Elections Finally Coming

Submitted by Old Onions Bag
The Barbados parliament must dissolve on February 12, 2013

The Barbados parliament must dissolve on February 12, 2013

Hello hello! Did you hear of an elections date finally coming this week? It is widely being circulated now, that having completely boxed themselves in a corner, there is no other logical alternatives but to call it anytime now before the 12th February. Notwithstanding, Parliament will automatically dissolve and  the 90 days grace offered in effect. Come what may, facts remains the same, and  history shall not forget this suicidal derision. In reflection, what really went wrong here? Was there not enough time to deliver all that was promised? Certainly does not read well. Especially when being accused of sleeping on the job.

Should the Bajan public now be jumping for joy? But of course,  and give thanks too….a constitutional right is being ‘granted‘. In the reminiscence of a man who could raise the dead, alert thinking people, could not have  forgotten the reprographic days of  giants of hibernation and loss documents falling off trucks, even stolen. Now again we can look forward to old wine in new goat skins…. a repose collection of 100 day promises coming from a manifesto, bearing fresco examples of more breeches than promises.

Have they ever heard of the book Anything for Dummies? Surely by now somebody has obtained copyrights and or printed one. What any sensible thinking person should be doing (before swallowing fodder) given certain records of performance and promises of the past are yet fresh, is to tarry a while as to see what is in this new document worthy of remit.

Silly season or not, some should make more use of the gray-ey brain matter even if recovering from the long low air pocket swirl when giants were in battle (Ephesus) and Boeing Barbados was on auto pilot to nowhere. To hear cry of this lofty pronouncement must surely be good news. After all, ‘gifting’  a constitutional right  to the people is but a good chance to rebuild creditability  for fear there was none. Besides, of what was there to boast… a  $250,000 sign and walk over? An elections outside the 90 days is surely  worthy… . Give thanks people. Give thanks and more.

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  1. @Caswell

    Who are the Senators?


  2. Fractured BLP

    Listening to Onions , Observing , David of BU , Enuff , Miller et al , we always wondered what is the BLP concept of UNITY.

    Well before the BEES can host a political meeting for this 2013 campaign….they have to first explain to the people of Barbados what does UNITY between MIA and Owen mean .

    Before a stunned crowd of 14, 000 persons in Bay Street an attacking PM Stuart challenged

    1. Mia Mottley to deny that she asked him to call polls to get rid of Owen.

    2. PM Stuart repeated his call a SECOND time (outside the floor of Parliament) for Owen to deny he wrote to Stuart begging him to tek Mia off the hands of the BEES.

    Well before the people ” fire Freundel” , Mia and Owen have to explain to Barbadians why they both want to FIRE each other !

    And to think those crooks claim to be UNITED !
    We ready fuh de polls….we ready…we ready…we ready .

    DEMS all the way.


  3. Observing(...)

    tek muh name out ya mouth.

    Do you really think unity is the factor? and even if it was that the either party are believed to be unified?

    Just Observing


  4. old onion bags

    @ Fracture
    I keep asking you if you is that GOAT…that used to come in here under another moniker…that WANT TO PROSECUTE A DEAD MAN?…..I still believe you is he ya….lol ( only David would know)


  5. Why is the article so disjointed. I coulnt even get to the end.


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