Cyber Threats: What you Don’t Know Can Hurt You

Submitted by Caribbean Cyber Security Center

caribbean_cyber_Security_CentreWashington D.C/Bridgetown Barbados, March 23, 2013: The penetration of internet access in the Caribbean region has undoubtedly paved the way for greater access to the information super highway and the benefits of competing on the global stage.  However, with this access comes great responsibility and risk and we will soon learn that ignorance is no excuse and what we don’t know can hurt us.

Pretending that the Caribbean is immune from the impact of cyber threats and cyber crime should be quickly eroded from our minds when we see recently that banks in the region are reissuing credit cards because of a data breach.    For the six months spanning the last quarter of 2012 and first quarter of 2013 we have seen rapid growth in the reported attacks in the Caribbean and its beginning to get a little closer to our pockets.  The internet is like the wild-west, any and every type of company is being hacked these days and regional businesses will not be spared.

Did you know that Cybercrime has become the primary motivation behind cyber-attacks in the Caribbean? Did you know that a cyber-attack resulting in two days of downtime and data breach could cost a company more than US$50,000 in losses? Of course we all you know that the islands’ economies are heavily dependent on tourism and by extension the inability to do business will have grave impacts on our fragile economies.

As parents and guardians have we stopped and considered what our kids are doing on the social media sites.  Do we know that fraudsters and paedophiles target social media sites to exploit our children? Did you know revealing information on where we live, where mum and dad work and when we travel can all be used by criminals against us and our children?  Do you know that the guy your son or daughter met on the net who obtained your credit card information is not who he says he is?  Simply posting that we are on vacation in Miami with the whole family on our social media profile tells everyone that our home may be unattended.
As business leaders do we know that insurance companies and auditors will soon demand proof that you have done all that is necessary to protect your company’s data assets so that cyber related claims can be settled.  Do we know that our local IT staff faces the same threats as the IT staff for the CIA or a fortune 500 company that trades on NYSE?  Did you just buy a $30,000 firewall or some device on the advice of the vendor that you will be safe?  Well guess again devices alone can’t keep us safe.

The protection of Caribbean Information and Communication Infrastructures is one of the most serious economic and security challenges facing our region.  The Caribbean Cyber Security Center was established in response to improve awareness of the threats and to assist in making the right investments in people, policies, processes and technology to protect our region and its people from the harms of Cybercrime.  If we continue to pretend that we will never become a victim because the Caribbean is too small we will soon come face to face with the cliché “what we don’t know can hurt us’ after we have been compromised and have suffered a great loss.

Email Contact: Deon Olton

58 responses to “Cyber Threats: What you Don’t Know Can Hurt You

  1. @islandgirl246

    Haven’t our government no shame? Can’t they afford their own laptops?

    Why YES they can afford them, taxpayers money — the question is DO THEY KNOW HOW TO USE/OPERATE THEM, my guess is NO,NO,NO,NO.

    All the political dinosaurs are still mired in the 10th century and primarily focused on GUM FLAPPING issues.

  2. islandgal246

    Willy…you are sooo correct!!! To be seen accepting laptops from the Chinese is shameful ! Dem want to play dem computer literate and I bet allotta dem fraid dem computers real bad. Can wunna imagine Stuart trying to do a speadsheet? Or Owen doing a power point presentation? Or Stinkliar preparing a diet sheet?

  3. @BAFBFP | March 25, 2013 at 10:05 AM | Good one!!!! Very good.

    Although, in the later comments, I have to ask why you would think that I would become the mouthpiece for Bushy. Bushy very good at speaking for heself.

    And why I am likened to a “steel donkey” (and I am surprised that someone as young and as Chineee as you would even have heard of the steel donkey) when it was you who erroneously claimed a while ago that I had pardoned your ass?

  4. A bit off topic; but should be compulsory reading for Ambassador and BTA officials trying to sell Barbados as a place to vacation.

    “A key to expansion in China: Come across as more ‘Chinese’”

  5. Gabriel Tackle

    I believe many will occupy their time playing ‘Patience’.Hopefully,the member for sen lucy will not jump up as often on a pint ‘o awduh suh.Time wasters all!
    Buhbaydus gone to de dawgs.NIS en got nuh money..all len’out to dis DLP guvment.

  6. Smooth Chocolate

    the title is very interesting ‘…What you Don’t Know Can Hurt You’

    The last eruption of Kick ‘em Jenny occurred in December 2001… The volcano is currently at Alert Level YELLOW

    i am amazed that no one has questioned or seek to esquire why there are ads on CBC on what to do if there is a tsunami?

    when Kick ‘em Jenny erupted in 2001, she spewed some of her guts onto Paynes Bay, St. James…the residents of that area had not idea of that and assumed that the waters was a bit high of something but NO ONE paid attention…the government at that time decided to close the old’s people’s home in Oistins, christ church so as to safeguard those residence in the event of a tsunami the residents were moved to St. Lucy District hospital. the govt has NEVER informed that Barbados public that Kick ‘em Jenny most likely will erupt again between 2015-2020 when the top reaches sea level… in fact as far as i am aware, we were told sometime ago that it will not affect Barbados yet in 2001 it did . so we are moving along blissfully unaware that there is a very present danger and the govt could not give a rat’s bottom if the public knows. what it has done is educate on tsunamis so that it could always say that the public has been informed.

    all this i am sure has been documented at CERO or dept of emergency management as it is now called

  7. Smooth Chocolate

    2nd para should read ‘i am amazed that no one has questioned or seek to INQUIRE why there are ads on CBC on what to do if there is a tsunami?

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    I’ve been trying for a while but I never seem to get there!
    Appreciate it

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