ownership and control of the most valuable real estate on earth – the human mind. Constructed on a specious philosophical foundation, popular make belief has most of the world wedded to the fiction of a heaven and a hell, immaculate conception and reincarnation – sorcery. The total, provable and massive ‘imprecisions’ of religious doctrines. They hide the unbelievable truth that the fictitious character of Serapis Christus was merely a creation of Roman Emperor Constantine, 325AD, at the First Council of Nicaea. In reality, there is not a single thread of evidence he ever existed but whole cultures are based on this monstrous fable. More fundamental broadsides can be easily sustained in relation to Judaism, Islam and Hinduism but all four were built on the plagiarization of The African Story. A story that was merely allegory in the first place, not truth, not reality.

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Another Politically Motivated Religious Group Formed

Benny Hinn is coming!

Benny Hinn is coming reported to be worth 27 million pounds

In the post analysis of the 2013 General Election one of the factors many believed played a part in the Democratic Labour Party’s victory was the support from the religious segment of the electorate. The appointment of David Durant to the Senate by the late David Thompson may lend some credence to the position that wooing the religious vote was part of a political strategy. An insight into Thompson’s strategy  whether he believed it at the time was the the Non-denominational Inauguration Ceremony which was held at Kensington Oval in 2008. It was an elaborate affair and possibly won the hearts and minds of countless Barbadians who subscribe to Christian values.

BU will never question the faith of the goodly Senator David Durant, he appears to be a man fully committed to exploit his religious influence to the advantage of the Democratic Labour Party (DLP). If people (Barbadians) are so gullible to favourably respond to Durant’s manipulation we say all the power to the DLP for pulling the strings.

The BLPites must still be kicking themselves for losing the last general election. It was theirs to win. The news that Reverend Ferdinand Nicholls and company have formed the National Alliance of Churches and Christian Organizations (NACCO) will be observed with great interest. The stated objective according to Nicholls is “to create a platform for churches to come together and address national issues at a time when a lot of criticism was coming their way because of a perceived lack of unity.” BU believes there is another objective and we are entitled to our opinion.

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The False Healing Hand of Rome

Submitted by Lemuel
Pope Francis

Pope Francis

Recently, Pope Francis sent a video to a conference of Protestant Conservative Evangelicals. In the video, Pope Francis extols them to embrace a healing of the protestations enacted by Martin Luther’s 90 theses when he nailed them to the church door in his native Germany. Pope Francis contends in his video that the Lutheran Church has buried the hatch and returned to the mother church, the Roman Catholic Church (RCC) or the Papacy and that the children of protestation now have no more reason not to be reunited with the RCC. I must admit that given what has been said about the current Pope, only he could have made this video. For he has truly been a model of the real Francis, whose name he took.

The video with the conference has gone viral on YouTube (Kenneth Copeland and Pope Francis), and the Evangelicals are now planning a number of visits to Rome to set the criteria for their return to Rome. On the surface, this should be a time for all religious sects and affiliates to rejoice and clamor to the door of the nearest Roman Catholic Church to render their confessions and partake in Communion and Mass. But what exactly was Martin Luther protesting against and what are the implications for this return to the mother church of Rome.

Luther’s protest emanated from his reading of a Latin Bible which he found at his monastery; in it he discovered that indulgences (payments to secure one’s loved ones from the torment of Hell) were bogus and not founded on the Scriptures.

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Pope Francis: One Giant Leap for Humility


92 Percent of the Population Born-again…

Submitted by Zoe
Click image to watch video

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A 10-Point Plan by Alice Bailey – New World Order for the DESTRUCTION of CHRISTIANITY and the Establishment of Secular Humanism

Submitted by Eye-Opening Reality
Alice Bailey (1880 -1949)

Alice Bailey:1880 -1949

While the church sleeps, the Devil is damaging souls with the current Babylonian system. Here is a strategy crafted by an occultist who died 65 years ago. Till today, the system she designed is still dragging people to Hell. Can Christianity and the modern Church develop a system to repair these damages and spread the Gospel to all the world as a witness? Let’s see what the NOW plans are:

THE STRATEGY:- The 10-Point Charter

PURPOSE:- To change Christian tradition or to redeem the nations of Christian tradition.

Change curriculum to ensure that children are freed from the bondage of Christian culture. Why? Because children go to school to be equipped to face life, they are willing to trust and they are willing to value what is being given to them.

If you take God out of education, they will unconsciously form a resolve that God is not necessary to face life. They will focus on those things the school counts them worthy to be passed on and they will look at God as an additional, if one can afford the additional.

N.B. Today they introduce Transcendental Meditation (TM) in schools which takes children to altered states of consciousness to meet with demons (spirit guides) = New Age.

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