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Click to watch video (3m) – KickStarting a Permaculture school to teach people how to grow food, repair landscapes & build community.

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BWU Wants Moore

Submitted by the Mahogany Coconut Think Tank and Watchdog Group
Toni Moore - General Secretary of the BWU

Toni Moore – General Secretary of the BWU

The Mahogany Coconut Group welcomes the new General Secretary of the powerful Barbados Workers Union (BWU), Comrade Toni Moore. She is the first woman to head what is probably one of the best organized workers unions throughout the Caribbean. It is a tribute to the Barbadian women, who have always been in the struggle for the betterment of the working class. Our faith in the younger Caribbean generation is fortified by Comrade Moore’s elevation at the young age of thirty eight.

Comrade Moore takes over the union at a time when the workers in Barbados are under tremendous pressure as the government’s austerity program becomes more intensified and far reaching. The Transport Board, and other government statutory boards, have suffered from widespread retrenchment and the unions, in many cases have not been as vigilant, as we would have wanted them to be in fighting government on behalf of their members. Many workers of the BWU believe they have been betrayed by their leadership, and have speared no effort in publicly accusing the BWU and other unions of dropping the ball.

Her task will be to reignite that spirit of activism that has fallen so badly and we hope that she quickly demonstrates a desire to carry the fight to both the public and private sector employers. We are aware that her predecessor, Sir Roy Trotman, has left some issues on the table which she must address with great speed. We speak of the current Employment Rights Bill that employers have been exploiting because of loop holes. Comrade Moore should also move quickly to mend all fences in the Social Partnership if it is to become any worthwhile factor in the social and economic development of the country.

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Lisa Marshall – Retrenched Worker from the Transport Board

Submitted by Douglas
Lisa Marshall

Lisa Marshall hosted on VoB talk show and was scathing in her critical of the Transport Board. Listen to the 28 August link 


When for the sake of using airtime on Voice of Barbados (VOB) they host the ilk of LISA MARSHALL they ought to do the listening public the favour of letting them know that the mission of the station is one of political mischief, they have long loss the art of being subtle and discreet and smooth but rather they will go to the extreme to seek to discredit the government of the day.

Lisa Marshall may have been retrenched by the Transport Board but some would ask how did she survive so long on the job.

See the files attached: she is a rotten apple and if you think these are the only charges against her, think again, she has a further six on file.  In my book before she receives her full payment  she should first be made to repay the monies she has stolen from the Transport Board.

A lean clean and fully operational Transport Board need not be burdened with the likes of the Lisa Marshall types, rid the taxpayers of supporting uncouth thieves and criminals from the workforce.

See relevant files:

LIME Disappointing

Supported Anton Brathwaite
LIME customer service questioned.

LIME customer service questioned.

My father’s LIME telephone has been out of order for the past 36 hours due to a technical fault at LIME. All telephones carried on fibre optic were out of order when the fault first started but some have been restored. I called at 10 pm Barbados time on Wednesday to report the fault to LIME Call Center but was frustrated by the responses which I got from the persons answering the phone at 1-800-804-2994. Obviously English is not the first language of the country where the call center was located at that time. I asked one of the technical assistants if he was aware of problems on the fibre optic network since my father recently had his phone switched from the old copper cable landline to fibre optic cable. Lord Have His Mercy, it was like asking him a nuclear physics question.

After several meaningless rantings, he told me that he would get a technician from Barbados to visit my father’s home. I told him that I was reporting a fault on the fibre optic cable and not the old copper cable and furthermore the LIME TV and Internet which shared services with the telephone on the fibre optic cable, were up and running so it was not necessary for anyone to visit his home. I am not technically trained but common sense told me that by a process of elimination, there was/is nothing wrong with the cable to my father’s home nor the Galaxy modem but it all had to do with LIME in-house. This was later confirmed by a Jamaican LIME technical assistant when the Call Center was switched for daytime control from wherever it was during the night to Jamaica.

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Suleman Esuf:The Fear Of A Lawless Society


The bedrock of a stable Barbados post Independence has been a reliable justice system. Not perfect but stable. Increasingly in the last decade there has been obvious deterioration to the delivery of justice in Barbados. Many Barbadians though remain ignorant about the level of manipulation affecting the justice system. The government in office has a mantra about building a society and not only an economy. The inaction by the government is inconsistent with building an economy. How is it possible if the justice system can be manipulated by criminal elements?

Again we highlight this blog posted on the 16 October 2010. What is the status of this case anyone!

Originally posted on Barbados Underground:

Suleman Esuf

On Thursday October 14, 2010 Suleman Esuf was granted bail of 1 million dollars with two sureties of $500,000.00 in the Bridgetown Traffic Court. We recall Esuf was charged with having a traffickable quantity of cannabis stated as 2778.38 pounds with a street value of 11 million dollars.  It should come as no surprise that Esuf was granted bail. In our system of jurisprudence a person is considered innocent until proven guilty. In a case which does not involve rape or murder and if you have the money for the best lawyers little time is spent on remand. In this case Esuf had a cooling-off at Dodds prison for one month. He returns to court March 8, 2011.

BU continues to be very perturbed at the lawlessness which has become prevalent in our small society. The establishment in Barbados maybe comfortable with Commissioner Darwin Dottin’s statistics but a more…

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Prime Minister Freundel Stuart’s Address to the DLP’s 2014 Annual Conference

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Website Defacement Cyber Threat to the CARIBBEAN

Submitted by James Austin Bynoe, Senior Cyber Security Consultant, Caribbean Cyber Security Center

Submitted by James Austin Bynoe, Senior Cyber Security Consultant, Caribbean Cyber Security Center

In the last year there has been a significant increase in the number of cyber related criminal activity in the Caribbean. In recent days the unauthorized changes made to a key regional tourism website represents yet another troubling component of the growing cyber threat we face called “website defacements”.   Website defacement is a type of cyber-attack where a hacker makes unauthorized changes to the content of a website that is offensive, embarrassing, or destructive in nature. When hackers make unauthorized changes to the websites of Caribbean businesses, governments and organizations that changes their content, or appearance it is considered by many as a type of corporate sabotage that can cause severe reputational damage, lower customer confident, or adversely impact revenues. Unfortunately this reality makes any Caribbean business, government or organization with a website which is essential in today’s technology driven world, vulnerable to website defacement however something can be done about it.

To carry out website defacements hackers often use one of the oldest and most common cyber-attack methods called the SQL injection technique.  This proven cyber-attack method used by hackers enables them to gain unauthorized administrative access to a website or in some cases the host network.  Website defacers will often post negative messages or content to the website administrator, business, government or organization.

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