A Smouldering B’s Recycling Plant

Environs of Bs Recycling

Environs of Bs Recycling

The tragic event which occurred at B’s Recycling located at Cane Garden, St. Thomas yesterday has tossed up several issues. According to a recent press report surveillance cameras recorded two characters running from the vicinity of the metal dump. In their haste they left a wheel barrow and spade behind. If it is that this fire was caused by thieves, it adds to a growing belief at home and abroad that the crime situation has started to wobble out of control.  For those who do not yet have an appreciation of the situation, it was reported today that   “British MP Stephen McPartland has called on the Foreign Office to warn travellers that Barbados is “not a safe place” until the local police properly investigate the rape of two British women”.

Then there is the issue of whether a business of this type should be located in a large residential area with a newly built school – Lester Vaughn – downstream. Barbados is a 21 by 14 island and common sense says there is no perfect location in Barbados. However we need to have a national policy regarding this type of business and the safeguards necessary to operate. Are we sensitive about matters to do with the environment anyway?

What is next for the Bynoe’s and Bs Recycling?

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  1. millertheanunnaki

    @ haha10 | March 27, 2013 at 5:45 PM |

    The silly girl of a Senator even argued that there is a thriving and vibrant underground economy.
    How does she know these things? Is she part of it?
    Maybe she can go camouflage and sell some of her “currants” up Bush Hill.
    Bushie of BU would be her first client of renown. She can then get the girls to form a lobby group to get her administration to legalize “hookering” in the open and pay a licence fee to help government with its dire finances. Why not charge the girls $3,000.00 per year for an operating licence to ply their sex trade? Some of it can even go towards the polyclinic for bi-annual check ups.

    She can even promote self-employment for the people of St. Andrew by pressuring her government to legalize the growing of ganja as part of “greening” the economy and import substitution to save foreign exchange to pay for the illicit herb.


  2. She and Todd are Beavis and Butthead. Who will say the dumber thing is their contribution to politics.


  3. @ onions
    As useless as your are you little peek squeek cause you went into hiding afta yuh asss..s got kick. now come back her acting like yuh some sort of a “big man” talking jobby!BTW talk to yuh friend miller about TP and mottley involvement with Arch cot.


  4. old onion bags

    @ ac
    Ya know is pusillanious people like you that too ungrateful wid unna selves….before you two be glad that somebody would be willin to pay for D ole trash bones…..and in aarson’s case D Bottom Bayley Inn…..(Fractured) you like a true mock duck take upon the opportunity to cuss me off? So wait you aint hear all soon gine to D auction block .The good Senator forking the ground for the comin onslaught….she warning Bajan to hold dey arses fa sum licks…..D honeymoon all ova….and soon time to pay the piper.


  5. millertheanunnaki

    @ ac | March 27, 2013 at 6:21 PM |

    Never mind the Arch Cot, deal with the current environmental issue.
    Here is an idea you can give to the Liar Stinkler.
    Tell him to impose an additional environmental levy on the people.
    They must pay for their dirty irresponsible habits. A 10% levy on all packaged goods would do it. This would help close the massive over $400 million deficit on current account.

    Irene has her eyes set on the barrels imported into Bim.
    You have any targets of your own to ease the squeeze on the current account deficit other than raiding the future NIS pensioners lifeline bank like the political crooks in Cyprus?


  6. Who benefit from those barrels? Mostly poor to lower middleclass Barbadians. It is how many cope with the harsh economic conditions.


  7. Miller:
    I am puzzled with the selling of “currants” by Irene. Did you intend to say “fronts”.


  8. David
    Irene “fronts” does not care, as Miller so wonderfully puts it.


  9. yeah never mind about arch cot cause it falls right into the very corrupt issues well associated with blp and that you fear .just a reminder yuh currant leader hand a hand in the arch cot barrel when the bottom fell out.. keep running miller . just keep running. i fuh one will not forget


  10. AC
    I nominate you to be a senator to replace Irene “fronts”. Beyond your political bias, I believe that your contributions would be more worthy. Then again, only DLPites like you could become DLP senators.


  11. Prodigal Son


    The small black man whom they pretend to love!

    As soon as they begin to go after barrels, you can bet that there will be a decrease in barrels coming in, resulting in less fees for the port.

    Relatives will then send in money instead, hey that would mean a little foreign exchange. Frankly speaking, I stop doing barrels when I went shopping in Miami years ago when Shop Smart opened here. Anything I cannot bring in my suitcase, I do not buy. To clear a barrel is too much hassle. It aint worth it!


  12. islandgal246

    Isn’t amazing how the barrels are a threat to the containers, the poor will remain poorer and the rich remain richer. If it becomes too difficult to bring in care packages from family abroad then that will stop and less money will be in the till for government. Remember they raised the VAT and got less. What a bunch of nitwits!


  13. Instead of taxing the barrel coming in to supplement poor Barbadians who get support from families abroad, here was an opportunity for Senator Tony Marshall in future debates to rebut by explaining that many more millions can be saved by making the Port Authority more efficient. He use to pontificate about on VoB as talk show host.


  14. Prodigal Son

    That’s very true David. Maybe her comments came after Tony Marshall’s turn to speak was passed!


  15. Sandiford-Garner never looked like an intelligent female to me, I don’t care where she went to school……………..unless she can lower the price of food in Bim, there will be endless starvation (I heard it has already started), if with her dumb self she touches those barrels………..I am sure remittances continues to be the main foreign exchange earner in Bim since tourism is falling, falling, falling. If remittances start falling, Sanidiford-Garner should be jailed.

    David Weekes………………..you continue to make sense and you know fully well how they hate anything that makes sense, but since you have the patents for your intellectual properties the leaders will continue to ignore your valuable input, it cannot be stolen, bribed, kickbacked or sold to the minorities with big cash, so the leaders will deem it useless to the people of Barbados. Your vulcan blanket can easily cover the whole island, but none of them will care. Your innovative science idea could further stimulate the brilliant science students on the island, but the leaders are only interested in their sons and daughters benefiting from such innovation, not the country as a whole.


  16. Georgie Porgie



  17. @GP

    One reported to the QEH BUT how many have gone to private clinics and doctors is another story. The quality of the air according to hief Medical Officer Joy St. John was tested for carbon monoxide but what about the other toxins doctor St. John?


  18. Georgie Porgie



  19. BU understands residents downstream form the fire (although reported to be under control or out) continue to smell “non pure air”.

    If the BU household was located in the area we would have evacuated long ago and not return until we ran our own checks.

    It is sad day when a citizenry begins to distrust its government.


  20. Caswell Franklyn


    It is not unusual for Government and its officials to less than honest with the country. Somehow they think that they have to protect us from ourselves or because of what we might might do with the truth. Neither side of the political divide has ever told the truth about the closure of the BWA’s well at Molyneux. The truth would allow people to take action when they start to develop cancers as they will: it’s just a matter of time. But it is amazing how BLP protected the DLP and kept this information quiet. Both parties are taking this country for a ride.


  21. Ever so often, these emergency organizations conduct silly simulations and use the television to make themselves look relevant. The fire at B’s was not a tsunami, not a hurricane, not an earthquake yet there were unable to have a proper action plan to evacuate the residents and contain the area.

    We in Barbados are paying people to look and sound good on television. Apparently, they said they were unable to tell the residents to evacuate because of the smoke and there were so many residents. I guess no one thought of using the television, radio and mobile phones (text messages) to get their message across.This would have been the ideal opportunity to test the systems they have in place. Maybe they have no system!

    Well it has allowed me to have a very clear understanding of my purpose in any calamity. “BREK FOR YASELF”


  22. Sunshine Sunny Shine

    Well Well

    I vote for the DLP but I did not vote for nonsense. Tax barrels what type of Johnny could you be woman? You think the few big houses and fancy cars constitutes the upward trend of all bajans towards the bigger and better? The vast majority of Barbadians are poor is ass. Now that you getting a few dollars that can afford you many more comforts you want to impose an additional hardship. You should be focusing on the wastage and pilfering as highlighted by the Auditor General’s report. Stuppppppse. I gone before I doan start to r……hole curse.


  23. Seems as though Irene Sandiford-GOATner has gone ahead on Todd on the ‘foolish-est’ thing said in the Senate.
    Goats do and say stupid things. However, you the public were warned about the DLP’s deception. The Budget will bare all for us to see.
    Guess the old woman in the bus advertisement gine shite she self NOW.


  24. I wonder what the old lady in the add saying now. We won’t make she pay busfare but the barrel her daughter send in for her we wll tax the life out of it. Irene Sandiford-Goatner never cease to amaze but is this a policy of the new government? I guess we will have to wait to hear from poochie sinckler. DEMS NOW, DEMS AGAIN.


  25. old onion bags

    Going after granny’s barrel while leaving summa Dem Big watless business men who keepin $100s millions input Vat payable to Govt is bare crass dennn…
    The Cockney sayin from Hal country ..is “barrelling a bob”…maybe Irie interpeted it wrong…..maybe too much smoke was percolating in the Senate air from B’s Smoulderings……like a dump movin


  26. millertheanunnaki

    @ old onion bags | March 29, 2013 at 11:49 AM |

    They were warned about the deceit and dishonesty of this current crop of DLP politicians. They ain’t see nothing yet.
    Let the DLP shit start to hit the fan, fuh real!

    With a fiscal deficit on the current account alone of over $400 million Bajans going to smell hell in the coming months. The ordinary people who are easily fooled will be the early targets.
    The next items to be taxed would be basic food to be subject to VAT.
    The DLP achieve their electoral objective so to hell with the stupid ignorant disposable (m)asses who were tricked and bought out.

    Could you, OOB, explain to a simple miller where this government is going to find money in a depressed economy to close the fiscal deficit gap on its current account?
    Onions, you are a man with a head for numbers, can you figure that one out for the BU family including ac?
    Maybe we can get Alvin our own Bajan J.K. Rowling literati of Booker prize and Oscar status (we now know who he is) to tell us how his Harry Potter magic would close this massive current account deficit.


  27. UP the creek, no boat, no paddle.


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