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Governor Delisle Worrell Projects Growth in 2015, International Reserves 1 Billion

Oil Price Drops to 4-Year Low but Gas and Diesel Prices Continue to Rise in Barbados

Crude Oil Price (October, 17, 2014)

Crude Oil Price (October, 17, 2014)

The Wall Street Journal reported on 13 October 2014 that oil price has dropped to a four year low and with demand expected to decline as winter approaches – the decline is expected to continue. There is also a glut exerting pressure on the price permitting analysts to comfortably predict the trending down of the oil price should continue.

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Barbados Advocate Newspaper Refuses to do Business With a Barbadian

Submitted by islandgal246
Anthony Bryan, Owner of the BarbadosAdvocate

Anthony Bryan, Owner of the BarbadosAdvocate

The most STUPID COWARD of the year goes to Anthony Byran owner of the Barbados Advocate newspaper.  That newspaper should be shut down. Imagine he has refused to take money from a Nigerian Barbadian living here since 1994. Mr Adesegha Omobamidele wanted to advertise for an African cook for his restaurant. He couldn’t find any so he wants to apply for a work permit and by law he has to state that publicly in the media. The Nation accepted his ad and he went over to the Advocate to place an ad. He Bryan told him that  ” he did not want to me in there and that he did not want his money because of what is happening in Africa.”  Mr Omobamidele asked him what did he mean? Ebola or war? Mr Bryant the IDIOT  replied “everything”.

Mr Bryan went onto say that he didn’t care which part of Africa has Ebola, Africa is Africa  and that he owned the newspaper  and that he can decide if to take his money or not.  Mr Idiot Bryan gave his reasons for refusing to place an ad from this customer, “It is disrespectful of him to want to open a restaurant here and bring in a cook from Africa. I told him straight I don’t want his money and I don’t want anything to do with him. I feel bad for Barbados that he is advertising for a cook from Africa. He is being disrespectful  to us.  I told him not in my paper, he can go to immigration and get an ad.  I don’t want that kind of money”  Mr Bryan told the Nation that “there could be a major issue in handling money with the deadly Ebola virus spreading“.

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Malathion Insecticide Used by Ministry of Health Officials Maybe Killing Our Children

Malathion is mixed with other chemicals by ministry of health officials in the 'war' against mosquitoes.

Malathion is mixed with other chemicals by ministry of health officials in the ‘war’ against mosquitoes.

The Ministry of Education has finally taken the decision to relocate pupils of the Grazettes Primary School. Why the matter to relocate took several days after the revelation by the ministry of health that several chemicals were mixed including MALATHION is surprising. Further – the fact there has been no hue and cry, although not surprising given the docile DNA of the average Barbadian, is still disappointing.

The Malathion Fact Sheet makes for interesting reading about the organophosphate insecticide MALATHION. Obviously the ministry of health has a job to do to rid the landscape of nettlesome insects. Given the rising prevalence of Chikungunya  and Dengue in Barbados BU is sympathetic to the work the ministry of health has to do. BUT, the ministry has a responsibility to also protect public health.  How dangerous chemicals are used to achieve the intended purpose in environs children have to populate demands a high level of responsibility.

Here is an extract from the Malathion Fact Sheet:

Exposure due to drift and overspray can also be problematic, as is well illustrated by several examples. A homeowner adjacent to a school in Arizona sprayed his garden with malathion. The spray drifted into the school ventilation system and caused nearly 300 elementary school children to be hospitalized with headaches, nausea, and breathing difficulties.(7)

See relevant link: Malathion Fact Sheet posted by Georgie Porgie

The Sagicor Thieves and the BCA Fraudster – Ruel Ward and Jefferson Miller Create a WTF Moment

The two main culprits in a scam that defrauded $4 million dollars from Sagicor Insurance company received suspended sentences yesterday in $5 Supreme Court. WTF!

For those who have not been following the case, it goes back to 2005 this matter was bouncing around the local courts. Here is further evidence to support the view by ordinary citizens that there is one set of of justice meted out to the Medes and another to the Persians.

How is it conceivable that an insurance company where millions of dollars are deposited to provide financial security to Barbadians and others beyond our shores is compromised by Ruel Ward and his brother in law Michael Pooler and not a day!

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Barbados Water Authority, a KEY State Entity


BWA – Castle Grant reservoir photo credit: Colonel Buggy


Artist impression of the Barbados Water Authority headquarters

Minister David Estwick Losing Credibilty, FAST

Watch from 7 minutes on the video.