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Impose Ban on Travellers from Africa NOW!

Who believes Barbados is ready to treat Ebola?

Who believes Barbados is ready to treat Ebola?

It is interesting to observe how Barbados has reacted to the Ebola threat. In spite of the assurance from the Barbados government that surveillance measures are in place at the airport and the seaport, in real terms, we know the surveillance is NOT a robust method to screen Ebola affected travellers seeking to enter Barbados.

Given the importance of tourism to Barbados and service economies in the region, a decision to ban incoming non Barbadians who have visited Africa in the last 30 days should have been axiomatic. The region should have acted in concert given our vulnerability as a tourism destination. The fact that St. Lucia, St. Vincent and a few neighbouring islands have banned travellers from visiting who have visited Africa means nothing if the region is perceived by the outside world as one space.

BU is of the view  individuals who have visited Africa in the last 30 days should not be permitted to enter Barbados (and the Caribbean space). The embargo should also extend to imports vulnerable to the virus.

Barbados Advocate Newspaper Refuses to do Business With a Barbadian

Submitted by islandgal246
Anthony Bryan, Owner of the BarbadosAdvocate

Anthony Bryan, Owner of the BarbadosAdvocate

The most STUPID COWARD of the year goes to Anthony Byran owner of the Barbados Advocate newspaper.  That newspaper should be shut down. Imagine he has refused to take money from a Nigerian Barbadian living here since 1994. Mr Adesegha Omobamidele wanted to advertise for an African cook for his restaurant. He couldn’t find any so he wants to apply for a work permit and by law he has to state that publicly in the media. The Nation accepted his ad and he went over to the Advocate to place an ad. He Bryan told him that  ” he did not want to me in there and that he did not want his money because of what is happening in Africa.”  Mr Omobamidele asked him what did he mean? Ebola or war? Mr Bryant the IDIOT  replied “everything”.

Mr Bryan went onto say that he didn’t care which part of Africa has Ebola, Africa is Africa  and that he owned the newspaper  and that he can decide if to take his money or not.  Mr Idiot Bryan gave his reasons for refusing to place an ad from this customer, “It is disrespectful of him to want to open a restaurant here and bring in a cook from Africa. I told him straight I don’t want his money and I don’t want anything to do with him. I feel bad for Barbados that he is advertising for a cook from Africa. He is being disrespectful  to us.  I told him not in my paper, he can go to immigration and get an ad.  I don’t want that kind of money”  Mr Bryan told the Nation that “there could be a major issue in handling money with the deadly Ebola virus spreading“.

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Blacks, Religion and Stockholm Syndrome

Submitted by Bentley

This [Stockholm Syndrome] explains the very strong connection that people of (recent, since all humans are) African descent have with religion.  Religion (Christianity, Islam) has been consistently and unrelentingly forced on Blacks from the time of slavery to the point where the vast majority of black people are now adherents to one or the other.  This is almost always to their own detriment.  As a group blacks are the poorest, most downtrodden people on earth and it all started with

EBOLA Virus Enters the White Man’s World

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Emancipation Message

Submitted by the Guyana Trades Union Congress (GTUC)
“Free at last, Free at last, Thank God almighty we are free at last!” (Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.)

“Free at last, Free at last, Thank God almighty we are free at last!” (Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.)

The GTUC shares with the world and more so Guyanese the celebration of 1st August which 180th years ago brought an end to chattel slavery in the British Empire. Full emancipation came four years later after the slaves served a four-year period of amelioration (1838). Freedom in its present form is a continuous process of education, putting in place systems, and safeguarding same in order that people and society can be rid of the shackles of that era in whatever form it appears today. One does not have to be physically enchained to be mentally enslaved. The mind is a powerful tool and weapon and when it remains shackled to messages of non-achievements, worthlessness and inferiority, there is no need for physical chains to enslave, oppress and marginalise.

Our African ancestors were brought to the so-called New World against their wishes and through sweat, blood and tears-despite the whips reigning down on their bodies- they contributed significantly in laying the foundation and topography for this land. They built a system of dikes and drainage canals, seawalls and roads network, constructed buildings and factories, laboured in the sugar and cotton estates, planted rice, fruits, ground provisions and other crops with their hands.

Our forebears fought against the oppressive system, with some giving their lives for the cause that led to chattel freedom, indentureship, internal self-government, independence and republican status. It is because of them we have a constitution of our own and laws to protect us from marginalisation and discrimination from any individual, group or system. They have fought the good fight for equality and dignity grounded in the belief that all men and women are capable of acting toward each other in a spirit of brotherhood and sisterhood. This ideal was institutionalised in the 1948 United Nations Human Rights Declaration.

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Chattel Slavery in 2014

Submitted by Pachamama
Massa day done!

Massa day done!

As the newly minted President of Mauritania heads to Washington DC to kiss the ring of the titular head of global arrogance, chattel slavery remains as pernicious and unremitting as ever. Of course, there are several gradations of present day slavery as suborned by capitalism, but chattel slavery represented a deviation from any kind of inhumanity hitherto known to man. Maybe Obama will raise this issue with Abdul Aziz, not that it would make any difference though, for the chattel slaves of Mauritania, Mali and Niger are not known to have any relationships with the powerful ‘gay rights lobby’ in Obama’s America. For their  interests are to misguide us from focusing on historical wrongs and elevate their fetish to a supreme status within a set of ‘newly’ defined global norms. Those kinds of personal relationships are largely incomprehensible to the vast majority of African peoples, at least within our ancestral homeland.

Remember, this is the same Obama who was laughed out of the room when he had the audacity to suggest to African leaders that they should forget all of their problems and focus on his ‘new’ form of cultural imperialism – homosexuality. His attempts to deceive them  with issues of bedroom business were merely the glove wherein the hidden iron fist of a perpetual colonialism and the global expansionism of militarism in the form of AFRICOM on African soil. And the Arab elites are again acting as ‘handmaidens’ for this new wave of domination of North Africa, and all the rest. So when this so-called gay agenda is to be deployed in a cultural war against African peoples our real issues cannot see the light of day. Chattel slavery still benefits America’s friends in the region and we, as African people remain deaf to the words of our Great ancestor, John Henry Clarke. Clarke argued that African peoples have no friends and never did, and he is right!

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The Focus Must Be Dismantling RACISM Within the System

Submitted by Ratafarivisions
The map below shows that while Africans con­tinue to suf­fer in poverty globally, Black lands and Black resources con­tinue to make other peo­ple rich Click image to read details

‘The map below shows that while Africans con­tinue to suf­fer in poverty globally, Black lands and Black resources con­tinue to make other peo­ple rich’ – Click image to read details