We Need to Integrate Waste Disposal and Agriculture

Submitted by Readydone


Gale and her family paid a visit to my farm at Bairds village recently. She was the usual type of visitor. She proceeded to share that she has done some research and is very interested in agriculture for food production at home. It is the usual type of thing I hear. Many people  are curious about aquaponics and are surprised to find a working system in Barbados and always take the opportunity and visit. I always welcome, this particular visitor. Gale asked all the usual questions but when she asked – why is there not a culture of domestic food production in Barbados because we have very conducive weather , the answer hit me.

We have free garbage collection; it’s that simple, free disposal of all our organic waste means we throw away that valuable resource that should be used to make compost we are sending it straight to the landfills. Compost is the absolute key to every productive kitchen garden, it has the ability to sustain a large population of micro life forms in the soil, without it you get very poor results. When you sweep your house you sweep out dirt, it has all the constituents of soil yet you can sense it has no life and could not even grow elephant grass, then look at real soil, same materials but the micro heard is alive and active, so it sticks together, it holds water, and most importantly grows food. These microscopic critters take care of our plants root zone and provide the conditions that promote active plant growth.

There is an imperative need for Barbadians to become aware of wastage as a society and I think a small fee should be put on waste collection, or just privatize the thing (joke), but it is one place social reform would get a lot of bang for the buck. I want to see Barbados feed itself. This would be a good step in that direction.

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  1. My difficulty is that we have stigmatized agriculture too much. But its process is the closet thing to living by faith and having a close understanding of the creator.


  2. @ Islandgal
    Bushie had to call in the rain for Reggae on the Hill….. The bushman getting to old for the lotta competition from Lemuel, Pieceahderock, and now the unknown factor….Islandguy…
    ….so Bushie call down some rain to dun um!! (One thing Bajans don’t like…. :) )


  3. This is what most black females are interested in…….not feeding their families but enriching others……………………..https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=4667003845351&set=a.1222292609723.2029019.1601199962&type=1&theater


  4. You would notice that the workers are wearing masks an gloves in separating the hair, there is a reason for this……but black females still find it a must have and put this garbage on their heads.


  5. @Well, well

    you are assuming that the black females buy human hair. Most of them cant afford 4 or 5 packs at $90 per pack. Most black people I see are wearing petroleum products as hair extensions and weaves – plastic. My brother who own a salon and store in Toronto says it is the whites – Italians and Chinese who buy the human hair. If something costs more than ten dollars the blacks don’t want it. The same goes for the hair products. they refuse to buy quality tested products and always look at the price. So his salon is geared mainly to the ones who spend money on their hair.


  6. Pat…….if you look around and start counting, you very rarely see black females worldwide with natural hair, it’s all this fake weave and wig and nonsense that is not part of their genetic makeup……………..there is also cheap weave that most of them buy, I have been watching this phenomenon unfold for the past 15 years……….black females are arguably the ones who must have a weave……….I was in Bim only one month and some dumb female suggested to me on the bus, that i need a weave no one wears natural hair anymore…….that was 8 years ago………so you see they are the ones enriching the Asian market now due to the fact that they find their hair texture inferior. As a matter of fact i am in Toronto right now, and whites are in the majority, this makes blacks one of the minorities so I can see where your brother’s store gets most of his business from whites……………even Africa that is majority black, Asia exports fake hair by the container loads to Africa.


  7. Surprisingly, human hair makes an excellent compost material, and it adds significant structural integrity to the surrounding soil. Because it takes a long time to decompose– roughly 1-2 years, it is a very slow-release fertilizer, and will gradually restore nitrates to your garden soil. People who are interested in using human hair as a natural fertilizer have two basic choices: adding it directly to their topsoil or allowing it to decompose within a compost bin prior to use. Both choices are safe and effective ways to dispose of human hair in an earth-friendly and responsible manner. We must remember to clean the hair of harmfull chemicals that may harm your micro herd. Having a kitchen garden would save you money to buy more hair. It is wise to do your gardening early on a morning before the sun comes out so you don’t mess up your hair as well. But after living organicly for a while the need for sintetic add one like this diminishes significantly.


  8. Good one readydone, about the good use of mock hair.


  9. Ready Done………………that’s the only valuable use for human hair.


  10. Georgie Porgie

    Ready done
    I agree with you. Abuse of human hair is definitely SIN-THETIC LOL


  11. Alvin Cummins

    I am already familiar with and accustomed to people laughing at my suggestions and not accepting my ideas, but they use them long after Like; 1. the suggestion for a national Innovation competition was an idea that I told persons from BIDC about in 1990, it was implemented years later ( no credit given to me, but no big deal. When I first came back to Barbados in 1985 I suggested to a politician (actually more than one) that we should look at seperation of garbage and the generation of electricity from the garbage, as well as composting. That idea was pushed one side until a few years ago when the new seperation plant has been constructed (aat three times the cost first proposed). I am shocked to know that Super centre is importing golden Apples, because a few years ago I proposed that our rab land and such land could be used to grow golden apple trees and generate income by exporting them (Jamaicans export them to Canada as June Plums) I was laughed at. I saw them as a good alternative to some of our imported apple juice, All it required was a litttle research to improve the filtering capacity so that we get a clearer product. Ah Well.All these products should be available in hotels as “Exotic” fruit juice. the guests will like it. I will keep pressing on.
    @Ready Done, the compost is also available in small plastic bags at the garden stores. I does not contain any plastic garbage etc. It is primarily ground up and composted coconut shells and such things. Remember all those who want to get rid of the old curriculum (included agricultural studies)


  12. Alvin C…………..you know fully well Bajans do not listen to other bajans who have lived in foreign countries…….they actually look down on us with their snotty selves. you are lucky you did not send in a tender like a friend of a friend did and heard nothing from government but 10 years later saw advertising in the newspapers for tender for his ideas…………bunch of dishonest losers.


  13. Colonel Buggy

    Well Well | April 24, 2013 at 1:51 PM |
    Alvin C…………..you know fully well Bajans do not listen to other bajans who have lived in foreign countries.
    How true.! When I and a relative first came back here, we were discussing a subject , of which both of us had lots of experience,and I am highly qualified in . A Bajan listening on, said bluntly that he does not believe a word that the of us said,but if the other fellow standing next to us had said it, he would more believe it then. The man standing next to us of whom he was referring , was a white Bajan , who quickly replied, “Me ? skipper . I never set foot outside Babadus in all ma life ”
    Nothing changes. Just a few years ago I came across this said Bajan mentality at my work place.


  14. “Alvin C…………..you know fully well Bajans do not listen to other bajans who have lived in foreign countries.”
    ….and you say that to say what? What exactly leads wunna to conclude that Bajans should automatically listen to some shiite because it come from someone who lived over and away…?
    Bushie would not listen to Alvin even if he lived in Barbados so there… :)

    Wait though…
    Wunna overseas fellows ain’t got a Canadian blog that wunna could chat pun? – about things that wunna actually care and know about…? Wunna ever hear that yuh can’t expect to be in church and chapel too…..?


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