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Windows XP Advisory to the Caribbean Region

Submitted by James Bynoe, Caribbean Cyber Security Centre
...Windows XP, which is no longer being supported by Microsoft as of April 8th 2014 ...

…Windows XP, which is no longer being supported by Microsoft as of April 8th 2014

The Caribbean Cyber Security Center would like to urge all Caribbean businesses, governments, and home users running the Microsoft Windows XP operating system (OS) to aggressively plan to upgrade from Windows XP, which is no longer being supported by Microsoft as of April 8th 2014.

So what exactly does that mean to you as a Windows XP business, government or home user?

It means that Microsoft will not be doing two key things needed to protect your Windows XP computer in today’s rapidly expanding cyber war being waged against the Caribbean by cyber criminals and hackers, (1) Microsoft will not be providing any XP system or security updates which means that hackers and cyber-criminals will be able to compromise systems running Windows XP with growing ease, and (2) if you have problems related to Windows XP, Microsoft will not be providing any free support as you will now have to pay Microsoft for extended support. It was recently reported that the U.S Internal Revenue Service (IRS) who missed their April 8th deadline to upgrade their systems running Windows XP had to pay Microsoft millions for extended XP support. Microsoft XP extended support is being reported at an estimated cost of $200.00US per system for the first year, which ironically is the approximate cost of upgrading to Windows 8.

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It Can’t Happen In Barbados, No Sir, I Tell You That Can’t Happen Here

Submitted by John Farmer
Dr. Anthony 'Gabby' Carter popularized Jack - at cyan happen here in this country

Dr. Anthony ‘Gabby’ Carter popularized Jack – ‘‘dat cyan happen here in this country”

How many times have I heard those words spoken? Then the person who I have been speaking with goes on to qualify his/her statement. “Here in Barbados, we have one of the highest literacy rates in the world. We have the third oldest parliamentary system in the Commonwealth with a democratic governmental system almost four hundred years old. Also Barbados has a good education system plus a good Justice system. It is impossible for that to happen here!” Have you not heard these words spoken before?

I heard these same words uttered by Venezuelans just 15 years ago. At that time their democratic form of government was the longest surviving democracy in South America, a mere forty years of existence, but still the longest lasting democracy at that time in South America. Their primary and secondary education was good and they had many excellent Universities, with Simon Bolivar University rated one of the four top universities in the whole of South America. All education was free and on a scale of meritocracy the top students were selected by the top Universities, but they could apply to any university of their choice.

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GTUC Forewarns Citizens of Goverment Pending Hysteria

Submitted by Guyana Trades Union Congress Press Statement – April 13, 2014
Donald Ramotar, President of Guyana, Guyana is awash with money laundering, drug-related crimes and other forms of financial improprieties.

Donald Ramotar, President of Guyana…“Guyana is awash with money laundering, drug-related crimes and other forms of financial improprieties

GTUC forewarns this nation to expect the government and its allies recommencing the hysteria in a few days regarding passage of the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) Bill. Guyana is scheduled to be evaluated by the Caribbean Financial Action Task Force (CFATF) Plenary Meeting in Miami during 25-29th May. This deadline was given by CFATF in November 2013. The blame for not passing the bill to date must be laid at the feet of the government and those who condemned the effort to arrive at a negotiated settlement between the Executive and Legislature. GTUC condemns the government autocratic behaviour and denial of the rights of citizens in all forms. Given the government track record passage of the Bill without conditions is an abrogation of the opposition responsibility to the society.

Constitutional prescriptions are not considerations for any Member of Parliament (MP), Executive or citizen to determine whether or when they will be upheld. The president, ministers and every MP have sworn to uphold this instrument in its entirety.  The establishment of the Public Procurement Commission (PPC); respect for workers, local government autonomy and management of the Consolidated Fund are prescribed in the Constitution and must be put in place.

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Open Letter to Vivian-Anne Gittens and the Nation Newspaper ABOUT Venezuela

Vivian Anne Gittens: Publisher of the Nation Newspaper

Vivian Anne Gittens: Publisher of the Nation Newspaper

Dear Ms Gittens,

Approximately one week ago, you and your Nation Newspaper facilitated the staging of a Conference at the Hilton Hotel in Barbados by the Inter-American Press Association (IAPA) — a United States of America dominated association of media corporations and media owners. And as was to be expected, the IAPA utilized its Barbados-based conference to unleash a negative propaganda attack against the democratically elected socialist Government of Venezuela — the administration of President Nicholas Maduro.

Furthermore, in the aftermath of the said Conference, the Nation Newspaper has published a number of articles and at least one editorial that have promoted the views and opinions of a group of right-wing Barbados-based critics of the Venezuelan government, and that have also attacked the efforts made by the Friends of Venezuela Solidarity Committee of Barbados to give principled solidarity and support to the Government and people of Venezuela.

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The main issue now arising in relation to the Beetham Water Recycling Project (BWRP) is the complete failure of our country’s system of Public Financial Management.

The $1.043 Billion BWRP was omitted from Trinidad & Tobago’s 2014 national budget.  By any standard that is an unpardonable failure to account for that mammoth sum of Public Money.  Although the national budget-making exercise is collective in nature, the ultimate responsibility for that function is held by the Minister of Finance & the Economy.  That Minister is Larry Howai, who is a Certified Management Accountant and was a career Banker, up until his appointment in June 2012.

The JCC have been long-time campaigners for Public Procurement Reform, together with our Kindred Associations – T&T Chamber of Commerce; T&T Manufacturers’ Association; T&T Transparency Institute; American Chamber of Commerce; Federation of Independent Trades Unions & NGOs and the Local Content Chamber.  In the preamble to

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Shame On You Venezuelan Ambassador!

Submitted by Gabriel Varvaro
Venezuelan Ambassador to Barbados Jose Gomez Febres

Venezuelan Ambassador to Barbados Jose Gomez Febres

Just read the interview by Barbados Today with the Venezuelan Ambassador … what a shower of old left wing garbage that was. I made some pertinent comments as I was left outrage by this but it seems like Barbados Today did not find them adequate for their news outlet.

My comments on the article:

Unfortunately the Ambassador (who by the way doesn’t even speak English and is not a career diplomat) is telling the same big set of lies that leftish cleptocrats continue to tell inside and outside Venezuela. Venezuela has had an unprecedented oil revenue during the Chavez administration, in the region of US$120 BILLION and it only takes someone to have a look around its cities, highways, hospitals and fields to realise that the money has evaporated. Not only has earned a lot more than the previous 40 years of democratic governments but it has also TRIPLED the foreign debt by numerous loans from China and Russia to buy from TVs and washing machines to AK47 and Sukoi planes.

This same regime, the one that named the Ambassador can be clearly defined as CLEPTOCRACY, in which all it matters to its officials is to steal the country’s revenue and firmly grip to power in order to continue the robbery.

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Accessing Tourism Internet Portals to Win Deals

Adrian Loveridge - Hotelier

Adrian Loveridge – Hotelier

While it is probably most hotelier’s dream to fill their property every night of the year at published rack rates, the reality is quite different and that is where marketing creativity becomes even more crucial. Our larger hotels are predominately tour operator dependent but that comes at a price, being forced to contract rates well below direct booking room prices that may appear on their websites.

One alternative is to look for smart partnerships with established global entities like Luxury Link IncQuoting verbatim from their own website ‘With more than half-million targeted, sophisticated travellers a month, the Luxury Link Travel Group is the only online travel company focused on matching consumers with the right hotel through marketing, promotions and cross-channel exposure. This unique business model provides lead generation, advertising, branding and distribution services to luxury and upscale hotels, cruise lines, tour companies and villas around the world’.

As someone who has used their services on several occasions, the attraction is obvious. A guaranteed high standard of hotel, four or five star at an overall price always well below published rates and usually a number of ‘extras’ included.

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BCYN Advocates for Women & Children’s Rights

Submitted by Felicia Browne
From left to right. Betty Munera, Karlyn Percil, Juliette Walcott and Vernette Eugene

From left to right. Betty Munera, Karlyn Percil, Juliette Walcott and Vernette Eugene

The month of April is celebrated as youth month. Across the world, the rights of children are recognized as fundamental human rights. In the US, April is recognized as Sexual Awareness Month and in the Caribbean the UN under the UNiTE umbrella has deemed Child Sexual Abuse a human rights issue. As part of this awareness,

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Pertinent Questions About the Venezuelan Political and Economic Situation

Submitted by John E. Farmer
What about PetroCaribe?

What about PetroCaribe?

WHY does President Maduro keep demonizing the USA in every speech he makes? Also, why, like Chavez did, does he blame USA for Venezuela’s problems? Is it not true that IN 2013 USA purchased an average of 792,000 BARRELS of OIL PER DAY from Venezuela which is more than a third of Venezuela’s daily oil production? Is it not true that Venezuela owns refineries in the USA as well as 14,000 petrol stations under the name of CITGO? So where does Venezuela’s revenue come from? Yes, it comes from the good old USA, approximately 80 million dollars a day – not a bad pay cheque, eh?

Why, last week, did Maduro plead with the USA public not to let the government put sanctions on Venezuela? Very simple answer to that one, the already catastrophically weak Venezuelan economy would completely implode. Secondly, it is rumoured and not too difficult to certify that many of the Regime’s high echelon and Military upper crust own businesses, mansions and bank accounts in USA, Can you imagine if the USA applied sanctions and froze these accounts. What would happen if the regime suddenly had to run! The situation is looking a little dicey right now, isn’t it? Wasn’t Maduro two months back threatening the USA? Now he is pleading with them ‘please.’

What about PetroCaribe? Was this a gift offered to the West Indian Islands of the Caribbean or a guise? Could it perhaps be another way to infiltrate into the economy and geopolitical environment of another sovereign country?

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Caribbean Capital Reserve a Total SCAM

Submitted by Due Diligence
Bajans must be alert!

Bajans must be alert!

Thanks for the heads up on the CCB alert about Caribbean Capital Reserve. Thanks also to Hants for encouraging me to dig deeper than just posting the bio for Sir Jimmy from the CCR website. Barbadians are known for having short memories, the recent eruption about lack of transparency in the Cahill Waste to Energy project is a good example.

On further reading of (CCR) (click on link at your own risk), and CIBC FirstCaribbean’s website, I found that the CCR site is built around stuff cut and pasted (and edited) from CIBC FCIB’s site.

In BU’s post BLP and DLP Political Germfare on April 3, 2014 at 6:55 PM  David commented – “The Central Bank has likely alerted the authorities. If they have not they would be less than a good regulator.” In case – and this is a strecth – they had not connected the dots between CCR and CIBC FCIB, DD took up the Central Bank on its invitation to provide information on this entity; and advised CBB about the cut and pasted stuff from the CIBC FCIB site.

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