DLP Ad Scraping the Bottom of the Skillet

BU believes this DLP ad is sending a dangerous message.

BU believes this DLP ad is sending a dangerous message.

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  1. Caswell Franklyn

    Fractured BLP


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  2. Caswell;
    You made a comment earlier today that I had forgotten. The 1994 Election campaign called by Sandy was almost 3 months. I was not sure that an election could be constitutionally called so long after dissolution of the house.

    It gives serious food for thought that FS could do the right thing by calling the election sometime before 11th February and also the wrong thing by setting the election date in April or May.

    But he is a student of politics. The Sandy 1994 elections did not show that a long period was good for the incumbents so If history repeats itself the DLP will lose badly. Do you really believe that FS would want to do that?

    Anyone heard if the Civil Servants are getting through with the Estimates? Since only 2 sittings of the House are normally scheduled between now and the 11 th February. If FS can get some imperfect estimates passed before 11th February he might think that that would allow him some slack to postpone the actual election date. But such a decision would be fraught with danger as it might be better not to even try to pass the estimates as the figures presented could provide a field day for the opposition to critize the figures and dissect the Government’s policy in myriad ways on the platform as well as by an unscheduled return to parliament for the Estimates discussions on the basis that such discussion was of paramount importance to the future of the Country.

    There’s some danger there for Freundel. He’s truly between the Devil and the deep blue sea. Decisions! Decisions! Not his strong point.


  3. Caswell Franklyn


    The maximum period between a dissolution of Parliament and an election is 90 days. The problem with this scenario is the Estimates and the Appropriation Bill that must be passed before April 1st. The Estimates need not be ready, Government can lay Estimates and vote, say $5 million to every Head. Since the Opposition is not in the House to object, they can suspend the rules of the House and pass the Estimates in one sitting. Thereafter, Parliament can be dissolved and the elections called for May. After the elections, Government can supplement the Estimates and would not have broken any rules because those rules would have been suspended. That is why the Opposition should be in the House.

    In that three-month anything can happen to change the tide of public opinion in favour of the DLP. In 1994, the long period allowed them to save some seats. This time around they could save 16 seats. Remember, a day in politics is a long time.

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  4. the DLP party has catergoterially denied any involvement in the avove ad posted on BU under the caption DLP ad, in fairness one would have expected BU to remove the underlying caption which states such.


  5. Caswell;
    Thanks for your explanation re. the estimates above. So we can take it that FS’ recent comments about elections “just around the corner” (or was he actually referring to the date for calling them, is typical for him and of him). Around the corner could actually mean “over four months” for FS


  6. AC; Does any rational person believe that the DLP hierarchy is not responsible for the Ads in some way? But the Ads are really only red herrings flying kites and harbingers of things to come from SCL and possibly the Opposition also.


  7. There is a view by some that the long Stuart takes to ring the bell his national approval rating has been rising. Wickham has explained that with a general election imminent support for the two clear candidates is what we are witnessing.


  8. And yes Caswell; The machiavellian brain that would have produced a scenario such as yours above is typical of an Honest, Simple soul that would not have an election at christmas time or perhaps even in lent, and not one that schemes to win an election at any costs. Should we now join with AC and say “Freundel is a boss”?


  9. Some will say that stretching out the election by going where no party before this has gone is a strategy in itself.


  10. David; I may be totally wrong, but I think his approval rating is rising because of the concretization of support from committed DLP supporters and also from the typical phenomenon that as elections approach many of the “won’t says” and “don’t knows” will disclose what their real intentions are to the pollsters. I would be surprised if the improving approval rating is from real undecideds. I think the increasing approvaal rating is a chimera that is not a true guide to the future especially since OSA’s approval rating seems to be improving despite his unusual reticence over the past few months. But I am often wrong.


  11. David; Re. your last post, it looks as if we will see by April or so.

    The problem to my mind, is that Freundel has a lot of baggage carrying for himself, DT and the DLP that can be more fully exploited as time elapses. With someone else your comment might be reasonable but with FS there are several imponderables there that might upset that apple cart.


  12. @ Check-it Out
    Why all this over analysis?
    This is an election between two candidates who are both undesirable.
    One is clearly out of his league in terms of leadership and management, and the other is an unrepentant reject who is tainted with alcoholism, dishonesty and ongoing association with local and international conmen.

    Who does a Bajan support? A crook or a simpleton?

    Bushie would have expected the analysis from a man of your BU rating to be more concerned with how we find ourselves in such a catch 22 situation after 50 years of world class education that has produced people like yourself, BU David, Caswelll and many here on BU…..and more importantly, what we should do about it.

    When clearly intelligent people such as you, Observing and some others here on BU take political sides in this debacle, it only serves to give the impression that it ‘makes a difference’ which side wins….

    IT DOES NOT….except for the clear political yardfowls who will personally get some crumbs while their political bosses continue to sink the economy AND the society.

    Unless there is FUNDAMENTAL system change in Barbados NOW, it matters not who wins or loses this election (or even IF Stuart eventually calls it)…..this place will undergo some serious stress unlike anything that we have ever experienced before…..


  13. @Bushie

    Few here can dispute what you summarised in your last comment. Bajans love to talk and talk but at some point it will shift. It is how our DNA leads us to positions. Call it a flawed trait but it is what it is. We are almost there however!


  14. Bushie;
    Thanks for the compliments above even though somewhat undeserving. You said above “Why this over analysis?”

    Perhaps it may be that I have nothing better to do or it might even be that I think that the situation has the potential to move us precipitately towards a BBE type denounement that would have been better if all aspects had been properly thought out and strategically planned. I actually see no clear thought and sensible strategic planning in the actions and mouthings of the PM so far, just a semblance of a willow caught in the possible hurricane of unwonted winds.

    You also said This is an election between two candidates who are both undesirable. One is clearly out of his league in terms of leadership and management, and the other is an unrepentant reject who is tainted with alcoholism, dishonesty and ongoing association with local and international conmen. Who does a Bajan support? A crook or a simpleton?

    I have’nt yet seen the proof that one of them is tainted with dishonesty and ongoing association with local and international conmen. I’ve however seen the proof that the “simpleton” is demonstrably that, as well as being someone who apparently revels in being tainted with association with one obvious local and international conman. I’ve also seen proof that that individual has practically condoned a serious amount of wrong doing in his cabinet by not calling out the perpetrators and discipling them when he became aware of such wrong doing.

    So the question is not a simple one of either supporting a crook or a simpleton. It is which one of these imperfect beings is likely to be better for the country in the near and short term, the man who has a track record of decisivness and getting things done or the man who cant make any decision until it is absolutely forced on him.

    You said “When clearly intelligent people such as you, Observing and some others here on BU take political sides in this debacle, it only serves to give the impression that it ‘makes a difference’ which side wins”

    To my mind it does make a difference and I am no yardfowl. Methinks there is an example of the biblical mote and beam here which you are not seeing.

    I actually take your point which is subliminally suggesting that Stuart’s thrashings about and machinations could lead to some good in the long run but that I think that it could well be accompanied by widespread distress and a steep downward spiral in our expectations. Forgive an old man who never had to go through such turbulent times in the past in Barbados to hope that he would never see such times here. I remember being in Jamaica, Grenada, Trinidad and Suriname in the aftermath of their turbulent times and it wasn’t pretty. We in Barbados have a stability to boast about. The Stuart continuum promises a possible future that is more like the extended downward blips in those countries than in Barbados.

    Theoretically I can also agree with you that such hard times are necessary but I think that those changes are better led by young persons with energy and vigour than by someone like me who will continue to overanalyse situations in the hope that some other more capable people can take up the ball and do something meaningful to effect positive and not disruptive change that could have the potential to put us back several decades in development.

    But perhaps Freundal is a clear thinking “boss” who is far ahead of all of us and is no simpleton.


  15. millertheanunnaki

    @ Checkit-Out | January 28, 2013 at 9:27 AM |

    If that is what aging does to the intellect then Bushie needs to hurry up with the process.

    Your well reasoned and informed rebuttal can only come from a sharp mind linked to brain cells that have been fed from a pot of natural intellect, knowledge, training experience and most of all enhanced with the right seasoning of commonsense.

    I still can’t understand how Bushie can refer to OSA as a crook, conman and international gangster when the same “Simpleton” Freundel stood up in the highest Court of the Land
    and absolved the same crook of any wrong doings or political sins.

    How can he, Bushie, explain to BU how the same simpleton can get up in the same Court and clearly express his loyalty and faith in the second biggest conman in the Caribbean.

    Things just aren’t adding up in Bushie’s comparative analysis since he has made it abundantly that despite whatever, simpleton or not, he will still be voting for Stuart.
    If Bushie has such undying confidence in Stuart then he (Bushie) must be loyal and back his man on the position taken to absolve OSA of the false rumours and allegations perpetrated and perpetuated without evidence by the likes of Bushie.

    But Bushie’s last comment is well received and balanced in analysis.


  16. Simpleton NO. misunderstood yes. in the general analysis this simpleton has been able to outfoxed the smartest of minds watching them trot out the barn full steam ahead and clearly not fully understanding that the election bell has not been called. FS methodly is surely not one of a simple mind but one who is/able to look into the mind of his enemies and knows and understand what there are thinking and exactly how they respond.


  17. Until O$A provide the DESERVED explanation to Barbados about that Cheque, and until a clear and transparent explanation and accounting is provided on his association with international convicted CONMEN VECO and DANOS of 3S, Bushie will be unwavering.
    not to mention the little things like Hardwood, Greenland, and the Coast guard Station.

    The main point however, is the poor quality of our candidates for leadership….perhaps the problem is that we can do no better. If so then the question becomes why not?

    @ Miller
    Of late Bushie has refrained from clashing with you since one is lost with your frequent bouts of raving.
    …only a madman would take the Bushman’s contribution to be praising Stuart.
    Bushie actually LIKES Stuart. He is a gentleman….a very nice one at that. He is just not the leader that is required for this time.
    HOWEVER, as things stand now he will get the Bushman’s vote…by default.

    Bushie also likes Owen, but has been badly disappointed by the experience of his time in office…..especially by that check and the clear indication that he can be highly influenced by the rich. His time has passed.

    @ Checkit-out
    If you are saying that you have some confidence that Owen will be able to steer us to a level of economic comfort, (and you are not a yard fowl) then perhaps you know something that Bushie does not…. :)

    @ David
    The very best brains in all the world, including those from countries that have (unlike Barbados) been leaders and trend setters in aggressive economic entrepreneurship are at a loss in trying to conceptualize a successful future.
    Pray tell the basis of any expectations of growth for Bim….

    …In rough seas, success is about staying afloat and intact. Only a moron complains about being ‘behind schedule’ or being slightly off track in the middle of a mighty storm while sitting in a small boat….

    …..and Miller….do yourself a favour and stop berating the PM’s referring to Leroy Parris as his friend and ‘not a leper’.
    If anything, it demonstrates that the man is indeed a GENTLEMAN whose friendship is not “fair weather” only.
    Do you disown any former friends who run themselves into trouble?
    Are you only friends of persons in good public standing?
    Are you saying that as PM he should only ‘friends’ with certain folks?

    What EXACTLY is it you are saying…?

    From Bushie’s perspective, it makes the PM into the kind of friend the Bushman would want to have….

    What would be REALLY impressive would be for the PM to hug his friend – and then Lock his ass up….. (As Bushie and Caswell would do…. :) )

    @ Caswell
    You are the last hope for a meaningful system change that can make the needed difference…… What say you….?


  18. i wonderlong it took OSA to come up with that lame excuse for not being presnt on the job.


  19. millertheanunnaki

    @ Bush Tea | January 28, 2013 at 11:42 AM |
    “What would be REALLY impressive would be for the PM to hug his friend – and then Lock his ass up….. (As Bushie and Caswell would do) ”

    Bushie, like the miller, you are just one stark raving mad hypocrite to the bone.
    Imagine a man who rants and rave about his moral high ground supported by his high spiritual faith in the BBE but is prepared to sell his bosom buddy that he loves down the river like Judas did to the Bushman’s friend Jesus.
    Come on Bushie, with your absurdly professed moral high principles don’t be a traitor. You are jettison your long promoted agenda of heaven on earth and perfect harmony by the following the principles and teachings of your BBE (Buddha Brought to Earth).

    How can you describe Freundel as not fit to be an effective leader but will still vote for him to perpetuate a state of affairs you find reprehensible. You exposed hypocrite!
    What about abstaining? That’s your democratic right. No one is forcing you to vote!

    As for liking the crook and swindler OSA, My God that takes the biscuit and aptly expresses your emotional state and pure manifestation of a mental affliction that you claim the miller is cursed with. Even ac will sit next to OSA in Hell and make love before you find one good bone in that crook and liar for a man.

    You need to stop over doping your misogynic self with that concoction of bush tea with hallucinogenic and paranoid inducing side effects.


  20. Miller
    There is a concept that may be somewhat alien to you…. It is called PRINCIPLE.

    It is that attribute that must be slain as soon as one joins a political party or even become a rumshop Yardie of a party.

    There is absolutely nothing amiss about recognizing a true friend and at the same time administering justice to that friend, if that is your national responsibility.
    JiBut we can understand your inability to rationalize such a reality.

    As to Bushie liking Owen ….. Because Bushie felt let down by certain of his actions does not say that there are not other impressive attributes. Your “all or nothing” mentality is another casualty of our political mess of a system.

    Yours is characteristic of the kind of political mentality that guarantees our imminent doom.

    Finally, who do you want Bushie to support, given a choice between between FS and OA? …..Caswell? Stupseeee


  21. Observing(...)

    Why can’t we all just get along! :)

    All “whats” need a who and a when…usually a how too. You’ve done great with explaining your “what” and even a bit of the how, however the who and when are very much up in the air.

    Let me also add that even with a who, a when and a how, you usually need an amenable enough “where.” Barbados is nowhere near the where that is needed for your idealistic (but much needed) scenario. and in any case, to get it to “where” it should be, the Check it outs, Davids, Millers, Caswells, Prodigals, Onions, Carsons, and exclamation marks must continue to ventilate, analyse, over analyse and plant seeds of thought, ideas, debate, dissension and yes, even doubt and disgust. Only then will the weeds eventually start to thin and plants of some substance peek out, seek sunlight and intertwine with similar ones. The ensuing chain reaction leading to a garden of flowers would inevitably follow.

    Of course, we both know all of what I’ve said is completely meaningless in the grand scheme of things.

    By the way, I’ve started to notice cracks in the armour of your reasoning and jousting whenever Stuarty is involved. Is it a soft spot for him? or for the DLP generally? or is it the disdain for all that is OSA?

    “HOWEVER, as things stand now he will get the Bushman’s vote…by default.

    I’ve never known you to be a default kinda guy. I’m tempted to ask if you are voting for Stuart literally, or for his side nationally. But then we might divulge a bit too much info in these hallowed anonymous walls. wink wink

    Just Observing


  22. millertheanunnaki

    @Bush Tea | January 28, 2013 at 3:22 PM |

    Just another mad salvo of rant and rave across the Bushman’s bow of pseudo- integrity.

    BU readers can attest to your constant harping about the awful lack of proper and effective managers that should be strategically placed to solve many of the social and economic problems besetting this small country. We remember the debate surrounding the Ax enquiry with you championing Jeff Broomes’s style of management as the one most suited to raise educational and wider managerial standards in Barbados. Any one suggesting otherwise on in any way critical of your stance was exposed to a barrage of verbal cannon fire with you quoting the BBE standards and expectations as the gospel to be followed, according to Bushie.

    The basic tenet you promulgate in any hiring process or even to join your BBE based political party was a screening of those offering themselves for leadership positions with Caswell being the exemplary candidate often use as the yardstick of eligibility.
    The No.1 criterion of this intense screening process is to quote: “Never put a square managerial simpleton in a round effective management hole.
    Now how can you be so treacherous to your own principles and policies?

    Barbados is at its most dangerous social and economic crossroads since the outbreak of cholera in the 1850’s and you want to back and follow a dithering vacuous nincompoop of a managerial simpleton to lead us in the right direction of survival and recovery.

    Whom do you think this sadly and poorly reflects on? The indecisive simpleton and management misfit hired by a freak (or curse) of Nature and not knowing whether he is the PM by default or if he is still in the cane field? Or the ‘know-it-all-one-size-fit-all Houdini of problem solving and human salvation, the Bushman himself?

    Who would back a johnny (man) called Fumble for leadership and elect a jackass as CEO of this country? Only a lying john(son) hiding in the brambly Bush mounted erect on a moral high horse called Barbados Biggest Equine (BBE) and pontificating principles of false hypocrisy and double standards and devoid of any partisan yellow streak in him.

    Your next move, Sir! A call for a banning of the miller or even deportation?


  23. Fractured BLP


    Some three (3) hours and counting…..you have not responded to Mr. Broomes on the job at Parkinson Secondary School.

    I guess that filip has given you…..PARKINSONS DISEASE !

    Do not worry in the coming days before we DEMS retire our splendid five (5) year innings….more resolutions will be brought to the fore.

    I guess this one has sent Caswell to his ” law books ”

    Just observing !


  24. millertheanunnaki

    @ Fractured BLP | January 28, 2013 at 4:26 PM |
    The GS of the DLP, Georgette Pilgrim, has distanced her party from the subject ad in the Nation newspaper on the grounds that it does not convey any message the DLP would like electorate to identify with.

    So the question to the GS and the DLP hacks is this:
    Is the objection being made against the format of the ad or its contents?
    Are they (DLP) against the portrayal of perceived bullet holes against a picture of a wanted gangster and crook or are they against the claims of misdeeds and criminal activity carried out by the same gangster and crook with his archrival accomplice at his side in true Bonny & Clyde style?


  25. Factured BLP it looks like FS took one hard look at that so called broomes contract and tore it to pieces. Well so much for broomes as “principal for Life”


  26. Fractured BLP

    Hi Miller,
    From the day those ads became a subject of discussion on BU , I immediately asked David how he can claim that they are DLP ads. Where was his proof ? David obviously was trying to taint the DEMS.

    Mr. Pilgrim is right, who claims that they are DEMS ads need to produce the receipts from the Nation news paper.

    As for the bullet holes in the ads…Owen Arthur has a lot of enemies in the bosom of the BLP .


  27. millertheanunnaki

    @ Fractured BLP | January 28, 2013 at 4:57 PM |
    “As for the bullet holes in the ads…Owen Arthur has a lot of enemies in the bosom of the BLP.”

    You are right there! Just like the vacillating Fumbler from Molasses Hill has at least eleven behind him. Only difference is that instead of bullet holes there are treacherous traitorous stab wounds the size of David Thompson’s rose hole. Cassius of Julius Caesar infamy would run at the sight of the obese frog-face Sinckliar a man whom Julius would love to be close to like how David loved his Leroy.

    BTW, Fractured, it seems you like to verbally joist with the miller. But be careful you don’t end up tilting at broken windmills like your mentor the Don of La Mancha aka the Bushman.


  28. I somehow knew the DLP spokesmen here would soon get around to deeming the Ad a false flag operation! What imagination! What fantasy!


  29. Jus Mekkin Sport

    David ? How many people do you feel read these pages?
    I see the sale ole same ole names around.
    I begin to feel(and I intend no insult).
    Its a bit like “pissin” in the sea.
    Another example of the “road to Hell” paved with good intentions.
    The same ole Raggy underwear hanging on the same ole tatty line.
    Truly I am getting despondant.
    Everybody too well fed, too “educated” to do a thing.
    Talk of PRINCIPLES and count POSSESSIONS,afraid to stand up and be counted ,less they lose something.
    “The King has got no Clothes” Barbados is bereft of Courage,Leadership, Commonsense.
    Complacent in the extreme .
    What are we actually doing here in these pages.?
    Amusing ourselves with light hearted banter,fiddling while Rome burns.
    “None so blind as those who will NOT SEE”
    Barbados is at the edge of extinction.The Barbados we know and love,is taking its last breaths.
    We should be crying and beating our breasts and renting our clothing .
    All of you do NOTHING??
    You see around you EVERYWHERE EVERYDAY,the real desease that is killing this country.
    BARBADOS has SOLD its SOUL to the DEVIL.
    The KEEPERS of our Collective wellbeing ,have /are ,sold/selling us into Purgatory.
    We are on the Bandwagon to Hell ,and it is careering over the precipice of UNRESTRICTED AVARICE.

    Its a masquerade where the players just change masks. A grotesque parody of Democracy in action.
    WHAT WILL CHANGE?? Just the FACES at the TILL.
    While we paying with BLOOD and the future of our people.
    OSA has the right Idea BOYCOTT .!!
    We SHOULD /MUST as ONE PERSON Boycott ,withhold OUR VOTES.
    By voting we are not acheiving ANYTHING ,ANYWAY,so lets just imagine that we were “OFF ISLAND”on election day.
    Ghandi took back India from the British by the same means.
    ONE Skinny man wrapped in washed meatcloth,he did it,because he had COURAGE OF HIS CONVICTIONS
    WE MUST Take back our PRIDE.
    Show our children Money does not maketh man.
    That NO number of Noughts after your name cancel out the ZERO you are as a person,when you are infected with the desease of


  30. now back to an issue that caught my attention the one of Bush tea. and his hypocrisy. miller you sure called busht tea out so right on the pointb of leadership and his bumbling attempt to show good reason or cause as to why he could not support OSA while on the other hand he was bowled away by the leadership of the tyrannical JEff BRoomnes who had almost or similar faults as OSA. Bush tea you have been weighed in the balance and found wasting.a real two faced hyocrite indeed,


  31. millertheanunnaki

    @ ac | January 28, 2013 at 6:48 PM |

    Thanks, ac!
    We shall be together some day in Paradise without the miller’s third foot (LOL!!).

    But you have too many sins to confess and ask forgiveness for before that ‘sweet by-and-bye’ day comes a calling.


  32. @Jus Mekkin Sport

    Change will take time unless it is forced.


  33. @ ac
    As already stated, Bushie does not argue with idiots…. So you may have all the say…. (Along with your compatable new friend Miller)

    What bribery was Jeff Broomes accused of?
    Which local or international con men did Broomes connive with…?
    Did Broomes take responsibility for Greenland?
    Did Broomes appoint the Supervisor of Insurance?

    @ David
    Change will take time unless it is forced…
    …..and of course circumstances, competitors, and karma will wait patiently for us to adjust – because we are ‘special’….?

    The very definition of defeat and failure is based around the inability or refusal to make the timely changes needed in order to remain relevant – or even to avoid becoming prey.

    The difference between predator and prey is mostly the willingness and ability to make timely changes AS NEEDED.


  34. @ Jus Mekkin Sport

    You see around you EVERYWHERE EVERYDAY,the real desease that is killing this country.
    BARBADOS has SOLD its SOUL to the DEVIL.
    The KEEPERS of our Collective wellbeing ,have /are ,sold/selling us into Purgatory.
    We are on the Bandwagon to Hell ,and it is careering over the precipice of UNRESTRICTED AVARICE.
    Well said and 100% correct.
    However, the problem is not restricted to the “KEEPERS of our collective well being”, it is endemic throughout the entire population.
    All a bunch of selfish, materialistic jokers….rushing to our destruction powered by greed.
    As characterized by Plantation Deeds, the court system, the lack of financial reporting, the cussing and gunplay in the House of Assembly and many other issues ventilated here on BU, we now have a SYSTEM that is driven by greed, AVARICE and bribery rather than truth, justice and fairness.

    The results are, as you have outlined, inevitable…..


  35. No matter how you bushie twist and turbn the AX debacle. Broomes .was found to have done man illegalites and irregularties that govern the code of conduct. how about Broomes changing school marks that is called FRAUD. how about not wanting to show the necessary receipts for items briought for the school and claiming he was to be given a credit you know bush tea one does not have to sit with con artist to become like one. BRoomes character was given full purging in more ways than one.


  36. BTW Bush tea being an idiot is O.K. in my book than having to find myself endorsing the corrupt behaviour of a principal looking the other way .then setting my self up high on aperch and condeming others with similar characteristic traits. that is what make YOU a hypocrite.


  37. OH! and something else before i foget BUSH TEA. i don,t give a M/f what you think about me cause you don,t pay my bills and fuh sure i don.t have to waste any of time wid that dead pp…rck of yours . you really pisss me offf you are one disrespectful ole goat.


  38. @ Check it Out

    [If] the DLP are or are not responsible for the ad it worked in their favor of them and against the BLP. It digs up the past about Owen Arthur, Mia Mottley and the BLP; it tells bajans, don’t trust them. Receipt of three S&P downgrades BEFORE 2008, Violet Beckles and Sherene Mongroo indirectly states the same, don’t trust them – Owen Arthur and the BLP. They are not satisfied with a lot of damage of which they are responsible, these especially, Al Barack and massive land fraud involving Violet Beckles – don’t trust them, Owen Arthur and the BLP.


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