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Otis Gibson Sacked by the WICB

Otis Gibson

Otis Gibson

The West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) sacked Coach Otis Gibson tonight, a decision known 48 hours before it was announced. Hurray for transparency. The news that he was terminated by a telephone call after just renewing a contract for 2 years makes the Gibson sacking another saga to observe for the comedic relief it offers. It is no secret West Indies has become the laughing stock of the cricket world. The inability of the WIBC to stop the slide of performance by the regional cricket team for nearly 2 decades confirms the leadership vacuum which continues to choke success in almost every facet of  enterprise in our region. The most recent ICC Rankings positions West Indies at #8 out of 10 teams with only the minnows Zimbabwe and Bangladesh  at #9 and #10 bottoming out the rankings.

The WICB and the UWI represent two regional entities which have served the English Caribbean people well. In recent years these two entities have struggled to stay relevant in a world advancing at pace. It seems moronic that the WICB on the eve of an international ODI series against Bangladesh would become trapped into making such a significant management change.  Based on the WIBC press release the team manager, Sir Richie Richardson, will perform a dual role in the current series. While the WICB saga continues to unfold Barbadians were informed of very low registration at UWI, Cave Hill. Connect the dots.

All taxpayers in the cricket English Caribbean have a vested interest in the efficient management of regional cricket. In the build up to the 2007 regional governments mobilized several projects, including the building of new stadia, to host CWC2007.  Continue reading

The Ferguson Rebellion – When a Protest Turns to a Riot, a Riot to a Rebellion and a Rebellion to a Revolution

Submitted by Pachamama


When General Bussa, in 1816, declared war on Barbados he was not so much interested in a little bit of freedom. His position at Bayley’s Plantation gave him the space to plot such a revolution. He already had this little bit of freedom. However, he was destined to overthrow the apparatus of the pernicious government of Barbados to achieve the rights all people desire. He wanted a revolution. A revolution not unlike the Haitian revolution as inspired by His Excellency. He knew of the Haitian Revolution of the 1790’s to 1803. General Bussa also knew that by taking on the merchant-planter elites he was also taking on a global apparatus of oppression. That apparatus represented a violent, terrorist structure based on chattel slavery as the global political-economy model. Indeed, the original sins of capitalism and slavery underlie the current rebellion catching the United States on fire. Bussa might have lost his war for independence but the fight for justice continues with Ferguson, Saint Louis, MO, as its epicenter. This global struggle will always find tinder amongst the descendant of Bussa around the world. For His descendant have struggled for another 200 years since and have not managed to shake off the vestiges of institutionalized slavery and racism, a struggle in which he gave his life. Such sacred martyrdom elevates Him beyond petty notions of nationalism.

Closer to ‘ground zero’ we find other Bussas and their major rebellions. Denmark Vessey (1822); Gabrial Prosser (1800), Nat Turner (1831); the New York City Rebellion (1712); Stono Rebellion (1739) Louisiana Revolt (1811); the Black Seminole Rebellion (1835-38)*. In nearly all cases we had the participation of predominately African-Americans, maroons and American-Indians but also a small number of Whites with African-Americans dying in their hundreds, at times, for freedom from chattel slavery.

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Suleman Esuf:The Fear Of A Lawless Society


The bedrock of a stable Barbados post Independence has been a reliable justice system. Not perfect but stable. Increasingly in the last decade there has been obvious deterioration to the delivery of justice in Barbados. Many Barbadians though remain ignorant about the level of manipulation affecting the justice system. The government in office has a mantra about building a society and not only an economy. The inaction by the government is inconsistent with building an economy. How is it possible if the justice system can be manipulated by criminal elements?

Again we highlight this blog posted on the 16 October 2010. What is the status of this case anyone!

Originally posted on Barbados Underground:

Suleman Esuf

On Thursday October 14, 2010 Suleman Esuf was granted bail of 1 million dollars with two sureties of $500,000.00 in the Bridgetown Traffic Court. We recall Esuf was charged with having a traffickable quantity of cannabis stated as 2778.38 pounds with a street value of 11 million dollars.  It should come as no surprise that Esuf was granted bail. In our system of jurisprudence a person is considered innocent until proven guilty. In a case which does not involve rape or murder and if you have the money for the best lawyers little time is spent on remand. In this case Esuf had a cooling-off at Dodds prison for one month. He returns to court March 8, 2011.

BU continues to be very perturbed at the lawlessness which has become prevalent in our small society. The establishment in Barbados maybe comfortable with Commissioner Darwin Dottin’s statistics but a more…

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Time to Recruit the BEST People for Tourism

Adrian Loveridge - Hotelier

Adrian Loveridge – Hotelier

I have always tried to stay away from the various personalities that have been entrusted to guide our number one foreign currency generator, but it would have been almost impossible not to comment on the remarks accredited to the outgoing Chairman of the Barbados Tourism Industry recently. If accurately reported, there certainly was some very robust, and frankly, blunt language used to describe the agency as, ‘a slothful, wasteful and inefficient organization in an increasingly dynamic technologically-driven and commercial industry’.

Perhaps, in less colourful words, this has been stated by many in the sector repeatedly over several years, so why is it after more than three years at the helm, only being recognised now? And if you analyse the figures, why were corrective measures not put into place much earlier?

After assuming the position of Chairman of the Barbados Tourism Authority in May 2011 that year only recorded two months of long stay visitor decline. However, by April 2012 Barbados witnessed a reduction in arrivals for 21 consecutive months. Sadly the release of tourism numbers seem to get later and later each month, with the May 2014 figures taking a staggering 60 days to be posted on the Barbados Statistical Service website. But all the indications are that so far this year the best we can expect is a ‘flat’ performance. Equally important to highlight is that during the third year (2013) of the official’s tenure, Barbados registered the lowest stay-over arrivals for any one of the last 11 years.

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Prime Minister Freundel Stuart’s Address to the DLP’s 2014 Annual Conference

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Arresting the Gun Play

Guns captured by local police

Guns captured by local police

Ministers of government Adriel Brathwaite (Attorney General/Home Affairs)and Ronald Jones (Education) were in the news this week condemning rising gun violence in Barbados. The latest count is 7 gun killings this year compared to 2 for the same period last year. Brathwaite promised earlier this week strategies are in the offing to combat the worrying situation but it is no surprise he was not at liberty to allay the concerns of Barbadians by being specific.  He hinted though he plans to speak to the Commissioner of Police. Very comforting. Ronald Jones attacked the issue from the angle of gender by urging males to be more responsible and to stop holding the society to ransom. Both ministers are to be congratulated for mouthing politically correct positions but at the same time must be criticized because of the leadership role they should be playing to arrest the situation.

There is a tendency to focus on enforcement, the need to be efficient supported by the judiciary is required to maintain a stable society. The other part of the equation, just as important, is not usually discussed with the same vigour –  the need to factor causality. There must be a reason why an enlightened society in 2014 continues to produce too many dysfunctional young people comfortable  with a gun toting role in the criminal world. The reality for some is that crime is a means of a survival. We can improve detection and punish all with greater efficiency but it will not stem the problem.

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Website Defacement Cyber Threat to the CARIBBEAN

Submitted by James Austin Bynoe, Senior Cyber Security Consultant, Caribbean Cyber Security Center

Submitted by James Austin Bynoe, Senior Cyber Security Consultant, Caribbean Cyber Security Center

In the last year there has been a significant increase in the number of cyber related criminal activity in the Caribbean. In recent days the unauthorized changes made to a key regional tourism website represents yet another troubling component of the growing cyber threat we face called “website defacements”.   Website defacement is a type of cyber-attack where a hacker makes unauthorized changes to the content of a website that is offensive, embarrassing, or destructive in nature. When hackers make unauthorized changes to the websites of Caribbean businesses, governments and organizations that changes their content, or appearance it is considered by many as a type of corporate sabotage that can cause severe reputational damage, lower customer confident, or adversely impact revenues. Unfortunately this reality makes any Caribbean business, government or organization with a website which is essential in today’s technology driven world, vulnerable to website defacement however something can be done about it.

To carry out website defacements hackers often use one of the oldest and most common cyber-attack methods called the SQL injection technique.  This proven cyber-attack method used by hackers enables them to gain unauthorized administrative access to a website or in some cases the host network.  Website defacers will often post negative messages or content to the website administrator, business, government or organization.

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Fixing Public Transportation

Submitted by Anthony Davis
The Transport Authority primary function is to plan, monitor and regulate the public transport system in Barbados.

“The Transport Authority primary function is to plan, monitor and regulate the public transport system in Barbados

“FROM BAD TO WORSE.” That sums it all up!

How do you expect people to be productive if they cannot get to/from work on time? It is very frustrating to hear: “We are having challenges with your services” after seeing buses with 2 or 3 passengers leave the terminal for destinations like Silver Hill which are flooded with minibuses and ZRs.

The challenges seem to be mental ones for the inspectors, because it is obvious to me that one should service the routes which have the most commuters waiting first. You cannot even ask the inspectors a question as they do not reply, or give you some stupid answer. The reason why that is so is because many government jobs in this country are political appointments, and it is very difficult to fit square pegs into round holes.

All we hear from this Government is “we plan” whatever, but the plans never seem to come to fruition. The only plans they can get off the ground are the taxes with which this Minister of Finance is destroying this country. He promises to tax us – and that is exactly what he is doing, no matter what the consequences. He could not care less how, and if, people get to work as long as he can hop into his limo – which is being paid for by the same tax payers who are being loaded with more and more taxes every time he gets up – and go to work.

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Racism in a Collapsing Empire – The Lynching of Black Men

Submitted by Pachamama

Talking Loud and Saying NothingGreat Philosopher, James Brown


An 18-year-old black man shot and killed by a suburban St. Louis police officer was unarmed, police said Sunday during a news conference that occurred while hundreds of angry protesters gathered outside to demand answers. (Aug. 10)

Black people and people of colour everywhere are in deep crisis. Wherever we go we see the indicators of cultural desperation. In some ways near slavery conditions still prevail. In others, there are attempts to reverse the hands of time. In still others, there is a pretence that real cultural advancement is irreversible. Underneath all this there remains a creeping and persistent destruction of African peoples in ways that fortify the notion that there was no clean break from the slavery period. In this article we will concentrate on the continuation of a silent genocide of Black American males. A genocide that connects with a straight line to chattel slavery, Jim Crow and this New Jim Crow. A genocide employing instruments of state and police powers against helpless communities.

This genocide has to be properly located within the wider context of cultural collapse amongst African-Americans in Detroit, the impoverishment of the middle classes, a normalized militarism at home and abroad, widespread perceptions of hopelessness by large swaths of the American population, the growing militancy of poor Whites as manifested by the rise in the numbers of Neo-Nazi groups, the privatization of the commons, a growing consolidation of capital; galloping and unrepayable household, corporate and national debt. Externally, the challenge to America’s dominance is growing; the world has fallen out of love with an Americanism made popular by movies and the over-abundance of consumer goods. This is the same America that has been killing young, Black, unarmed men in its streets as if there were to always be lynchings. And Black people seemingly have no permanent and legal redress. The police are seldom held accountable, unable to police itself. While the District Attorneys have continuingly shown a distaste for the prosecution of police officers to the fullest extent of what passes for law. By all other measures people of colour are targeted most. Whether it be Stop and Frisk or Driving While Black, police officers in the USA generally see people of colour as criminals, period! An easily available source for meeting daily targets.

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No Salary!

Name of the person withheld – Barbados Underground

John Boyce, Minister of Health

John Boyce, Minister of Health

I am writing about the upsetting fact about an issue that occurs at the geriatric hospital which involves the salary of staff. I know for years it has been going on but in this day and age sometimes within a year we are paid only twice. I have known persons who had to resign because a whole year they were not paid. Management will say they have sent down your paperwork but when it arrives at Personnel Administration it disappears. Then Ministry of Health says they have no paperwork there for you even after it leaves personnel dept.

Someone has to be held accountable, we have bills to pay, kids to feed and groceries to buy. We are already short-staffed and sometimes have to work overtime for a free day which is seldom given to us. The authorities need to address this issue. Then when we do get pay, we only get one month’s salary and not the 6 months we were waiting for. Then on top of it all, management has a building that they renovated and the staff have nowhere to eat lunch, especially when it rains we have to eat standing or in the veranda.

I understand there was retrenchment but to send 80 percent of the porters home and only 6 porters left to lift heavy patients in bed is not good enough. Sometimes for the day there are none and nurses have to lift them in bed. When the few that are working go on sick leave from being burned out, overworked and drained who will take care of our elderly ? We have spoken to our respective unions and to management but enough is enough.