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BU Crop Over 2014 Buzz

We Give You Youth Ambassador Rihanna



BU has come to the realization pop star Rihanna is a slave to publicity. To be fair to her, the line of business she has made her own requires a script to be followed to sustain success, this a business with a relatively short shelf life and making money is the name of the game.  To quote Rihanna her, she intends to raise the bar by breaking the rules.

One sure way celebrities attract publicity in this world is to bare it all, especially when the body state satisfies the stereotypical view of what is beautiful. There is a view held by many Barbadians we should not be critical of Rihanna because of her unprecedented global success. There is another view – why criticise Rihanna, she does not care or neither does it erode her success.  Theses perspectives are spurious and soaked in false logic. Barbadians on a daily basis offer critique about Presidents Obama and Bush and other non Barbadians so what is the point?

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Arts and Culture, the Serious and NOT so Serious

National Performing Arts Centre

National Performing Arts Centre located in Trinidad It does not take much to conclude who is serious about the Arts (Culture).

What is it About the Tragedy of Slavery That Provokes Top Billing (12 Years a Slave)

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Rihanna, We do NOT Want Our Daughter to be Like YOU

Rihanna receiving her AMA Icon Award from her mother.

Rihanna receiving her AMA Icon Award from her mother.

We have had a couple of interesting news items in recent days which served to piqued the curiosity of members of the BU household. Sir Hilary Beckles is of the view Barbados must capitalize on the success of Rihanna and her one billion dollar enterprise. To support his view he referred to Jamaica having built an industry around Bob Marley and reggae.  BU is unsure how Beckles is able to make the comparison to Marley riding the crest of an indigenous genre of music anchored in the DNA of a nation. Rihanna maybe Barbadian – with Guyanese lineage -but her success has been manufactured on the back of a US-international genre of music. How Barbados can bottle and leverage for success the way Jamaica did for Marley remains highly sceptical but BU is optimistic.

Then we heard from Canon Frank Marshall on the need for Barbadians to embrace values which represented the core of what drove our success of yesteryear. Many will query though whether these values have to be embodied in a religious dogma to qualify.  There is a strong view held by some Barbadians that when the Church played a leading role in our society the nation appeared to be in a better place morally, socially and economically.

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Barbados Has Become a Nation of Shows

Submitted by Napolean Bonaparte

soca_on_the_hillThink it was Ian Webster the calypsonian  who first penned that Barbados is quickly becoming a nation of shows. Why almost every fortnight now, one could hear of regional artists especially from the Land of many rivers and the Land of Iwor who seems to love  a regular weekend trek to this Land of austerities and quick money to be made, bungie-ing. Somehow, not many of our troubadours repatriate with equal fervor.

Bajans as always,  are only too willing to accommodate and pay dearly to hear “put your rag in the air and  jump and wave.” So why should we be complaining, after all Bajans’ new money is being circulated (passing from land to land), Vat is being collected, at 17.5% and most of all much needed spin off employment is being generated from these flings. What about the more farinaceous, the forex? It is a well know fact that these entertainers often ask that they be paid in US currency for ease of transport and whatever else. More so, how about this new silage mentality now well entrenched in the party hearty of spend, spend, spend, even borrow if must?

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Senator Santia Bradshaw Companies Rake in $647,857 From Enterprise Growth Fund

Senator Santia Bradshaw and CEO of  Pyramid, Barbados Labour Party candidate for St. Michael South East

It has been drawn to BU’s attention that several companies which Senator Santia Bradshaw has significant interest have benefited in the hundreds of thousands from the Enterprise Growth Fund (EGFL). EGFL is a government agency which manages several funds to ‘assist with financing through tooling and retooling and expansion of businesses in the productive sectors’.

Based on the documents attached Pyramid Entertainment Management Inc  received what is described as a cumulative grant in 2011 of $450,000.00, Got Rythmn Inc received $146,000 in 2010 and Entertainment Network $51, 857.00.

In summary three Santia Bradshaw companies received $647,857 from the EGFL over a relatively short time period.

This is a government agency which is funded by the taxpayers of Barbados therefore BU deems our forage into the financial transactions mentioned as a matter of public interest. We want to know the basis for advancing greater than six hundred thousand dollars to the goodly Senator. The taxpayers want to know!

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A Picture Sums It Up!


The sights and sound…yes the pic is meant to arouse sensibilities on a Sunday morning

There is a lot one could blog about this image. In this case the less said the better (check those grinning in the picture). All who witnessed this and similar incidences on the road, what was your thinking? Have we become numb to the point it makes no difference?

Recently Minister Stephen Lashley commented on the slack dress sightings at the popular  Wadadah’s Back 2 School Party. What does he and others in authority plan to do about it if anything? Yes individuals are responsible for their actions but some times one has to save jackasses from themselves.

Cover Drive Is #1 On British Charts

The Globe Cinema On The Path Of The Empire Theatre

Submitted by The Scout

The Globe Cinema

The closure of the Globe Cinema has brought to an end a period which will always be fresh in my mind. As a young boy, a group of fellows would have a cinema day, we started by attending the Globe at 12.30 PM, Olympic at 4.30 PM, Empire at 8.30 PM and the Plaza at midnight. From there it was Baxter’s Road for fried fish and we took the 6.00 AM bus for home.

The Globe Cinema was not only famous for good movies. I recall the night Jackie Opel out performed Percy Sledge and the Opels doing the same to the Drifters. Additionally there were many morning matinee shows with the Fantastics and other bands of the day.  Nowadays because of technology and progress many prefer to watch movies from wide screen TV’s in their living room or even on their lawns. Maybe the Globe can still be used for shows and concerts, we have the Frank Collymore Hall but that is limited in capacity. The Globe can accommodate a larger audience. Personally I wouldn’t want to see the Globe go in the same direction the Empire has gone. Both of these cinemas were blessed with very good stages suited for shows, we’ve allowed the Empire to run to ruin. Please do something to keep our heritage alive, going to the cinema was a true Bajan culture. Many relationships were made from cinema going. The Globe is the last of these cinemas.

Maybe government and private sector can assist with keeping it alive by using it as the concert hall for the National Youth Orchestra and Steel Band or any such functions. This is part of our past that should not be allowed to descend into a state of disrepair.