The People's Poll: Prosperity Through Perseverance With The DLP?

Submitted by Yardbroom
BU commentator favours the DLP

BU commentator favours the DLP

I have headed this submission as a question, rather than a definite statement.  Had I used a statement, some would immediately – they still might – disagree and launch into a myriad of things leading to an emotional discourse.  The intention here is to discover what we disagree on and then drill down to the FACTS before hopefully arriving at  sensible conclusions. . . . even then there will not be unanimity, of that I am sure.

Barbados’ indebtedness is now approximately 117% of GDP.  In the Caribbean region that is not the worse, St Kitts & Nevis is 153%.  In case you say they are our little cousins.  I will then turn to Jamaica whose indebtedness is 139% of GDP.  I will refer you to an insightful extract from an article published in the Jamaica Gleaner on the 16 November 2008:

Although bookings over the winter season and in February from the United States, Canada and Europe are good, hoteliers are coming to believe that the impact of the global economic recession on the industry in the Caribbean will be severe . . . Caribbean tourism has of course, experienced downturns in the past, but these occurred for the most part when the regions economy was more broadly based.. . . .   Moreover, a recession touching tourism will have the dangerous slow-burn effect of causing tax revenues and foreign-exchange reserves to fall, making it more difficult for government to fund social and other programmes and by extension, maintain present levels of employment in the public sector.”

Prophetic words indeed, permit me to fast forward 5 years to 2013.  How does this world wide recession affect Barbados.  Take for example the “key” tourists markets for Barbados, let us use 2010 as an example.

Tourists Arrivals By Country Of Residence:

UK                              181,054

USA                            134,969

Canada                         72,351

CARICOM                    58,923

Trinidad & Tobago       27,259

In one of our KEY markets – the major one – the middle classes in the UK are under pressure, unemployment is higher than the Government there would like, those who have jobs want to keep them and pay their mortgages, the holiday in the sun to far away Barbados is not high on the affordability list.  A segment of that UK populace – those with Barbados connections – and money to spend have not been encouraged to visit Barbados by the welcome they have received in the past. . .a pity.  In some quarters they are seen as a people to fleece, that attitude has worked to the disadvantage of Barbados.

A lot of talk – like poking fingers in the sky – is made of past years but a reality check establishes different thinking.  Barbados’ tourism like other Caribbean countries have experienced downturns in the past but then our economy was more broadly based.  The artificially high prices paid by Europe under preferential arrangements for commodities like sugar lessened the impact.  That prop has been taken away, the situation now is completely different.

It matters not if the BLP is elected tonight, they coming to office will not alter the BASIC FACTS I have outlined.  A change of government “on its own” will matter little.  We should – will have to – lower our expectations as to what we should expect and what we can afford.  Some politicians are being disingenuous, when they say all the fault is with the other Party, they have mismanaged and we can make it all better.  In this economic climate . . they cannot.

Let us turn to Governance, on which there is more latitude and its effect on the quality of life experiences in Barbados.

There is a perception that some politicians have more integrity than others and that influences their actions.  Those without integrity take actions to the detriment of Barbados.  I will not venture into character assassination or enquire into the domestic arrangements of politicians, they are of little interest to me, it is for others to take personal positions.

I will touch briefly on POLLS.  Just recently a poll asked is the Alexandra issue settled?  When the question was asked Mr. Broomes was on sick leave and the BSTU was still in the process of having talks and many teachers – the transferees – had not returned to school.  The high percentage of those who responded with NO caused some alarm.  To my mind it was a “non question” it was evident to all that was a sensible response, in view of the circumstances at the time.  If they were asked is Alexandra in a better situation now than it was when the teachers came out on strike and before the Commission Of Inquiry sat.  The response would have been different.  Polls should be designed not to guide opinion but to reflect opinions “independently held.”  I believe given the cards the Government were left with – this was an old issue –  they accredited themselves satisfactorily.  Some will argue there was a quicker route, that is a moot point.

Barrack, not before time he is being paid.  The Government has seen to that, there is a reasonable argument it should have been done before. . . that I will not dispute.

CLICO: As I understand it Legal action is being taken, now it it is best left to see what the courts decide as the facts will no doubt emerge in a court of Law and those responsible will no doubt be held to account.

Unemployment is still too high but successive governments have found this a difficult nut to crack, even in times of plenty.  I fear it will have to be a holding operation.

There is still the vexed question of the Election Date, some here – clearly BLP supporters , they have said that – have suggested the longer the Prime Minister waits, it is to the BLP’s advantage.  If that is the case, why are they so excited and full of angst.  It is not as if something unlawful is being done.

If you look at the BLP’s Government over 14 years of favourable economic conditions and then look at the DLP during 5 years in a world wide recession.  I am inclined to think this DLP Administration deserves another five years in Government.  The last BLP Administration’s tenure in office is still too fresh for me to have a contrary position, but of course that is only a personal view.

0 responses to “The People's Poll: Prosperity Through Perseverance With The DLP?

  1. David after the elections we should have some serious discussion about Nation building.

    For the next few weeks it is fete and comedy so lets be entertained.


  2. @Hants

    It is sad to see the usual political rhetoric morph to the nonsense which makes for political debate. The exigencies of now should be what influence debate at this time.


  3. David (not BU)

    ac while you keep asking that question, i’m sure the BLP will lay out a plan in its manifesto but i can ask you what DLP have to offer in way of economic growth and sustainability? see as they have been the party in office. remember S&P and Moody’s all them they are going the wrong direction.

    I mention S&P and Moody’s because despite what you DEMs say they are the ones who overseas investor look to for a country’s rating and ours is JUNK if you forget.


  4. Anyone heard the Minister of Housing mention solar energy in the much hyped 2,000 houses project at Bush Park Villages? Yuh mean dem gine mek the same mistakes again?


  5. I anxiously await the Manifestos of both parties.

    Will be very interesting.


  6. @enuff

    Isn’t it a PPP with government leasing the land for 99 years as part of the deal?


  7. david the last plan the BLP laid out was in the last budget that MIA mottley presented chock full of goodies and landen with gifts for everyone. that does not in anyway speaks to viabilty . if that is what to expect . well… .


  8. @balance | January 29, 2013 at 7:26 PM |

    “Creditable defence of your party’s position Mr Yardbroom but Mr Arthur was laughed to scorn when he said he had much more work to do and warned of the imminent recession.Mr Thompson poopoohed economics and his apologists including the gentleman referred to as Arthur by Mr Wickham followed suit on down to brasstacks. yes there has been a recession but evidence indicates that the DLP was left with a reasonably good hand which if played satisfactorily and given the enormous goodwill in their favour could have assured them of another five years rather than now having to rely on pitiful pleas of empathy for another term from goodnatured persons like yourself and the same Arthur of down to brasstacks fame”


    I could not agree with you more.

    The Dems were given a good hand and they blew it. All the scorn and criticism they heaped on the BLP over the last five years, they have never said that they found an empty treasury.

    They came in, novices that they are and started spending like drunken sailors on shore leave. They spent themselves into oblivion talking about Barbados is not only an economy, it is society. They gave away, gave away and when all the money gone they went then to the NIS and have been raiding NIS every month.

    They had a plan to win by their nasty campaign but never stopped to think that now we have the government, we have to govern. Instead they spent their time touring here and touring there. Every time a minister was shifted, more touring. And blaming. Now they have realised that the people are mad as hell with them, they begging for a second chance.


  9. @ac

    Have you read about the plan by Minister David Estwick to invest 400 million to revitalize the sugar industry? Both sides are promising to spend millions, so where is the money coming from?


  10. @ac
    “but tell me what does the BEES have to offer in way of economic growth and sustanabilty”………………

    The BLP offers a completely different path to what the Dems have Barbados on now. We have to do things differently because clearly what you Dems are doing now aint “wukking.”



  11. Barbados has no natural resources and an education system that is fundamentally skewed towards academics and devoid of Creative programs and Computing skills.

    The only path to success will be long term restructuring of the Education system to meet the requirements of current and future income generating endeavors.


  12. @ac
    Get off the anti-privatisation bandwagon, there is audio proof of the Minister of Finance Christopher Sinckler in Parliament talking about the privatisation of NHC and Transport Board to loud thumping of desks by fellow DLP parliamentarians. He was also heard by the whole of Buhbaduss on Brasstacks.


  13. @ ac
    what the bees are hoping for that the majority of barbadians would look back at BLP administration and try to recapture and relive those moments of glory years.

    With a comment like the one above are you sure you want your party to win the elections?


  14. David thereis good debt and bad debt . if the reviltilasation of the sugar industry using the concepts as laid out by dr EStwick help to bring in much needed foreign exchange and jobs the necessity to borrow would be all worth it .in addition the many many projects involved in restructing the industry would be money worthwhile spending as the industry would have more to offer and compete in world markets generating enough income to repay the loan and eventually sustaining itself . .Now on the other hands many of the give away proposals by the Bees as outlined in their budget .does not have the same stimulating effect on the economy. and would add to the high defecit while not helping to generate foreign exchange.


  15. I really hope the current crop of politicians bear in mind that the world has been having economic difficulties for the last decade, these difficulties started in the US. The trickle down effect only started to affect Bim in 2008-2009, because nothing was done to stem the negative flow prior to those dates, and after those dates even less was done to stem dependency on imports etc, we now see the fall out. i hope whoever wins this election is not planning a honeymoon period. DLPs honeymoon lasted a good 2-3 years for one reason or another, now look where the country is at. I also hope that the lip service regarding agriculture and food security stops, i listened to it for over a decade ad nauseam yet there is still all that dependency..


  16. Hi balance, January 29, 2013 @ 7:26PM
    You “misquoted” me to make your point. I cannot let it stand but I am a generous man, it could have been a “genuine” error on your part.

    You quoted me as saying:
    ” I believe given the cards the Government were left with – this was an old issue – they accredited themselves satisfactorily. something unlawful is being done.”
    _ _ _ _ _ _
    I wrote: I believe given the cards the Government were left with – this was an old issue – they accredited themselves satisfactorily. Some will argue there was a quicker route, that is a moot point.
    _ _ _ _ _ _

    I only mentioned “unlawful” here:
    There is still the vexed question of the Election Date, some here – clearly BLP supporters, they have said that – have suggested the longer the Prime Minister, waits, it is to the BLP’s advantage. If that is the case, why are they so excited and full of angst. It is not as if something unlawful is being done.
    _ _ _ _ _ _
    Now to matters at hand, they have been constant urgings to RING THE BELL,it has been rung, let the fight begin.
    It is possible the DLP will be returned with a slender, though working majority. It is incumbent on “all” DLP parliamentarians to work hard and walk that extra mile to ensure they are on board the boat when it sails.

    If the DLP genuinely believe that they have something of worth to offer this beloved country of ours, and the masses can thank them for the legacy they will leave. . . they should go out to all the Parishes of this land and let it be known, it is a message worth telling.


  17. From what I am reading today, stuart is showing utter contempt for the taxpayers (electorate), he of all people should be able to define the word contempt and the backlash, for every action…………………………


  18. NationBLPnewspaper

    The Election date has been set and what you will see is the intensification of the Nation newspaper’s 5 year campaign against the DLP government. You will see more quotes from Arthur and others from the BLP at almost every page and story. Sanka Price will play his role, Harry Russell, Ezra Alleyne, Peter Symmonds. Pat Hoyos and Albert Brandford and all the other BLP operatives who masquerade as “independent journalists”.
    In the face of all the above consistent evidence of the Nation newspaper BLP bias, could someone at the Nation explain – Is it fair and balanced to give a free space to the so called BLP spokesman Clyde Mascoll to play politics without offering the same to the DLP?
    Mascoll’s column was always used for political propaganda dressed up as economics.
    The BLP campaign headquarters is not in Roebuck Street but at Nation newspaper headquarters on Fontabelle.


  19. NationBLPnewspaper

    You have a so called independent journalist in Sanka Price who has moved from writing about “who horning who” to being an economics expert since January 2008.
    In the middle of a general election campaign and after criticising everything this government did for the last 5 years, this senior Nation newspaper editor concludes his “fair and balanced” article with the words (There is clearly a need to change course) but of course The Nation newspaper is not biased against the DLP – just like Fox News is not biased against Obama.


  20. National BLP ignore the Nation . stop giving them so much exposure . AS the campaign get into full swing give the exposure to media houses that show the progress and body of work done by the DLP and much can be found in the Advocate. the Nation does not worth your time and aggravation.


  21. @ac

    Why do you think the DLP is currently advertising in the Nation newspaper?

    Scroll down!

    Despite what you believe it has the widest circulation in Barbados.


  22. pieceuhderockyeahright

    I don’t know what all the hullabaloo about the Nation Newspaper is about.

    There are two things to consider. It is to be noted that in a dog and pony show when there is only one dog and one pony well……

    The US newspaper the Enquirer publishes libelous material one it matters not who. They word what is called a spread and used the revenues of sales to pay the people who sue them and the rest is gravy.

    Vivianne is not of the cadre of Harold Hoyte. She is Enquirer DNA and has hitched her wagon to the OSA crew

    It is simple business sense. She is selling newspapers not sentiment or values. Her five figure salary is not justified by dispassionate reporting nor unbiased articles espousing virtuous activities she is selling scum and consequently is to be admired for making the single newspaper as successful as it is.

    Harold had balls as most of the big Botsie British women staff he used to hire would attest, that sly silvered fox, Viviane does not


  23. I say it now before it happens, be wary of those who come bringing results of Opinion Polls. Think on the questions asked and in which context words are used; be masters of your own destiny and be in control of your actions.


  24. millertheanunnaki

    @ NationBLPnewspaper | January 30, 2013 at 7:02 AM |
    “You have a so called independent journalist in Sanka Price who has moved from writing about “who horning who” to being an economics expert since January 2008.”

    And if you look into the “Fractured BLP” mirror crookedly positioned in the smelly washroom in George St. you will see a striking resemblance to Sanka.
    Another prostitute willing to sell your morals and principles that you preach about to the same political devil and money god. Why are you enriching the Nation newspaper and by extension underwriting the lies and filth authored by Sanka Price by placing exceedingly expensive ads in the same dirty rag sheet that is, according to you et al sullying the pristine name of your DLP and its current leader the yellow pimpernel of false integrity.

    Do you believe that EWB would have ever put up with that sort of duplicity?
    Stick to the Advocate and CBC. Come February 22nd you will see how much the Advocate is behind you when its monthly revenues streams from known Government agencies come to an abrupt end.

    Here is how the Book your party likes to used to further its political subterfuge and con game some of which will be witnessed in Bay Street this evening:
    Revelation 21 -6-8 ON LIARS & CON MEN (ASK ZOE IF YOU ARE IN DOUBT)
    He said to me: “It is done. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End. To him who is thirsty I will give to drink without cost from the spring of the water of life.
    He who overcomes will inherit all this, and I will be his God and he will be my son.
    But the cowardly, the unbelieving, the vile, the murderers, the sexually immoral, those who practice magic arts, the idolaters and ALL LIARS (including the fumbler)—their place will be in the fiery lake of burning sulfur. This is the second death.”


  25. @Miller
    Come February 22nd you will see how much the Advocate is behind you when its monthly revenues streams from known Government agencies come to an abrupt end
    Are you saying that a BLP Gov’t would seek to punish those in the media who they believe does not support them?

    Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose


  26. Can anyone tell us on BU what is this anti nation blogger’s problem for so long with the Nation? I mean, my goodness, you have gone past nauseating!

    If you Dems have such a beef with the Nation why are they advertising in the same paper the are villifying.

    The Nation gives the DLP more than adequate coverage, so much so I have always been amazed since they know that the DLP hates its guts. The DLP gets front page or back page prominence daily. Good thing I was not the one making the decisions there otherwise the DLP would only get covered when it has to do with the governance of this country but nothing to do with party politics!

    Yet, the nation critic sees nothing wrong with the naked politics played out on CBC daily especially last night and the Advocate.


  27. It seems clear from listening to Dale Marshall on the talk show today that the BLP will be slow to commit to corruption in public life legislation.


  28. He said it will be done but refused to give it a time frame. They would be wise to give it priority. It would resonated well with the public!


  29. Dale is on record as saying that such legislation would deter others from seeking public office cause of its instrusiveness.


  30. So is there any truth to Dr Estwick boycotting DLP platforms except in St.Philip?


  31. @Adrian

    Almond use to boast of 70% occupancy. Don’t know how this rate was distributed across the group.


  32. millertheanunnaki

    @ Sargeant | January 30, 2013 at 9:51 AM |
    “Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose”

    The more things change, the more they remain the same is generally applicable but certainly not in this specific case.
    Listen Sarge, this is not about revenge or getting back at anyone.
    You are not here on the ground so I would suggest you take some time out and stay on the side lines on this particular charge and let local inside knowledge be the guide.
    The Advocate is being propped up by underhand transfers without concomitant value for money. Trust me there is truth in this charge.
    The Advocate gets money from taxpayers as pay back for the role it played in the 2008 GE and ongoing propaganda support.
    But thank goodness the trough will soon be removed from the overfed gluttonous myopic abuser of a hog.


  33. Sargeant wrote”Are you saying that a BLP Gov’t would seek to punish those in the media who they believe does not support them?

    Yes. If Owen is PM.

    Millertheanunaki keeps talking bout” here on the ground”. Does he think we have to travel by steamship and listen to short wave radio?


  34. millertheanunnaki

    @ Hants | January 30, 2013 at 7:31 PM |
    “Millertheanunaki keeps talking bout” here on the ground”. Does he think we have to travel by steamship and listen to short wave radio?”

    Yes! It seems so indeed. The way you and Sarge keep seeing this current DLP administration through the lens of EWB’s halcyon days of well governed ‘Bubadus’ for the social good of the black masses. Even the miller smiles when he reminisces of that golden age of social and economic development.

    Listen Hants, sorry to disappoint you but you need to stop looking through rose-coloured glasses and truly see the present lot as an incompetent motley collection of brigands, idiots, vagabonds and bold-faced corrupt crooks like Lashes the money Launderer, Low(e)down Dennis Mr. 5 &10 Percent and the buffoon bullshit artist Sincklow the weathercock liar all of whom leave too much to be desired to risk the future of this country in their nasty undesirable get-rich-quick hands.
    A lot, unfortunately, much worse than their predecessors.
    Time 2 dun wid Dem!


  35. David, if Barbados is as bad as the BLP running around saying, where all the money for the BLP ads coming from? All of that money did not come from overseas. They spending millions on facebook, radio, newspapers and free fetes.Obviously, many BLP party financiers and supporters have been doing quite well in Barbados.


  36. @Hants
    Millertheanunaki keeps talking bout” here on the ground”. Does he think we have to travel by steamship and listen to short wave radio?
    We get messages via Morse Code ….SOS….SOS….SOS

    I don’t remember the Advocate in the DLP camp prior to the last Election; and about your accusation against the DLP Ministers just think circa 2007 the same accusation was being levelled against some of the BLP ministers who are standing for election again.


  37. Frugabe says that Muscle Mary is the first person to call him ugly…ROFLMAO. I wonder what type of mirror has he been using all these years?


  38. Hee, Hee, Hee!!!!


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