Malaysian Flight 370: How Does a Triple 7 Disappear in 2014?

The Flight simulator which belongs to Capt Zaharie Ahmad Shah of Malaysian Airlines

Follow an online conversation posted by Captain Zahari Ahmad Shah when he sought help to setup this Flight Simulator

Before BU family member Sargeant accuses the BU household of navel gazing …

72 responses to “Malaysian Flight 370: How Does a Triple 7 Disappear in 2014?

  1. @Yagga

    You seem to have all the answers, carry on smartly.


  2. "The Truth is Out There"

    Any credible conspiracy theory must have the premise and / or conclusion it was the Americans / CIA / NSA

    The truth is like the missing plane and the X-Files.. its out there


  3. The Aussies claim that their satellite imagery of the objects located in the sea is credible evidence, but there is a lot of junk in the Ocean e.g. debris from the Tsunami in Japan is still washing up on beaches on the West Coast of North America and that occurrence was in 2011.

    I hope that they find the plane as well as the black box, I have flown in these birds cross country and across the pond a few times and I would like to know if it was mechanical or pilot error that caused this disaster.


  4. what disaster Sargeant ?

    Alert !!!
    Earth tremor happening in Barbados right about nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww


  5. The plane has to be found today for Joshua’s prophecy to be accurate.


  6. Latest news, no preprogrammed waypoint before alright good night.


  7. @David
    There should be a news blackout on this story, too many false leads and nothing to show for it. With all these satellites spotting objects from space which upon further review cannot be located when the search planes are dispatched, for all we know it could be garbage or migrating whales. Time was we were told that Satellites could spot license plates from Space, perhaps the license plates have to be as big as Bushie’s ego unless they were only referring to US satellites which coincidentally is probably the only country not to have claimed that its eye in the sky located strange objects in the ocean.

    Which leads to another question, how come the US with more sophisticated satellites than any other country hasn’t spotted anything?
    a) They probably don’t want the other countries to know what they are looking at or
    b) They spotted the same objects and knew it was garbage

    The longer the aircraft remains unaccounted for the closer we will be to the nautical equivalent of the Flying Dutchman.


  8. @Sargeant How can a blackout be achieved? The Chinese boat has a reporter on board and her reports are being posted to China News Agency which can be accessed via the Internet. How do you know USA is not passing info to Australia but there is an embargo on the info because of security considerations?


  9. @David
    How can a blackout be achieved? The Chinese boat has a reporter on board
    I hope you realise the unintentional humour in those words, there is no one better at keeping things under wrap than the Chinese, how many people died at Tiananmen Square? I think there is some competition or national pride at stake between countries involved in the search in being able to say that “we” located the aircraft and that’s why the Chinese reporter sent out the news report, and lest we forget most of the people on board were Chinese nationals. If however that information doesn’t pan out then we are still back to square one looking for a needle in the biggest haystack that one can envision.

    I posed a rhetorical question about the US satellites not spotting anything, I didn’t assume that they haven’t located anything but was making a point that a few countries have relayed information relative to objects in the water but not the US which has more satellites that all the other countries.


  10. @Sargeant

    You are aware that US may want to keep its imagery away from the public for obvious reasons which does NOT mean the search teams have not acted on US satellite sightings.


  11. Georgie Porgie




  12. pieceuhderockyeahright

    When all is said and done what will come to light is that who was on the plane, and less importantly, what was on the plane, was too important to be allowed to leave the jurisdiction and could not be allowed to reach Beijing.

    It is the combination of these three things with the emphasis on the who and the destination that sealed the fate of the vessel and the rest of its hapless passengers.

    All of the agencies that are aware of the identities of the passengers, and the package on board, have decided to blanket this in this shroud of incredulity called “How the France can a 777 disappear?”

    The aircraft that isolated the 777 aircraft and jammed the cell phones of the frantic passengers was possibly a AWACS SAD ( A Search and Destroy, modified Airborne Warning and Control System) Craft or a smaller Unmanned Aerial Vehicle which, after jamming the 777’s on board systems, pretended to be “eyes and ears” for the pilots, and “lead it to an appropriate landing strip” – the bottom of the ocean.

    This “accompanying vehicle” probably accompanied by two more, with appropriate cloaking, killed all signals emanating from, and relayed to, the Malaysian 370 commercial aircraft”, convinced its pilots to deviate from its flightpath, and the view of any “onlookers”, satellites, or radar and, once it was in the correct location, deep waters as afforded by the bathymetric topology off Australia and the Pacific Ocean, being that the craft was out of fuel, it just came down.

    Sweepers, a few of the *** sleuth subs and their elite crew of the *** would have in the area to take care of debris left. Bag and tag floating debris, “for country, for king er president, sorry king…”

    They, ***, just could not let those specific personnel reach their destination and they knew where they were going, so, they waited until they were all assembled on the craft, intercepted them, downed the craft, killed them and the rest of the passengers were collateral damage.

    It is better to murder hundreds of passengers with one SAD AWACS than to land said plane, somewhere, in a non-friendly jurisdiction, and lose the “targets of interest”

    Effecting rendition, for multiple targets, of the calibre on that jet, in a nominally controlled country, one where one’s “friendlies” are non existent, does not leave many choices does it.

    Please remember you CAN’T land a 777 without someone seeing it.

    You can be assured that *** is trawling the seabed with the most sophisticated sensors, as is *** and the ** and even if they do find the blackbox(es) of the downed 777, post doctoring, it will confirm what is most assuredly a classic Black Bag Job.

    You can hide and buy land but you cannot hide and wuk it. MI6 probably definitively knows about it too. Their constellation of satellites would have seen it all, Inmarsat included…

    Ole Man Rambling…..and with that one, like Icarus, in the myth of Icarus and Daedalus, the ole man has ventured too close to the sun with this one.


  13. @ Sargeant
    “….perhaps the license plates have to be as big as Bushie’s ego ….”
    Man…are you intimidated by a bush man with a whacker , whose main aspiration in life is a lil’ Gardening pick in BBE land,,,,?
    Seems that Bushie is stuck in you craw Sarge.. LOL problem, other bushmen have been crucified for less…. :)

    BTW, ….you had better stay in Canada Sarge, um could be some Annunaki rebels who hijack that plane…and you messing with
    …wunna notice how scarce Miller is recently….??


  14. shut up GP ! SHUT UP BT…………Sarge don;t pay BT any attention ..the only “blackbox : he knows of is the one he uses to pisss in at night……..


  15. @Bushie
    Stuck in craw? Surely you jest whenever you engage me you are always an “also ran” not even in runner up territory. I am just inflating you egotistical balloon before I deflate it again. Wait Miller scarce? What will the political eunuch do if he doesn’t have Miller to appeal to?

    Never mind BT he is famous for sawing off the limb he is sitting on.


  16. LOL @ Sargeant
    Surely you jest whenever you engage me you are always an “also ran” not even in runner up territory.
    ….you must know about the general grade given to “self-praise”…
    …especially when ac happens to be on YOUR side of an argument..
    LOL….Ha Ha …


  17. BTW Sarge, …about Flight 370….just a taste of things to come…
    …our world is a VERY complex reality…..and it is fast approaching a critical and historic phase….


    You need not pay Bushie any heed….cause events will shortly be absolutely convincing….but you (we all) are about to get a full understanding of the Bajan saying…..


  18. pieceuhderockyeahright

    So true Bush Tea, so true

    Could Ecuador’ s plume of volcanic ash that is blocking out the sun in several countries and which has circumnavigated the globe, be a forerunner of what John foretold of “and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair ?

    Could what Russia the Red is now doing, and China is planning, be likened to “And there went out another horse that was red: and power was given to him that sat thereon to take peace from the earth?

    But we are just ole men who believe in a “fairy tale Bible written by the White man” cannon fodder, not forever young and immortals like some here ….


  19. islandgal246

    But we are just ole men who believe in a “fairy tale Bible written by the White man” cannon fodder, not forever young and immortals like some here ….

    ROFL piece you hit the nail pon due head! Bushie and you mekking up stories to fit the scenario. Wanna ent know that aliens got the plane.


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