A Business Ethos of Deception…the money grab

Many years ago some questions were asked about the circumstances which led to the award of an insurance contract by the Transport Board (TB) to CGI Insurance. Although the questions were put to former Minister of Transport Rommel Marshall at the time, he or the government he represented never felt compelled to answer the taxpayers truthfully. Neither the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) or the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) have been transparent over the years about how the taxpayers business is being managed.

In Barbados as is the case in small countries where relationships run deep, it should come as no surprise that business deals and decisions are greatly influenced by ‘informal’ considerations. The fact that successive governments have resisted implementing transparency laws assures that the practice of delivering ‘favours’ has become embedded in our business ethos. This is a reality in both the public and private sectors.

This week’s Barbados Today online newspaper published a story Cuts begin which suggested that significant changes will be made at the TB very soon. Senior management at the TB, supported by the Barbados Workers Union, have denied any knowledge of  the changes. What commonsense dictates is that the TB will be impacted if the government is to efficiently introduce 400 million in cuts to public spending. The TB currently receives one of the largest transfers from government.

What often escapes notice are the private companies who benefit from the procurement policy of the public sector. To date no details have been given to the public about how the insurance contract was awarded by former Minister Marshall to CGI Insurance. The public have had to be satisfied with a dismissive statement by the former minister. How quickly we forget. The Auditor General has perennially demonstrated that it is a ineffective post if the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) continues to be frustrated in carrying out its mandate. The irony is that BOTH the BLP and DLP have a vested interest in a ‘sleeping’ PAC. BU supports the effort being made by MAM to breath life into the committee. There is a good reason why our system of government mandates that several committees operate in our parliament.

Similar questions can be asked of the private sector. On what basis did LIME award the insurance cover of its 97 vehicles to CGI Insurance in 2011? Based on BU’s estimate this translates to about 1.5 million in annual premiums. Did Alex McDonald ‘recuse’ himself when the decision was deliberated at LIME to give CGI Insurance the business? It is no secret that McDonald and CGI head are good friends and business partners. And what about a $35,000 thousand dollar duty free watch which was purchased from Little Switzerland? What role did a BLP Senator play in the transaction? And who was the beneficiary? That CGI Insurance needed the TB business is reflected in its financials 2012 over 2011.

When the four LIME shops were put out to tender last year BU became curious who would be the contractors.  BU understands that Trevor Woodroffe got the Windsor Lodge outlet and the Peter Harris got the the others. All one year contracts which are currently pending renewal. With the McDonald no longer at LIME there is a lot to lose.  As always BU is prepared to withdraw this blog and or apologize to anyone if proved wrong.

67 responses to “A Business Ethos of Deception…the money grab

  1. @WW
    Sorry BUT the REAL FACTS are that the Chinese have over 650 Projects (non humanitarian to my knowledge, its rape Mother Africa all over again) in Africa and they are certainly NOT reluctant to pay bribes to the Pols regardless. Chinese in many cases are permitted to bring in their own peeps and Military (plain clothes) and so are NOT even employing Africans!

    So the good news is that it is NOT Whitey, correct?

    In Canada they are becoming very Politically Correct and charging Cndcos for paying bribes in the Developing World. Seems good BUT it is stupid ,not because it is’nt Ethical, but in many countries you are NOT going to get Engineering contracts without bribes, so then less Engineers will be employed in Canada. Just think about certain projects in Bim eg Dodd’s, the Oval, Highways built by foreigners (Why?)


  2. @WW
    Have you not seen that the “Powers” in the US have been experimenting with developing HUMANESE (Human/Chimp hybrids) that could be used as super soldiers especially in the US. The concept is that these Humanese would kill Americans with less doubt/ consideration than Humans.

    When the real social unrest starts in the US ALL HELL will brek loose!


  3. Money……yes, i agree on Africa though Western corporations are still set up there and are funding the murders of blacks to continue to steal wealth out of Africa, the Chinese have moved in also, however, there has been a shift in the way Africans used to think, so there are dangers ahead for the foreign thieves. The Africans are not above finding a way to get rid of their corrupt governments to stop foreign thieves…..and the drama continues.

    On the US, they are not going to rest until the wipe out everyone, including themselves……..sheer stupidity, we can’t make this stuff up.

    Overall corruption remains the sure way to destruction.


  4. Money…….the one thing they all have in common is that their eyes are bigger than their stomachs.

    There was an incident in florida swamps some years ago where a huge snake tried to swallow a crocodile and someone happened to be on hand to take a photo of the moment the snake exploded from greed. We are now witnesses to the pending explosion.


  5. @WW
    All too true!
    GREED and STUPIDITY have no race!
    The corrupt Pols and Bankers are one and the same! The crookedest road in the US is NOT Lombard St in San Francisco, it is the road that connects Wall St to Washington!

    Any mental midget would have known beforehand, that repealing the Laws/ Regs etc born out of the Crash of 1929 and the Great Depression, precisely to limit the capability of Banks to endanger the Financial System HAD to end badly for the majority. The Pols SOLDOUT!


  6. millertheanunnaki

    @ MoneyBrain | July 20, 2013 at 9:52 AM |
    “Have you not seen that the “Powers” in the US have been experimenting with developing HUMANESE (Human/Chimp hybrids)”

    It will not be the first time this type of G E experiment would have taken place.
    How do you think present day humans got here if not by genetic tampering with apes by the Elohim to speed up the natural evolutionary process?
    Ever asked your self why there is only a 2-3% variance in the genetic makeup or DNA configuration between you and them?

    Humans, the latest version of the earlier experiments, are only “aping” the engineers from the sky. (Ask Bushie about his BBE and see if he would agree LOL!!).

    Maybe the “gods” from the Sirius star system that “genetically modified Ape man Adam are about to return to see how things have progressed and carry out a little tweeting to the models.
    But this might require a lot of collateral damage to the too many defective units and by-products of waste hanging around in this junkyard in the sky the ‘modified’ apes are turning this planet into (for the time being).

    Now the Elohim had planted a garden in the east, in Eden; and there they put the man they had formed. The Elohim made all kinds of trees grow out of the ground—trees that were pleasing to the eye and good for food. In the middle of the garden were the tree of life and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

    “For the “Elohim” doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil.”

    There is more to this Jewish child-like interpretation of genetic engineering than meets your intellectual eyes. Ask Richard Dawkins or even Desmond Morris for elucidation not the lowly miller tending his mill and not an experimental lab for a garden called “Eden”. .


  7. Money………..the beauty about the US is that many of them, but not enough of them, will go to prison eventually went it finally hits the fan.


  8. Miller…….the tenth planet.


  9. Money……the feds have started their investigation, first order of business, the murder weapon cannot be released to zimmerman, i love the feds.



  10. Just so it’s very clear for those who don’t understand how federal vs state laws work and apply to situations, except moneybrain, i know you got the drift.

    “Zimmerman was acquitted of murder and manslaughter on Sunday in a Florida courtroom, but civil rights violations provide an exception to the U.S. Constitution’s protection against double jeopardy after a defendant has been found ‘not guilty’ in a state or local jurisdiction.

    That’s because if Zimmerman were tried in federal court, he would be charged with violating Trayvon Martin’s civil rights, not causing his death.”

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2369592/Justice-Department-places-hold-Trayvon-Martin-trial-evidence-including-George-Zimmermans-gun–Florida-law-says-returned-him.html#ixzz2ZbEves6F
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  11. @Miller
    I think you have forgotten that months ago we were AGREEING that we humans may well be a hybrid of the Gods!

    Afterall it is only in recent years that Scientist understood DNA ( or believe they understand), Gene Splicing etc. So earlier generations could not conceive of such!

    The Bible lucidly says that the Sons of God looked on the human females favourably and eventually could not help themselves, just like any self respecting Bajan man would, and copulated with the female Earthlings. I think they were Giants, I maybe a fairly direct descendant since I am taller than 98% of other men.


  12. Money…………sorry to burst your bubble, but from different sources we have learned that the gods who came from other planets to populate the earth were all black and all female……..don’t believe you want to fall into that category do you?


  13. @WW
    Good try, supply the sources for dat! LOL


  14. millertheanunnaki

    MoneyBrain | July 20, 2013 at 1:23 PM |
    “..I think they were Giants, I maybe a fairly direct descendant since I am taller than 98% of other men.”

    You MB of all bloggers are quite aware of the fact that life is a zero sum game. You win some and you lose sum with the game always resulting in a final draw ‘refereed’ by the Great Level(l)er.

    This truism of the game called Life is played out daily on the uneven field of noughts and crosses (Xs and Os).
    And to reinforce this equation the golden ratio or divine proportion will always lead to zero for the human variables at play.

    We have seen the same leveling result at play in the lives of great men through the ages and of recent vintage the likes of Leonardo da Vinci, Isaac Newton, Darwin to Einstein and even Wolfgang Amadeus to Michael J; all geniuses in their own right but exceedingly frail human beings in other facets of their troubled lives .

    We trust therefore that you, in your quest to stand tall over those 98% of ‘shorter’ guys, are not handicapped by a reversal of fortunes in the inversed ratio of a 2% probability that you can never reach the average length of extension with a truncated appendage in the 6.30 position on the 6.15 pendulum of erection.

    Those whom the gods make to “Stand Tall” next to a raging river of hot water will always be made with feet of clay. Like Icarus of old we can all fly in the face of Light and be burned in the process.

    But then again with the gods themselves being gods of imperfection (let us make man in our own image) and having their “favourites” there will always be exceptions to the rule.

    You, my friend MoneyBrain, might just be the one of the very lucky “one in a billion”.
    A man well endowed both vertically and horizontally, when asked to rise to the occasion.

    No wonder you are such a rich guy with your millions to buy your way in currying favour with the gods like indulgences sold by the Catholic Church of old.

    Trust you enjoy in jest this spinning parody of a rattling good yarn of a fable in true Aesop style but with the BU characters all fictitious. LOL!!!

    The poor miller will always be like the weeping willow Narcissus always looking down at his extra gift of beautiful immobility but always wondering if he would ever succeed in that Herculean task assigned to the cursed Sisyphus to get his foot to reach the mountain top without the inevitable consequences.

    Godspeed, my human friend, and good luck!


  15. @Miller
    Great writing.


  16. millertheanunnaki

    @ MoneyBrain | July 20, 2013 at 11:20 PM |

    Muchísimas Gracias!

    BTW you say you are a descendant of John A. Is this the branch of the Family Tree from St. Philip, St. Peter of St. Andrew?
    If not from Sir John Gay the “Crazy” horse rider up the stairs line then from the Abel or Reynold line of political Speakers?


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