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Prime Minister Freundel Stuart’s Vision for Agriculture

Click to read full text of the speech (Adobe PDF)

Click to read full text of the speech (Adobe PDF)

Auditor General Report on Financial Statements 2012-2013

Auditor General Report 2012-2013

Auditor General Report 2012-2013/Click image to read – also see Auditor General’s comments


Caribbean Capital Reserve a Total SCAM

Submitted by Due Diligence
Bajans must be alert!

Bajans must be alert!

Thanks for the heads up on the CCB alert about Caribbean Capital Reserve. Thanks also to Hants for encouraging me to dig deeper than just posting the bio for Sir Jimmy from the CCR website. Barbadians are known for having short memories, the recent eruption about lack of transparency in the Cahill Waste to Energy project is a good example.

On further reading of (CCR) (click on link at your own risk), and CIBC FirstCaribbean’s website, I found that the CCR site is built around stuff cut and pasted (and edited) from CIBC FCIB’s site.

In BU’s post BLP and DLP Political Germfare on April 3, 2014 at 6:55 PM  David commented – “The Central Bank has likely alerted the authorities. If they have not they would be less than a good regulator.” In case – and this is a strecth – they had not connected the dots between CCR and CIBC FCIB, DD took up the Central Bank on its invitation to provide information on this entity; and advised CBB about the cut and pasted stuff from the CIBC FCIB site.

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LIAT’s Woes Continue With John Maginley’s Idle Talk

Antigua Minister of Tourism John Maginley

Antigua Minister of Tourism John Maginley

Majority shareholders must remember that their junior partners will not always be their best allies.  Although the minority shareholders may initially appear to be highly cooperative, this can change rapidly for any number of reasons (change in business economic conditions, change in personal attitudes, change in personal financial situation, differences in the corporation’s business direction, failure to make further contributions to the advance of the business, impeding the corporation from obtaining further outside investment, etc.).  As such, majority shareholder will want to exercise his or her control over the corporation in a pre-determined manner, which is best undertaken with a well written shareholders agreementShareholder Lawyer

The promulgation by Antigua Minister of Tourism John Maginley that LIAT will not be relocated to Barbados must be interpreted for what it is, an ignorant statement to impress would be voters with a general election looming. The statement exposes the corn beef politics an Antiguan politician is prepared to engage even if the statement qualifies him as most ignorant to onlookers.

Maginley obviously felt he had to respond to and equally strong message which was delivered by Barbados Minister of Tourism  Richard Sealy who promised that some LIAT operations will be relocated to Barbados in the coming months.  Although Sealy stopped short of confirming if his government will push to relocate LIAT to Barbados in the near future, he confirmed that Barbados will be undergoing the process to acquire Category I status which is a requirement to satisfy  FAA International Aviation Safety Assessment Scheme (IASA).

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Chris McHale Versus Gordon Seale

Chris McHale, F C A, J P

Chris McHale, F C A, J P

We love Barbadoes  Bougainvillea and all our friends in BIM.  We  read the disgusting  coments about Chris Mchale made by  sick people. He is  charming  very intelligent Irishman an amazing sence of humor. We hear  he   has been unlucky with  bizness associates. We receved this weeks back.   It was  to the top staff at the hotel. Then  Gordon  Seale called them to meeting  After  instructing  them not to go near Chris as he is dangerous.  BUG readers  can make their own minds up  – Al Zheimer


P.O. BOX 26W,





Mobile: (246) xxx xxxx

Tel/Fax: (246) xxx xxxx

18 September 2013

Dear All

I refer you to the various attachments above.

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To Barbadians ALL – Sir Hilary Beckles the TRUTH!

Submitted by Douglas
Sir Hilary Beckles Principal of UWI, Cave Hill

Sir Hilary Beckles Principal of UWI, Cave Hill

I write this out of a concern that we are not hearing the FULL TRUTH about this issue of the FUNDING of UWI education. As I read the comments of the Principal and Pro-Vice Chancellor, Professor Sir Hilary McDonald Beckles, I Cry shame on a man I formerly respected. As one of his former students I admired his brilliance and indeed while I have lost respect for this man, I must admit he did much to transform many aspects of the Cave Hill Campus. He built buildings, indeed monuments. I did hear staff, teaching and other, complain that you could not question him, he alone, had all the answers. I understand he brooks no opposition.

I was listening to many callers overs the past few months, and most recently when I heard a Government Minister trying to rationalise the decision to have students pay part of the cost of their education at UWI. I asked myself, how did we get here? Those who support the Government say this should have been in place a long time ago. Those who oppose the Government say students should not pay. We need to hear from the Minister of Education. He did not even touch this in the Estimates Debate. I have been trying to understand why we have reached this point, and have been asking questions of all kinds of people. They have all left me with more questions than answers and I therefore want to pose some questions to the University, its Principal, Deputy Principal and all the senior managers as well as the Minister of Education (and those who went before him).

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St. Patrick’s Town Hall Meeting (St. David’s to St. Patricks): Barbadians Speak out

“chairperson and consultant Dr. Yolanda Alleyne tried her best to steer attendees to give feedback during a Q&A session under three  categories”:

“…chairperson and consultant Dr. Yolanda Alleyne tried her best to steer attendees to give feedback during a Q&A session under three  categories…”

It has become evident of late more Barbadians are beginning to wake up to the possibility of Barbados sinking under the weight of concrete. The  unplanned development allowed in Barbados under the eye of the Chief Town Planner Mark Cummins and Prime Minister Freundel Stuart  – who has responsibility for Town Planning – is an abomination to right thinking Bajans.  History may record that the Lower Greys development maybe the catalyst that forced otherwise uncaring Barbadians to wake up and take back what is left of our little island from the greedy and the rich.

Government must be commended for commissioning a land use plan for the large swath of land from St. David’s to St. Patricks.  It is a part of Barbados which remains in a relatively pristine condition and future development should be informed by mistakes made of the last 20 years. The idea that land on a 21×14 island must be sold to fetch its highest economic cost betrays the national cry ‘these hills and fields beyond recall. Are now our very own’  in a country which does not have alien land holding laws.

It has taken too long for Barbadians to come to the realization that we need to change course regarding how limited land resources must be employed. The feedback given at a meeting held this week at the St. Patrick’s Hall was a clear signal to government current policy must change or expect a revolt. The chairperson and consultant Dr. Yolanda Alleyne tried her best to steer attendees to give feedback during a Q&A session under three  categories:

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Apes Hill ACCIDENT Incorrectly Given Prominence by the Nation Newspaper

Apes HiReading the Nation report last week on a regrettable accident at Apes Hill Polo Club where a Canadian minor on a visit to Barbados with his parents got struck by a polo ball and injured, should make us reflect on the effect that unwarranted personal injury litigation American style is having on caring individuals and organisations. In fact BU is left to ponder why the Nation editor felt compelled to promote the story as if Barbadians are the most heartless lot to be found anywhere.

Bajans have always known that if they are spectators at a cricket game and get hit by a ball, there is no fault as they have consented to the risk by attending the game. If they park their car longside the ground and it gets hit, it is their risk. But most Bajans would go to help if anyone was injured. And BU finds it impossible to believe that this is not exactly what happened at Apes Hill. It is, after all, our nature as a people and we do not believe that the “walk on by and ignore” culture of the USA has yet reared its head in Barbados. Based on the Nation report an ambulance stationed at Apes Hill transported the injured boy to Sandy Crest medical facility after a mishap unrelated to the incident.

BU has been apprised the legal implications also are very clear. There is no negligence and no case to answer. Volenti non fit injuria (consent to the risk) applies in context of a sporting event, not only from the point of view of players, but also of spectators. The authority is Wooldridge v Sumner & Anor [1963] 2 QB 43.

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Bizzy Williams Supports Butch Stewarts’s Sandals/Beaches NOT Bernie Weatherhead’s ALMOND Suggestion

Local entrepreneur and the other member of the Williams dynamic duo Bizzy Williams has thrown his support behind Butch Stewart and Sandals/Beaches at the expense of local tycoon Bernie Weatherhead. Bizzy Williams letters to the local newspapers have gone under the radar this week but given the importance of tourism, the washpan of concessions to Butch Stewart and the success of Bernie Weatherhead as a homegrown businessman it is worthy of discussion.

Read Bizzy’s letter to the traditional media:

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The Caribbean Mentorship Institute (CMI) Relief Outreach

Submitted by Felicia Browne  – Press Release

CMICastries – St. Lucia – The Caribbean Mentorship Institute has donated much needed school supplies to the children whose homes were inundated during the Christmas trough. The CMI has partnered with a number of local and regional organizations to make this outreach program a success. School supplies such as notebooks, pencils, crayons, drawing books and story books were delivered to schools across the island.

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