Good Gracious Mr. Jones, Helmets and Vests If I Protest?

Submitted by George Brathwaite
Hon Ronald Jones, Minister of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation

Hon Ronald Jones, Minister of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation

Good Gracious Mr. Jones, Helmets and Vests If I Protest? Barbadians were taken on an excursion that was quite unlike Mia Mottley’s in Swan Street or Harry Husbands at several private schools over the past fortnight.

MP Jones was judge, jury, and executioner. MP Jones classified, castigated, and determined who were interacting with criminal elements and the actions that were divisive, but he failed to speak out against social injustice. MP Jones preferred to inform Barbadians under a veiled threat that the resources of the military would be called upon as a matter of ‘necessity’ since law and order, defined by Jones’ Law would have to be restored. Jones demonstrated a desperation that characterises the despotic regimes that have done more harm to their people far worse than any external forces – listen to Minister Jones.

It was a vain attempt to cut down MP Mottley given her noticeable and appreciated performances thus far since returning to the helm of the Barbados Labour Party (BLP). Since when did things deteriorate or would likely descend into chaos in a modern-day Barbados as to contemplate the dreaded call for the military and paramilitary forces in the restoration of law and order?

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276 responses to “Good Gracious Mr. Jones, Helmets and Vests If I Protest?

  1. old onion bags

    Dear dear me….this one is a real puzzler…I hope you don’t let it slide…..Carson this is not like you…represent ya self man!


  2. Carson C. Cadogan

    I confronted the individual in that article and asked him about it , and he said to me , “I in tell she that”.

    However it was still printed, I cant imagine why?

    Anyway I am not worried about that.

    The TRUTH always wins out in the end.


  3. Carson C. Cadogan

    So many people said to me that I should take action against the Newspaper.


  4. old onion bags

    So wait you cant come straight out and say..”DEM tellin lies on me and D skippa”… flinching like an errant school boy man…tell dem off pun D blog….na hush hush…this is nearly 6 weeks now and it beginning to stick like poo..represent ya self C….my advise


  5. Carson C. Cadogan


    You beginning to sound like my wife. She vex that I didn’t do anything about it.


  6. NationBLPnewspaper

    Who sits at the Nation newspaper and decides what goes on the front page?
    It is obvious that those persons are clearly Mia Mottley supporters. To follow what is an opposition partisan, politically orchestrated campaign and consistently highlight and promote Mottley on the front page of the most circulated paper in the country week after week can only be facillitated by political operatives .

    The Nation newspaper is doing what BLP supporters have consistently accused CBC of doing.
    So it is wrong for CBC to show bias in coverage but acceptable for the largest newspaper in the country to do so day after day.


  7. old onion bags

    But I hope you aware of the corollary …..affa all first blood duz stain quicker than syrup water…..(hear dem granmudda sayins)..LOL


  8. Carson C. Cadogan


    One amazing story.

    I never campaigned last year Nov., Sept., April or any month of the year with any body.


  9. Ronald Jones is a jackass. The top girl and top boy in the 2013 common entrance examination could give him some lessons on how to speak proper English.


  10. islandgal246

    Can’t Wait will you stop insulting the poor animals? A jackass got more sense than Ronalda Jones.


  11. David (not BU)

    someone with common sense is to believe that the nation news paper is telling lies on you Carson and a politician no less and wanna aint sue the paper?

    is that the flying pig you selling Lie-son?


  12. Again, so much for you and truths Carson


  13. DLP(formerly CBC) TV

    @ Enuff i’m SHOCKED!!!. CCC is a deputy chairman of a (DLP) constituency council!!! He has always presented himself as an unbiased contributor to this blog!!. Seriously though, no wonder he does come to pollute this blog with mindless DLP drivel. Wait a minute, this is what these constituency councils doing!!! I thought DEM councils were supposed to be politically unbiased. Then again I living n a country where the MOF don’t know nutting about finance and a MOE that talks like he ain’t had an education.


  14. Carson Cadogan is a joke! The more he comments the more stupid he looks.
    He happy with the Status Quo . Like it or lump it says Sir Carson !


  15. De Higher De Monkey Climb

    Whew! All this spin doctoring got me dizzy. All this nonsense and efforts to sidetrack the issue reminded of a character in Animal Farm….

    Moses: Moses is perhaps Orwell’s most intriguing character in Animal Farm. This raven, first described as the “especial pet” of Mr. Jones, is the only animal who doesn’t work. He’s also the only character who doesn’t listen to Old Major’s speech of rebellion.
    Orwell narrates, “The pigs had an even harder struggle to counteract the lies put about by Moses, the tame raven. Moses, who was Mr. Jones’s especial pet, was a spy and a tale-bearer, but he was also a clever talker. He claimed to know of the existence of a mysterious country called Sugarcandy Mountain, to which al animals went when they died. It was situated somewhere up in the sky, a little distance beyond the clouds, Moses said. In Sugarcandy Mountain it was Sunday seven days a week, clover was in season all the year round, and lump sugar and linseed cake grew on the hedges. The animals hated Moses because he told tales and did no work but some of them believed in Sugarcandy Mountain, and the pigs had to argue very hard to persuade them that there was no such place.”
    Jones first used Moses to keep the animals working, and he was successful in many ways before the rebellion. The pigs had a real hard time getting rid of Moses, since the lies about Heaven they thought would only lead the animals away from the equality of socialism. But as the pigs led by Napoleon become more and more like Mr. Jones, Moses finds his place again.


  16. Carson C. Cadogan

    DLP(formerly CBC) TV

    For your information, I am not Dep. Chairman of anything.


  17. Neither now nor in the past? lol


  18. Colonel Buggy

    Carson C. Cadogan | June 14, 2013 at 6:49 PM |
    Old Bugger
    That was really lame.
    Cant you do better than that?
    Lame maybe, but it sure has stirred up a hornet’s nest under your tail.


  19. Fooled by David

    Why don’t you all leave Carson alone. Carson is an ass like Ronald Jones, ask anybody that worked at Accra. I would like he and Steve Blackett go and apologize to the old perople that they took lights bills from saying they will pay them to get votes. Now election over the poor old people now realising that the bills were not paid


  20. Simple Simon

    @Carson C. Cadogan | June 12, 2013 at 10:42 AM…“For he is the minister of God to thee for good. But if thou do that which is evil, be afraid; for he beareth not the sword in vain: for he is the minister of God, a revenger to execute wrath upon him that doeth evil.”…another version: “For the one in authority is God’s servant for your good. But if you do wrong, be afraid, for rulers do not bear the sword for no reason. They are God’s servants, agents of wrath to bring punishment on the wrongdoer.”

    Dear Carson: This religious passage has NOTHING at all to do with Barbados in the 21st century.

    We do NOT believe that Jones is the servant of God.
    Jones does NOT have God given authority to exact revenge on us
    We are NOT afraid of Jones.

    We believe that we elected Jones us to SERVE us, not to rule over us.
    We did NOT elect Jones to crack our heads or to shoot us.
    If Jones feels that he can no longer be our servant, then like a good servant he can hand in his resignation.
    Or in the fullness of time we will fire him.

    This isn’t the Old Testament Carson (and Jones). This is democratic 21st century Barbados.


  21. Simple Simon

    In 1937 Barbadians, – Carson’s and Jones’ grandparents and my parents – were burying our infant brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles at the rate of 250 dead babies for every 1,000 babies born. These people our immediate family starved to death in this Barbados in the 1920’s and 1930’s

    Ronald Jones knows this, after all he is our well educated Minister of Education.

    After all some of his aunts and uncles, and mine, and Carson C. Cadogan’s too starved to death too and are buried in unmarked graves.

    Bajans rebelled. They had every right to rebel.

    Any people will rebel when they get tired of burying their children.

    The British colonial authorities and their local lackeys violently surpressed this rebellion

    This was not the first time Bajans have rebelled.

    It may not be the last time.

    Jones may fool himself into believing that he will be on the side of the shooters and head crackers.

    He may not be. He has to be careful that he does not get his head cracked first.


  22. Simple Simon

    According to the Sunday of June 16, 2013 Barbados’ infant mortality is already beginning to rise.

    Maybe Jones has enough to eat. Maybe he has far too much to eat.

    Some people, and infants are real people, are already at the edge.


  23. Colonel Buggy

    @Simple Simon
    Jones may fool himself into believing that he will be on the side of the shooters and head crackers.

    He may not be. He has to be careful that he does not get his head cracked first.
    A cousin of mine on learning that I had served in the military, remarked. Why did you? the Army is only there to protect the conservatives. On reflection , I agree partly must agree with him.
    I was at St Anns Fort the night following Independence in 1966 ,when there was a disturbance in Independence Square. The riot squad dispatched, returned to the Garrison about 1.30 am, and I overheard one soldier lamenting the fact that he took nine rounds (bullets) down to Independence Square and returned with all nine intact ,and not getting the opportunity to shoot anyone.
    Jones and Company may not even have to give a direct order to crack heads or shoot people, if a disturbance arises.


  24. @CCC June 14th 2013 8:59 p.m

    You damn well know that there were legitimate threats of a coup from one Sidney Burnett-Alleyne who threatened to overthrow this country and was held off Martinique with a boat load of ammunition and guns. The said same Sidney Burnett-Alleyne – mercenary/gunrunner who was granted a license in the early 70’s to operate the Alleyne Mercantile Bank by the DLP administration led by Errol Barrow. You should have told us about the day in parliament when the Right Honourable John Michael Geoffrey Manningham “Tom Adams” presented cheques payable to 4 DLP members of parliament issued from the Alleyne Mercantile Bank and signed by the said Sidney Burnett-Alleyne – gun runner and mercenary. These 4 men now deceased, one recently and a notorious thief, were so ashamed they dropped to the floor of parliament on their all fours to avoid the cameras and crawled out. At least they had shame! This bunch has none.


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