Does Barbados Aspire to Become the Warehouse and Whorehouse of Unskilled Labour in the Caribbean?

Canadian Court orders woman to removed Niqab

Canadian Court orders woman to remove Niqab

This week in the news we learned that a Canadian woman will have to remove her Niqab in order to testify against her attackers. This is a case which has occupied the attention of the Courts for five years – read Niqab ban in sexual assault trial causes controversy. Also in the news this week, and closer to home, we heard from Jamaican Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade AJ Nicholson uttering his concern that Jamaica is not satisfied with how free movement of nationals across the Caribbean Community (Caricom) is being facilitated – read Nicholson to address Jamaican travel across CARICOM.

BU took interest in the comments of Nicholson because he pointed to the Shanique Myrie case which is pending before the Caribbean Court of Appeal. By doing so he made his intention obvious that Barbados was in his ‘gun sight’.

In strictly legal terms the two cases are unrelated BUT for BU the cases resonate because in the Canadian judgement there is a sense that the laws of Canada are in consonance with the expectation of mainstream society. In the case of the Myrie matter one gets the feeling that Barbados is being bombarded by some obligation under the Revised Treaty of Chaguaramas even at the risk of compromising its rights as a sovereign country. Are we a sovereign country or not? Why doesn’t Jamaica take a similar case to the World Court to challenge the decision to refuse their citizens entry into the USA, UK and several other developed countries which occur with frequency on a daily basis. If they were to pursue this avenue one may believe that their motive in the Myrie case is sincere.

Ms. Myrie alleges that she was discriminated against because of her nationality in violation of the Revised Treaty of Chaguaramas (RTC) and the 2007 Decision of the Conference of CARICOM Heads of Government. These Agreements, she claims, provide CARICOM nationals with a right of entry to all CARICOM countries.  She also claims that her detention overnight in Barbados was unlawful and that her treatment violated the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Charter of Civil Society, and other international accords and agreements” – More details on CCJ website.

BU is reminded by a comment made by Prime Minister Fruendel Stuart in his former role as Attorney General. At that time when Barbados was gripped in the Guyanese invasion debate, he stated to the effect, that Barbados will not allow itself to become the warehouse of unskilled labour. BU is always tempted to replace warehouse with whorehouse. A visit to Nelson Street, Fontabelle, Clubs and private parties there is the possibility to be treated to the performances of imported girls from neighbouring islands especially from JAMAICA.  Are we saying that our border authority should have their hands tied by the RTC where we must allow unrestricted access to our country by girls with $300.00 in their bosoms who want to stay for 3 weeks?

BU issues the disclaimer that all immigrant from Caribbean islands do not subtract form wholesome productivity. We however have to be intelligent enough to separate the issues by quelling our urge to become emotional.

For many years Jamaica looked North to fulfil the economic aspirations of its people. It seems to BU because this channel has been choked off because of the tightening of immigration laws and the global economic downturn, our tiny islands are being bullied to welcome this influx of immigrants whose majority objective is to add to the burden of our moral, security and economic fabric.

It is premature to take this matter any further until we receive the CCJ decision promised in 2-3 months. Given Barbados penchant for taking it in the gut from the other Caribbean islands post the Tome Adams era, one wonders what Prime Minister Fruendel Stuart will do if the CCJ rules in favour of Myrie.

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  1. This is simple
    Enforce the Law
    If people come to Barbados, the Immigration Laws must be enforced. If the Law says that lying to an Immigration Officer is an offense , then bring the offender to a magistrate. As Caswell Franklyn pointed out on this Blog, if this was done with the whore Shanique Myrie , Barbados ‘s name would not now be dragged about in the CCJ.

    Enforce the Fother Mucking Law


  2. I had to go and read what this blog is about; judging from the exchanges between lawson and Money brain, one would get the impression that this piece was about some provincial war.

    Money brain and Lawson what both of you need to recognize is that beyond taking your skills, youth and taxes Canada shall never be owned or impacted economically, socially and politically by you or any of the token blacks who reside there. But that is just is my humble opinion.


  3. Lemuel………………………Canada is having a few issues right now, but you can guarantee, if both moneybrain and lawson had to choose right now between Canada and Bim and only had 0.000.1 second to do so, it would be a no brainer, they would not leave Canada even if it was world war 3 up here…………….i believe they are just letting off steam, see, they have choices of 9 other provinces to live in.


  4. Well Well
    This world is about to get so up sided down that places where we now think are safe shall be like war zones. The current economic hic cup is only the beginning.


  5. simple simple simon,yes my mother worked and paid taxes for years in canada, lived and worked here since the1950s and like other hard working immigrants paved the way for new people coming however people jumping the que, defrauding the sytem,just doesnt sit well with most of us tax payers There are resposibilities to being a citizen of a country.That is why our immigration system is changing to close alot of the loop holes to keep these terrorists ,criminals and economic refugees out much like what you bajans are trying to do.Dont want to secure your caricom borders and then pan me for wanting the same for my country.Get your facts right read the report from the standing senate committee on foreign affairs the cost of the evacuation of canadians in lebanon born solely by the taxpayer was 75 million plus,it also had concens about people who hadnt worked or paid taxes in canada for a long time being evacuated.People treat the benevolence of some countries as stupidity,you should realize it being one of the economic powerhouses in the carribean many people are trying to get into barbados not to start a new life but to sqeeze what they can get out of it.A war in barbados please….is anyone that motivated. The last time I was on the island I heard one guy ask another at the rum shop if it was raining he said I dont know …call the dog in and see if he is wet.


  6. Lawson……….yuh killing me!!!

    Lemuel…………it will not be anything pretty when it finally starts to go down, I am just really concerned for some friends I have on the island, the other people are laid back, relaxed, totally unconcerned and sound overly confident that there is nothing to be concerned about, so I suppose they have no problems in getting lots of money from somewhere.


  7. It is true that many of the “clubs” in this island are dominated by the presence of Jamaican prostitutes, and even more so after the exodus of the Guyanese. The most disturbing about this entire situation is the fact that these women are of the opinion that they have the right to come to Barbados to sell body parts.

    Additionally, I was not suprised that the young woman, Amelia Joseph was charged with human trafficking. After all, her perents are the owners of Brigitte’s International, located adjacent to her bar, and they are well known for importing Guyanese women.

    But what is astonishing is the bar that Joseph is renting and the entire block is owned by a former Guyanese prostitute. She went from prostitution, to bringing in Guyanese women the work in the same Bridgette International, to owning a bar in front of the Fairchild Street bus terminal, to owning a wholesale establishment and an entire block of buildings in Nelson Street.

    Selling body parts is good business.


  8. Art………that kind of business building takes years, so the police are trying to make us believe that they only just found out about the trafficking and selling of flesh by the current accused and never knew about the years of trade by the owner of the entire block of buildings in nelson street? maybe it’s only resident bajans they can fool.


  9. Well well I am not surprised that the police did not know, people learn something new everyday.An englishwoman just explained to me why Bajan men in St. James cry during sex……….the mace


  10. @ WW , Lemuel et al
    Naturally anyone who has established themselves over many years in Canada and given a nanosecond to decide whether to return to Bim is going to go with the status quo, pretty obvious choice since your home, wealth and kids are here.

    @Simple Simon
    Do U really think that Political Parties or Voters want Honest Pros who can actually accomplish a brilliant Agenda???????? Singapore is undoubtedly the most successful Nation of the last 50 yrs, raising itself from a relative backwater entrepot to significant GDP/ capita surpassing the former coloniser, the UK, by a decent margin.

    They pretend to have a democracy BUT the truth is that Mr Lee presided over as Benevolent Dictator ( with proper Integrity Laws but well paid MPs). That is the form of Govt that would produce the best results now in Bim and Canada. Tighten up Immigration, Guns, Crime, Finances, Govt Expenditures etc. immediately not after the horse has bolted off the rasshole farm!


  11. Money Brain
    I am not telling you or any one else to break up your years of familial settlement and move, but stop selling me the story that every where except Barbados is heaven. All hell shall break loose every where Money; there will be no safe place. Even the terrorist know that. Do you realize that the leading countries do not know their hands from their feet, and Canada shall eventually feel the pinch because she belongs to the global village.


  12. @Lemuel
    Black/ Cbean peeps account for a relatively small proportion of Canada’s population so it is and would be tough to have a major impact on such a huge Nation. However, Bajans tend to own homes and investments, so we do own pieces of the country. In the words of by former HC classmate, “money/ investments dont know or care what race U are” he and many Bajans have accomplished much here.

    Bajans impacting Canada could start with Alan Emtage the genius from HC/ Bim who invented the first Search Engine for the Internet.


  13. Moneybrain…………….Bim really does need a Singapore style of government to move out of the stagnation, but it has to be leaders with a Singapore style mentality, the present leaders of both parties can never reach that level of understanding what is at stake, they make a joke of everything, they are just not serious enough about the people’s welfare and are still not believing the effects of their non action that will slam into the island…………..the horse is probably in Australia by now, they will never get it back.


  14. Lawson………………how could you not know that a woman came from Guyana with maybe not even a good pair of drawers and years later own an entire block of buildings without any paper trail or proof of legal business transactions? not even the police could believe that we are so foolish………….


  15. Money
    Emtage is living in New York. VOB telephoned him and did a long interview with him and I was impressed. In fact the only point I would give you is that we Bajans tend to run all our talent overseas, including you and the others in Canada. I believe we need a system to harness all our talent to the benefit of Barbados. Dr. Hollingsworth who recently died in the US was another enormous talent. But alas we have a political yard fowl problem that could require a low wall, a last drink as detailed by Col. Buggy.


  16. Alvin Cummins

    @Well Well, Lawson, Money Brains et al.
    If I am not mistaken (and it seems I am, quite often) there is no law against prostitution. If however a person from a foreign country comes into the island and lies to the immigration department of the reason for coming to the country, that is another matter.
    Next, from your comments, it seems you are just as dissatisfied with North America (Canada and the U.S.) as you are living back in Barbados. I think the difficulty with you folks is that you want to bring back the places you live into Barbados, and do not want to accept Barbados for what its is; warts and all. I havae moved back to Barbados, and have had no problem readjusting, because just as I accepted Canada, and the U.S. for what they were, I went back to Bim, and accepted it as if I had moved into a new country. Places and people cahnge as time goes by. No place, or people, remain static. Generations have different priorities, positions and standards, so you either accept it as it is, or you will never be satisfied and happy. You can never relive the moment that has just passed. It is gone forever. Be happy, accept what you have-people and things- and live life in the expectation and understanding that however we try we will pass from the face of this earth, someday, which we have no control over. No place is anydifferent from the other and people are all the same; good people, bad people, crooks, thieves, prostitutes (male and female) and it is no sense decrying what is past because what is to come will be seen, when it comes, as 3what is past.
    I have no complaints with Bim, for what occurs is what I expect.


  17. millertheanunnaki

    @ lawson | April 28, 2013 at 7:37 AM |
    “The last time I was on the island I heard one guy ask another at the rum shop if it was raining he said I dont know …call the dog in and see if he is wet.”

    You are just one funny guy, aren’t you? The BU resident comedian at large.
    You provided the comical stimulus required for one long hearty laugh after travelling thousands of miles on plane, rail, coach ferry and car in France, Spain and UK.
    Give us some more jokes about the local politics just for a laugh, gaffer.
    Things don’t look good at all for; with over 27% unemployment in Spain we can expect a similar “official” figure before year-end in Bim. Soon you will be able to get 4 star hotel accommodation in Bim for less than US$50 per night.

    @ lawson | April 28, 2013 at 8:57 AM |
    “An englishwoman just explained to me why Bajan men in St. James cry during sex……….the mace”

    Another serious joke (not to be taken lightly) that would have sauntered figuratively over the heads of idiots like Carson Cadogan and ac.
    This is a major concern of people, especially older women, about visiting Barbados as opposed to, say, Cuba.


  18. It is dispicable what we are seeing in Barbados today! what is the police and the Freundel stewart administration and immigration attempting to achieve? score low points? what we have here is posturing and hoping to score a few low shots. Now these persons charged has been both proprietors of bars in barbados for more than 10 years, frequented by police and immigration for years some who sit in mid afternoon and eat and drink with owners and deep in the business! profiting from assisting the trade.

    Will we see the owners of hotels in pine road and sandy lane and charnocks maxwell up for prosecution?.Or all night club owners.

    Recently a young lady came to Barbados was escorted by immigrtaion by official (unoficially) and placed in the hands of an individual who locked the lady in a house give her no funds travel money of food and treated her badly, used her sexually. when she wantd to get out , that guy holding her had an immigration officer call her and threaten to deport her for keeping noise /squeelling. She even said that some police men were calling as well. She claimed “that the guy had big officials in office who can punish her”.

    Are these not the real ” Human traffickers” ?- our officials who seem to be trumping up support? the authorities need to have a few officials in the papers (the real human traffickers).

    A young guy had a live- in at his home with two children( we call that common- law relationships) -promised support from a chief official in cabinet office before elections ..who now is called “a human trafficker” .. well election cans really bring out strange promises.

    Ask DLP whose house did they celebrate their election victory insandy lane.. a garcia” look a like and do alike”… boy! are’nt our officials hyprocrates!!!

    I know of many immigration officers in the trade the price is $2000.bds per head for assisting! we really need cameras in all these places at the airport!!!! aand phone tapping by independent bodies,which may help.

    Buts Its only by direct intervention of American agencies flagging these policies will we quell real corruption in this country.

    I don’t condone “prostitution” ( that is a technical term) and can be interpreted in many ways. I prefer to call it sex trade!

    “The economic policies and current recession forces some persons to travel both ways in the caribbean in order to meeet their economic needs, Perhaps we may see some Barbadians from Antigua and Trinidad and other caribbean islands deported soon, the problem is real!

    …But dont try to drag persons through the news when we l know that the real cilprits are free from exposure and inspection and knocking wine glasses!!……


  19. Miller………………it’s been a riot here, honestly…..

    Alvin…………..I think it’s a gray area on whether prostitution is illegal in Bim or whether the law against it is ever enforced, nobody seems to complain or mind…………..otherwise you are right on most of what you said but frustration is beginning to kick in and for most of us this is a very unique and adequate forum to vent, recently I saw where it garnered actions, hopefully that movement will lead to positive changes. I think it has gone past the stage where party supporters just gathered to bash each other for sport………


  20. @Alvin Cummins
    I am happy in Canada or Bim!
    However, we can only improve our Nations by honest analysis of what is not working. Lawson started me off by just giving the glowing account of Canada and so being a true Bajan I was forced to take a different and opposing view in some respects.

    The problem is that the Pols dont have any intention of telling the truth to the voters. Pols want to be seen as benevolent BUT that is easy since Pols give away other peeps money and thief plenty too! Pols encourage the people to think in very slack ways. The creation of Gargantuan quantities of $$$$ Globally over the last 30yrs+ has created a false sense of enrichment to far too many. That was really a mirage created by Govt/ Banks as agents and in the last 5-6 yrs the Piper has been collecting his due! This will continue for 5-10 more years until the excess is beaten out of the loose system!


  21. Why do we place all the blame on the Police and Immigration?

    What about the Inspectors from NIS and Labour Department who are charged with the responsibility to inspect employer books and premises?


  22. Now we know about half of one side who are involved in the prostitution/trafficking/selling of flesh on the island…………soon we will hear about the other half involved, now what will Dottin could/will/want to do about it?? the trafficking part is pure evil and really crawls my skin………….it is now labeled modern day slavery and i can see where Bajans with the lowest of low mentalities will gleefully participate to demean, belittle and degrade another human being resembling themselves just for money, some are so evil minded they would do it for nothing…………..uggghhh!!! One lowlife black man in the US just got 65 years in jail for trafficking a young black girl………………ewwww!!


  23. millertheanunnaki

    @ Artaxerxes | April 28, 2013 at 8:24 AM |

    How come you know so much about the oldest profession in Bim? Are you a descendant of Rachel Pringle?

    Like drugs, where there is a demand there will be a supply. If the local purveyors of flesh can’t meet the demand then like any other commodity or service the void would be filled from overseas. Leave the trade alone and look beyond the superficial. Such a ‘sophisticated’ business, like cocaine or arms dealing, cannot succeed without acquiescence from top to bottom.
    If you dig deeper you might find that “official” approval starts from the top of the money-giving tree; provided you can see what is right before your very eyes.

    A visit to Amsterdam might just broaden your perspective on life. Live and let live. That is what the politicians are doing. Which is the greater sin? Buying votes or picking fares? You tell us!


  24. The reality is CORRUPTION comes from the top, it is all about the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
    All those not performing their duty as it pertains to illegal activity are being handsomely paid to turn a blind eye! Why do u think that both Pol Parties refuse Integrity Legislation?????

    Selling anything Illegal is a quick way to accumulate $$$$, eg Arms, Sex, Drugs, big favors, pimping, religion in an illicit way etc


  25. Welcome back millertheanunnaki. Hope you had an enjoyable trip.

    There is a lot of talk among the Bajcanadians so as one who is adaptable as long as there is “water” salt or fresh…….I gine to de river an fish.

    12 ft 6inch Daiwa rod and Abu Garcia reel, 8lb mono line, 4 lb leader.

    Effin I did in Babadus it wud be nothin less than 30lb breakin strain.

    Old Onions duz fish wid 80lb cause he does be fishin fuh pompas.


  26. Moneybrain Lawson started me off ……. typical true bajan blaming someone else lawson the jamaicans the guyanese the economy you complain about paying 100000+ in taxes you are well aware what you earn to pay that kind of taxes I doubt that is in biwi So dont crap on the country that gave you that living just pay up.


  27. @Lawson
    Forgive me for telling the truth, I appreciate it is rare these days. But it is not a major point just explaining the invalidity of the accusation directed at me.

    Skippa Canada did NOT give me that standard of living. God gave me the brains, HC gave me the education as a result of that God given ability and I analysed the World and went to Canada. If not for my old parents I might have gone to Australia. USA was an option. I would be successful in any country including Bim where it is possible to progress. Why? ATTITUDE and absolute DETERMINATION to be in the top couple of % in many aspects! I have family who succeeded in Aus and UK! My UK based cousin designed and built the new Bridgetown Sewerage System 30yrs+ back.

    I holding U culpable again for forcing me OFF TOPIC! LOL.
    WE owe it to Canada and Bim to be critical of the current situation, this is how proper development is born, NOT by patting ourselves on the back for a mediocre job. Should you retire because U became a millionaire at 35???
    I had a client who semi retired prematurely against my advice, and now has set himself back considerably as a result.


  28. “WE owe it to Canada and Bim to be critical of the current situation, this is how proper development is born, NOT by patting ourselves on the back for a mediocre job”.

    That’s the message we have been trying to impart on everyone, this is called civic duty, ……………not trying to keep secrets covered up because you are getting a little pick from the party or some dropped crumbs…………if people like Carson could understand that, these parties would not be getting away with a quarter of the crimes they commit against the taxpayers. Case in point, CLICO among others.


  29. millertheanunnaki

    @ Lemuel | April 28, 2013 at 7:07 AM |
    “This world is about to get so up sided down that places where we now think are safe shall be like war zones. The current economic hic cup is only the beginning.”

    A most profound prognosis! Shows you are not only a political and social commentator but also an inchoate visionary of some metaphysical insight. It is projected that 2019 would be the chronological start of the real beginning of a new cycle of chaos.

    Now who would you like to see in charge of this little rock of ‘Feminine’
    confusion? Not a MAM instead of a MAN? If she goes, as you would insist, who would be in charge of things?
    The young and insecure Santie or the wooden Kerrie Symmonds fella? Certainly not that Pa(y)ne in the ass’s choice of a smiling idiot that the old piece of the rock would like to see slip away from St. Josephine and turned into the sands of time like those in St. Andrew? Payne would be better off identifying and grooming his successor for the knighthood of St. Andrew instead of being a downright pain in the ass in the BLP. He is not of the future but of the past behind. Let him take his exit followed by his valet “Smiley” who will never be leader or PM.
    The “Short Grass” fella is no lover of MAM and will be dealt with in the course of time. Let him proceed with his own political execution. The lady has time on her side.

    BTW, a word of advice; be careful of any feigned association with or pretentious agreement coming from CCC or ac. Let the snake and idiot advise Chris the “Buffoon” Sinckliar how to fool Bajans into believing that the BLP is responsible for the current state of economic affairs and should be blamed for the upcoming initial wave of layoffs around 2,000 on the table. After all, it is the BLP’s recommended stimulus package that has Bim in the current mess, right ac and CCC?


  30. Miller………don’t know if Carson will answer you, he does not answer me at all, I sense AC is beginning to see light………….i believe eventually people will begin to recognize that this recession that has been ongoing for roughly a decade can easily live on for another decade or more……………….with devastating effects, and this is not doom and gloom but stark reality, everyone is getting antsy because solutions are basically non existent for large economies………..Spain = 27% employment, Europe in an uproar, Switzerland shutting it’s doors tight to EU workers, other EU countries are looking to England to send their workers, but I have met a ton of British people in Canada looking for work, and it is also scarce here………….well, we won’t mention America cause everyone knows they are hanging by a thread…………… these supporters can bury their heads as deep as they want to, reality does not go away.


  31. Alvin Cummins

    Inspectors from NIS do come around and check. When I had my lab there they came around on a frequent basis to ensure that I had made contributions for my staff. What happens is that some employers are not as forthright as they should be and then the NIS has to take action which causes delays and hiccups in the system.
    @ Moneybrains, So you must accept that Bim is no different from Canada-has the same problems (in every respect) and seeks the same solutions, The U.S, the U.K (growth 0.3%,) and now Germany, all in the same position. Your predictions of doom and gloom; your prediction of the inevitable”collapse” of the economy have been made before. We will survive (in Bim) and necessary adjustments will be made. Things were MUCH worse during the war years. You are in Canada, check out todays’ Sun and see the laments about:GovT. debt (“Ontario in Debt hole”, ‘One of the worst cases in Canada’) Taxes (“Taxed to the Max” …”Average family’s burden will only grow unless spending cut”…”There is little left over for families to spend on things they want to spend on (like trips overseas/) because they are paying more for government.”. By the way the article says…”Back in 1961 Canadians were earning $5,000.00 annually on average, paying a total tax bill of $1,675.00. In 2012 these numbers were $74,000.00 and $31,000.00 respectively. If they can survive so can we. Don’t despair. We have good, talented young people with their heads on straight and they will progress, at their own pace, in their own way and when we are dead they will carry on without us being able to bother them to live as we used to live.


  32. Alvin Cummins

    @ Well Well
    I keep telling you that the CLICO debacle should not be placed at the feet of BAJANS. I keep reminding you that CL financial (based in Trinidad) is the PARENT company and are the ones to be held responsible. ACTION HAS TO BE TAKEN AGAINST CL FINANCIAL. An action brought against Clico (Barbados) as a seperate entity, cannot succeed, until the matter (an action) brought against with CL financial succeeds. Angustura Bitters is a subsidiary of CL financial. An action brought against Angustura bitters cannot affect CLICO, they are seperate companies, but both owned by CL Financial.


  33. Alvin…………………….I don’t know if you recall, but late PM Thompson explicitly told policyholders that these were separate entities, so are we to gather from what you are telling us that all the missing millions somehow found it’s way to Trinidad even given that I understand that Duprey was using CLICO as a piggy bank, and so were Parris and Thompson…………..someone has to be held accountable.


  34. Money brain I agree only dead fish swim with the stream,however my father told me growing up if you want to get ahead they have to like your face.I read constantly on this blog or others that black people cannot get ahead in barbados because of the old money.Brains or not. this seems to fly in the face of how you grew up.Barbados seems to be a country of connections if you have them you have access to money and jobs. If not well your screwed.Without programs in place in a system to help newcomers who do not have family or friends already there they will eventually have to turn to crime or prostitution to feed themselves.Thank god you had family in canada otherwise pole dancing may have been your key to success. Thank your cousin for me, everytime I almost get washed into the sea when waste from one of those sewage canals burst through the sand I will think of him


  35. If I am understanding you Alvin, when they lock up Duprey, bajan policyholders can then file suit against the Trinidad government, cause as far as I know they have taken over CL Financial………… if they are able to successfully do that, what about Parris, who was CEO in Bim and directly responsible for transactions, will Trinidad have to arrest him or will Barbados?


  36. Wait……………….yuh telling me no one thought that far ahead, except maybe Parris?, I hope.


  37. @Lawson
    Black peeps cant get ahead in Bdos????????????
    While it is true that there are insufficient opportunities in Bim due to errant Govt Policies, especially in this current economic catastrophe infesting the Western World which BTW was predictable due to poor financial oversight and known massively increasing competition from the East (China, India,Russia etc) The fact over the last 40yrs is that Black peeps in Bim have made great strides in terms of a multiplicity of life’s aspects, including a much higher standard of living.

    Many black peeps have “made their own luck”. Luck is found at the intersection of determination, positive attitude, hardwork and preparedness!
    Many black professionals have in some cases risen from very poor families to become Doctors, Lawyers, business men etc. It is totally indisputable that it can be done! ( I went to school with these chaps) However, there are also those lazyasses who have been fed BS by Pols that the world owes them a living and we will give u whatever on a silver platter.

    The Govt (Party irrelevant) has always indicated that Bajans dont need to be involved in agriculture because that has bad history! Utter nonsense encouraging peeps in NOT considering growing their own food wherever possible. Makes absolutely no sense. Try eating banknotes when food is short with your fantastic lil bank job!

    I know a poor Bajan fella that was given the opportunity to drive an Ice-Cream van.
    In lil time he became the number 1 salesman and indeed made like 2X the second performer! WHY? Many determined black peeps in Bim have accomplished much while others complain about this and that. Successful peeps dont sit on their backside and complain, they find the road to success.
    I have never been satisfied that I am doing my best, always intent on improvement!

    Pols did not even have the brains to find a solution to pre-dial larceny from those who try to grow food in Bim. Why not devise an accounting system to PROVE ownership of produce?????? When big businesses suffer major theft like a container going missing they can prove via paperwork that the person holding the goods did not buy them legitimately.

    If the Bajan Leadership sincerely convened the best and cleverest to properly plan Bim’s successful Future then jobs would be plentiful. Remember 33 yrs back they played “hardball” with Intel and needlessly lost 1000 jobs. Pols could have found a solution that kept those jobs and encouraged other growing businesses to bring tons of jobs to Bim.

    Like Singapore did, with a well educated workforce.


  38. So far the Police Task Force appears to be plucking low hanging fruit. We await some of the ‘big shot’ names who must be involved in trafficking to supply those high priced ladies for West Coast clientele.


  39. as much as these women are willing to sell themselves I have more respect for them than the lawyers and politicians down there………at least they will stop screwing you once you are dead


  40. Lawson……….i don’t think even you understand what you just said…….a female attorney herbert, forces this dying old lady to sign a will, but an error was made on the will so it had to be fixed, ran back to the nursing home to force the lady to resign the will, but she died during the night…………you would think that would stop her right…………wrong………….she got one of her employees to forge the woman’s signature and lodged the will anyway, then tried to probate the will, she was stopped by the high court but last i heard she was still fighting to get the forged will probated so she and her client could rob the other family members of some land down mount standfast in St. James, near glitter bay…………Lawyers in Bim not only screw you when you are dead but while you are dying…………They are extremely vicious savages, this female lawyer should be now near 80 years old………so go figure.


  41. David……….it would be a pleasant surprise if the police force actually did their jobs and arrested the real human traffickers in Barbados, whom i know they are fully aware of their identities……..instead of trying to mamaguy the public.


  42. Alvin Cummins

    @ Well Well:
    First of all, despite what people want to say, Parris was an employee: CEO of CLICO, and it’s subsidiaries (Guyana, St. Lucia, etc), but he was accountable to CL Financial. If the Govt of T&T have acquired CL Financial, and have not changed the organizational structure, they still control CLICO and it’s subsidiaries. A lot of CLICO investment money (EPA and EFPA ) would have gone to CL financial, requested by the head office (CL financial, Duprey etc), thus the Trinidad Govt. as the new “owner” of Cl Financial;(thus CLICO), would have to be sued and held accountable. Parris etc would have to be held accountable for the financial machinations that would have enabled CLICO (locally) to have advanced money to CL Financial (whatever the mechanism; loan (short term or long term), under what conditions etc. and this would have to come out in any lawsuit filed. Again, people keep mixing up Life Insurance policies, and INVESTMENT instruments such as the Executive Premium annuities, and the Executive Flexible Premium Annuities; these are different The Life Insurance Policy Holders have greater protection than those who put their money in the INVESTMENT instruments.This is why I keep telling people that there has to be seperation of claims. That is also why when the Supervisor of Insurance tried, through the law courts to stop CLICO from selling Insurance policies, the courts did not accept it. He could only stop them from selling the EPA and EFPA.s. Parris has to be held accountable for the money that went to Trinidad (the transactions, that you are talking about,not doubting that some might have passed through him; but never reached its destination, but this would have to be proven in a court of law) and he would have to be accountable for these inter-company transfers. Rumour and innuendo will not hold up in court. This is why many people who invested (gambled) with the EPA’s and especially the EFPA s( but against the legal restrictions), when they should not have,, may not have a leg to stand on in the final analysis. If Duprey is brought to trial it will all come out in the wash, and if I am wrong it will be seen..Duprey as the BIG BOY in CL Financial can be sued for actions and responsibility for transactions befre the Trinidad Government got in the act. All these will take time and a LOT of money, to reach a satisfactory conclusion. He may end up in Jail eventually but it will take time to prove his wrongdoing.By the way, it is no sense arresting people unless you have a strong case that can be proven in court. As i said earlier, Rumour and INNUENDO cannot stand up in court.
    @Money brain. I agree with you entirely. It is important to recognize when opportunity comes knocking and be prepared to take the chance. Jamaicans are more prepared to take chances (especially as entrepreneurs) than Bajans, who like to stay in one job from first employment until retirement, won’t even risk changing the job for a better one.


  43. It has already been established that CLICO Barbados Holdings Ltd is a legal entity incorporated in Barbados. The only obligation would be outstanding under ‘Due from HO’. The legal entity incorporated in Barbados will have to source the capital from its balance sheet to satisfy its liabilities.


  44. Alvin………………Duprey will be lucky to survive to be jailed…….with regards to Parris, in any business transaction there is a paper trail, if you cannot find that paper trail it’s because of fraud, theft and wholesale dishonesty, I know of CEOs Enron (committed suicide) and Tyco (25 years in jail) come to mind who go to jail for wholesale theft………………because Parris is small time by world standards and is obviously being protected by the politicians, does not mean he should not pay as long as a proper investigation is undertaken, the company is incorporated in Bim, he should be made to pay in Bim, money cannot walk away by itself, he as CEO of CLICO and Thompson as CLICOs attorney had access to the company’s millions that disappeared……………these kinds of thievery will definitely chase investors from the island’s shores, cause if you steal from policy holders, investors will think you will steal from them. That’s how CEOs in the real world are imprisoned, use the paper trail to follow the money, there has been no investigation so obviously Parris and his supporters will think all is well…………..we shall see.


  45. Well Well

    These guys have enough money to string this thing our in the courts for years.


  46. David…………….they will also go broke…………Duprey had much more money than either Parris or Thompson and he is starting to sell assets to satisfy debts, remember money is not coming in, it is leaving in great heaps, recession in full swing, no one will trust them with business transactions……………when the full weight of the law descends on them, they will be flat broke by the time the court is finished and they are hopefully imprisoned……….if Duprey is lucky he will be safely in prison, people in TT are very angry about their money.


  47. how far off topic can you get ,and you take me to task……, a jamaican prostitute goes to the queen elisabeth with heart palputations the doctors give her a physical they tell her she has acute angina she says thankyou


  48. Lawson……………… need to see the thread about where the Remy hair really comes from, that should give you a cute angina.


  49. after my twelve vodka sodas I am usually ornery and looking for a battle, but tonight I am more mellow. I love barbados I have many friends there, my dream was to retire there,so please , please please dont phuck it up for me get your act together.


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