Polls Apart: Arthur Now LEADS Stuart in New CADRES Poll

Peter Wickham, Head of CADRES

Peter Wickham, Head of CADRES

The most recent CADRES poll which surprised many that DLP leader Fruendel Stuart had eased pass Arthur has been reversed. Under pressure to explain the weekend poll which bucked a trend, Head of CADRES Peter Wickham took the sensible decision to redo the poll. The euphoria displayed by the DLPites has been short lived because the new poll has Arthur leading Stuart 37% to 32% with a 7% swing in play.

0 responses to “Polls Apart: Arthur Now LEADS Stuart in New CADRES Poll

  1. NationBLPnewspaper

    “The same newspaper is $10 million dollars richer in advertising revenues thanks to the DLP”
    If the DLP spent 10 million , you would admit that the BLP spent about 35 million.
    Listen, a lot of people still read the Nation and therefore , you still need to reach them, In the same way that Owen Arthur lambaste CBC but every night BLP ads are on tv.
    Get real and deal with the issue Miller – We have a situation in Barbados where all the newspapers and the major radio stations which are owned by them are under the influence of the BLP. That is total media domination.Given Arthur’s penchant for putting his hand in the cookie jar to help himself and his “consultants”,where will we get scrutiny of an Arthur government? Certainly not from Albert “Mascoll” Brandford, Sanka Price , Pat Hoyos ,Ezra Alleyne, Harry Russell and Peter Symmonds. All these Nation columnists sing in the BLP choir. Where are the real journalists?


  2. Did I hear that idiot Ian Gooding – Edghill get on the tv and say that other Caribbean countries are doing so much better than Barbados. More Lies. Of course, he did not name any of these countries nor explain why if the other Caribbean countries were doing so much better than Barbados, why are they all seeing a change of government. The global recession and downturn in our source markets are real. The BLP is trying to deceive Bajans and is lying to voters- making unrealistic promises which cannot be fulfilled.


  3. Tomorrow night this time Denis Kellman of the DLP (MP for St. Lucy) will be leader of the opposition.


  4. @Check it out

    you got your answer, havnt u? That was a load of rubbish u had written. In polling, you go into a constitunecy and u randomly selcect persons to poll. How would u know who is b or d. Futher, u try not to use people from the ares who would have an idea of people’s political perspective. The same goes for telphone polling.

    as don marshall said, those who have been exposed to survey methods of social investigation, can conduct a poll, as long as the instrument is well constructed and have been tested before being fully implemented, I have done that course over thirty year ago, and it was on of the course that i relally enjoyed,

    That 2nd poll was designed to confuse, even I had some apprehension at first, but after doing my analysis of the situation I had to reassure some of my friends that we were going to still win 17-13.


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