Barbados Labour Party Rubbing Shoulders

The ‘Rubbing Shoulders’ initiative of the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) has been attracting attention and criticism from the government of Barbados. Minister Ronald Jones has gone so far as to suggest that insurrection may result which may lead to the cracking of heads etc.

What is there to fear from the BLP talking directly to the people? Isn’t the opposition political party charged with ‘raising’ issues?

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124 responses to “Barbados Labour Party Rubbing Shoulders

  1. Sunshine Sunny Shine

    Well I am back in Bimshire for a short while. Can anyone tell me if this Alvin Cummins is that fella who was a microbiologist in the QEH lab or government analytical services or something like that. Is he that same fella who was part of Barbados National Association of Fisher-folk Organizations. Because if this is the same Alvin boy my man got a bone to pick with you and its a verbal one old fella. So confirm your identity and let the licks start to role.

    Now reading the fights, it seems that there is a battle amongst the yard-fowls of the BLP and DLP. Lol I just love how you people does defend the nonsense of your political loves with so much verbal flair. I mean the BLP had Barbados for 14 years in no recession and yet for all their worth and bragging of what they left in foreign reserves, all the major services in the island was left wanting. Yet out of this we got a spanking 1 billion dollar prison that don’t produce food or manufacture goods for foreign exchange. Then there is all the other hullabaloo that I would not go into right now. Leave that for the fowls to go over.

    But on the other side you got the current administration that to tell you the truth got me in a dazing puzzle. The forecast predicted severe turbulence in the economy yet the DEMs came on TV and puffed nothing but lies. Don”t get me wrong the BLP are big fat ass liars too. In fact all DEM and the BEEs are a bunch of liars. So now we at the cross roads…the soldiers of the BLP and DLP raging the war of words. Ka-dear what would it take to get you people to understand that unless Barbados find precious minerals, gold, diamonds or pearls the island”s economic outlook in the next few years will be dismal. We on the road of doing a Guyana and a Greece. So boys and girls of the DLP and BLP lackey train…What say you. Shall we engage in talks about what we could do to help our little island or are we gong to continue thrashing each others ass over who is better than who…I think its bare shite that all wunna come on here and talk bunch of highfoluted educational pup. Not all the talk is shite though just from a few yardfowls. WHO THE CAP FIT LET HE WEAR IT….


  2. Carson C. Cadogan

    If the Barbados Labour Party would be a bit more patriotic and a little less POWER HUNGRY many of the initiatives of the government would be able to work. Instead they are going around encouraging business to close and discouraging Tourists from coming to the country. They are doing their best to undermine confidence the country. They seem not to understand that these are difficult times for the Global economy. There is no doubt that Barbados is doing better than a lot of other countries, for example unemployment in St. Lucia is 23% but we are not out of the woods as yet.

    Their policy, if it can termed as such, of half empty glass instead of half full glass is doing no one any good.


  3. millertheanunnaki

    @ Carson C. Cadogan | September 11, 2013 at 4:48 PM |

    Here is an example of why we can’t trust anything you or the DLP say and hence people’s hesitation to reside little or no confidence in them.
    Carson, please answer the following question seeing you are a man in the inner sanctum of the DLP.
    Is it true that Minister Lowe is hospitalized with a very serious complaint?
    This man is paid out of the public purse and his employers would want to know if he is unable to work.
    Now be honest for once if you want people to trust you.


  4. Carson…………power hungry is lying to the taxpayers about the state of the economy and engaging in buying votes, just like the opposition, now say hello to power hungry in the DLP.


  5. Cuthbert of England


    I think DL was to be discharged today from horse-pital. But you know already from your days at the Ministry of Health and the ‘friends’ you have therefrom.

    In a new BLP will you be the Minister of Trans-Gender Affairs?


  6. The Thompson led DLP promised so much.Transparency in government, a new way of governance. Six years later what can we say?


  7. @Sunshine
    Yes I am the same Alvin Cummins. I await the opening round.
    @ Waiting. the town Hall Meeting will be at the port entrance…to be held in some big tent there as soon as you enter the gate. The entrance in the middle. I went today and looked at the environmental assessment report. the project is BIG. The plan is for the construction of piers to hold six cruise ships at the same time of the size of the Oasis boats. They plan to dredge and recdlaim 15 acres of land to construct terminal etc. It will begin West of the fishing complex and encompass the area stretching and including the former esso berthing oil terminal. You were not allowed to take away the assessment book but you were free to copy whatever you wanted. I will see how things go tonight. How come people don’t pay attention to notices in the papers. this was in the papers for the past two weeks (daily)Then when these things take place people say they did not know about it or give wrong information and spread propaganda.


  8. Carson C. Cadogan

    Version one of “rubbing shoulders” fell flat.

    Version two of “rubbing shoulders” will have a similar fate.


  9. George C. Brathwaite

    @ CCC

    “If the Barbados Labour Party would be a bit more patriotic and a little less POWER HUNGRY many of the initiatives of the government would be able to work. Instead they are going around encouraging business to close and discouraging Tourists from coming to the country. They are doing their best to undermine confidence the country.”

    What kind of asinine statements are you making? Do you believe that you, me, Mia, Freundel, could convince a business to close and could discourage tourists from coming here? To prove what? That the DLP is panicking and making alll types of absolutely absurd claims. Come on, take hold of the country and GOVERN or else leave Bay Street! NO MORE BLASTED EXCUSES!


  10. Carson………… are sounding more deranged after every comment, your lying little ploy re IMF/World Bank backfired so now you are left to twist in the wind until the IMF/World Bank officials finish and give the results of their COMPLETED assessment of the island to the media, you lying little worm.


  11. @Well Well
    Just back. Hope you are well.
    Good presentation. good project. First class for the country. More people should have been there since this meeting concerned the Marine environmental assessment. the next one on the social assessment impact should be a doozy. Inviting all and sundry to be there.


  12. that the blp does Well ,,propagandize,,, and Big big on Perceptions. a barrel laden always ready to offshore aided and abetted by the nation newspaper, a guarantee must read article .. btw the some nutcake advice ac to read that daily rag called a newspaper , the nation


  13. reading the blp comments are exhilarating, with little or no message to offer the yardfowls like George brathwaite resorts to attacking the DLP stalwarts, Hey George it is yours and MIA game to win and the DLP,s to lose but seeing the lacklustre response coming from your leadership one can easily conclude that the BLP would be spending another five years on the back bench cause without a message wunna can’t win no matter how many times Mia rub shoulders and pound the sidewalk. the people want answers, not gimmicks,


  14. Alvin………hope you are doing well also.


  15. AC, CCC and Alvin. Wasn’t Harry Husbands not rubbing shoulders with the visits to private schools. Isn’t the PM not rubbing shoulders when he visited Patricia Affonso-Dass, Ocean Group of Hotels, probably to promote the 10-point Tourism plan and the possible purchase of Almond Beach; then he pai a courtesy call to Paul Allman of Limegrove Lifestyle Centre, probably to deal with sourcing wealthy investors and making them citizens, now he visit the Olympic Association to inform us of the financial support being offered by China. I am having a fundamental problem regarding the amount of funding by China. Remember every funding must be repaid. David, can you tell me how many loans China approved for Barbados during the past 6 years? Seems to me every visit is for press release purposes.


  16. Like David Ellis has been trying to promote that it is a welcome thing to have the PM speaking it out. The downside that he has to do so because of the cries from citizens reacting to his taciturn nature is not good.


  17. @Tell ME WHy…………the truth is Mia looks silly more like a Chichua make alot of noise taking she is taking her one message to a certain segment of the populace for whom she could do absolutely nothing for .in essence giving them false hope..the Pm is more diversified in his approach as he tries to reach out to all sectors


  18. Is he trying to embarrass the MoT by visiting Ocean Group. Is he trying to show his MoF how to get more Forex. and is he trying to make mock sport at MoS in getting a new stadium. Do tell me his real motive.


  19. Whatever his motive it is clear that he is trying to open up meaningful diaglouge with these sectors along with promoting barbados in a positive manner. as amatter of fact trying to reverse the damage being inflicted by MIA which is sending false and misleading information to potential investors. another objective would be to send a message of apreciation to th business partners. Unfortunately for Mia she still bouged down in campaiging and self promotion having no vision or message for people or country


  20. @Tell me why.
    Who did OSA embarrass when he countered Mr. wood’s talk about increases in bus fares/ who did he embarrass when he went into Tudor street when there was a problem with the minibuses who were violating the regulations forbidding the pickup of passengers at that point.? tell me more.


  21. Alvin. It wil be better for you to get the answer from whoever manipulate the story regarding the stopping of pensioners from getting free bus rides. You all lie so much that it is impossible to tell which one of your buddies authored the lie.


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