General Election 2013, a Campaign of Nothing So far

DLP 2008 Manifesto under heavy criticism by the Opposition.

DLP 2008 Manifesto under heavy criticism by the Opposition.

BU joins many who are concerned about the lack of ideas and fertile discussion coming from the political platforms by both political parties.  One should easily have thought that the economic and social challenges which confront global economies  – and which ours is very dependent – would have guided the platform speak of all candidates in the coming general election.

The other concern is the reluctance by the two major political parties to release their Manifestos at the earliest time in what is a short campaign period. Up to now a Manifesto was taken for granted by the political parties and the public. BU is hopeful that in the age of social media the time has come where ordinary citizens will be able to demand accountability of our governments. What we have is the ridiculous situation of politicians barking about the past instead offering proposals of how to chart a path forward for Barbados.

We wait!

118 responses to “General Election 2013, a Campaign of Nothing So far

  1. @ Rubes
    And after all these people are sent home who are going to man the organisations–monkeys, machines or the fictitious 70,000 Guyanese? Enjoying watching the Dems defend their ‘wreckord’. Jesus take the wheel.


  2. Stuart will carry out his directive, the new world order is taking shape and the chosen leader for this region must take his position at the helm. No party or leader comes to be unless it is agreed and it has been agreed that the directive must be carry out. You are right Mr. Tackle, there is no such thing as democracy, that was thrown through the window since 1776 for the New World Order to show the way. Those who lack wisdom and understanding let the Great Architect enlighten you.!!! Remember the leader has been chosen and there is nothing any of you mortals can do about it.


  3. David (not BU)

    “The privatisation of the Harrison’s Cave, 300 persons. That is more than the current work population there.”

    if Lowe said that he is dumber than a green cow on a brown pasture. clearly he would have to be reading from paper which was given to him mins before he get on stage.

    how foolish are these people?


  4. Tings dred..Wevoting RED

    Campaign sweet……We voting out Fruendel and company. If wanna got a problem with dat SMILE cuz it on and popping come the 21st DEM OUT


  5. Tings dred..We voting RED

    Its a DUN DEAL


  6. Tings dred..We voting RED

    Stress free | February 4, 2013 at 11:30 PM |

    The crowd the crowd how big is it
    The crowd was MASSIVE….15,ooo strong EASILY…its all ova for the DEES… I think they know it..


  7. Fiddler on Roof

    @ Voting Red

    Tick, tick, tick tick………………….BOOM.

    The BLP will set a recod in having run the better campaign but STILL lost.


  8. Jus Mekkin Sport

    @ Fiddler
    If you beleive that the only thing LOST around here,is your mind .!
    FRugabe ,is already a Duppy and he soon gonna be fiddle along sida you pon de roof.
    Yuh also believe in the Tooth Fairy?


  9. tired of this

    @ We voting Dems again

    I read your post on the speech given by Lowe on privatization and assuming he actually said that, I admit it scares me.
    I am going to assume the numbers of people quoted equate to the full staff currently employed at NCF (heaven help us if more than 300 people work at the NCF) , transport board, port etc, etc. He appears to have listed just about every department besides cabinet.
    What scares me is that Lowe believes someone is going to take up money, pay the government for the institution that is a going concern, earning revenue, it’s stock, real estate etc. and fire the entire staff. Why would anyone buy an operation and then fire the entire staff? if you have no staff how are you going to transact business and earn revenue? Why would you for example, buy transport board and fire it’s work force? So you can be the proud owner of old buses and empty offices? Likewise the sanitation department? Also, who the heck is going to buy the NCF? How do you sell off the education ministry?

    This stuff makes sense to DLP supporters? If it does that is truly frightening.


  10. Jus mekkin sport …yuh got muh laffing bad, RFLMAO.

    Tired of this……Hitler had lots of supporters, you don’t have to have any morals or commonsense to be a supporter nor a politician.


  11. Gregory Nicholls is destroying Sinckler in Deacons…..pure class speech!!! Not a bad word so far, no insulting and disrespectful language.


  12. If a classless show pig buffoon like Nicholls beats a sincere young intelligent politician like Sincklair who definitely has a contribution to make to the society then may God help us.


  13. It is really outrageous that the trio of Mia!OSA!and Mascot! could be making such outlandish promises when the country is struggling to pay off the high debts left behind by the BLP while at the same time the credit rating agencies are telling barbados that in order to sustain a high credit rating the country must control its spending and bring its debt down…….this country high debt must be a first priority and not what the BLP perception as one of giveaways to tackle the nation economic problem.


  14. @ac

    What is outrageous is that Mr Sinckler is NOT telling us how the government will find the money to continue paying all those persons that have NOW swollen the government workforce.


  15. I am still searching the globe for economic proposals that can reasonably be viewed as having THE potential to resolve the situations in the US, and Europe. Anyone been able to find anything that can give us hope of an ease short or long term?


  16. Good discussion going on VoB at the moment. The gist, how can the government sustain three years of spending more than it is earning.


  17. That is another bold face lie “Watching” you told . The govt as of recent stated that they are aggressively pursusing business that have failed to pay vat which is also another source of generating revenue.


  18. Observing(...)


    The first real discussion for the season.

    Noticed that Commissiong called for public debates



  19. millertheanunnaki

    @ David | February 6, 2013 at 10:16 AM |

    Yes, David, and quite rightly pushing the issue of mandatory privatization/divestment/outsourcing of many of the current government provided services. This economic rearrangement must occur under either B or D.
    “Who will put the genie back in the bottle?”

    Ryan, the DLP yardfowls like ac will cuss you but the miller is 100% behind you on your quest to bring some sanity and efficiency to this badly managed public sector.


  20. @ac

    Take David’s advice and tune in to VOB and be educated. Revenue have increased yet Goverment cannot get its bills paid sans NIS money. What is the reason for the run away expenditure on the current account?


  21. Meanwhile in a secret location the pole taker Wickham and his pole taker associates conducting a cherry picked poll gloating he is never wrong. Look for Wickham’s poll to be released just before election day. Wikileaks Wickham has worked beyond overtime to oust Fruendel from offfice. We shall see.


  22. @miller

    But divestment and privatisation must be managed strategically. At the moment we are dumping assets because government is broke. Note we have not gotten here in the last 5 years.


  23. @David
    “Good discussion going on VoB at the moment. The gist, how can the government sustain three years of spending more than it is earning”……

    Yes indeed, David.

    How can they? Simple answer, our NIS funds! And Justin Robinson just would not tell us a word on the status of the NIS yet with all the borrowing of NS funds, Sinkliar still tell us that the NIS has a surplus of 10 million dollars every month. With 16,000 unemployed since 2008?

    I am surprised that the BLP allowed Sinkliar and the DLP to shut them up on this matter. The Dems if God forbid they win this election will have to do a Sandi, of that I am sure.


  24. So are we saying here that the only way forward seen by the BLP is Privitisation. so if that is so why wouldn.t the trio openly tell the electorate. What are they afraid of.


  25. ac,
    Did you even hear or understood what was being discussed? Even David Ellis agreed that pouring 50 million a year into TB is unsustainable.What about it that you dont understand that Barbados is broke?

    The freeness and give aways have to stop.

    But ac, how could you Dems be so cold hearted as to parade sixteen Barbadians who did not ask to be part of the publicity stunt paraded them on DLPTV, give the people the keys to the houses as a show and then took them back. Next day Courts came back for the furniture. Caswell, the same bed FS was lying down on. It was all for show.

    ac, That was cold hearted!


  26. Fractured BLP

    Owen Arthur is the best.

    In 2008 when he was in charge of CBC he ran from the leadership debate !

    In 2013 now that he is not in charge of CBC he running from the leadership debate !

    Does he want to debate on Fox news or CNN ?

    The problem Owen is you….not the CBC TV station .

    You are petrified of being exposed on the silver screen .


  27. When did David ellis become the governor of the Central bank or Minister of finance and then again he maybe if the BLP continue to listen and espoused hisadvice on things economy.


  28. Interesting to hear John Boyce call the show today to reveal he just received a report about transforming the Transport Board. No mention of energy efficient buses. Maybe he forgot to mention.


  29. Did Donville Inniss also support privatisation when he called in too and admitted it is the way of the future?


  30. David
    Did not get to hear all of brass tacks but could you tell me if Ryan Straughn addressed the proposals put forward by Owen Arthur and Clyde Mascoll.
    Did he speak about giving the civil servants a salary increase.
    Did he speak about removing the 2.5% from the VAT?
    Did he speak about the BLP subsidizing electricity bill and what effect it will have on the deficit
    Where are the new policies of the BLP?


  31. @Clone

    Ryan’s focus was on the need for government curb expenditure. We are spending more which is not sustainable. Our interest on debt is rising. Something has to give it does not matter who wins the next election. Both parties are not telling the people the truth.


  32. Excellent program today on VOB Brass tacks. We need more like this for all to hear exactly the state this country is in. We want politicians to be honest for once but I am asking for too much.


  33. millertheanunnaki

    @ David | February 6, 2013 at 11:27 AM |
    “miller: But divestment and privatisation must be managed strategically. At the moment we are dumping assets because government is broke. Note we have not gotten here in the last 5 years.”

    And you are quite right! Even Donville’s contribution to the VOB prgramme was most refreshing and in sync with Ryan’s recommendations where Health is concerned.

    What is most disappointing is that the party which started the “Privatization” programme way back in 1991/92 turned its back on its baby that was partly adopted but its godfather BLP but will once again be forced to support it.

    We are noticing how unfortunately disappointing the DLP hacks have now turned on poor Ryan Straughn and branding him a BLP supporter and propagandists.
    We are not surprised at you, ac. The truth always hurts and blinds liars like you and your fellow political fools. Next move is to associate Ryan with Peter Wickham and question his status in other aspects with your vitriol and vilification.


  34. Fractured BLP

    Approaching 7:00 O’clock and thousands of DEMS massive have already begun to descend on Passage Road.

    Just had a look to the West in the direction of St. Peter and saw SQUANDERMAN down there buzzing around. His guarding angels….Miller and Islandgal were by his side !

    Stay tuned .


  35. Jesus H Christ read Barbados Today over past few nights it is simply a full fledged mouth piece for the BLP masquerading as internet news. Whats become of Roy Morris’ rape case with a minor.


  36. millertheanunnaki

    @ David:

    Do you know if the letter of apology -to be given by LIME to the affected workers, BWU leaders and the Minister of Labour- has been, should we say, ‘signed off’ by the Prime Minister?
    Or is it still on his desk waiting to go “missing” like the CLICO forensic report?


  37. Caswell Franklyn


    You would not believe that a well known chief executive in this country attempted to discipline his workers because he claimed that he consulted with his obeah woman, who informed him that the workers had conspired together to cause problems at the workplace.

    Sent from my iPad


  38. Ryan Straughn of the Barbados Economic Society has called for a quicker pace of reduction in expenditure. Straughn said that he was still trying to analyse the increase in government expenditure over the last few years.

    What Straughn should share with the public is the impact on government expenditure in 2008 which the new government was faced with:

    The 30 million dollar yearly repayment for Dodds
    The ballooning cost of the ABC highway left by the BLP without a contract.
    The bridging loan for the judicial centre.
    The 30 million dollars that had to be found to clear up the BDF pensions.
    The NHC overdraft left at the NHC by the BLP to be cleared.
    The 25 million dollars Tourism Relief Fund that saved our tourism industry from certain collapse.
    The 2008 / 2009 wage settlement for the public service.
    All these were necessary expenditures.
    Government is also a major player in the economy and too drastic a cut in government spending would have a ripple effect on all those small businesses who do business for government.

    what Straugh should go on a political platform and say is that for the government to have reduced its expenditure any futher at that time the place to cut was transfers and subsidies (75% of which is wages and salaries). Therefore what Ryan Straughn is really saying is that Government should have taken a mathematical approach strictly- send home people or charge more for services.
    I am sure the BLP would have publicly supported such an effort to cut expenditure in the same way that the BLP is now praising Donville Inniss every night of this campaign for the necessary reforms he made to save the Drug Service.


  39. @!

    Has the government reduced expenditure or simply transfer to the NIS or NOT pay bills?

    The point is even if we understand what the government is doing, how long can it sustain this approach?

    Our debt interest is rising which means it is crowing out government’s ability to focus on developmental/capacity building projects.


  40. @David,
    Donville Inniss has made all the right moves in trying to address the expenditure and waste in our healthcare system and the BLP response was to try to capitalise politically by running false full page ads about old women not getting medicine.That is the real issue in addressing major issues- if you make the bold moves like Donville, your opponents will try to lash you politically for doing so.
    So over 20 years ago the public service was cut in a structural adjustment programme and the party in power paid the political price. While the successor came in and increased the ranks agian with their party supporters.

    I however do not think that now is the time to be cutting public sector jobs to reduce expenditure.If we send home public servants, it will have a negative effect as it will reduce aggregate demand, further depress growth and might allow cover for some in the private sector to follow suit.

    Productivity and Increased efficiency in The Public Service.
    I think the unions will have to sit with government and look at the issue of increased productivity across Barbados.It is interesting that some areas are understaffed while some are desperately in need of additional manpower.
    Put a freeze on hiring clerical staff in the public service at least for 8 months unless it is a highly technical and specialised area.
    There must be a reevaluation of the rules under which our public service operates so as to look at sanction for non performance.We cannot have public officers sitting doing little and getting a salary becasue they were sent by a politician. The management and supervision in the public service must be addressed. If you have a big wage bill but people are working assiduously and being productive Barbados will advance.

    Financing Education
    I also think that the focus of our education should have been shifted from such a heavy investment at the tertiary level and a greater focus on technical and vocational ,sciences and early childhood education. It is cheaper and more beneficial to train people at that level than to pay for persons sitting at UWI studying subjects for which there is no demand even sometimes in the teaching profession.


  41. We have reached ” Fantastic Friday ” of the 2013 General Election campaign and looking back at the state of play, here are the points standing :

    1. creativity of posters – DEMS 8 points / BEES 6 points
    2. platform presentations – DEMS 7 points / BEES 5 points
    3. realistic proposals – DEMS 8 points / BEES 5 points
    4. crowd attendance – DEMS 8 points / BEES 5 points
    5. campaign jingles – DEMS 6 points / BEES 8 points
    6. campaign songs – DEMS 8 points / BEES 5 points
    7. threats of law suits – DEMS 0 points / BEES 10 points

    So it is clear from the data above, that the DEMS have amassed 45 points to the BEES 44 points.

    So right now it is a neck and neck……horse race !

    PM Stuart had indicated long ago that a BLP horse training at the Garrison by itself ” looks good “…..until the other horse (DLP) join the race.
    His prediction seems to be spot on.

    From the data above also, one will notice that OSA legal threat to Chris Sinckler has spiked the BEES numbers !

    So the question remains… come Owen cannot find a lawyer to threaten PM Stuart…over the Mia ” tek she offa muh ” note ?

    Owen….time is running out !


  42. millertheanunnaki

    @ ! ! | February 8, 2013 at 4:40 PM |
    “So right now it is a neck and neck……horse race!”

    Man, “!!”, you like you seeing “doubles”. You were told not to wear blinkers while dressed up as a jackass running in a one horse race.
    How can you arrive at a neck and neck position by awarding an additional 10 points to flagging horse whose threats of law suits should be handicapped?

    We are not at all impressed with your uncontrollable predilection to break all rules and guidelines of political decorum.
    Don’t you know that in our system of justice and fair play the onus is on the prosecution to prove a man guilty and not the other way around?
    So get off your high horse and play by the rules. Let the Fumbler produce the hard evidence to convict OSA in the People’s Court of Justice. Don’t forget the Pegasus tapes, ya hear!


  43. Observing(...)

    “Donville Inniss has made all the right moves in trying to address the expenditure and waste in our healthcare system”

    What about the other systems and other ministers??

    “I also think that the focus of our education should have been shifted”

    Does any party have the balls to shift it?

    “So right now it is a neck and neck……horse race !”

    In a neck and neck horse race the government always loses. You posted all that data (which is highly debatable) and yet cannot come away with a DLP victory. Herein lies the problem for the Dees.

    Just Observing.


  44. @!. creativity of posters – DEMS 8 points / BEES 6 points………………………….

    Wunnah aint shame that the posters printed your names with surnames first. They look lame and you give yourself 8 points. You are so stupid!


  45. Fractured BLP

    Prodigal Son on February 8, 2013 at 6:58 PM
    @!. creativity of posters – DEMS 8 points / BEES 6 points………………………….

    Wunnah aint shame that the posters printed your names with surnames first. They look lame and you give yourself 8 points. You are so stupid!
    Well Prodigal what you deem as stupidity… actually a masterstroke by the DEMS.

    Because in the polling booth on 21st February 2013 the candidates on the ballot paper would appear SURNAMES first !

    It is better to reinforce that point….before that day !


  46. It has been drawn to BU’s attention that gangs of people contracted to debush government spaces have been sighted wearing DEMS tee shirts. A recent sighting was in Windsor, St. George this morning.


  47. Caswell Franklyn

    The DEMs should be creative enough to print posters that comply with the law. Why aren’t the independent electoral authorities taking action against the DEMS? You must now really question what they call independent.

    Sent from my iPad


  48. @ Break Up
    “Well Prodigal what you deem as stupidity… actually a masterstroke by the DEMS.

    Because in the polling booth on 21st February 2013 the candidates on the ballot paper would appear SURNAMES first !………….

    You just shame that the Americans print the things wrong and you now come to take shame out of your face by saying you are preparing for polling date. You are incredible!


  49. millertheanunnaki

    @ Fractured BLP | February 8, 2013 at 7:25 PM
    “It is better to reinforce that point….before that day!”

    And to think that the Dems like to boast about how literate and intelligently discerning Bajans are thanks to Dipper Barrow and the DLP. Ordinary Bajans have been voting since 1951.
    We know they are easily taken in by gimmicks, giveaways and freeness but you mean you still have to treat them like Pavlov dogs.


  50. Miller,
    Can you imagine the audacity of Mara Thompson that she of all people could get on a political platform and say that her husband may be dead but those on the other side are morally dead?

    Mara, tell me that you did not really mean to say so. You of all people really got the nerve to talk about somebody else’s morals?

    You who stood by your husband and watch him collect the 35,000 CLICO policyholders millions and left them penniless today!

    You who allowed your husband to use the same policyholders monies and buy a house in your name and Greenverbs’ wife name to cover their hides?

    You who as office manager of Thompson Associates oversaw Greenverbs laundering 3.3 million of CLICO policyholders monies. You who signed the cheque to pass on this laundered money to Greenverbs…………………….

    You got the audacity to talk about the BLP being morally dead. Woman, you got a nerve!


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