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Suleman Esuf:The Fear Of A Lawless Society


The bedrock of a stable Barbados post Independence has been a reliable justice system. Not perfect but stable. Increasingly in the last decade there has been obvious deterioration to the delivery of justice in Barbados. Many Barbadians though remain ignorant about the level of manipulation affecting the justice system. The government in office has a mantra about building a society and not only an economy. The inaction by the government is inconsistent with building an economy. How is it possible if the justice system can be manipulated by criminal elements?

Again we highlight this blog posted on the 16 October 2010. What is the status of this case anyone!

Originally posted on Barbados Underground:

Suleman Esuf

On Thursday October 14, 2010 Suleman Esuf was granted bail of 1 million dollars with two sureties of $500,000.00 in the Bridgetown Traffic Court. We recall Esuf was charged with having a traffickable quantity of cannabis stated as 2778.38 pounds with a street value of 11 million dollars.  It should come as no surprise that Esuf was granted bail. In our system of jurisprudence a person is considered innocent until proven guilty. In a case which does not involve rape or murder and if you have the money for the best lawyers little time is spent on remand. In this case Esuf had a cooling-off at Dodds prison for one month. He returns to court March 8, 2011.

BU continues to be very perturbed at the lawlessness which has become prevalent in our small society. The establishment in Barbados maybe comfortable with Commissioner Darwin Dottin’s statistics but a more…

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Prime Minister Freundel Stuart’s Address to the DLP’s 2014 Annual Conference

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Website Defacement Cyber Threat to the CARIBBEAN

Submitted by James Austin Bynoe, Senior Cyber Security Consultant, Caribbean Cyber Security Center

Submitted by James Austin Bynoe, Senior Cyber Security Consultant, Caribbean Cyber Security Center

In the last year there has been a significant increase in the number of cyber related criminal activity in the Caribbean. In recent days the unauthorized changes made to a key regional tourism website represents yet another troubling component of the growing cyber threat we face called “website defacements”.   Website defacement is a type of cyber-attack where a hacker makes unauthorized changes to the content of a website that is offensive, embarrassing, or destructive in nature. When hackers make unauthorized changes to the websites of Caribbean businesses, governments and organizations that changes their content, or appearance it is considered by many as a type of corporate sabotage that can cause severe reputational damage, lower customer confident, or adversely impact revenues. Unfortunately this reality makes any Caribbean business, government or organization with a website which is essential in today’s technology driven world, vulnerable to website defacement however something can be done about it.

To carry out website defacements hackers often use one of the oldest and most common cyber-attack methods called the SQL injection technique.  This proven cyber-attack method used by hackers enables them to gain unauthorized administrative access to a website or in some cases the host network.  Website defacers will often post negative messages or content to the website administrator, business, government or organization.

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No Salary!

Name of the person withheld – Barbados Underground

John Boyce, Minister of Health

John Boyce, Minister of Health

I am writing about the upsetting fact about an issue that occurs at the geriatric hospital which involves the salary of staff. I know for years it has been going on but in this day and age sometimes within a year we are paid only twice. I have known persons who had to resign because a whole year they were not paid. Management will say they have sent down your paperwork but when it arrives at Personnel Administration it disappears. Then Ministry of Health says they have no paperwork there for you even after it leaves personnel dept.

Someone has to be held accountable, we have bills to pay, kids to feed and groceries to buy. We are already short-staffed and sometimes have to work overtime for a free day which is seldom given to us. The authorities need to address this issue. Then when we do get pay, we only get one month’s salary and not the 6 months we were waiting for. Then on top of it all, management has a building that they renovated and the staff have nowhere to eat lunch, especially when it rains we have to eat standing or in the veranda.

I understand there was retrenchment but to send 80 percent of the porters home and only 6 porters left to lift heavy patients in bed is not good enough. Sometimes for the day there are none and nurses have to lift them in bed. When the few that are working go on sick leave from being burned out, overworked and drained who will take care of our elderly ? We have spoken to our respective unions and to management but enough is enough.

Update:PURE Beach Resort and Spa

Submitted by Due Diligence
Attorney General Adriel Brathwaite (right), (from left) Sang Park (Ecoterra), Mark Purai (Pure Beach Resort), Gary Wallker (Ecoterra), Dr. Assad Altouhr (representative of Middle East partners) and Anwar Rabah (partly hidden) a founding partner

Attorney General Adriel Brathwaite (right), (from left) Sang Park (Ecoterra), Mark Purai (Pure Beach Resort), Gary Wallker (Ecoterra), Dr. Assad Altouhr (representative of Middle East partners) and Anwar Rabah (partly hidden) a founding partner

In a letter posted in 2011 on  the Minister of Tourism said, “The guests of PURE Beach Resort and Spa will enjoy Barbados to the fullest. I guarantee it.” Almost a year ago Barbados Today carried a story – $500M snag: Luxury St. Philip tourism/residential project delayed by financial problems.

A visit today to the (search Pure Beach Resort) shows the promoters have discontinued their promotional activities; and the much ballyhooed project appears not to have found investors/buyers to finance it. So much for  Government guarantees.

Will Sam Lords be the next broken promise?

L’attitude Beach Bar and Grill, Speightstown – How is this Illegal Operation Allowed to Continue?

Pierre Spennard

Pierre Spennard

Dear Sir or Madam,

I can not find a way to post on your site so I am submitting this article for your consideration and hope that you will post it

L’attitude beach bar and grill, Speightstown – how is this illegal operation allowed to continue?

L’attitude is situated on the Speightstown board walk behind Jordan’s supermarket. It occupies a vast space, illegally and on crown land. This establishment has no planning consent or permission to be there and yet it continues to exist even after several local business owners have made complaints to the department of housing and lands and town and country planning.

These departments must be applauded for their speedy actions in removing the gentleman who set up an illegal operation on the constitution river project, and for their slightly less swift actions in removing the gentleman with a café and rock dundo and the illegal structure in front of sandy crest medical centre.

No one should be denied the right to earn a living but surely if anyone can just come and set up a business on government land then we are headed for a state of anarchy.

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Robert ‘Bobby’ Clarke Gets Permission for Another March Against Government Austerity Measures

82 year old organizer Bobby Clarke leading the first march

82 year old organizer Bobby Clarke leading the first march

Social Activist Robert ‘Bobby’ Clarke has received permission to stage a protest march on the 09 August 2014 from 10AM to 1PM. The march will be to protest against:

  • Municipal Solid Waste Tax
  • Lack of adequate funding for the QEH
  • Increasing Taxes
  • Equal access to Education
  • Click flyer link below for others

Barbadians are being asked to ‘stand up for your rights, silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented…’

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Establishing a Credit Union Bank…

Dr. Justin Robinson's research indicates Barbadians willing to support credit union bank.

Dr. Justin Robinson’s research indicates Barbadians willing to support credit union bank.

Several commentators have had a say about the proposal to launch a credit union bank in Barbados. So far BU has not heard a logical argument why the Barbados Cooperative and Credit Union League (BCCUL) wants to compete with commercial banks in the form of owning a bank. BU sides with the view a better option is to amend existing legislation to facilitate credit unions in Barbados offering a full range of financial services.

Last month a press report was carried that research undertaken by Dr. Justin Robinson,  dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of the West Indies Cave Hill, confirmed that a large percentage of Barbadians indicated they would deposit money in a credit union bank. BU is hopeful the Robinson report will be shared so that by its widest circulation credit union members are able to support the initiative from an informed position.

The BU household has benefitted from being members of credit unions and has become increasingly concerned at the strategic path the movement has taken in the last decade. This is the subject for another blog. Also in the press report indication was given that the BCCUL “gave the green light to start negotiations with the board of directors of Capita Financial Services Inc. regarding the pricing of banking products, operational costs and other issues”. BU is unsure how to interpret from the sketchy press report Capita Financial Services involvement in the initiative. BU is making the assumption that Capita Financial Services  will be converted to a ‘credit union bank’ as part of the credit union bank project.

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Non-Enforcement and Mockery of Election Laws

Many who scanned the Sunday Sun today [3/8/2014] to get a read of Caswell’s column encountered disappointment. BU is pleased to assist the Nation Publishing Company in making an ABC editorial decision – Barbados Underground

Caswell Franklyn, Head of Unity Workers Union

Caswell Franklyn, Head of Unity Workers Union

On July 6, 2014 the country was informed via the Sunday Sun that the 68 candidates in the February 21, 2013 general election spent just over $2.2 million on their election bids.

The report went on to say that regional political pollster, Peter Wickham, had voiced his concern about the manner in which the figures were collected. He called for a more robust system to collect the figures and suggested that the money declared had nothing to do with what was actually spent by the two major political parties.

Up to that point, I am in complete agreement with Mr. Wickham. Thereafter, his analysis exposed a gap in his knowledge of our electoral laws that caused him to make some erroneous conclusions. As a result, he merely provided excuses for politicians operating in our flawed electoral system. Barbados has more than adequate election laws to handle any perceived irregularity; the problems come from the lack of enforcement.

This week I intended to write part 3 of my mini-series on pensions but I could not allow the information attributed to Mr. Wickham to take root and spread. However, I would first like to deal with the one area on which we agree, and that relates to the under-reporting of election expenses.

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Animal Abuse

Submitted by islandgal246
The life of many dogs in Barbados

The life of many dogs in Barbados

Created by John Linghst, to be delivered to: Midwest City Police Chief – Brandon Clabes,

Corey Marion Harrison moved out of his apartment since June 19 but left something behind.  He left his two dogs locked in a cage without any food or water and without bothering to tell the apartment supervisor anything about this.  After the dogs were found they were released to Midwest City Animal Welfare to be taken care of.  These dogs were found in an advanced shape of starvation and dehydration. Just a little longer and there might have been nothing left to do.  As a dog lover I ask you to sign and share this petition and urge the authorities to prosecute this man for abandoning the animals in the hands of fate!

This happened in the USA recently  and  was posted on FB and this was the response.

FB user…..This happens even in Barbados in Maxwell Hill, Christ Church. Only a few weeks ago my family sought help for 2 beautiful dogs left by its owner as he and his mother moved into a new apartment. The dogs were badly dehydrated and starved.

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