Seems To Me That The BLP are about to BITE one Another in a most Vicious Way

Submitted by DLPite
A rejuvenated Arthur?

A rejuvenated Arthur?

The BLP have been play political hop scotch with the truth ( if they know what is truth) and with the Barbadian public they have failed to come clean with you, they believe that photoshop corrections to an aged and tired today Arthur and photographs of Mottley and Arthur looking at each other is evidence that all is good in the BLP, well if you need any more proof that nothing is good in the BLP look at the reports in the press made by their main speakers committing Mottley to the political dump heap, and the all out fight with them on Monday spilling over to more bacchanal on Tuesday.

They believe that making idle and empty airy fairy promises like giving the hoteliers half a billion dollars and a vast array of giveaways is real, it complete and utter nonsense, Arthur style, nor is it possible or is it real.

The fact that the BLP is like a 6 cylinder car spluttering and working on one cylinder because they only have one featured speaker per night and that is the same one who you rejected for corruption in 2008 Arthur, Mottley can’t raise her voice because Lynch, Marshall, Payne, Toppin and Arthur have her sitting on the political gallows.

Lynch does not know what hole to crawl into or if he is man woman or child, and has since been banned from speaking on the BLP platform and with Symmonds being on the verge of a mental breakdown every time the name Dr Boolani gets called and the knowledge that a sworn affidavit is in hand detailing his role in a $ 25,000.00 Immigration scam and his role in collecting the $ 25,000.00 or for his role and the role of Johnny Tudor in changing the age date for a car that he Symmonds wanted to sell but that was older than the lending institution  would lend money for, he and Tudor proceeded to change the date for the age of the car to mislead both the lending institution and the potential buyer, I think this act alone can be described as FRAUD committed by Symmonds an Attorney at Law. Or if he sees or hears anything like slasher mentioned or the court writ stands out in his memory like a sore thumb for beating her and for slashing her car seats.

The rest continue to be political misfits not worthy of comment but leave them to Mottley she will continue to deal with them now and continue on election day next week, remember she has been publicly heard to say that she will deliver a few of her enemies seats on a platter to the DLP, in particular high on her priority list is Toppin’s seat as he said to her that he would never have a woman lead him especially one like Mottley.

They came with a 15 point plan to fire and send home 10,000 of you, your families and your friends, your sisters, brothers, mothers  fathers, aunts and uncles and  you rejected that as not in your best interest, then they flew another kite to privatise the Educational System, the Health Care System, the Sanitation Services Mottley said it in her reply to a budget speech that Barbadians need to pay for collecting their garbage, they want to Privatise the Transport Board Service, the Airport and Seaport, you saw thru them again they were only setting up to hurt and inflict pain and suffering on our people you rejected that idea as well seeing that for what it was a vote grabbing emptiness exercise , the vertically challenged one Arthur then came to you with a 10 point Tourism Plan, that to was nothing of sense it consisted of all the things that he as a Prime Minister knew he should have seen to while he was Prime Minister and he was leading a country in the best of times but never did so you kicked his butt for failing you there as well.

Let me tell you tell Arthur and Marshall, you don’t need his 15 or 10 point plans you have your own one (1) Point Plan and that is to keep He Arthur and Marshall far as hell away from Bay Street and even further away from the Treasury of Barbados, Barbados cannot afford him at this time, a supreme leader he is not, he is too old and too tired to represent anyone’s interest other than his own account to replenish his bank account from the spending that he and Nicholls have thrown at this election to buy votes not by work done as Arthur has done little work in 10 years  and no work in the last 5 years but by buying drinks for under aged youths at their Haggatt Hall meeting in particular at that music show that Lil Rick put on and the BLP attended.

The Dean Rev Harold Crichlow said our job has only just begun and we have been doing a great job in these 5 short years and deserve more time to continue doing the job Honestly for the Barbadian people, he actually remarked that the other people had 14 years in office and he would have no problem were the DLP to be given 14 years in office as well once we continue to serve the people as we have been serving the Nation, that was from the Dean.

0 responses to “Seems To Me That The BLP are about to BITE one Another in a most Vicious Way

  1. Observing(...)

    @ Chlorine Free | February 14, 2013 at 12:01 PM |
    “The DLP has today announced that they have rename the Friday’s operation to Operation Bang Bang.”

    @Chlorine Free | February 14, 2013 at 1:08 PM |
    “This is a day for a new kind of politics in Barbados. ”

    @Chlorine Free | February 14, 2013 at 2:21 PM |
    If the DLP launches Operation BANG BANG”

    C’mon man. Which one is it? Can’t have it three different ways.

    Just Observing

  2. ac | February 14, 2013 at 1:33 PM |

    Shame on NOW! huh ! shame on OSA for having the mitigated gall to call on NOW seeking assistance in helping Him to chastise sinckler . this two faced hypocrite couldn,t be really serious

    The National Organization of Women (NOW) and its spokesperson, Marilyn Rice-Bowen, should be ashamed of themselves for the response to the verbal abuse by Mr. Chris Sinckler of June Fowler, the President of the Barbados Investors and Policy Holders’ Association
    Mrs. Fowler was only representing the interest of her constituents, the 35,000 persons who have invested in CLICO and BAICO.

    In response, she was regaled as a “jack rabbit”, a “moojin”, as being “as ignorant as a bald pooch cat“ and as “not the sharpest tool in the tool shed”, along with other dirty invective.

    No private citizen and no woman should ever be spoken of in such a manner by our politicians, no matter which side of the divide.

    It would be equally bad if a BLP politician had done something similar.

    As Corey Worrell pointed out in his column in today’s Nation, Mrs. Fowler is a fine upright citizen who made a major contribution to his life and the lives of other young people in this community. He also noted that school children are already repeating Mr. Sinckler’s base comments.

    “As ignorant as a bald pooch cat” has gone into the Bajan lexicon, at least among school kids.

    Now, is that fair to Ms. Fowler, to our women and especially to our children?

    And the response of the National Organization of Women is to find Mr. Sinckler’s comments to be just “unfortunate?” Not deplorable, or offensive, or unworthy of any politician, but “unfortunate’.

    And they proceeded to call on Owen Arthur to reinstate Mia Mottley to a position she did not hold within her political party. Ms. Mottley was not the deputy leader, so how could she be reinstated to that position?

    It is really sad when any organization can allow itself to be so politically biased that it would completely abandon its mandate in order to score cheap political points.

    I, for one, am totally disgusted.

    I am also disappointed that no one from the Church, which has been calling for a clean campaign, has spoken up in rebuke of Mr. Sinckler. If they want to exercise moral authority and leadership, then they must reproach him for going so far across the line of indecency.

    AC, I am ashamed of you too because, as a woman, you ought to know better.

  3. The statement by Mr Sinckler about Mrs Fowler is very instructive, as to how he feels about those 35,000 policy-holders because she is their mouth-piece. So he is telling all the policy-holders that they are not the smartest tools in the shed, that they are ignorant, that they are moojins and they are all bald pooch cats.
    If we divide those 35,000 across the 30 constituencies that is approx. 1150 persons insulted and disrespected!!!
    Mr Sinckler is seen the next day in a photo shot with whom else but the source of these people’s headaches and heartaches.
    Now who is the moojin and is not the sharpest tool in the shed???

  4. How does the saying go again ” Empty vessels make the most noise!”

  5. There are two issues concerning June Fowler.

    She should not have been accosted by Sinckler in the base manner that he did.

    There are better informed individuals who should be leading BIPA.

  6. @Observing & Tackle

    We shall know by the weekend how the wind blows.

  7. For all those who feel that rumours and innuendoes will cut it with the majority of the electorate think again because we are fed with it.

  8. Look the issue here in regards to fowler and sinckler is the messenger OSA who does not have one iota of credibility when it come to the treatment of woman.he proved himself unworthy of such distinction on such issues . even up till now he continues to show disrespect for MIA only using her for his convience.

  9. David Mrs Fowler heads BIPA because the members voted for her!!

  10. @ac

    Stop it now!! You never heard of a couple going their divorce lawyers, separating, courting other people then realising that they cannot live without each other! Stay out of Owen amd Mia business!

  11. As far as Owen is concerned, he saw a chink in Mia’s armour and exploited it to his advantage. I do not like how it happened, but I do not see any thing peculiar about it, because politicians exploit perceived weaknesses in their opponents all the time.

    The undercurrent I am getting is that Mia should have been treated differently because she is a woman. But I think that is disingenuous to her. She can and will fight her own battles in her time and will likely employ similar tactics to win. It’s politics.

    Owen did not use any abusive or degrading language. He said that Mia has to work to make herself more acceptable to the electorate, or words to that effect. Everyone was left to draw their own conclusions, and most people concluded that it was about her alleged sexuality.

    The real damage that was done to her, and that created the chink in her armour the first place, was the very nasty campaign of the DEMS in 2007/2008 where they alleged that Mia had a fondness for munching on the private parts of young ladies. Even in this 2013 campaign I have heard Michael Lashley, Ronald Jones and Chris Sinckler with the same nasty insinuations.

    Owen exploited the chink that they created.

    So, the real hypocrisy is coming from the DEMS on this blog and elsewhere who are crying crocodile tears for Mia after so viciously and systematically setting about to destroy her reputation.

    This thing went as far as the UK, and Mia was able to win damages against a newspaper there for publishing the DLP’s nasty smear against her.

  12. @David B…Good submission.Now speak to the term indentured servant,and while you’re at it tell us which one wields more influence?N O W or the Barbados Nation?

  13. Observing(...)

    You fa real? The issue is the messenger? So don’t you see anything wrong with calling the head dof BIPA a bald pooch cat? And ingrunt? All from the campaign platform with Parris in the crowd?

    Ya slip showing.

    Indeed, by Monday morning the country will know for sure who its next government will be. Those who don’t will be those who don’t want to.

    Just Observing

  14. @Hamilton Hill

    I was offended by the “indentured servant” remark that Owen made against Terry Ally several years ago, and as far as I remember he was roundly condemned at the time for making it.

    Your point about NOW and the Nation Newspaper escape me.

    Why are we trying to play these nonsensical games. What Sinckler said about Mrs. Fowler was wrong on too many levels to contemplate. It ought not to be a political issue to condemn him for it.

    Wrong is wrong!

  15. @watching…………………alright i’ll be watching

  16. @Amused

    @Miller. Got to tell you that OSA’s statement that Dale will be his deputy has made me re-think my vote.

    Making such statements make you sound like an uninformed idiot.

    Owen never said any such thing.

    He praised Dale Marshall for being a good deputy at a difficult time in the party. Full stop.

    I am sure you heard him on Brass Tacks on Tuesday saying that it would be improper for him to be naming positions in a government that he has not yet won.

    He also made the point some time ago, that even if his party wins the election, there is no guarantee that he would be Prime Minister, since it would be up to the parliamentarians to choose their leader.

    EWB did not lead the DLP into the 1961 election, but he emerged as Prime Minister. Interestingly, the DEMS also did not win the popular vote in that election, but won the greatest number of seats because of our first past the post system.

  17. Actually, in 1961 EWB was Premier, not Prime Minister.

  18. Gabriel Tackle

    @David 3.29pm Feb14
    My information is the wind is blowing in the direction of 24B’s6D’s come this weekend.

  19. @ Gabriel

    Let’s cool our feet, and just wait and see.

  20. @Watching

    Did not question the democratic process of BIPA by electing Fowler. What was questioned is that one of the accountants, bankers et al are better qualified to lead the fight. This position in no way reflect on the character of Fowler, only her competence to be head of BIPA.

  21. But as a numbers guy, that sounds to me like a 9% swing, 2% up from January, which is certainly within the realm of possibility.

  22. Gabriel Tackle

    @DavidB 3.46pm14th Feb
    Owen Arthur did not exploit any kink in Mia’s armour.I repeat,a Cadres poll done by Peter Wickham compared the perceived leaders and the impressions they made on the body politic and found that Mia was perceived in a less than favourable light because of the grapevine of bajan lickmout lou’s.Arthur simply responded to the reporter that he has no problem with Mia but that Mia will have to address how she is viewed by the public.As I understand it,a UK periodical had to cough up.

  23. @ Gabriel

    I take your point. But, you must agree that he could have answered differently and seem to be more supportive. His answer left her out in the cold, that is why I said he exploited the chink in her armour.

    But, I think that is just politics. And I support both Owen and Mia as the two best political leaders in Barbados at this time and perhaps for some time to come.

    Once the BLP wins this election, Owen will give way to Mia in a few years’ time. The Bees will not make the mistake of choosing an unpopular person to replace Owen.

  24. @ David
    Regardless as to whether the foreign service party loyalists come back or not to work for the DLP it won’t matter. We are sure there are many other crimes and misdemeanors being committed against the people all the time by both parties. So if you are able to deal with that, or any issue, what is it going to matter. There are abuses all the time. So our point is that you and BU must consider joining us in our campaign to dismantle the whole system with peoples’ power, as weak as we are. However, we have the power NOT to vote. Not voting effectively withholds our consent to be governed by these people. Can we expect your endorsement for this just cause? 50% of the people are on our side and they have been on our side for decades. Unlike the system presented to us, only about 25% of the people will vote for the DLP and a similar number for the BLP. You are a man who always talking about fairness and democracy. This system is undemocratic. We are surprised that you will support a minority over a clear majority.

  25. Gabriel Tackle, what a load of rubbish that you BLP people concocted the BLP will be lucky to win 4seats coming out of this election, you have the DEMS to contend with on one hand and on the other you have Mottley and Family to further contend with, you are already conceding Marshall, Payne, Hinkson, Lynch, Arthur and Toppin and you have a wounded by your own vultures the person of Mottley who is moving her game into fast forward to remove those that destroyed her morally and politically and her family is wealthy enough to match the Payne spending two for one.

    Let me remind you that the plaster has been rapidly removed and the BLP wound is raw and it is deep and the war has only just begun with Mottley and the low life that make up the remnants of the BLP, may I also remind you that the voting public abhors political parties that are at war internally as the BLP so clearly is and it has only just begun they are unfit to hold office of any type and trust me the public are talking about your party as a party so divided and so at war with each other that you will be lucky to save four seats coming out the election of the 21st Feb, the only relatively safe seat is Mottley’s not even Arthur is half way safe his lack of effort and no show in Parliament will be his last act of indecency and uncouth behaviour to the people of both St Peter and the people of Barbados he is a spent force with nothing meaningful or worthwhile to offer anyone.

    I say again the BLP leadership will kill each other for power and the BLP will struggle to secure 4 seats in this election.

  26. @Pacha

    20 or 30% still go to the polls and there is a winner, then what?

    Do you believe those who would benefit from the low turnout will be motivated to change the system?

  27. Chris Sinckler said on a Brasstacks conversation with Peter Wickham that there is no philosophical difference between the BLP and DLP on the issue of privatisation.

    The DLP is shooting itself in the foot as this privatisation issue is going to end up as egg on their face as they have fallen for Owen’s trap. A serious rebuttal to the bus advert with the pensioner is going to be the start of an onslaught showing the DLP cant be trusted. Just as they cudnt be with their promises of duty-free cars and removal of VAT from electricity and building materials.

    DLP has fallen on its own petard!

  28. Having listened to the BLP’s manifesto presentation, I think they are a little on the back foot as it relates to Owen engaging in talk to Freundel about getting rid of Mia. Although Mia was removed quite lawfully, I think Owen missed the chance to simply say Mia will be the next PM of Barbados as he intends to serve for no longer than 5 years (1 term).

    Am trying to ascertain if they were Owen was being booed because of confirming he engaged in light nonsensical banter with Freundel?


    vote truth not party…. vote C.U.P

  30. @ Fed Up

    You should have been there in person. The crowd was 25,000 or more and the atmosphere was electric.

    Why would Owen be booed? That makes no sense.

  31. The mootleys are spending huge sums in st joseph and st andrew and i am waiting for the outcome of those two ridings. Thats a fact.

  32. Mottley’s mother is working in both St.Peter and St. Andrews with good effect, as recent as yesterday she was working on behalf of Haynesley Benn in the Maynards Housing area and Retreat areas and prior to that she was in Orange Hill in support of Irene, you BLP jokers believe you have a leader in Arthur but at midnight on the 21 st Mottley would with the help of the DLP have rid the political landscape of Barbados of some of the biggest frauds in this Barbadian political landscape.

  33. Observing(...)

    There is a moment in every election when despondency on one side or the next can be easily sensed. It appears we are reaching that point in this election.

    Just observing

  34. millertheanunnaki

    @ TO THE POINT | February 15, 2013 at 5:10 AM |
    “That’s a fact.”

    What do you mean by that? That you are waiting on the outcomes or that the Mottley’s spending huge sums?

    Next week’s Thursday evening or Friday morning will confirm the results of the outcomes.
    But for the large sums you will have to produce the evidence or be classed as a “bald pooch cat” called ‘Pointy’.

    Imagine the likes of you and the other DLP stink mouths talking about integrity and carrying on a “clean campaign” and then getting up on platforms maliciously denigrating citizens and telling young people to look to drug lords for money.
    Don’t you think if the PM had chastised the “lazy waiting on hand outs’ young people by telling them to go back to the cane fields or pick cotton it would have been more “to the point” but to go sell drugs is really discharging a political bullet to his own head.

  35. So he wants them to go sell drugs so the present prison can become over crowded, make it look to the Americans like they are actually fighting the drug problem, build a new prison, get kickbacks, while their drug dealing buddies supply more drugs and everyone, except the taxpayers, go home wealthy. Oh yeah, the poor will continue to fill up the prisons. What bothers me is that people actually take these political criminals seriously.

  36. DLP starting to look like a losing team… Look at their faces on the platform. Heard Adriel Brathwaite and Todd already pack up shop and accepting their defeat

  37. Not too sure you Jevan will enjoy the results of the most recent poll that the BLP wanted redone because it would not paint the picture that they wanted it to paint for them.

    The PM’s popularity has shown extreme growth he is polling at 36 % whereas Arthur 32 % and at the time that Poll was done the margin had narrowed to 3 % points..

    Now it clearly says to me that the trust that the BLP placed in Arthur
    Was mislaid trust, and they are now in a rapid melt down and no wonder the fighting among themselves has become even more vicious and wicked and no wonder Mottley is meeting success in having jokers and criminals like Arthur Etal eradicated from the political landscape Barbadian Politics.

  38. @Fractured

    Was Operation Bang, or was it Bang Bang postponed?

  39. Observing(...)

    It appears the fat lady is only 5 minutes away. Apparently she’s warming up her throat. No bang bang, no bombshell, no smoking gun, no increase in momentum, no advantage. The poll results will seal the perception, the candidates’ demeanor will seal the surrender, the last few days will seal the deal.

    Tis a sad day in Barbadian politics.

    Just Observing

  40. Observing(...)

    Tis a sadder day when a mature political party can’t even get it’s propaganda right.


  41. just Asking !!

    @ Burning Red .
    Providing your scoop on the polls is correct it shows that Stuart has done what previously published poll statistics had suggested was well nigh impossible ; he closed a 30% gap between himself and Arthur from the original poll and is now 4% better. Well the writing is on the wall; the Stuart juggernaut is on the move and will not be stopped; Barbadians vote on their preference for a leader; BLP supporters will have to explain what has been responsible for this horrendous Arthur slide; the result can be announced ; IT WILL BE THE DEMS AGAIN .

  42. Observing(...)

    @burning red
    Come clean and tell us WHERE that poll was done. You can fool some of the people some of the time but ……..

    Just observing

  43. millertheanunnaki

    @ Burning Red | February 16, 2013 at 4:23 AM |
    How come previous Wickham polls were suspect, manipulated, biased and unreliable but now the most recent one is fair and true?

    Are the Nation and CADRES now being bribed to that extent by the DLP to witness a volte-faced interpretation of the Wickham poll?

  44. Peter ‘Judas’ Wickham, Harley Henry and Fruendel Stuart have served OSA a very cold dish of freshly made revenge.

    It was bound to happen, Barbados too small for OSA to do what he did to Mia and the way he did it and not expect diabolical forces to come together and drive a political stake in his ambitions.

    Allstate fear in love and war, and in politics things are even more fair.

  45. David on February 16, 2013 at 6:48 AM

    Was Operation Bang, or was it Bang Bang postponed?
    Hi david,
    I was away from BU for a while. I was busy welcoming Beenie Man to our shores in true CARICOM spirit.

    Back to Operation Bang , it is obvious you missed Dr. David Estwick presentation last night that the exposed the trickery and treachery of OSA brand of ” optics ” economics . I always told you we the DEMS were going to expose OSA on the big screen. Dr. Estwick through the use of a power presentaion placed the real economic figures during the OSA years and that of the DEMS on the big screen last evening.

    You should have heard the screams of disgust from the crowd when the folly of OSA vodoo economics was exposed.

    That was Operation Bang 1

    OSA says it was only banter between him and PM Stuart on the floor of Parliament over the ” tek Mia Mottley offa muh ” saga . PM Stuart insists OSA wrote him a note.

    For OSA sake , I hope he was SOBER !

    When PM Stuart set the record straight on that issue:

    Then that will be Operation Bang 2

    Now to Peter ” go tek a pole ” Wickham.
    His data tomorrow shows
    BEES – 17 seats
    DEMS – 13 seats
    Peter in his analysis says it is too close to call

    The swing has fallen from 7% to 4% against the DEMS.

    PM Stuart popularity is now 36% , Owen Arthur is at 32%

    That clearly tells me that WICKHAM is having a lot of influence on this GENERAL ELECTION. I guess that is possible now that PM Stuart has promised him an Ambassador pick….to. BULL – GARIA .

    This Barbados is a very strange place !!!!

    But David the TRUTH of it all…… OSA will not win this election……..the forces of Mia Mottley and Peter Wickham are too POWERFUL.

    Their role and impact in this GE would be the final Operation Bang.

    I know of what I speak.

  46. Observing(...)

    “I know of what I speak.
    Unfortunately we have seen no evidence of this as yet. We await confirmation of your figures tomorrow. You may still have time to redeem yourself. :)


    nothing but lies and to waste so much paper. nothing they want to do is on land that they own, waste of time. soon they will know.

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