Owen Arthur Drops CLICO Bomb at West Terrace

Exposed by the Deloitte’s CLICO Forensic Report is the fact a 3.3 million dollar invoice was generated by CLICO and eventually made its way into the account of Leroy Parris. BU finds it is ironic the leader of the opposition Owen Arthur was able to produce, at a political meeting last night, the 3.3 million dollar CLICO cheque and supporting invoice. Can anyone guess why? Here is a hint.

Unfortunately BU was unable to monitor the meeting until the finish which proceeded late into the night but here is a summary from Tony Hoyos’ Facebook page.

So an invoice for $3.3million was issued by Thompson & Assoc to Clico in Dec 2008 (while D Thompson was PM of Bds). Maurice King who was named on the invoice as providing some of the legal services billed on that invoice says he didn’t do any such work. The partners of the firm say it wasn’t their invoice. But Leroy Parris, head of Clico back then, authorised payment to T&A and the Clico cheque for $3.3m was deposited in a bank acc’t that the law partners say was not the firm’s. Then the same amount of $3.3m was paid from that acc’t back to L Parris as a part of his “gratuity”. And a few weeks later the public learned that Clico was broke. And nobody has been prosecuted yet for this? What am I missing?

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  1. I don.t. even know why i even engaging with you BLP yard flows in this matter. Man wunna leader character leaks like a siev and at this ninth hour wunna all up in STJOHN cemetry trying to raise the dead. Ignurunt pack PITY wunna.


  2. David (not BU)


  3. Hi Watching and Waiting,
    There is some merit in what you say but I will not NOW go into the lane of what should or should not have been, the votes have not been counted. . . that is for tomorrow night.

    I believe that Freundel Stuart was the DLP’s greatest asset, I can almost hear a chuckle from some. He is not from the mould which others have sprung, those who have got us in the situation we are in. There will never be fundamental change in Barbados because the planks are in place for some to walk as we have always walked, because those with money want it so.

    In five years there will be a different set but the same game will be played. We complain in the interval between the five years as is evident on BU ( Barbados Underground) and other places.

    We are educated but we see only the superficial about the price of chicken in the shops. . . . the bigger picture always eludes us. Slowly Barbados is being changed and the majority are not part of the haves group.


  4. @Alvin

    Also what you have not factored is that one of the lawyers listed on the invoice refutes rendering any service to Thompson and Associates. The law firm under new ownership denies having issued a cheque of 3.3 million. The whole thing stinks and a lot will stick to the government because of how they manage the PR around this matter.


  5. @Miller

    Please note your buddy TT signed off on the cheque. Is he still Chairman of the EGFL?


  6. What is hurtful about this whole affair is that the Dems are walking around at nights with Parris, drinking big mout drinks while Chris cursing Mrs Fowler for asking back for the money that was stolen from her and the other policyholders. What did Mrs Fowler and the other policyholders did that was wrong that their should be so vicously attacked on the DLP’s platforms?

    How can the Dems call themselves a party for the people when they attack the most vulnerable in our community in this way?


  7. @Yardbroom

    If stuart had shown the same energy post-E11 for all of his stewardship who would be on a solid footing. He allowed the perception of being slow to react to tag him and we know what they say about perception. Note that it is his perceived personality which is the more important politically. It MUST be managed if you want to win elections.


  8. just want to know

    And this money came out of our NIS


  9. Observing(...)

    “there is the political dimension which HAS to be managed. It is too late now.”

    Talk ya talk David.

    “the CLICO issue is not a Government issue”


    Just Observing


  10. millertheanunnaki

    @ Alvin Cummins | February 20, 2013 at 10:01 AM |
    “Hants and BLP supporters. What does it take to make you UNDERSTAND that the CLICO issue is not a Government issue.”

    If CLICO is not a “government issue” why then did the former PM Thompson, the current PM Stuart, the current Minister of Finance and the Governor of the Central Bank made public commitments to the policyholders that a DLP administration will return at least the principal portion of their investments?

    It was not any opposition politician that made these commitments but agents and officers of the State. These pronouncements were not only made in the open public arena but also in the highest Court of the Land Parliament.

    Now try to explain their actions or do you think Lies and Deceit are core planks to any claim to Integrity?

    But we will tell you what will be soon a government issue. The imminent investigation and arrest of Leroy Parris and his accomplices for breaching the Anti-Money Laundering Act and Income Tax.

    You want to debate the miller on that one or just fling a dirty money bag of invectives and denials of the authenticity of the documents revealed in the money laundering fraudulent scam?

    We shall soon see if Freundel and Hal will back their pal when he is arrested or they will, expectedly, treat him like a veritable leper and disown the “powful-foolish” country boy who got too big for his intellectual breeches.

    Poor Greenverbs, in less than one week he might just be finding his own ass in a sling at Dodds where he will be at home in his true briar patch of many assess on parade; even if only on remand to be so ashamed for June Fowler to shout: “Oh, how the Mighty has fallen”! Thereby killing two twin goliaths (called Greenverbs and his sidekick Fumble) with one Fowler’s stone.

    We shall see if that $75,000 cheque has more control over OSA than $3.3 million did over a dead man.
    “The evil that men do lives after them (in dirty money bags); The good is oft interred with their bones (and family name)”.


  11. Owen Arthur alike David Thompson took CLICO money. Owen just took a lot less than David Thompson. Owen alike David Thompson stepped down in CLICO mud.

    Speaking at a political meeting at the corner of Deacons Road, Owen Arthur said “the island had been humiliated by the recent S&P downgrade.” We have been reduced to junk status and someone has to be held responsible for it. He Arthur said also that the S&P downgrade report must be taken seriously, but what about Violet Beckles? That old woman has been humiliated by massive land theft and fraud perpetrated by corrupt lawyers and high authorities in Barbados. This must be taken seriously. This must be taken seriously. Someone has to be held accountable.

    Both political parties are tainted with mess. The BLP mess mountains though are more immense and embarrassing. This is not debateable. Owen Arthur and the BLP gave birth to AL Barrack. Three (3) S&P downgrades, massive land theft, those deaths at Arch Cot, Britton Hill, etc. all occurred during the BLP government with Arthur at the helm. Wait! Here is more, more BLP embarrassment: the $75,000 campaign cheque and that damn Nigerian Water heater project and The VECO Corporation, can’t omit The VECO Corporation. Really, VECO is the height of delight. Owen Arthur, Mia Mottley and Dale Marshall awarded VECO a government contract without tender. VECO built the prison at Dodds in St. Philip but had no record of building prisons and the prison project, low and behold extended millions over budget. They (Arthur, Mottley and Marshall) maybe now are slapping each other in the face like the goofy Three Stooges.

    All of the above stated does not endorse and or bless the DLP. Thompson of the DLP was not honest but certainly wasn’t fearful. Thompson unlike Stuart did not fear the Violet Beckles case. Violet Beckles must be taken seriously. All those involved and must be accountable: Sir Richard L. Cheltenham, QC , Samantha Cummings, Mark Cummings, Mia Mottley, etc; these people must be persecuted and convicted.


    Congressman, Jessie Jackson Jr. and wife in the United States is currently being persecuted and convicted on charges of fraud. Barbados is too far behind, must somehow catch up. Owen Arthur in Barbados is not only a free man but racing for a fifth term as prime minister. LOL He, Arthur and the BLP train wrecked Barbados and accountable for massive land theft. Violet Beckles inherted vast amounts of land from Beatrice Henry; all was taken WITHOUT COMPENSATION of any kind.

    Barbados at moment is chiaotic. It’s just a mess. The S&P and Moody’s says so. There are lots of theft there. The United Nations says so. There is additionally increased crime that has fallen upon tourist and civilian barbadians. Terry Schwarzfeld and Colin Peter were tourist, just tourist but murdered there [Barbados]. Dr. James Bridges and wife Oldga were tourist, just tourist but were stabbed there [Barbados]. Diane Davies and Rachel Turner were tourist, just tourist but were brutally raped there [Barbados].

    No government is perfect and no country utopia, but damn Barbados is off the hook and a piece of work. Barbados offers tourists and its own civilians more disadvantages than advantages. There is no such thing as eminent domain. Barbados lawyers and government took from Violet Beckles a huge amount of land that she owned but WITHOUT COMPENSATION. They did this because they could. It’s a wonderful life in Barbados. Corrupt lawyers and politicians are not persecuted or convicted. Barbados at moment is chiaotic. It’s just a mess. Prime Minister Stuart made public sixteen points why David Thompson should not be prime Minister. Clyde Mascoll’s reply to Owen Arthur’s 2004 budget was also made public.

    “Mr Speaker, as I sat yesterday listening to the Right Honourable Member for St Peter, once again I became convinced that the Right Honourable Prime Minister does not have any clue as to where he wants to take this country Barbados. The Right Honourable Prime Minister has no clear vision of the kind of Barbados that he wants to leave when he exists the political stage . . . . The Right Honourable Member for St Peter does not speak from a deeply-held philosophical position. His positions and policies reek of political opportunism and pragmatism. His blunderings and meanderings have been masked by excellent public relations machinery.

    “Mr Speaker, in addition to that magnitude of borrowed funds, this Minister, the Right Honourable Prime Minister, had an additional $900 million more in taxes in one fiscal year, than the last Democratic Labour Party Finance Minister.

    Mr Speaker, that would have given the Minister, the Right Honourable Prime Minister, $3.5 billion more at his disposal, than the Democratic Labour Party would have had in 1994. Sir, the national debt is not just an amorphous figure that we conjure up. It is money that our children and grandchildren would have to repay . . . .

    “Mr Speaker, the thing about it is that this Prime Minister is a catastrophic failure, when you look at the fact he had more resources than any other Prime Minister in the history of Barbados. The Prime Minister has, in fact, not made good use of the resources available to him and when you look at the social state in Barbados, the decline in the ability to get housing, the decline in the health care delivery, the educational system, the transportation system, you have only to conclude that this Government has wasted the resources of this administration.”


  12. Dis bomb Owen drop….is it only me or is it not true dat it had about the same impact as the first nuclear war head tested by North Korea?


  13. @ David
    I am of the opinion we should judge issues by EVIDENCE. Prime Minister Stuart is the leader of the DLP only him speaks in the position as leader of the party.

    Firstly, the West Terrace speech, Prime minister Stuart was not mentioned and there was no inference that he would or should have known at the time of what is allealleged to have taken place. There is sound reasoning for taking that view. Some who were mentioned subsequently said certain matters were unknown to them. If they did not know, it is reasonable to suppose that Prime Minister Stuart also did not know.

    As I have said before Prime Minister Stuart said that the first time he entered Prime Minister Thompson’s Office was when he became Prime Minister. . . he was not a part of any inner circle.

    We then come to association, are we to say that a person whom he knows in other areas should not continue to be his friend and supported as such even if he has no EVIDENCE that that person is engaged in or has engaged in ALLEGED wrong-doing.

    You know I have said repeatedly here that his INTEGRITY sets him apart, even after this disclosure it is still UNBLEMISHED.


  14. David (not BU)

    you know, i watch all morning as the DEMS squirm under this news.

    DT, LP and Mara Thompson should be locked up. DT is gone but we will see what happens the two who are left.

    the DEMS could keep up the stupid spin.

    i warned you all not to pull the tail of the lion.


  15. @Hamilton

    The Clico ‘bomb’ just serves to confirm what many Barbadians perceive about the DLP Parris Clico Thompson love connection.


  16. David (not BU)

    Yardbroom, i have to agree with you to a point. i don’t think FS or CS known what was going on BUT do you for one mins believe they did not know what OSA talked about? i believe they knew. so why go out on a limb to defend this man?

    answer that.


  17. @Yardbroom

    Surely you are aware that in this scenario Stuart’s name does not have to be mentioned. Note that his picture appears in the BLP ad posted by David (not BU) and by association in imagery and by his past actions and words he is perceived to be in the thick of it. Remember, it is all about perception.


  18. all I see is the copy of a cheque and a copy of an invoice supposedly relating to that cheque, but where is a copy of the documented evidence/report by Deloitte forensic audit that clarifies that the benefit of part gratuity for Mr. Parris and not relating to Sam Lord’s Castle as stated on the invoice. As far as I’m concerned, the most crucial part is missing, so this doesn’t have any teeth.


  19. millertheanunnaki

    @David | February 20, 2013 at 11:13 AM |

    “Miller: Please note your buddy TT signed off on the cheque. Is he still Chairman of the EGFL?”

    TT is a big up in the DLP. He has real dirt on both top DLP & BLP politicians who benefited from the CLICO Ponzi scheme.
    He is also the unofficial trustee of the ‘Families First’ Account. Don’t be surprised if he is not the personal “black” accountant to many of the DLP political hierarchy and certainly of Mara Thompson and Leroy Parris.

    Do you see now how politically well-heeled and protected TT is? A man of many personal financial tentacles spread throughout the political underground and who is still able to continue to leech the CLICO policyholders by sucking out and distributing the creamy premiums continuously flowing from the breasts of these foolish financial virgins expecting a political knight in shining financial armour to come along and take them out of their greedy financial misery.
    We shall see what future TT has should the BLP take control of this dying CLICO cash cow ready to receive a last bullet to the head.

    BTW, unlike Freundel, the miller will not be so disingenuously duplicitous as to stretch out a leprous hand to TT and traitorously refer to him as “a friend” but to be true in heart and character and call him a bold criminal of an underground accountant with whom the miller will never show amity of express association- either professionally or socially- but only enmity in his continued verbal affray with a boldfaced crook and liar of tremendous talent serving the son of the Devil of Money called Duprey instead of Pacioli.


  20. You all are missing the point. CLICO collapsed and Parris is living high off the hog. There is often no smoke without fire. Surely it is worthy of an investigation, and not by the Judicial Manager who is alleged to be Parris’s friend. A government can admit that it “dropped the ball”, but then it cannot turn its back on the situation. Whether or not Stuart et al were directly involved is irrelevant because THEIR government promised the policyholders that they would recover ALL their money. You want perceptions, then look at all the photos with Sinckler & company cosying up to Parris. If I was looking to be re-elected, I would surely be stupid to be seen in such compromising situations. But then that’s me…….


  21. Frustrated businessman

    The whole of BDS knows that Parris and Thompson shared ownership and occupancy of a house in Martin’s Bay right? Regardless of whatever else they shared, it would not be a stretch to say they were as close as family. Why would any Bajan expect justice to betray that CLICO/DLP friendship?


  22. @peltdownman

    There has been a high level of political naïve shown by the government. Just over 24 hours it may know the price it will have to pay.


  23. fire_blackfox@yahoo.com

    Nicola, your comment is the reason why this little place is the way it is. Please consider the facts carefully a blind man on a wooden horse trodding backwards can see that some conniving act went down. Truth be told someone must pay to many are suffering.
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  24. BEWARE DLP . See what has happened in Grenada?


  25. Frustrated businessman

    Yardbroom, regarding your comment on Fumble and his ‘high horse’ attitude to ignoring the mess around him for fear of becoming soiled, I would remind you of this quote: “All that is necessary for evil to triumph is that good men do nothing.”

    As far as reasonable men are concerned, the greater the power to intervene on the behalf of good, the greater the responsibility to do so.

    There are three types of people in this world; those who make things happen, those who watch things happen and those who wonder what the Hell just happened. Fumble will retire from politics tomorrow night still wondering what the Hell he was supposed to do to run this country and will probably go to his grave never realising the opportunities he wasted.


  26. Nicola, your comment is the reason why this little place is the way it is. Please consider the facts carefully a blind man on a wooden horse trodding backwards can see that some conniving act went down. Truth be told someone must pay to many are suffering.


  27. Hi it ac again. wait the BLP think that this so-called time bomd going make barbadians forget all the saquandermania and the corruption by the BLP in one day. Now wuinna really! really! belive that bajns got short memory. by tommorow wunna will find out.


  28. Knight of the Long Knives

    ummm kinda old news.


  29. Sober In This Game

    @Old Onion Bag. Liz is a classy pit bull in truth, she mash up a whole community group for a seat she lost. Now that is class.


  30. millertheanunnaki

    @ Yardbroom | February 20, 2013 at 12:42 PM |
    “You know I have said repeatedly here that his INTEGRITY sets him apart, even after this disclosure it is still UNBLEMISHED.”

    Even if that man is a self-confessed liar without open contriteness he still remains a paragon of Integrity?
    Freundel needs to deal with the unscrupulous crooks, liars and purveyors of sexual depravity whom he supervises and associates with. These are cardinal sins from which he must distance himself and expose as a true “Christian” man like yourself.

    Using the ‘yellow’ broom of cowardice and weakness of character to sweep these evil doings under a carpet of dirt will not sharpen that mettle of true grit required of a genuine person of integrity.

    “To know what is right and not do it is the worst cowardice.” ~Confucius


  31. old onion bags



  32. old onion bags

    Onion rings…

    We heard of pecuniary transfers
    And swaps of the pejorative kind,
    Poor quality drug replacements,
    Escalated fees and taxes, fines.

    With this all reality, it’s hard to fake a smile
    Not with gasoline’s skyrocket prices,
    And we fighting like hell to keep alive.
    The standard of living in Barbados,
    Has surely taken a dive,
    Dare you DEMS to say otherwise.

    DEMS DUN DEAD……Whaloss….I can’t hear nabody!


  33. Whither the Pegasus video?


  34. Frustrated businessman

    I don’t know why any Bajan could be mystified by Fumble’s unwillingness to deal with the real issues this country is plagued by. Lawyers are trained and paid to defer responsibility, great lawyers are great at doing it. Unfortunately, it is a prerequisite of management problem solving to first realise and accept that you have a problem to solve.


  35. I am extremely happy that the Grenada election has gone in the direction that it has.On the assumption that CADRES employs a universal methodology,once and for all the question of Peter Wickham’s integrity will one way or another be put to rest.He called it there so despite his words on brasstacks yesterday,{i mean those little outs i thought i heard}he needs to get it on the nose here in Barbados.


  36. old onion bags

    Pegasus going the way of Fruendel Mia note……a LAUGH OUT LOUD….


  37. millertheanunnaki

    @ Frustrated businessman | February 20, 2013 at 1:46 PM |
    “ the greater the power to intervene on the behalf of good, the greater the responsibility to do so.”

    Noblesse Oblige!
    Or to use a more biblical understanding: “For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required: and to whom men have committed much, of him they will ask the more.”

    A moral principle of the higher order which, unfortunately, Freundel does not have the intellectual or spiritual intestinal fortitude to understand far less apply.

    Utterances to a public audience known for its superficial understanding of language have been the manifestations of a man clearly unequipped with the niceties or nuances of political diplomacy.

    Now how is the man in the street expected to interpret his esoteric outbursts of imagery?
    How should ordinary hardworking struggling people- looking for a taste of inspiration and direction from their leader- view uncalled for demeaning derogatory putdown condescending foot-in-the-mouth diseased manifestations such as:-
    Awakening a sleeping giant; fighting the beast of Ephesus; better to be a lying, sorry living, dog instead of a dead lion whose tail should not be pulled; sucking on the breast of a government (which is fed from our taxes) until sore; going back to cane fields where there are no canes; relying on drug barons and loan sharks for financial assistance.

    Freundel is a misfit in more ways than one and the sooner he rides off into the sunset after basking in his short day in the leadership Sun the better for his own good and the image of this country for being saddled with one of the biggest fools and political liabilities in Christendom Barbados.


  38. Hi David (Not Bu) Feb 20, 2013@ 12:47PM
    You are quite right CS And FS might have at a later stage known of the Alleged wrong-doing. In FS’s case he might have felt this person was good to ( THE PARTY) us in the past at a time of great need. Can I in all honesty just jettison him despite all he has done for us. He might have seen a loyalty situation. In CS case it could have been a lack of political experience and wanting to be a big player among the perceived big players and to be seen in public as such.

    We are looking at the issue with the benefit of hindsight. Suppose at a time of great need someone helped you and your partner with the money to pay a deposit on a property. They also help with some payments. Suddenly you “HEAR” or have some knowledge of financial wrong-doing. Will you say to that person do not come to my house and we will not be seen in public with you again. We are dealing with a human condition
    situation and it is easy to be exact in correctness but we are in the real world.

    @David Imagery
    The DLP has been constantly in a situation where the image has been awful as in the NEWS MEDIA. Have a closer look at the pictures of the political meetings. Often you seen the DLP figures sleeping on the fringes of the crowd. The BLP figures are attentative eyes uplifted and looking to the lectern. Even in the last Barbados Today special edition Mr Arthur is at the lectern Mr Stuart is shown in an unflattering image and I could go on. . . but it does not matter the people are being manipulated and the tragedy is they do not know it.

    We are educated it is true but we can only see on the surface not the deeper meaning.
    FRustrated businessman & Miller I will get back to you this post is too long.


  39. Hi Frustrated businessman February 20, 2013 @ 1:46PM
    Quote: “Yardbroom, regarding your comment on Fumble [ I surmise you mean Mr. Freundel Stuart the Prime Minister of Barbados] and his “high horse” attitude to ignoring the mess around him for fear of becoming soiled, I would remind you of this quote: “All that is necessary for evil to triumph is that good men do nothing.”
    – – – – – – – – –
    Perhaps and I say perhaps, your idea of a “high Horse attitude” is a reluctance onFreundel Stuart’s part to “Play Ball” as you or some expect as has been done in the past. That by some could be seen as ARROGANCE. Who does he think he is? The answer could be he is not like the others who are always expected to be easily bought. . . I can see your frustration.

    Hi millertheanunnaki, February 20, 2013 @ 2:04PM
    Quote: ” Even if that man is a self confessed- liar without open contriteness he still remains a person of integrity?
    – – – – – – –
    You again return to the issue of the Prime Minister not telling a schoolboy the date of the election. You are flogging a dead horse no one mentions that at the political meetings it is without substance. The parent who tells a young boy Father Christman will bring his Christman present tell a lie of sorts – it is not a capital offence- there are lies and lies. Some deprive the barbados taxpayers of millions of dollars over the years – they never tell lies of course – they have just taken it, however the election is here.


  40. @ Hamilton,fire_blackfox, Tony Hoyos, frustrated businessman.
    1. Re the so called bomb. If I recollect, Leroy Parris was the CEO of Colonial International Life Insurance Co. Ltd (CIL Barbados) and CLICO branches throughout the Caribbean including Guyana.Thompson and Associates was the company (CLICO) Lawyers.Wouldn’t you expect that these transactions would be handled by the company’s lawyers? Wouldn’t you expect that there would be communication between the attorneys and the CEO? Why is it surprising that they would be friends? Remember that when David Thompson resigned as President of the Democratic Labour Party he resumed his law practice,In other words he was a PRIVATE CITIZEN, and not Prime Minister at the time.and he resigned from the firm when he became re-elected. Barbadians are so intent on crucifying Leroy Parris; something they have been doing for many many years, that they ignore the fact that he is a Barbadian whose navel string bury here. They forget that this is a law abiding society operating within the walls of THE LAW. If people feel they have enough evidence then turn to the Law.Bring a case or cases, report the infelicities to the police.
    @frustrated businessman: a person-any person, including Leroy Parris, David Thompson, Thompson and Associates, and anyone else is INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY IN A COURT OF LAW.All the innuendo, rumour, animosity is useless until the person is found guilty in the court before a judge.
    When was a trial held? When was a verdict of GUILTY given against all the people, (Parris, Thompson, CLICO, the agents etc.) who are the subjects of all the conversations, accusations etc.in a court of Law?
    Have all those people who rejoice at the PROMISES of Owen Arthur considered that judgement has to be given by the courts, after charges are brought, and after a trial has been held, and after a decision has been rendered? Have all these people considered that even after a judgement has been given there is also an appeal process available to the defendants? Have they ever considered the length of time these trials would take for ALL the LAWSUITS to be handled? Do they think that the Government (whichever one it is ) could just take up the money belonging to the PEOPLE OF BARBADOS and use it to benefit a few-even if it is a thousand or two thousand?. what about the rest of the taxpayers whose money it is?
    Do these people ever put aside the salacious, and superficial mouthings to really think carefully? They obviously do not. They just want to get back at the party that the people have reposed confidence in so that they can get back in office.
    Does anyone have an idea why Cable and Wireless changed their name to LIME-(L (landline)I(Internet)M (mobile) E (Entertainment).
    I would advise those who have forgotten to go back in time to the last application of Cable and Wireless for an increase in rates and the hearing and having done that to enquire about the Memorandum of Understanding between Cable and Wireless and the BLP Government. They should wonder why an executive of CAble and Wireless was given a diplomatic posting, soon after the MOU as signed. They should wonder why the Chairman of Cable and Wireless-not the local branch- (The BIG BOSS)-was prompted to come to Barbados and have meetings with the Prime Minister of the day (OSA). They should wonder what Cable and Wireless stands to gain from Privitisation of CBC? They should wonder why Fibre Optic substations are in the environs of CBC, and the implications. They should ask why one of the lawyers working with the Intervenors-a wonderful lady-after receiving a phone call( a very abusive call)-in the middle of the night, left the hearing soon after, and within a short time left the island.
    If only Barbadians would think, research and remember they would understand the danger they face tomorrow.
    More later


  41. @Tony Hoyos.
    Your choice and justaposition of words is interesting. Are you implying that the payment of the 3.3 million dollars is what cause CLICO to become broke? Interesting. How many millions of dollars is Owen Arthur Promising to “fix” fix CLICO :just the Brabadian EFPA instrument holders/ Or is he suggesting that those holding Life Inurance policies will
    be be paid out, even if those policies have not yet matured? Can you clarify this seeming incongruity? It’s alright to try to confuse those who would not think and fool the masses who are taken in by music and colours; and some of whom cannot even vote. .


  42. @Alvin

    Again you have divorced your last comment from what has been revealed so far in Trinidad.


  43. Knight of the Long Knives

    The Miller is flogging lots of dead horses. I honestly can do without the partisans. The only new interesting thing here is that there is an artificial invoice from an attorney who claims to know nothing about it. About this I would like to hear more. I generally agree with Yardbroom about Freundel and Amused always has insightful input. I wish we could have more intelligent debate on these things and less name calling and partisanship.


  44. @Knight of the Long Knives

    Do you want to define “flogging a dead horse”? Is it fair for you to cherrypick what you believe is important? The invoice and cheque together makes a case and we should all continue to ask questions until we get the answers that make sense.


  45. Link is partial. Copy the entire line of the link.

    Keep in mind this article was only posted 3 days ago before Arthur’s take on Clico at West Terrance.


  46. Knight of the Long Knives

    @ David I am not speaking about that issue at all. I want answers on that the whole transaction seems very suspicious now that I have learnt about the invoice and the other attorney. I am speaking about the whole “Cammie Tudor/Freundel is secretly gay” trash that everyone keeps ignoring and he keeps bringing into every discussion. I would like to see rigourous anti corruption legislation. I believe most prospective politicians are interested not because of public service but because they can become overnight millionaires and nothing is being done to arrest this situation.


  47. @Knight of the Long Knives


    You mean the miller’s inclination to be repetitive which borders sometimes? :-)

    Yes he can do much better sometimes.


  48. @David:
    I’m back. I always do my research. I went back to the Deloitte & Touche report because there was something that I remembered from my previous reading of the report, but was not sure about. On page 11 of the report there is a paragraph under the heading: Restrictions on use. which states:
    “This report and any related analyses or other materials produced or provided by Deloitte &Touche LLP have been prepared solely to assist the Judicial Manager and are not intended for circulation or publication to, or use by, any other party. Neither this report nor the information it contains are to be reproduced, in whole or in part, or used for any other purpose without our prior written permission, in each specific instance.”
    Did OSA and the BLP get prior written permission to publicly display the contents of the report, as used in the political meeting?
    It would be interesting to find out.


  49. Knight of the Long Knives

    It is a pity we do not have separate Prime Ministerial elections similar to the President of the US. It would be very entertaining to see OSA work with a DLP majority or Freundel with a BLP majority. We need some major constitutional and legislative reforms.


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