The NOTE: Was Hal Gollop Brokering a Deal Between Owen Arthur and Fruendel Stuart to Get Mia Mottley?

Submitted  by Ckeckit-Out on BU’s General Election page (as a comment)
Note from Owen Arthur to Fruendel Stuart (sent via Hal Gollop)

Note from Owen Arthur to Fruendel Stuart (sent via Hal Gollop)

David;  I thought I should push my mout in your discussion with Miller of 1.35 pm today.  There are a number of things about the NOTE that was reproduced in Barbados Today that is somewhat troubling.

  1. Only a portion of the note is given.  The first portion is not shown.
  2. It is evident that the writer considered the first part of the letter shown “I sent a note to you by Hal Gollop etc.” as the most important part of the note and that he confirms that he would not get involved in the Eager 11 situation as he knew the problems involved in keeping a party together.
  3. It is also clear that the above discussion did not come out of the blue. There must have been some discussion between OSA and Freundel about the eager 11 which led to this note.
  4. The note was mainly about the eager 11  situation
  5. The note ends with “you can help me by taking Mottley”.  It does not say I am giving you Mottley, especially since Mottley was not OSA’s to give.  It says (let me repeat) “You can help me by TAKING;.  To my mind that puts an entirely different complexion on the matter.  It suggests to me that moves were afoot for Mottley, perhaps by Mottley, to go over to the DLP.  Indeed that was rumoured on this blog around the time of the rift.  So the note then becomes one where OSA might be saying I am not getting involved in your eager 11 affair as I told you through Hal Gollop and as a matter of fact you are free to TAKE Mottley as it is rumoured that you are considering.

If that is so.  and I am almost certain it is, then the spin by FS [Prime Minister Stuart] is disingenuous at the best and shows a total lack of integrity at the worst.  People of integrity do not publish notes themselves sent to them in confidence (something falling off a truck and published by someone else might be par for the political course but is unheard of for someone who promotes himself as being a paragon of virtue).

If FS wins the election on the back of ploys like this one and the privatisation volte face the Barbados electorate would deserve him.  I still think he won’t as there are enough undecideds who can read him like a book.

FS would have cemented himself, in my books, as being equally as duplicitous as his former boss David Thompson and vying with him for being the worst Prime Minister that Barbados and the Caribbean has ever known.

The spin machine of the TTP’s of this world is alive and well.

0 responses to “The NOTE: Was Hal Gollop Brokering a Deal Between Owen Arthur and Fruendel Stuart to Get Mia Mottley?

  1. @ Pollster

    The word is that there was some infiltration of his staff, which fits with the anomalies that showed up in St. Philip South and St. Andrew in the poll that was published on Sunday.

    Word is that it the Sunday numbers had not a single person voting for the BLP among the 36 persons “questioned” in St. Philip South. It also had the DLP overwhelmingly winning Orange Hill, which is BLP stronghold.

    So if the infiltration story is true, Peter Wickham has every right to fire their backsides.


  2. Observing(...)

    Has anyone else noticed that no one on the DLP side speaks at any length if at all about the details in the current manifesto and where it fits in with their future plans while on the election platform??? I’ve read it, attended some meetings, watched online and listened to the radio….yet…strangely…not one of the candidates address where they are carrying us, how the manifesto fits in or how they are going to collectively tackle the issues that have been highlighted…

    I could be wrong, deaf, blind or all three. I’ll have a closer listen and peep. Or someone can point me to a video where a platform speaker actually paints a specific or content filled forward looking picture based on the manifesto…..rather than a backward looking or accusatory and “cuss Arthur/BLP” one.

    Just Observing


  3. @ Pollster

    Wickham moved quickly to restore his credibility when he spotted the problems with the first poll by doing the second poll at his own expense.

    I believe he had to go ahead and publish the Sunday poll to meet his contractual obligations with the Nation.

    He will take a hit for sure, but it would have been far worse had he not done the second poll and then the results on Friday morning would make him look incompetent.

    I cannot say it enough that Peter Wickham had every right to fire the scoundrels who set out to undermine his credibility, his business and his livelihood.


  4. Observing(...)

    and they’re off!!!

    Time to head over to BU General Election Picks guys let’s hash this out!

    Anyone with a small analytical eye, a small background in statistics or at least a good memory and some old newspapers could have seen that there were some serious anomalies in Sunday’s poll. Something(s) just were not sitting right and there were just too many things that didn’t add up or converge.

    I can’t speak to this current one as yet but despite my “preferences” I haven’t wavered from my DLP loses 16-14 best case 18-12 average case 22-8 worse case scenario. I’ll revisit and go again.

    Just Observing


  5. @Observing

    I totally agree with you on the poll. Much of it made no sense to me.

    What impact do you think tomorrow night’s big reveal on Donville Inniss will have? The nature of the revelations will no doubt be devastating.

    The details on BU are sordid indeed and the Bees intend to make full use of the case where the 14-year old girl was raped. They have the copy of the summons from the Virginia Court served to Donville’s address in Barbados.

    My feeling is that this will have a big impact and could knock out some of the seats that might otherwise be unassailable.


  6. Note from Owen Arthur to Fruendel Stuart (sent via Hal Gollop)


  7. Tell me Why please get real an ex PM and leader of Her Majesty’s’s loyal opposition writes a note like that to his opposite number in GOB and you talking rubbish about giving away a big able woman?


  8. just Asking !!

    @ check it out .
    Do you not think that if you are going to write a full length article like this you should demonstrate enough intelligence to accurately report what you heard the PM said ? HE NEVER SAID THAT A NOTE WAS DELIVERED TO HIM BY HAL GOLLOP ; HE SAID IT WAS DELIVERED TO HIM BY A MARSHALL IN THE HOUSE OF ASSEMBLY . Incidentally the Nation reporter ( GE ) yesterday made the same mistake as you . In your zeal to vilify you should first get the facts correct .


  9. The note is more political scampishness all in an effort to deceive the taxpayers.


  10. millertheanunnaki

    @ just Asking !! | February 19, 2013 at 7:58 AM |

    Just Asking, if you wish to be so meticulously accurate in your reporting and commentary could you please point out to us where in his contribution- the subject of this thread- Ckeckit-Out stated what you have identified to be his authorship?

    I might be stupidly wrong and need to see the optometrist but I don’t recall seeing where Ckeckit-Out claimed that Hal Gollop delivered a note from Owen to Freundel.

    Please help us here. Just Asking!


  11. Just Asking !!

    I’ll refer you to Miller above re. the substance of my note. AFAIRecall I never claimed that Hal Gollop relayed the note. I don’t know or even care. What I was conjecturing totally from the note itself, was that it did not, in any way, state what FS and the DLP platform was trying to push for the past month or so, i.e. that the subject of the note was Owen Arthur’s volunteering to give Mottley to FS but was instead a note whose main thrust was a discussion to help FS in his battles with the Eager 11. In that regard I tend to see the logic in the post above that the note was actually sent or given to FS by Arthur to assure FS that he would not join in a putative attempt by the Eager 11 to pass a vote of no-confidence against him.

    Indeed, if that is really so, it reconfirms my confidence in Arthur’s judgement as he would have recognized even from then that FS as PM would have been a better asset to the BLP’s future in regard to FS’ predeliction for doing the wrong things, than to have a much more astute CS or Donville or Estwick leading the DLP.

    In addition it would underline the total lack of integrity of FS who would knowingly use a friendly (for a politician) note that was sent to him confirming that OSA would not join the eager 11’s vote of no confidence, to try to impugn OSA’s integrity now. But of course that is par for the course for FS. The worst or second worst PM in Barbados’ history, vying only with DT in that regard.

    In addition I did not write an article. All I did was write a normal post to BU in another blog (AFAIK it is still there) and unknown to me David elevated it to a this topic of its own for his purposes. I had nothing to do with that.

    Not guilty me lud.

    Will join you soon on the Election constituency guessing threads. Thats where the remainder of the action over the next 2 days should be.



    The hardest thing to do is to THINK , no one seem to be thinking just talking.lies all over the place ,


  13. @Checkit-Out

    Arthur is reported in the Nation today that he did send the note by Hal Gollop.


  14. My fascination is that Freundel would actually think that publicising the note would damage Owen and the BLP.

    The strategy has turned around and bitten him in the arse.

    Everyone now knows how severe the infighting within the DLP really was, to the point where Owen and the BLP had to save the PM from his enemies within his own party.

    This is really not a pretty sight. How dumb the PM and the DLP now look!


  15. I keep saying that the DLP consultants appear to be yard fowls. So what you end up with is an echo chamber where no one can recognise the folly they are practising. No one is there to counsel the others to come back to reality.

    They decided to pull the lion’s tail and not only loses big on that issue in question, but have provoked the BLP into responding in kind.

    The Donville Inniss scandal has far more potential to be devastating to the DLP’s chances in the election.


  16. We Dun Wid Dem

    FS would have cemented himself, in my books, as being equally as duplicitous as his former boss David Thompson and vying with him for being the worst Prime Minister that Barbados and the Caribbean has ever known.



  17. It seems Donville tugged the lion’s tail. Duguid is going after him in a special way with the info which was posted on BU a few weeks ago. Can Inniss withstand the onslaught? What should be clear to Inniss now is that any hopes of leading the DLP has been squashed by this skeleton.


  18. Kentucky bone cracka

    @just asking…now this is a guy who got owen dick,balls & ass in he moute


  19. Observing(...)

    Donville’s difficulty is that he never came out and rebutted or clarified anything in the way he so eagerly did with the Kingsland hospital plan. He’s now a deer in headlights waiting for the truck to roll over him.

    Damaging information online or on a blog is one thing. Damaging information on a platform before the midweek papers and 30 hours before the election in a close race is another.

    Duguid will also have “blood” in his eyes given the recent parliament theatre.

    Just Observing


  20. @Observing(…)

    The hits on the Donville blogs have been increasing at an alarming rate – for Donville that is.


  21. Observing(...)

    Once again the power of new media has been underestimated. Donville’s press conferences and statements have at most 200 hits on youtube. “Donville telling lies” is at 2,000 plus hits.

    Go figure.

    Just Observing


  22. You guys got to be crazy to believe that the note hasn,t given body blows to OSA the fact is that many woman who were angry at OSA for his treatment of mia and his/back stabbing was given another reason to unload their frustration at the voting booth. the woman vote is going to critical to the BLP demise on Thursday and no one to blame than OSA


  23. Gabriel Tackle

    If what appears to me is fact then Freundel Stuart is the most ungrateful politico I have come across.Talk about biting the hand that feed you?Here’s a perfect example of OSA confirming in writing that neither he nor his Parliamentary group would join the Eager11 in removing Stuart as PM and this innuendo is Stuart’s repayment of that huge favour.What treachery!What villany!What scampishness!


  24. @ac

    And those women you are talking about would not be upset by Chris Sinckler’s bald pooch cat attack on June Fowler?


  25. @Observing(…)

    You should checkout the nasty David Thompson’ Barney Lynch YouTube video, it is up to 9000 views.


  26. @David

    The BLP is distancing itself from Barney. When last did he speak on a platform?

    And it is felt that he will not win his seat anyway. So any damage is isolated to him.


  27. Observing(...)

    They still have to come good to top duguid’s “cah ya mudda scunt!” lol

    28,000 one way and 32,000 the next!

    Sleepy’s kick dem out – 4000 and counting

    Social media rocks!!!

    You got there before me. A four week ol opposition change in power similar to Thompson -Mascoll of 2006…versus…a 1 week old bald pooch cat.

    Game on!!!

    Just Observing


  28. The constant attacks by OSA have been more damaging and an insult to womanhood than the comments by chris.


  29. Both St. James South and St. Michael North-West are extremely marginal constituencies with prominent incumbent ministers running against newcomers.

    The question is whether the advantage of incumbency can be overcome by the negatives against Sinckler and Inniss. My gut feeling is that sufficient votes can move to allow the two newcomers to ease home by a few votes.


  30. Observing(...)

    “Whenever I hear her talk she reminds me of Poochie. Dat, dat woman as ingrunt as a bald pooch cat! I say so tonight!”

    unprovoked, on a public platform, streamed live over the internet, against the woman that fighting for CLICO policyholders.

    Are you sure you want to compare the two? and was Thompson’s coup better because Mascoll is a man???

    Just Observing


  31. I recognize that some women think that somehow Mia should have been treated differently.

    But it is unlikely that many votes will change at this stage unless it is something dramatic like the DI pornography scandal or the shocking bald pooch cat attack on Ms. Fowler.

    Check how the note is being discussed on the social media and you will see that many see it as either unimportant or as showing that Owen saved Freundel from a no-confidence motion.


  32. David (not BU)

    DavidB why you talking so much sense on the people blog?

    i was talking to die hard DEM today and she was pissed about the note. her points about it:

    1. It reads out of context
    2. it should Owen supported Stuart and the reason for that is simple (her words not mine) Owen knew he could run with Stuart but he could not run with Chris and that is why he said what he said.
    3. he part about Mia is where she thinks something is out of context.

    as i said she was PISSED.


  33. I think we may be underestimating the impact of Chis Sinckler’s attack on Mrs. Fowler.

    When you hear young first time male voters make the simple and profound statement, “But, my mother is a woman” you know that there is a pretty big undercurrent to this issue.


  34. Observing(...)

    @all three Davids, lol

    What I find amazing is after the big build up and all the hype about “the note,” the DLP has NOTHING in the past 24 hours to amplify and plow through on the momentum they thought it would have given them. Instead, the BLP has quickly regrouped and are ready to attack like mad tonight armed with a poll predicting their victory. So far all we have seen are excerpts from an Auditor General report in a “too big” document and the same ads we’ve been seeing.

    Just imagine, the Noel Lynch comments about Thompson went up on their site Sunday, almost a full 10 days after they were made…and attacking a candidate who has already defeated himself. Does this sound like “strategy?”

    Just Observing


  35. @Observing(…)

    The DLPites don’t want to read this but the BLP ground game and using relevant communication blasts is superior.

    Here is another example: Since Sunday Jimmy Serrao and Owen Arthur have sent out (3) communication pieces to BLP website subscribers. Not one similar communication from the DLP.


  36. to all you men. you seem to think that woman dumb we know when we are being played and we know the difference between abuse and insult. chris said words which might have been offensive and rude ,but to compare that to OSA derogatory remarks about Mia and her sexual escapades is like day and night. not only was he down right abusive to her in language and terminology her but also he accused herof . stealing funds from the campaign treasury when apparently some bills were not paid. Not forgetting the unforgetable sin of having five men gang up on her to decapitate her . wait wunna men think all that forgotten by the woman. who going to send that short pint sized midget a message on how to respect woman on thursday,


  37. you men think that NOTE does not carry any weight ,ASK NOW! they all geared up to show OSA who is the real leader of the BLP and fuh sure it won’t” be HIM after THURSDAY.


  38. The issue of communication: through the Thompson stewardship his political strategist Hartley Henry used a weekly column to peddle a certain narrative and to respond to topical issues. The article was posted on BU many times unabridge versions. During the Stuart administration it has struggled to push a consistent communications strategy.


  39. The BLP fell on their own sword…the greedy overthrow of Mia was always going to sit badly ….OSA took the hit for it and consequently his party….should be interesting to see how Roebuck street deals with the fallen leader….and that eager 11 scenario, fabricated by the BLP to destabilize the DLP….as I suspect t he note about OSA wanting to rid himself of Mia was…politics is a game of seizing opportunities and OSA seized the leadership but did not anticipate the outcome in 2013… He forgot that MAM would employ her own tactics….Plus they appeared too eager for power always a sCary sign…then the2nd poll created to bolster sagging fortunes by influencing voters brought the opposite reaction….the voters weighed the options and chose to stick with the DEMS in spite of all the hardships….


  40. Now that the election is behind us are we agreed that we the E11 was orchestrated by three people, three very well know players in the political world?

    One can be sure PM Stuart is aware his denial that there was an attempted coup notwithstanding.

    BU eagerly looks forward to the appointment of the Cabinet.


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