Minister Donville Inniss:The Emergence of Private Healthcare

Donville Inniss - Minister of Health

Donville Inniss – Minister of Health

Peter Wickham, talk show host, pollster and social commentator join many others daily to spare no opportunity to sing the praises of Minister of Health Donville Inniss. Perhaps it explains why he was invited to Inniss’ New Year bash? If in the minds of many Inniss is doing a good job then all credit to him he must be doing some thing  right. Despite the praise being heaped on Inniss BU remains concerned at the state of the healthcare system in Barbados.

In the Christmas message of the Barbados Association of Medical Practitioners’ (BAMP), President Carlos Chase was highly critical of the management of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH). To quote a local daily newspaper: “BAMP has also slammed the lack of progress in talks between them on ongoing contentious matters. The continuing shortages at the institution came under fire from BAMP too.”  Implied in the report is that the industrial relations climate at the QEH continues to simmer read Alexandra. The QEH is the primary health institution in Barbados which falls under Minister Donville Inniss.

Of wider concern to BU is the emergence of a budding private healthcare system in Barbados. We are not knocking entrepreneurship but BU reserves the right to question and to share our observations in the interest of promoting transparency and encouraging elucidation. A comment on an earlier blog questioned the lack of transparency by government regarding the Al Barrack transaction. It is ironic that more than five years ago the late David Thompson promised an electorate hungry for change that should they win office – and they did – they would introduce a level of transparency in government hitherto unseen. With another general election looming Barbadians have a chance to be judge and jury.

Barbados is a country which has expended – and continues to do so – billions of dollars on healthcare delivery. Barbadians enjoy ‘free’ healthcare delivered by the QEH, polyclinics and a heavily subsidized Drug Service. A growing middleclass also have the option to seek private healthcare but it should not be at the expense of taxpayers. Commonsense dictates that if the private healthcare sector is growing then there should be a recalibration to the overall sector with commensurate adjustment in public expenditure. There should be an enunciated public policy which is transparent in how decisions at the QEH are made and how scarce resources are allocated. In other words, what is the most efficient way the public health sector can work with the private to the benefit of Barbadians.

Observers sometimes muse that very often the CT Scan at the QEH is not working and QEH patients in need need of a scan are transported via ambulance – using QEH or private (Sparman) – to Peter Harris’ radiology facility at Sandy Crest (some 4.5 miles or 20+ minutes from the QEH) in spite of the fact that CT BDS is a shorter distance away from the QEH in Belleville. BU understands that the Radiologist Dr. Lawrence Pias  who reads the CT Scan at Peter Harris’ facilities is not as experienced as Dr. Geoffrey Decaries or as well trained as Dr. Okela Ward. It should come as no surprise that Decaries and Ward own and operate CT Barbados. Should we, the taxpayers, question why Harris’ facilities are used over others?

Here is a breakout of key private healthcare providers some which have emerged in recent times:

Bayview Hospital

Currently owned by 17 shareholders. A group headed by Dr. Alfred Sparman has recently placed a down payment on Bayview with the intention of buying such.

Diagnostic Radiology

Peter Harris and family own 80% of shares, Dr. Jerome Walcott owns the other 20%


Harold Watson/ Michael Wharton/ Frank Bishop each own 33 + 1/3 %

Sandy Crest

Brian Charles 28%/ Malcolm Grant 18%/ George Drakes 13% – The remaining shares are owned by Anne-Marie Cruickshank/ David Byer/ AD Forde/ Chaynie Williams/ Euclid Morris/ Alex McDonald/ Jeff Massay

Health Smart Pharmacy – Warrens Peter Harris and Kwamie Connel
Health Smart Pharmacy – Sandy Crest and Coverly Peter Harris and Brian Charles
Warrens Health Care Peter Harris/ Euclid and Kathy Morris/ Kwanie Connell/ ?Alex McDonald
Coverly Medical Centre Owners: Sandy Crest/ Peter Harris/ Brian Charles
Elcourt Clinic Michael Hoyos
Imaging and Ultrasound Blondell Durant
Barbados Reference Lab Egbert Gibson
CT Barbados Geoffrey DeCaires/ Okella Ward
MRI Barbados Geoffrey DeCaires/ Sean Marquez
Bracebridge Medical Centre Richard Ishmael/ Jeff Massay/ Dean Straker
Nuclear Medicine Jerry Emtage
Sparman Clinic Alfred Sparman/ ? Donville Inniss/ ? Bizzy Williams

Again BU poses the hard questions to Minister Inniss.

A group headed by Dr. Alfred Sparman recently placed a down payment on Bayview with the intention of buying the facility as a going concern. While the other members of this group have remained a secret, it is alleged that they include you (Inniss), Bizzy Williams and Peter Harris. What about Sparman Clinic?

Minister can you confirm?

0 responses to “Minister Donville Inniss:The Emergence of Private Healthcare

  1. A Budget showdown with Dr.Estwick as Opposition lead would be hot.


  2. Additional Services

    Dr. Estwick would be brutal as the Leader of the Opposition. it is rather unfortunate that he will not be mounting the DLP political platforms besides those in St. Phillip West.


  3. Additional Services

    seems like he has forsaked them in their hour of greatest need.


  4. millertheanunnaki

    @ Additional Services | January 23, 2013 at 2:34 PM |

    What about Kelly? The man fancies himself as the greatest spokesman on all matters especially finance and economics. Moreover, he has been in the trenches on both sides of the political battle divide for many eons.
    He deserves to be leader of something.


  5. David (not BU)

    would you ppl make up your mind on Peter Wickham? is he a D or B or both?


  6. Additional Services

    @ Miller

    He is already the Premier and Mayor of the Republic of St. Lucy, the biggest State in the Union of Barbados. He can’t be the Governor as well you know?

    As a spokesman for the DLP Kelly has the honour of the only MP who is able to sucessfully argue one point of view before switching and undermining his very own arguement with a convincing defense against it.

    Did you ever hear when he railed against the NHC housing program in Parliament saying the DLP should NOT encourage people to by NHC houses, the should cut up the GOB land and encourage bajans to buy land.



  7. Additional Services

    @ David (not BU)

    Peter is neither B or D, he is an M, as in Money.

    FS popularity as a leader gone to 28% already despite his predictions all last year. Peter Wickham is a double agent for the DLP and when OSA and MAM find it out, it will be too damn late. Only thing is MAM ain’t going to really care cause as far as she concern, another defeat and OSA done and relegated to history books for ever more.


  8. Miller,
    The man fancies himself as the greatest spokesman on all matters especially finance and economics……………………..

    You mean the greatest jackass! I listen to the debates from the House regularly and this man says the most outrageous things……. I mean when he rises on a point of order….I have to say, is this man for real?

    I know for sure that if the DLP loses, Kellman will vote for himself again and then horse trade his support to get what he wants like he did in 2011 after the GG summoned all of them up to Government House. He told the GG flat out, I will support Freundel Stuart only if I get a ministry. You think Kellman easy??

    So much for all this talk Donville Inniss put down this morning on Brasstacks that the DLP is a team! What made me laugh is when he said that Freundel does not interfere, he lets them get on with their job.

    Donville, the truth is Freundel cannot tell any of you anything and secondly he is a lazy man so he would not want to take on any extra work! Get real, man!


  9. Heard Donvile “Pornville” Innisl on Brasstacks today. He is sounding as terse as his leader. I hope he will get up lock in the states for his shady business.


  10. David (not BU)

    Additional Services has painted a tainted picture. Peter is and “entrepreneur” full stop. When White owned construction companies swing both ways jack asses have little, no nothing to say. Now there is a critic made of a “small Black man”, surely of a highly evolved species ….!


  11. Vindictive Arthur cussing everybody in sight to find out who behind the PARO ads “People against the Return of Owen”. Arthur has been encouraging his supporters by the BLP cartoon page to lampoon and denigrate the current Prime Minster.
    As the Bajan people say _ Day does run till night catch it.


  12. Fiddler on Roof


    You retard, PRickham is apolitical consultant, analysis and pollster. He is also talk show moderator.

    PRickham was a supporter until Stuart FIRED at CBC because he was playing politics and encouraging party warfare by suggesting that Sinckler was the most popular DLP politician.

    This is NOT about color you spastic freak.


  13. Wonder when people with supposed intelligence will stop admiring, supporting and kissing ass of others, just because of riches real or imagined.


  14. Gabriel Tackle

    I was told by a DLP operative that Freundel is a loner and does not trust anybody in the cabinet.He is unsure whether these guys will support him and that is one reason why he is going down to the wire.Freundel does not trust any of his cabinet colleagues and does not mix with them unless he has to do so.Never mind his public persona.He will not forgive these guys for going to the GG.He knows it and the electorate is aware of it.


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