Say NO to the Return of the Barbados Labour Party

Submitted by Wolsley Grannum , Atlanta  GA
Stuart and Arthur, political leaders of the DLP and BLP

Stuart and Arthur, political leaders of the DLP and BLP

In 1992 independent Presidential candidate Ross Perot dropped out of the presidential race, citing dirty tricks and scare tactics by the Republican Party, as the reason for his decision. Twenty years later, the Republican Party continues to practice dirty tricks and scare tactics on the American People. The just concluded Presidential elections here in America clearly showed up the Republicans for who they truly are. This once great party of Abraham Lincoln has lost its way.  This Republican Party did everything in its power to defeat President Barrak Obama. From voter suppression to smear campaigns, personal attacks, media manipulation and negative campaigning, all supported by billionaires who had one agenda. That agenda was to defeat the President. In spite of all they did Barrak Obama won re-election with 52% of the vote.

In Barbados the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) has come to the end of its first term in office and general elections have been called for February 21, 2013. Weeks ago in anticipation of the pending announcement, the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) like the Republican Party had already resorted to dirty tricks and scare tactics to defeat the DLP. This once great party of Grantley Adams has lost its way. It has been taken over by right- wing conservatives who will lie, cheat, manipulate the media through negative campaign advertising, and through bogus manoeuvrings (like boycotting parliament) intended to scare Barbadians into voting for them.

Boycotting of parliament was a ploy intended to force the Prime Minister into calling the elections, so that they the opposition will have something to talk about during the election campaign. Prime Minister Stuart is no fool . He is a brilliant lawyer, an educator, a serious and honest politician and a great orator who makes it clear that he will not be side tracked or thrown off course by the political machinations and political chicanery of the BLP. He must and will remain focus to the task of making Barbados a better place for all its citizens. The DLP does not have to resort to dirty tricks and scare tactics to win the election. Its record over the last five years will be enough to convince the people of Barbados to give them a second term. The BLP like the Republicans will try to make this election a referendum on the economy, and they will fail.

The American economy which is the biggest in the world is going through some serious challenges. Unemployment is up by 8%.  The prospects of a full economic recovery will not be realized  until  the year 2020 according to the experts. Things in America are rough for everyone. I have some friends living here in Georgia who tells me every day that they plan to go back to Barbados, because things In Barbados are better that in America. Some of them have been unemployed for more than two years. Unemployment benefits have dried up for them. They have no health insurance for their families, and some are on welfare and food stamps.   One of them in particular has his bags packed  to return to Barbados but he is waiting for the outcome of the elections. He assures me that if the DLP is returned to power he will make the move. If the BLP wins he will stay in America and ride out the economic storm. Can you imagine that in the wealthiest nation on the face of the earth there are persons with Masters Degrees working as cashiers at store all across the USA? How many Bajans in Barbados with masters’ degrees working as cashiers or flipping burgers at Burger King or Cheffette?

I hope that Barbadians like the Americans will understand that politics is not only about the economy alone, but it is also about being a part of a society that cares about their welfare. That is why the Americans rejected Mitt Romney and the Republican Party. The DLP has demonstrated over the last five years that it is a party that cares about people. It has passed some of the most progressive social legislation in Barbados since the 1960s when it was in power. In spite of the downturn in the global economy, there has not been any major dislocation in the society. No retrenchment of worker in the civil service, no massive layoffs in the private sector, the hospital is not closed, Houses are being built, Roads are being repaired, the polyclinics are open daily, the schools are open and Barbados is still functioning at full throttle.

The people of Barbados cannot return to the failed policies of the BLP. The policies that got Barbados in this mess in the first place. During the years of plenty they wasted the taxpayer’s money on riotous living. As the date of election draws closer and closer the BLP will continue to resort to trick and scare tactics to win the election. I call on all the foot soldiers of the DLP to do what myself and others in the Democratic Party here in Georgia did to reelect President Obama. We knocked on doors for him, put up posters for him, worked in the polling stations and proclaimed the message of the Democratic Party here in America. You the supporters of the DLP must do the same. Your mission is to make sure that the DLP is returned to power on February 21, 2013. “Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning”. Boycotting parliament was trick no.1which did not work. Don’t be fooled there are many more tricks still left in the BLP’s bag.  Beware!

286 responses to “Say NO to the Return of the Barbados Labour Party



  2. Fractured BLP

    Owen Arthur must be complimented for his skill in MISPRONUNCIATION of words.

    On the night of 2nd February 2013 @ Haggatt Hall he said :

    # His leadership is tried ….that should have been TIRED !

    # His leadership is tested…..that should have been TAINTED !

    # His leadership is proven…that should have been PRISON !

    That happens because there is too much RUM…….between his tongue and the roof of his mouth .


  3. All those born before 1960, than you for your services over the years. Now please pack your Georgie bundles and report to the departure gate. This is the gospel of the Queen of St. Andrew, sole proprietor of the fountain of youth.


  4. Bdos Underground Talkshop

    Time will tell


  5. Gabriel Tackle

    @Rawbake 930am Feb04
    Is this fountain of youth a new political party?Have you dissed Irene because she did not go outside to move her car on Wed 16th Jan but to see the ‘flatform tekking dung’to quote her;further was she one of the many who had no idea that parliament was dissolved and turned up for a meeting of the senate on Jan 23rd the day after the fumbling froon went the pilgrim’s residence after he was advised by Hal that he cannot wait to announce the dissolution of parliament at the esplanade because he would be breaking the 11.00pm curfew for meetings?


  6. NationBLPnewspaper

    the only current MP who references Mugabe in his parliamentary speeches is the BLP MP for St. George North Gline Clarke.


  7. NationBLPnewspaper

    “So both parties do the same thing, what is new here”
    I beg to differ.
    Have you ever seen a five year period when a newspaper’s writers were so vicious against one political party?

    Have you ever seen a 5 year period when a newspaper had writers attacking the same party non stop almost everyday of the week?

    Have you ever seen a period when a newspaper did a countdown on a Prime Minister regarding implementation of phase 2- I never recall such a stunt being pulled before.

    Have you ever seen a newspaper send an invitation to a sitting Prime Minister signed by a low level staffer and then consistenly publicly disparage the PM for choosing not to attend?

    Have you ever seen a socalled independent journalist calling an opposition leader a Prime Minister in waiting?

    Have you ever seen a newspaper writer who is supposed to be independent calling for the defeat of a government as Pat Hoyos consistently does ?

    The Nation newspaper has not been fair. People can come with the usual “CBC does do it too” excuse but since when was CBC a standard for balanced journalism. Certainly not when Arthur was editing the CBC news in Roebuck Street before it was read.
    BLP supporters will ignore what is happening at the Nation because it suits their narrow political interest but in the long run the public of Barbados will not benefit from a major newspaper trying to promote and ultimately protect a political party.That is putting party before country.


  8. Nation critic,

    Is it your role in this campaign to be on BU everyday lambasting the Nation? Why dont you write to the Nation and outline your concerns instead of annoying the hell out of BU members with your constant rant and raving everyday?

    It is tiresome because you are so partisan, you would not or cannot see the blatant bias on DLPTV and the Advocate. Have you forgotten that the Nation had offered the DLP a column and during the dispute with the nation and Hartley Henry, they told the Nation to stuff it?

    Remember then DT had just won and he and the kingmaker were powerful so they took on the Nation. Why should the Nation care what you and he DLP say when your PM vowed not to spend a cent with them. That is until now when they need the people the Nation reaches out to!

    You are a hypocrite!


  9. Here is another reason to vote for a BITTER Barbados under the BLP.

    On Saturday night @ Haggatt Hall the BLP MC , Jamar Browne said the crowd at the meeting was 15000.

    On 4th February 2013 , the BLP ad states the crowd was 25000.


    So you mean to tell us with such a gathering….Owen Arthur refused to explain to them why he chose to dump MAM on the DEMS ?

    Let the music… !


  10. Smooth Chocolate

    @Hants | February 3, 2013 at 11:38 AM |
    “Please explain how you know this? Do you have security cameras and spotters throughout the “area”??

    ARE U SEMI RETARDED or just plain RETARDED? MY ‘AREA’ U POPPET IS MY u think i would be so ignorant as to speak about some area i know nothing about?

    came home from work today and realised that the idiots who put up the incorrect poster have taken them down but have yet to replace them with the correct ones, maybe the clown(s) read this blog


  11. Smooth Chocolate

    @Adrian Hinds | February 3, 2013 at 12:19 PM |
    ” and if the DLP has not been reaching out to middle class Barbadians -the largest block of Barbadians, then they have not done enough to confidently secure a second term.”

    100% CORRECT


  12. @Smooth Chocolate wrote “do u think i would be so ignorant as to speak about some area i know nothing about? ”

    No I don’t think you are ignorant but it must have occurred to you that given in your words “came home from work today and realised that the idiots who put up the incorrect poster have taken them down.”

    It is possible that you were not at home when the “candidates wre in your neighbourhood.

    It is good that you do have a job and don’t have to wait fuh Owen to gih yuh one.


  13. Smooth Chocolate

    @Hants | February 4, 2013 at 7:55 PM |
    “It is good that you do have a job and don’t have to wait fuh Owen to gih yuh one.”

    i have NEVER had to depend on anyone except my family and NEVER will. my dad loved a song by mighty sparrow called, Education, (i think) he sang that song so often, it was like a national anthem, do not know much about it but i remember just one word from it which seemed very important ‘education’


  14. Smooth Chocolate on February 4, 2013 at 9:15 PM
    @Hants | February 4, 2013 at 7:55 PM |
    “It is good that you do have a job and don’t have to wait fuh Owen to gih yuh one.”

    i have NEVER had to depend on anyone except my family and NEVER will. my dad loved a song by mighty sparrow called, Education, (i think) he sang that song so often, it was like a national anthem, do not know much about it but i remember just one word from it which seemed very important ‘education’
    According to you ” you dad sang it so often , it was like a national anthem……do not know much about it but remember one word ”

    Truly amazing even after spending all that time in your ” father’s class” you could only remember one word ?

    No wonder you always sing Owen Arthur’s praises….because he is driven by one word…..CORRUPTION !


  15. To show you how disrespectful Owen Arthur is to the intelligence of Bajans. In the BLP strategy to downplay the role of the deep global recession he wants to try to make the BLP supporters at the Bay Street meeting believe that it is only Barbados facing tough economic winds so he compares the growth rate of Barbados to that of Guyana. He did not compare the growth rate of other tourism dependent economies in the Caribbean. NO – he conveniently goes to Guyana where growth was driven by rise in demand for commodities like Gold.
    He then conveniently jumps to BOTSWANA – Diamond mining has fueled much of the expansion and currently accounts for more than one-third of GDP, 70-80% of export earnings, and about half of the government’s revenues.
    He then jumps to Singapore – Singapore is not a democracy in the sense of Barbados.It is basically a dictatorship.
    Arthur needs to be honest for once on the platform.However, he cannot show the BLP supporters how poor the other Caribbean countries are doing as this would undermine the BLP spindoctor’s argument.


  16. Arthur is basically a bullshitter – hear him at the meeting saying that it was up to the Supervisor Of Insurance to act on CLICO -“The minister don’t get involved in that” – you hear BS, that is BS. If you believe that , You also believe that pigs fly.


  17. @Raw bake

    How old id Haynesley Benn?


  18. NationBLPnewspaper

    I will continue to shine the light on how biased the Nation newspaper has been over the last 5 years against the DLP government consistently putting out information which was intended to pull down the government while turning a blind eye to an arrogant opposition leader who basically boycotted Parliament because he lost in 2008. – NOT ONE STORY FROM THE NATION about that.
    The BLP website is full of quotes from socalled independent Nation newspaper “columnists” and now we even have BLP campaign ads using clips from the Nation newspaper headlines. Once again, proof that the BLP campaign against the government has been supported by the Nation newspaper headlines. Too bad despite all her efforts, Kaymar is on the outside looking in “coincidentally” after a headline that the opposition leader did not find flattering.A newspaper’s role should not be to campaign for a political party but guess what – Clyde Mascoll will jump straight from a BLP platform into a Nation newspaper “column” on Thursday where the BLP campaign continues. The truth must be told. The Nation newspaper is trying to sway its voters to support the BLP at any Price.(Pun intended Sanka).


  19. It is amazing how the DEMS conveniently leave out the misuse of CBC by them as their own PRIVATE station and constantly attack the Nation and VOB that at least bring the views of both parties. CBC’s bias is so evident that it’s ratings fell. They have PRIVATIZED CBC and looking to say they are against the very thing they did. What is totally amazing is that they are using tax payers money and not their own. It also seems that the Advocate has become a mouth piece for them also. I am indeed sorry for CBC – CONTROLLED BIASED COMMUNICATIONS……


  20. Global Tourism Set For Strong 2013
    January 29, 2013
    Bookmark and Share

    Global tourism is proving resilient in the face of an economic slowdown, with tourist numbers growing at close to pre-crisis levels in 2012 and expected to increase by almost as much this year, the UN World Tourism Organisation said on Tuesday.

    Europe held onto its position as the world’s most-visited region in 2012 but Asia-Pacific is catching up, recording the biggest increase in tourists in 2012 and expecting another strong performance this year.


  21. WASHINGTON — The U.S. economy unexpectedly contracted in the fourth quarter, suffering its first decline since the 2007-09 recession as businesses scaled back on restocking and government spending plunged.

    Gross domestic product fell at a 0.1% annual rate after growing at a 3.1% clip in the third quarter, the Commerce Department said on Wednesday.

    That was the worst performance since the second quarter of 2009, when the recession ended, and showed the economy entering the new year with no momentum.


  22. The fact is that the economies of most our international trading partners came out of recession many years ago….why the constant reference from the DEMS to recession…an EXCUSE maybe for the lack of real leadership, proper management and lack of creative solution implementation by them?


  23. CBC is like a political whore house paid for by taxpayers.


  24. Hawaii’s tourism industry sets new visitor spending and arrival records in 2012, reports the Hawaii Tourism Authority (HTA), the state’s agency for tourism. Visitor spending in 2012 reached $14.3 billion, surpassing the previous record of $12.8 billion set in 2007, according to preliminary statistics released this week. Visitor arrivals to the Hawaiian Islands also reached a new record of 7,998,815 exceeding the 2006 record of 7,628,118.
    “As we look to 2013, we are optimistic for another strong year for tourism in Hawaii, targeting $14.88 billion in visitor spending and 8.2 million arrivals. We will continue to work with our industry partners to focus on increasing direct airlift, while creating unique experiences that share our people, place and culture, not found anywhere else in the world,” added McCartney.

    Nevistas Publishing (


  25. And Hawaii is all the way in the Pacific, imagine that!!


  26. Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right!

    @ Roverp

    Could you please advise how the Hawaii Tourism Authority is able to mine its tourism spend information.

    Both Ministers of Tourism, Lynch and Sealy are said to have been unable to get the relevant statistics from the MoT, BTA, the BHTA and not to be excluded the impotent CTO.

    It is actually said that Sealy (he of the vacant stare above the heads of humans he is talking to) when he realised that the Chief Immigration Officer Mrs Griffith was unwilling to give him or Ernie Walters statistics on the tourism statistics, inclusive of the true numbers of Guyanese live in Barbados, consulted an obeah woman in Carrington Village, the same one David Gill talking to now, and was able to get these numbers.

    The downside to this was that when he apparently did not pay the whopping $35,000 bill she gave him was that she put some spirits on him and it is they that he is looking at floating over the heads of people that he is talking to nowadays.

    ……….. these are not dots of continuity but salt to make sure that the spirits that he is now seeing dont jump through the internet through my computer to my house


  27. Fractured BLP | February 1, 2013 at 7:49 AM |

    Hello every Barbadian voter , please vote BLP

    # For a BITTER tomorrow
    # For a BITTER privatisation programme
    # For a BITTER transport board
    # For a BITTER sanitation service
    # For a BITTER cbc


    Hello David of BU,

    You and I have begun to influence the political ads in the local press..

    On the 1st of February 2013 I posted the above. You “graciously ”
    published it on BU.

    The political class who follow BU read it…and BANG !!!

    Go to the Nation news paper for 7th February , 2013 on page 27 and see a variation of my posting on 1st February , 2013.

    Let us continue ……the public education, David !


  28. Fractured BLP | February 1, 2013 at 7:49 AM |

    Hello every Barbadian voter , please vote BLP

    # For a BITTER tomorrow
    # For a BITTER privatisation programme
    # For a BITTER transport board
    # For a BITTER sanitation service
    # For a BITTER cbc
    # For a BITTER owen arthur
    # For a BITER mia mottley

    Vote for BITTERS in 2013 !


  29. Bitters is very good for the digestive system and can cure many ailments. Sugar from Frugabe is very dangerous and can lead to amputations.


  30. Georgie Porgie

    12 Not as though I had already attained, either were already perfect: but I follow after, if that I may apprehend that for which also I am apprehended of Christ Jesus.

    13 Brethren, I count not myself to have apprehended: but this one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before,

    14 I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.

    Fumble quoted verse 13

    PAUL is saying in verse 12 that he has not reached spiritual maturity [the meaning of perfect in the NT]

    Paul then makes a pun with the word apprehend [or grasp] and is saying that he wishes to fully grasp the reason why he was arrested [grasped] by the Lord on the Damascus Rd [cf Acts 9].PAUL is here speaking of knowing and carrying out the LORD’S WILL for his life.

    He is saying that he has left Judaism and his status as a Rabbi and member of the Sanhedrin and his role as a Pharasee behind and is seeking the LORD’S approval at the bema or judgement seat of zchrist when Jesus comes.
    Here again Stuart fumbled!


  31. Check-This-Out

    Island girl

    you de bes


  32. @Georgie Porgie,

    Only you and maybe 3 other people can understand what the PM was saying.

    The audience is there for entertainment.


  33. Georgie Porgie

    The man needs to stop trying to make people think he is an intellectual. When you are an intellectual you dont have to prove nutten. Sometimes when you trying to keep it quiet and hide under the radar, it does come out.

    Fumble needs to understand as the great Fannie Fields used to say IF IT IS THERE IT WILL REACT………..IF IT AINT THERE IT CANT REACT

    fUMBLE has obviously spent his time reading, but one wonders if he has understood that which he has read. When one analyses his speeches he says little really. He not even entertaining, and as you said he does not educate the masses, as they seem to be uneducable


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  35. so much fun to reminisce deja vu all over again


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