By George a Picture is Worth a 1000 Words

Barbados Parliamentarians 2013

Barbados Members of Parliament 2013

0 responses to “By George a Picture is Worth a 1000 Words

  1. well well. is that what you are about grammar?
    without the first slaves on barbados witch was white Irish you would not have what you got.idiot.all you use was invented by the white man.
    hell fire on your black ass.!!!!!!!criminal,corrupt ,Negroids.
    white man built barbados before your fore fathers were even there.fool.
    but you racist fluckers dont want one in your disguising,bribes and behavior may be affected. check ya mind ,air head.
    and funk grammar bajan talking here .you call bajan proper English??????
    figure this out [smr]ha-ha.


  2. From the Sunday Nation ”Sun, March 24, 2013 – 12:08 AM


    The Democratic Labour Party (DLP) administration came a vote shy of not being able to pass two money resolutions in the House of Assembly last Friday night, as debate on the Appropriations Bill came to a close.

    In the end, the new DLP Government was able to break a 14-14 tie just before 9 p.m. when Chairman of Committees James Paul voted “aye” for a 15-14 majority.

    Paul was presiding instead of the Speaker because the House was in Committee of Supply, which votes on Government’s expenditure plans, including supplementaries.

    The money resolutions, totalling $30.1 million, concerned the Barbados Agricultural Development and Marketing Corporation (BADMC) – to pay off a bond issue – and the Barbados Water Authority (BWA) – to pay debts owed at the end of the last financial year. (BA)”


    So much for those who claimed the narrow election win would not be an issue re voting in the House.

    At least Ministerial travel will be restricted over the next five years.

    That is one saving right there.


  3. Incorrecto…….you will have to check out two other threads for my answers, I am beginning to take pity on you, you are now becoming a waste of space with no power whatsoever to affect meaningful change. Please go and take your meds.


  4. Incorrecto……..I forgot one thing, stop crying to us about the Irish who were enslaved by WHITE PEOPLE, tell it to someone who cares, WE DON’T CARE and we should not care, it is not our burden to carry, it is yours and those you did the enslaving, take the enslavement of the Irish up with the british government. seems like you want to blame black people for white people enslaving the Irish, you are totally irrational, that is why you need to take your medication.


  5. Island:
    Incorrecto is a white barbadian who ran away and is very upset that the island has progressed. Little does he know that many of these inventions were stolen from the same black people.


  6. Lemuel, this guy, if he even is educated enough to be aware that most inventions were stolen from black people; he is too filled with hate, jealousy and contempt of the black race to admit such. He figures because black bajans appear complacent, he and his ilk should be allowed to run the country with their superiority complex. If he had any intelligence he would try to take over the british government who he claims enslaved his Irish ancestors, but no, he thinks he can take out his impotence and anger on black bajans. I would love nothing better than to drop him in Jamaica or Trinidad with his idiotic rantings.


  7. point i am making is we were there before you.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    got it .some 15 years at make me feel sorry for you as you is a negroid.who thinks with his dick head instead of his inferior brain.
    dont worry soon you will see barbados melt well it should.
    take that cell phone and computer and throw it away.white man invented all things..
    funny to note that that the Canadian built highways have no pot holes.
    i and my ancestors were there before your black ass and were treated
    the fact we had to teach you how to speak English and how to build with bricks and everything actually as your homes were built out of cow shit
    and straw where you originally came from.racist scrunt.!


  8. hah-aha.Sorry i am not trained to deal with idiots.
    excuse me.mrcorrecto


  9. Here’s just a tiny sample.

    If there is one thing in this wonderful world of ours that is worth preserving, defending, and promoting, it is the White Race. Nature looked fondly upon the White Race and lavished special loving care in its growth. Of all the millions of creatures who have inhabited the face of this planet over the eons of time, none has ever quite equaled that of the White Race. Nature endowed her Elite with a greater abundance of intelligence and creativity, of energy and productivity than she endowed unto any other creature, now or in the millenniums past.
    It has been the White Race who has been the world builder, the makers of cities and commerce and continents. It is the White Man who is the sole builder of civilizations. It was he who built the Egyptian civilization, the great unsurpassed Roman civilization, the Greek civilization of beauty and culture, and who, after having been dealt a serious blow by a new Semitic religion, wallowed through the Dark Ages, finally extricated himself, and then built the great European civilization.
    These European White Men, then, with civilization in their blood and in their destiny, crossed the Atlantic and set up a new civilization on a bleak and rock bound coast. It was the White Men who drove north to Alaska and west to California; the men who opened up the tropics and subdued the Arctics; the men who mastered the African Veldts; the men who peopled Australia and seized the gates of the world at Suez, Gibraltar and Panama.
    It was the White Race who produced men like Columbus who crossed the unknown Atlantic; men like Magellan who first circumnavigated the globe; men like Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Rembrandt, Velazquez, Bernini, Rubens, Raphael and thousands of other geniuses who created beautiful and exquisite productions in the fields of sculpture and painting; geniuses like Beethoven, Bach, Wagner and Verdi who created beautiful music;
    men like James Watt who invented the steam engine; men like Daimler who invented and built the reciprocating internal combustion engine; production geniuses like Henry Ford, inventors like Thomas Edison; such a prodigal genius as Nikola Tesla in the field of physics and electricity; literary geniuses like Shakespeare, Goethe and thousands of others, untold geniuses in the fields of mathematics, in the fields of chemistry and physics.
    It was the White Man who spanned the continents of the world with railroads and super highways and electrical power lines. It was the White Man who created the miraculous world of electronics, ushering in the telephone, the radio and television. It was the White Race, who in a combined burst of energy and genius sent rockets to the moon and planted the feet of the White Man on extra-terrestrial territory in the last decade.
    The brilliant accomplishments of the White Race are endless and rapidly expanding even as this is being written. All one has to do is leaf through the pages of an encyclopedia to appreciate the magnificent legacy of achievements wrought by the White Race through the centuries.
    What other race can even come close to this remarkable record of creativity, achievement and productivity? The answer is none. None whatsoever. None can even come close. In contrast, the black man of Africa never so much as even invented the wheel.

    Much more here:…alReligion.pdf


  10. Incorrecto…………see what I mean about you not taking your medication and twisting history to suit your mentally diseased brain and mind…………….the Caucasoid race came out of the cold ass caucas mountains in caves…………….Africa which was then known as Egypt had already invented most everything for their own survival, y’all were still in caves. Necessity being the mother of invention and great starvation forced your ancestors to get off their backsides and look to become civilized; civilization was already invented and all your ancestors did was steal what they found, from Africa, China, India, the Americas. Even when the British dumped your ancestors in the Caribbean for being inferior, thieves, murderers and all the stuff that your ancestors are famous for, they found civilized natives on the islands but did what came naturally, stole from them……………that garbage you are spouting is wishful thinking, by the way some of my ancestors were also Irish, you see me going around crying ” I hate black people because we were in Barbados before them, and we were slaves too and we should be in control of Barbados and they are animals and negroids and poor me am so stupid I don’t know what to do with myself”??? You are now played out. The African civilization created what you are now enjoying and it all happened before the white man set foot in Africa with a bible filled with lies. Because of my ancestry I am unable to hate any race, but your hatred of the black race is so condensed that it makes you look exactly like what you are a sad pathetic excuse of a human shell. As I said you need to try to overthrow the British government and take control for whatever wrong you think the government did to your ancestors by enslaving them in Barbados. I can see if you live in North America no one even looks at you on the street, the only place you appear to be visible is Bim, most bajan whites get that culture shock, I blame bajan blacks for this since they still act like bajan whites are people of importance, maybe they need to start ignoring you like others do in foreign countries and you will just fade away in your misery.


  11. ”@mrcorrecto | March 24, 2013 at 11:51 AM |
    If there is one thing in this wonderful world of ours that is worth preserving, defending, and promoting, it is the White Rice. Nature looked fondly upon the White Rice …”
    What you on about white rice for, are you mad?


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