Girl Beaten With Piece of Wood


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  1. This is terrible, David. Looks like assault with aggravating factors to me…the parent should be prosecuted.


  2. Should I care …? These are the level of person that academics, political parties, church leaders and retailers target for support and patronage. I am seriously very unfamiliar with this culture … Sorry. Not my cup of tea


  3. Yes Paul it does not look good.


  4. carl callender

    ignorance begat violence.


  5. Gabriel Tackle

    This is cruelty and this adult woman should be prosecuted.Could not the bystanders bring it to an end sooner?


  6. Most of the women present probably empathized with the mother. Likely have similar situation to deal with at home.


  7. David I will not view the video.The title says enough.

    If all of you are not outraged by the beating of a female with in the manner you describe then you are all scum sucking bottom feeders like the animal beating the girl in that video.

    David i hope you have sent the video to the police.


  8. @Hants

    The video is all over FB.


  9. I am sure that Baffy’s comment is meant to be sensationalist David.

    “The levels of persons” remark is heartless but such is symbolic of the level of disconnect between the haves and the have nots in BIM today.

    As long as it is not in my neck of the woods who gives a flying piece of xhite

    I will watch and see if the child care board and or the police get into this. Where does a child like her go when your parent/guardian can inflict this type of punishment that I would not give my dog, go to for care and nurture

    I can bet you that the church champions and the protectors of the underdogs will be absent from this blog.

    Go Baffy go


  10. Do any of you know a white Bajan who was beaten in this manner in the open?


  11. We need an opinion from the legal eagles like Amused.


  12. The lash has always been the answer from the days of slavery right on.
    There was one lad who from the time he entered class until 3 PM got beaten by teachers.
    Perhaps it worked on slaves, if they were slackening, the lashes upped the work rate. It also worked on donkeys so humans were no different perhaps.
    Yours truly was moved up from Infants B to Standard 2 and was beaten repeatedly until they put me back in Standard 1.
    If a kid couldn’t answer a question or got a sum wrong the lashes were supposed to be a required learning aid.

    Some years ago on Tudor Street there was a bus driver off duty saying how he had beaten up his woman the night before – I told my friend there must be some Barbados badge of honour or bravery that could be bestowed on him – He beat up a woman and was proud of it.

    Disgusting, demeaning, immoral, callous, low depraved, heartless and bestial behaviour by all the above, though I may mistakenly have besmirched the name of beasts.
    I thought that was a thing of the past but it seems ingrained.


  13. David;
    Without knowing anything about the background and whereabouts of this action, I wonder if anyone else got the impression that it was staged to some extent. The blows seemed held back somehow in the manner of a professional wrestler beating up on another one with a chair.

    But having said that, and recognizing that my first impression is unlikely to be correct, it was truly horrible and different to the Buhbadus that I grew up in where a guardian would never beat a child (no matter what she had done) on a public road with a big piece of wood (looks like a light 2 by 3 to me) like that one. Such public beating would have been with a strap.

    We’ve come a long ways, in the wrong direction.

    Could it be part of the youtube culture?


  14. Sometime ago there was a debate about corporal punishment and I think a very prominent Educator was all in favour of it and even some of the regulars on BU expressed support for it; this is another form of corporal punishment taken to extremes.

    David can revive it


  15. Sid Boyce; Talking about public beatings and slavery. AFAIK there was never caribbean type slavery in Ghana, Africa. Yet I observed a standard practice of black men with whips beating youngsters who were trying to sell little trinkets to tourists (mostly black tourists) in tourist areas of Ghana. The beating was really ineffectual as the youngsters all avoided the whips easily but I had a culture shock when first observing it.

    Perhaps I should hasten to explain that the attempted whippings were the only negative behavioural oddities I noticed in Ghana. Those people were perhaps the nicest ones I’ve met in Africa. reminded me of Bajans in looks and temperament.


  16. Caswell Franklyn

    This monster should be waking up in jail tomorrow morning. There is no justification for this level of abuse. I am not against corporal punishment, but this extreme is criminal.


  17. Back page of BarbadosToday says Faith Marshall Harris will be bringing up the matter with the Commissioner of Police.


  18. Yep Franklyn you should know criminal when it visits itself unto you..


  19. Just for shock value Imagine if that beating was inflicted on a white girl. You would every bruise but black skin hides the bruising.

    Worst of all is the psychological damage to the girl by a public humiliation by her own mother.


  20. This is brutality at its highest. Even if the girl did wrong, the mother had no legal right to chastised the girl in public, beating her with a 2×4, pulling the girl hair, kneeling in the girl neck and stomach and the worst thing that have me fuming are the adults enjoying this sordid behaviour. All like now, that woman will be in jail waiting for a court hearing. I will go further and charge everyone who refuse to act. No wonder our country is getting out of control.


  21. Observing(...)

    All chickens must eventually come home to roost.

    I noticed a few young chicks in the video as well.

    Lord help Bim.

    Just observing



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  23. typical nigger behavior!
    what is new?animals.


  24. Who cares what I think…. “But speaking to the DAILY NATION yesterday with her smiling daughter at her side, mother Karen Jordan said she did not believe she went overboard with her actions.”

    Note: “With her smiling daughter at her side” !


  25. Observing(...)

    @ping pong

    Just read the article as well.

    All I can say is cluck cluck cluck

    Just observing


  26. This sort of physical violence should not come as a surprise to most bajans;It permeates the whole of the society ; it is to be found in the schools ; the courts; the religious institutions; the social classes; ; you name it there are few in that so called godfaring country who will find anything wrong with the state hanging; who do not literally believe in that rather out dated biblical saying spare not the child; Few bajans refuse to take responsibility for any of their faults. It is all left to the the good lord, whoever or wherever he/she/it may be
    That woman and those looking on would probably argue that this is what the lord wish them to do. So that when next they appear in the church, all they have to do is pray and ask god to forgive their sinning wys and all will be well again.
    The starting point for ending this kind of national violence and uncaring
    attitude must begin with asking all persons and institutions to take
    personal responsbility for their misdeeds and seek to do some thing practical and meaningful about it.
    Leaving it entirely to god , the church , the penal institutions will only breed
    more violence.
    we should start by banning all forms of corporal punishment in all our schools.
    Making it an offence to abuse our women and reintroduce the spirit of friendly neighbourliness and replacing the worship of material wealth with more humility and concern for all members of our society whatever their statioin in life.


  27. The Mother daughter picture is likely for PR purpose.



    Maybe the mother found out she got 500 bds not to vote and did not help her pay the bills,
    The PM , Minister, Police witness vote selling in the street and did nothing. Which is a bigger crime? Nothing was done.
    Say what law is and what should be done and what is not done and to who when feel like it.
    No enforcement of laws .
    We also see Police to that to people they dont even know or care about and the people dont stand up either ,


  29. @Deeds

    Crime is crime.


  30. @ All,

    Story wont be done. Wait till de daughter get bout eighteen or twenty. Dem licks going get return.

    And all de mudda teaching de child is to tek licks from whatever man she get.


    Stop the racist talk. Those licks are just like the no class London Eastenders who behave the same way (as fairly reflected in the tv series of the same name, depressing and blunt). Or the country hicks who give theirs lashes.

    In any country, class or lack thereof is the same.


  31. @David et al,

    According to the Nation ‘she did not care what anyone thought about the beating’.

    Please record that, so that in bout five years when the daughter burse she xxs we will know not to ‘care about the beating’.


  32. @Checkit-Out
    Those people were perhaps the nicest ones I’ve met in Africa. reminded me of Bajans in looks and temperament.

    Aren’t we all Ghanaians just a few generations apart?


  33. Fractured BLP


    After such a rivetting presentation in the House of Assembly yesterday………now who the hell would have gone and hit MAM in her “sweet spot” as the title of your above article reveals ?


  34. Gingerbread Girl

    The mother goes from bad to worse by the statements she gave to the Nation newspaper. She says she beat her 16 year with a cricket bad and break he up. She also says she does break up she 18 year old.

    This is a crime, pure and simple and the police need to carry out and investigation, arrest and charge her and bring her before a Magistrate to answer for these criminal acts.

    At the end of the video it is clear the mother is attempting to choke the child by putting her knee and body weight in the child neck. This is NOT the actions of a mother, the woman is an animal and society, including her children need protection from her.

    Jail her ass.


  35. It is sad that in 2013, this act can be considered an acceptable way to discipline a child. Look how many just stood around to watch the incident and took the time to record it. Then the mother supports her actions by proudly stating that she beats her 16 and 18 year old sons. When those boys turn around and beat someone else (woman, man, or child) we ask “how the youth get so?” I hope the journalists that have covered this story will cover the followup stories of how these children have turned out! When you post something like this on the internet, the entire world has the opportunity to form an opinion on Barbados society.It is time for this nonsense to end. People, think. You have done that child, several other abused children, and this country a serious injustice.


  36. The mother used the knee for leverage to get the piece of wood from the girl who had a grip of it.


  37. millertheanunnaki

    @ Sargeant | March 19, 2013 at 7:11 AM |
    “Aren’t we all Ghanaians just a few generations apart?”

    Thanks, Sarge!

    Saw Checkit-Out comment late last night and was tempted to respond as you did.
    The ancestors of nearly all black Barbadians were brought here from Ghana known then as the Gold Coast. Because of little miscegenation except with the ugly British most black Bajans has retained their Ghanian DNA in physiology and attitude.

    The British combed the Gold Coast while the French combed the Ivory Coast (Côte d’Ivoire) including Senegal to supply the plantations in the Caribbean & Americas.


  38. The Child care board needs to be brought into this. If the mother also beats her 18 yr old daughter like this, she and they need help.

    Wonder if the mother regularly beats her girl children in public? Note that the daughter doesnt seem to have been as severely injured as would have been suggested by the horrific video images.

    Still wonder if the whole thing wasn’t staged to some extent

    “Uh gine roast yuh ass in licks right in de front road fuh all yuh frens and dah good fuh nutting boy to see. Yuh gine see hoo god yuh serving” or words to that effect”.

    I think the mother was playing to the onlookers, one of whom was some distance away and used a fairly good camera to record the action. The video was taken using a very good cell phone or a real digital camera.



    David crime is crime @ we agree . I agree, Who is to pick who and what the police go after ? Only the little people on the street and not the crooks in suits, Police investigate !!!!, let them start with the Voting David. Make a list of things the police need to look at , and then look to see what they did look at and the names of the so called Big Ups.
    Lets go with the vote and go back wards.
    A bigger crime was committed on the People and the website get more play time. FOCUS


  40. millertheanunnaki

    @ Gingerbread Girl | March 19, 2013 at 7:23 AM |
    “This is a crime, pure and simple and the police need to carry out and investigation, arrest and charge her and bring her before a Magistrate to answer for these criminal acts.”

    What evidence would be used to justify police action? A video on Youtube?
    The alleged victim seen in the video must make a complaint or any of the witnesses to this awfully violent show of societal and family dysfunction.

    If the girl suffered serious injuries and had to seek medical assistance then the onus would be on the medical authorities to summon the police to make further investigation into the cause of such physical harm to a minor (if she is under 16 years).
    The Magistrate Faith Marshall-Harris should tell us if the courts allow such video evidences posted on the Internet as admissible in our backward Victorian judicial system where hanging and whipping by the cat o’nine tails was an institutionlised form of punishment.
    But why are we so shocked by this sort of violence perpetrated by the descendants of slaves. This sort of horrific violence against “disobedient and wayward” slaves was par for the course in slave days with Barbados known throughout the world as the perfect plantation system underpinned by a regime of brutality with the express backing of the Church. Ask Lynch of the Virginias who might have had relatives in the Barbadoes who could have helped him with his Christian interpretation of discipline and promoted that patented ultimate form of violent cruelty against the local blacks.

    These violent and inhumane characteristics have continued down the ages are now embedded in our social DNA and gladly supported by the Church as methods of discipline ordained by their god of love.
    “And if a man smite his servant, or his maid, with a rod, and he die under his hand; he shall be surely punished. Notwithstanding, if he continue a day or two, he shall not be punished: for he is his money [property].”Exodus 21:20-21


  41. @Deeds

    Why don’t you give us something to hang our hat on? An affidavit perhaps? Should we go with what the PM saw on polling day?


  42. islandgal246

    @ Disgusted…. I agree this violence permeates all of society. I grew up with a violent alcoholic father who battered our mother with cutlasses, fists and broomsticks. We were considered “upper middle class” living among judges, lawyers and doctors. I swore that one day he would be the recipient of those beatings.

    One evening forty years ago, he attempted to hit my mother, she had moved into the guest room and was not speaking to him. He broke down the door and started going towards her. I was seventeen years old and I had seen and had enough of this and knew what was going to happen. I picked up the nearest thing I could find, a dining room chair and broke it over his head and shouted for my brothers and sisters to get their hockey sticks. There were eight of us. We surrounded him and when he attempted to hit me someone brought down a hockey stick on his head. When he attempted to hit that person I brought down the hockey stick on his head. After getting several blows with hockey sticks with a blood streaming from his head, he gave in and told us to finish kill him. I told him that we didn’t want to kill him we wanted him out of our lives. He told me to leave his house and I left. The rest of the family spent the night with friends. I left the family home and didn’t speak to my father for several years, and he NEVER tried hitting our mother again.

    I came to the conclusion that after all he was my father and had been misguided by alcohol all his life. He had stopped drinking by then and was separated from our mother so I began speaking to him. My mother is now in her early eighties and my father died when he had just turned 66 some 17 or 18 years ago.

    I swore I will NEVER let ANY MAN do that to me. My ex husband once slapped me and ended up at the doctor with stitches on his ear just above the temple. He swore he would NEVER forget that day and I told him that he should file that away for the future references whenever he tries to hit a woman.

    That mother in the video is a beast and should be brought before the courts for assault and child cruelty.


  43. If the authorities know who this woman is – then why has she not been arrested and charged? If people think this behaviour is OK, then it is no wonder that things are going so wrong in the country. If she attacked a stranger like this she would be arrested. If a policeman was caught on film attacking a member of the public like this they would lose their job.

    Two elderly tourists were shot in broad daylight. Millions of people around the world have read the story and seen the pictures.

    Stop turning a blind eye to violence and criminality. Stop making excuses!



    David@ Yes David , lets start with that , Unless the PM word is also no good, and the police who also saw after being called?

    What about abuse of lawyers against older people and taking advantage of them . Taking office and not keeping their Oath.. Lets go after all crime, unless its not crime unless we see it on the net.


  45. So Islandgal, exactly how do you know that the mother is not fighting the same battle that you fought with your father….but with her teenage daughter?
    Do you have ANY idea of the challenges involved in raising teenagers on the blocks in these days of drugs, sex and bling?

    Would you think more of the mother if she just did nothing and let the children do as they like…?
    What would you think of her when her sons ends up on the front pages for mugging some old woman? …..or the daughter ends up with 9 children from 7 men and all on welfare?

    Does she look able to engage the services of a psychiatrist to help her to address the challenges of raising a precocious sexy teenager in the ghetto? ….or to sit and reason with them herself?
    Do you have teenage children? ….even the ones at the expensive private schools are major challenges….

    So it seems that the woman has resorted to the only option available to her to assert some parental control….cut the children asses…

    It is wrong
    It is barbaric
    It is outdated
    What would you have done with her limited options….?

    Judge not till you have worn the shoes….


  46. It appears that the victim is black and her abusive mother is black too
    But her beatings look like a mad white slave master with a licking stick
    BU Rap Music = Black CNN


  47. Limited options eh? But I suppose in 21st. Century style – with a length of imported timber instead of a piece of black sage bush.
    That’s progress for you.


  48. another reminder as you all seem to ignore this fact.
    conveniently .


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