Dottin, Pack Your Bags Please!

Submitted by St. George’s Dragon
Commissioner of Police Darwin Dottin

Commissioner of Police Darwin Dottin

Commissioner of Police Darwin Dottin continues to dig himself and the Royal Barbados Police deeper into a hole on the matter of Derrick Crawford and the wrongful accusation of double rape.

Not content with saying he did not think Crawford was innocent, he is now reported in the 28th December Barbados Today as saying effectively, that Crawford got off because all Black people look alike to Whites. Is this man for real?

Wait until the British press gets hold of that statement – Barbados reputation will be in further tatters.

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  1. I am told that Mia ensured that Dottin was appointed as Commissioner of Police. Are you all saying that she made a mistake; bite your tongues, perish the thought, that lady is almost perfect.



    Darwin Dottin cant even find a Plantation or a plantation deed even when you put it into his lands,
    He cant find Sir CO Williams deeds, He will not questio Sir Cheltenham after Violet Beckles sign 18 pages statement with Sir Cheltenham as public enemy number 1 ,
    I wounder if Darwin Dottin have a CLEAR title to where he lives?
    Down grade to JUNK by S&P and others , for the BLP and DLP are junk .


  3. Angela

    Look at the picture at the top of the post … Seriously, look at the picture. Does that look like a depiction of an intelligent Barbadian …?


  4. @ Baffy
    LOL …you getting worse and worse….. :)


  5. at the time of the rape, didnt the hospital gather the DNA of the rapist? that way it would have been much easier to tell if its him or not.


  6. I didnt see anyone comment about the two policemen that was called to transport two drunking ladies to their apartment, they then decided to rape and rob the girls. What a classic case of ” who will police the police, if you call them about a criminal matter and they themselves turn out to be the criminals, who can you call, isnt that crazy?


  7. @nanci

    Maybe it is because the two were BLACK?


  8. The policemen ought not to have permitted themselves to be used as a taxi service. Barbados has plenty of legitimate taxi services. Let the drunken women call one of those services. If they were too drunk to make the call, then let one of the staff of the bar which SOLD them the alcohol make the call, or let the hotel where they are staying provide the transport provide the transport and add the cost to the drunks’ bill.

    I do not want MY TAX MONEY being used to provide transport to drunks, any drunks, local drunks, nor tourist drunks.

    Damn civil servants and politicians does wastes so much money ’bout dis place, you would think that the money grows on trees.

    You wouldn’t believe that ordinary citizens deny themselves in order to pay taxes, then to see the money wasted so.


  9. Ah Ha!! if it’s true Mia was responsible for Dottin getting the commish position, then no wonder he could not lift a finger when he relative was alledgedly so viciously assaulted by the same Mia. He only knows how to lock up certain people and can still sleep well at night. We all in North America had a good laugh at that one, not at the young lady’s injuries mind you, but at the fact that he could not lift a finger. He and that DPP should be fired, they are nothing but a waste of more taxpayers money.


  10. Smooth Chocolate

    i do not understand why mr dotting is trying to convince the british press and barbadians that Mr. Crawford is guilty. i felt so embarrass watching the news article knowing that tourists from the UK were also watching it and was also familiar with the case. how could he disgrace himself like that on public TV? we all know that Crawford was innocent, it had nothing to do with how all black people look alike to whites, i literally felt ashamed when he made that statement. he neglected to explain that the ladies also said that the real criminal had a totally different built and was much older than Mr. Crawford, so based on that really stupid statement by Mr. Dottin, he in essence is also saying that the police force will not be looking for anyone else, even tho the force is aware of a man who looks like the one the British ladies described that they also questioned and is still waling around.

    what will he say when another case comes up that his men charge someone for AND THEY HAVE A WRITTEN CONFESSION TOO but the evidence will show that it was impossible for the person charged to have been anywhere near the crimes they ‘confessed’ to unless they had supernatural powers,. thing is the police do not know that the evidence exist…i look forward to this case.

    it is really sickening that the barbados police force tries to give barbadians and tourists alike a false sense of security. when u accuse someone of a whole list of crimes and they are found guilty due to some ‘confession’, it will never change the fact that the real criminals are still out there and an innocent person is in prison.

    we really need a proper police force in barbados


  11. Sorry you are so upset but the reality in Bim is the guilty rapist may very well be related to someone who is deemed “somebody important”, who probably knows where all the bodies, literally, are buried and cannot be touched. Welcome to reality in bim, it is a disgrace but how do you change that brand of mentality?? Have you noticed only two things rise to the top, milk and scum.


  12. St George's Dragon
  13. Simple Simon

    You said, “We would appreciate it is Mr. Dottin would give us the cititations to the research so that we can see for ourselves what the research says”. Sooooooooo citations are issued, receiptants, however, are unable research and or validate them. Interesting. Breathalyers, I hear have also not yet surfaced in Barbados. Person (s) causing a fatal accident could be drunk and could be Owen Arthur.




    BLP and DLP same Massive Fraud PONZI team. If you all think that the only PONZI was done in the United States think again. What ever happens in America come to Barbados next.This is now Barbados turn to feel the pain of Massive Fraud. BUT the true owners of the land have a Plan to fix.

    Freedom of Information Act was talked by the DLP.
    Once in Office they see why they can not or will not pass it.
    If they pass it now All of Barbados will see the truth
    Audit of the Island Books will show that the records have been re- written and books and pages missing from the Island History.
    Archives and land Registry ram sacked , hidden , removed papers to hide what Some did ,and others covered up for gains in there over seas off shore bank accounts. Both BLP and DLP living well above their means.
    Beatrice Henry 1892-1985 Will to Violet Beckles 1918-2010 Will to her Heirs.
    After probate in 28of1986 done by Sir Sleepy Smith , Sir Cheltenham was given the Plantation Deeds to Ascent in the name of Violet Beckles.The 18 page statement signed with the Police Fraud Squad in 2009.Police took copies of over 90 Percent of the Information including Plantation deeds .
    When Violet died Aug 23rd 2010 and the PM David died Oct 23rd 2010 the police stop looking .

    The web site was remove this year 2012 that was to show who owned Plantation and Slaves in Barbados from 1630 to modern times 2012. .
    C.O Williams listed as to own 1 plantation cane field 238 acres. If even that is to be true.
    In 1756 on the Maps of Barbados the Maps will show 2 plantations in the name of Agard and 3 in the name of Jemmot. The Family names of Beatrice and Violet.Those name do not show up in any records of Barbados.Inland Revenue even remove Beatrice Henry and Violet Beckles from there records hoping no one will look or ask for them.
    The so-called 10 greatest Bajan and the Two Queens of Barbados not even listed as even being on the Island , The birth papers and the death papers are here and the same graves at St Mary’s Church in the City.
    The massive Fraud was looked in to and report confirmed the truth . covered up 2002 report called it a Massive Fraud.
    Moving The Land To Please was always heard on the TV and radio.
    This is why the BLP and Now the DLP have to sell over priced land to overseas people and Investors.
    Why people claim they dont know whos the owner are. Law One , All land have an Owner.
    1630 we knew 1730 we knew, 1830 we knew, 1913 we knew 1920 we knew 1926 Beartice Henry bought up 200 to 300 of the over 400 Plantations that makes up All of Barbados and of that 231 Sugar Plantation listed.
    Most whites leave the Island during WW1 and WW2 sold their Plantations, as sugar prices fell, at Auction by D”Arcy Scott.As far back as we see to Beatrice Henry.The records show us from 1926 to 1978 recorded on print out of 1980 and other Deeds showing 1926 and the next 50 years. The Family of H.W Clarke worked for Beatrice Henry for over 50 years as surveyors.
    Next CLICO.its Also clear to us that the BOOKS of CLICO was stuffed with the Plantations to boost the PONZI bottom line. To fool investors to come in with there money like British America .. 9%return on your money and the Banks was at 3%?
    The Al Barrack deal also build in the Lands of this Estate, not paid for, High Court not paid for, Oval not paid for, ABC high way not paid for, Oil in the not paid for, All dealing with land.
    This is Why things are the way they are , looking into this from 2007 front page news over 200 sites found , By DEED ALONE HIGH COURT move against land fraud. Printed but nothing was done as you see investors leaving the island for there are no CLEAR titles to be found,
    New RULES on FRAUD, OH hide it with lies for 20years and now you have GOOD title ,,NOT , Still Fraud, need clear title ,The brake in title between the Land Registry and the Archives is 20 to 30 year GAP , Most lawyers to make the land deal or sale will only go to 20 year and be done.
    Today the PM area is Brittons Hill area or the Baylands? The deed we have is for 286 acres and there is no listing for this plantation in records of Barbados , Ghost Plantation and there is more not even listed.
    Violet paid over 50 lawyers for more than 20 years to lie to her and then take from her deeds
    Land Tax Mr Ford , land tax number moved to other names with out deeds, Mr Cummings with the UDC land Bank with no deeds. Inland rev wiped names off list, Banks Kept her funds or missing, Water company turn on water for crook to make money of rentals but not the owners with deeds,
    The Estate is to have 4000 house ? and all other built buy application and with out Permission of the Owners.
    Any Questions? Ask who you look to VOTE for If they cant answer then they are Lying
    Sorry to Much to LIST.
    Ask your question here? or in Person
    posted also on BU


  15. I agree that Dottin needs replacing.


  16. Who is doting Dottin’s BOSS? They both need to be fired! Here we have a COP with very little intelligence leading a force, making flippant statements about a case that has exposed our rear end to the WORLD and yet he is still on the job? Come on Barbados we should show some common sense and some sort of testicular fortitude. Can’t this island do any better?


  17. On the matter of the Policemen raping the two drunken tourist women and then stealing from them. What kind of criteria is sought when recruiting? Anything goes? What about the case of the two other police officers that we accused of raping a Jamaican drug mule in custody? We have a very sick police force and a very poorly qualified head leading them.


  18. Piece Uh De Rock Yeah RIght!!

    @ Plantation Deeds

    That you have a case per Violet’s is a matter that is still out for examination but that you seem to be a man without any blog manners is evident in the placement of this item in another blog matter after BU has devoted over 3 to 4 entries entirely to your matter in other placed on this site.

    It is as if dear sire that you neither respect nor care to observe space that is devoted to your own issue elsewhere

    @ David (BU)

    Take Plantation Deeds entry out of here and leave this space which is dedicated to DD to itself.

    Because of the fear factor i am inclined to believe that this entry will not attract many detractors to DD as with others.

    We live in a state where victimization is rampant and people fear a visit by the long arm of the law in the clear light of day or night.

    I know that those of our cyberspace consciousnesses, the ones who we know who they are, will not comment here because, even though the bumblings of the RBPF and the noble Commissioner are the elements of serious buffonery and incompetence (singular or plural) the fear will be if your site is in fact in cahoots with the “establishment” and by some IP complicity our identities will be conveyed to the long arm of the law or to the “We going wid Owen” crew or Chris Sinklair and the soon to be released DLP government MPs


  19. And after raping the drunken tourist women one of our finest forgot his hat! I wonder if they will let that in as evidence?


  20. islandgal246

    Remember a few years ago when a number of Barbados’ finest were leaving for Bermuda the then Attorney General Dale Marshall was comfortable with their leaving and said that they would be replaced by imports if necessary. There was never a need to increase the attractiveness of the job so that the truly finest from among us would seek to be employed.

    If you pay shit to purchase shit you should not expect it then to taste like a hamburger.


  21. @pIECE

    THERE is something called freedom of expression and deeds should be allowed to comment anywhere, The more exposure the better for his case.

    ignore piece advice.


  22. What is the point of posting blogs on different topics to have others post where they like. The is blog etiquette and I agree with piece uh de rock.

    To the point your point is blunted.


  23. Correction…There is something called blog etiquette.


  24. These cops would be a comedy show if people’s lives were’ny being irreversibly ruined. Now understand why Mia made Dottin commish, she could whirl and twirl, beat and assault without fear of arrest. Will someone please get rid of all these immoral clowns. As for that DPP, every dog has his/her day, today for me tomorrow for you.


  25. millertheanunnaki

    @ BAFBFP | December 31, 2012 at 9:04 AM |
    “If you pay shit to purchase shit you should not expect it then to taste like a hamburger.”

    Right on!
    That statement by Dale “Smiley” Marshall was the dumbest piece of shit that ever came from an AG’s mouth. Does the stupid man still think that way? Does he still believe that bringing police officers in from other territories would be cheaper than improving the pay of our local officers at the entry level? Does he feel that Guyanese officers would jump at the invitation to work in Bim and live in sub-human conditions?
    Police officers should be paid no less that Bds$50,000 per annum at the starting level.
    Property taxes could be adjusted to pay for the increases in pay for the police. In addition savings arising form a reduced Defence Force can be transferred to the Police along with some of the retrained personnel.


  26. @Miller

    Is it true that BDF officers get to retire at 50?


  27. Ha here is the thing Miller. Hants and Par will attest to the fact that police officers in Canada are paid Cad $90,000.00 per year … That should make them pretty much Canada’s finest …


  28. Yeah, they get rid of some of those BDF nuisances around that time, pity the taxpayers continue to pay pensions to some who actually do not deserve such.


  29. In the real world Dottin would be known as a stooge and puppet, given how he attained his job and was allowed to keep it. Have mercy.


  30. Look, Dottin is also a Lawyer. That makes him a card carrying member of two of the most sinister fraternities in Barbados ….


  31. Mr commissioner tell us about the police officer who lives in St.Lucy who right a car belonging to a young man who lives in St.Andrew ,and most of all this oficer had no insurance ,road tax or driver licence ,?this is being played down by your officers but the driver of the damage car has retained Jonnie Cheltenham


  32. @Islandgirl.
    The police are recruited from among our very own community. They are home grown and nourished . They are you and I , they are us, just like the gun totting member of parliament,or the one who used very offensive language right before the whole nation . And also those who engage in wuk fer wuk with our young women.
    You can take the boy/girl out of the gutter, but its a bit more difficult to extract the gutter from out the boy/girl


  33. Give Mr Dottin his due. He is probably more qualified as a policeman, than many a chief constable in the United Kingdom, a place where he has been trained in all aspects of policing during the many courses he attended there during his career.
    He was one of the very few police officers , while on training in the UK,who opted for an attachment with the PSof NI, the Police Service of Northern Ireland at a time when , bombs,bullets, murder and mayhem was the order of the day.


  34. Piece Uh De Rock Yeah RIght!!

    @ Nanci

    Do you really think the the COP et al in this brotherhood give a flying shi** about whether two of his officer rape one, two three or more females? You are really kidding me!!

    That foopery has been going on for years with the men in black and red threatening their victims with all sorts of consequences, including slamming the women’s balls in a drawer at Central Police Station (remember that we still got the ones who are big, black, ugly and ingrunt notwithstanding Simple Simon who like Darwin. Simple Simon you sound like if you would like BAFBFP based pun he picture – strong dark en hansome and wid a bald head!!)

    Every now and again a little sedition surfaces in this airway and while we all fear its fallout cause it might stop de tourisses from coming to Bullbados everything has a place under the sun.

    A woman is raped by RBPF officers, She as at Jan 1st 2013 has no recourse from this Royal Barbados Police Force since it has long ascended above the law, as has the DPP, all the judges and of course the Attorney General, the current one (soon to be the former one) and the former one (soon to be ???, oops Owen doan plan to gi she back no AG position causing she may bite out dat sweet looking thing he dribbling pun from St Thomas. Old habits die hard)

    Some would believe that if she were to walk into Marl Hole and Rent-a-Gun for $250/night and find the scum who raped her at the place of his employ and double tap his ass while he is getting in or stepping out of one of the same RBPF vehicles that.she would be committing murder.

    But i would respectfully offer another opinion (and like assholes everyone has an opinion) yes i would suggest that a jury of her peers (particularly one where women are present) would never convict her of murder, but of some lesser crime, a crime of passion.

    I want you Hants, Carson, Miller, Onions, BAPBFP, and all we self righteous mens in this cyberspace holier than thou blog to imabing a man hold you down and pushing he doggie up your ass (uninvited causing that is what rape is non consenting sex, not to say that any of you does invite doggies in that nether region normally, no sah) but i want you to imagine that for a while and tell me which of you XYY mens going tek dat doggie and its ejalculate just sitting down?

    Rape by anyone is a serious violation of the rights of a woman/man and rape by an officer of the law is a more serious crime because those tasked with the responsibility to uphold the law are abusing that very responsibility/duty.

    One day soon people going start to reach out and touch the untouchables and then the Guardian Newspaper going really got something to report and all these inept Guardians of Peace and Stalwarts of Law and Order going start to address the fact that these officers are the scum of the earth and need to be dismissed from the force, locked up where they can get a stiff bulling too.

    Doan ask me to be no jury member in one of these cases causing dat woman going get off


  35. @Piece Uh De Rock Yeah RIght!!

    It seems this matter has made it all the way to the Nation frontpage today. When will our AG, Chairman of the PCA, the Opposition spokesman on legal, NOW…step in?


  36. Piece Uh De Rock Yeah RIght!!


    I am now 81 (yes i pass 80 a few weeks back and de grans gi me a Kindle en ting but i doan like it like de IPAD it ent big enuf fuh de eyes to se de font en ting.

    67 years ago, while we were living in ***. my fadder served in de ** Forces against the then “Axis of Evil”

    I remember the Brotherhood chant well because at 13 when you lived in the heart of Racism, seeing the many white army buddies my fadder brought to our house and being able to go to their house and play with white kids, be friend them, and i a few cases date white girls from this “enclave” precipitated through my father is an experience i remember up to today and i can say, without any cliche “some of my best friends, the ones that are still living that is are white”

    My father said, when bullets whizzing round your head, you dont see white or black, you see a man who over time becomes your friend in a way that only a fellow warrior could understand.

    The Brotherhood of the Rose syndrome is embedded into all “forces”, military or policing, and every single soldier, marine, officer or constable, is affected by these bonds, which like covalent links, commit them to protect their own.

    What i am saying in this long winded way is that Darwin, while he may personally know of the scoundrels in his force, the 26 officers that are drug lord facilitators in his force and who have amassed great wealth in this country, and who unlike Alan, operate with impunity in their drug garrisons across barbados, the rapists, the paedophiles, the issuers of bounced cheques and the whole list of complaints, finds himself powerless, entrapped in a system which if he seeks to dismantle, will get him embroiled in battles with too many entrenched factions and may even get him killed.

    So he bides the time, retirement will soon come and like Watson or Durant move onto some other entity where one can be Director in something which pays a handsome salary that augments one’s pension or reap the sweets of consultancies across CARICOM.

    I have never seen you curse on BU until today when you mentioned Chairman of the PCA and Opposition Spokesman on Legal (probably Dale “Smiley Face” (Empty) Head Marshall.

    I will forgive you this invective and ascribe it to the wine you drank at the stroke of 12 last night


  37. At least the corrupt british, american or whatever police chief when caught or deemed unfit goes to prison. bernard kerik, former mayor rudolph guilliani’s golden boy in new york, police commissioner now serving time for taking kick backs, saw him in the daily news of new york recently in nice prison orange, with hand cuffs and leg irons to match. Pity the corrupt in Bim are allowed to play and dottin and the one who put him there will not go to jail.


  38. Oh, and they just offloaded a bunch of corrupt ones in england, what is wrong in Bim that nothing is done> seems like everybody is scared of being killed by the other person because they know too much. Glad I left the human cesspit, note i did not call the island a cesspit, just the people who know who they are.


  39. @BAFBFP
    Remember a few years ago when a number of Barbados’ finest were leaving for Bermuda the then Attorney General Dale Marshall was comfortable with their leaving and said that they would be replaced by imports if necessary

    Poor Dale he must have missed most of the Management/Finance classes in Law school but we always knew that numbers wasn’t his forte given his conflicting answers over the cost of the Prison. Dale should be aware that when you train Officers it costs money and when those Officers opt for greener pastures it is just not a case of bringing in new policemen they all have to be trained at significant cost. Most police forces lament the loss of well trained officers as they realize that you just can’t replace training and experience.
    His comment about recruiting policemen from other jurisdictions is so asinine that it doesn’t merit a response but again he doesn’t even recognize the cultural differences that exist between the inhabitants of these entities known as the British Caribbean. The Bermuda experiment ( well it isn’t an experiment anymore since they have been recruiting Bajans since the 1960’s) has worked and it speaks to the Bajan temperament that the Bermudans haven’t objected to this practice. The Bermuda Gov’t also used to recruit policemen from Britain, I don’t know if that is current.

    In Dale’s view Policemen are a dime a dozen which says a great deal about his respect for members of the RBPF.


  40. When we get rid of Mr Dottin, who do we have to replace him. Back in the ,60’s Blue Mink had a hit call Melting Pot. Fortunately or unfortunately we do not have that type of melting pot, and no matter how much we shake,rattle ,roll and stir our pot- belly pot ,each serving of food extracted from it, is going to look., smell and taste the same.


  41. Yeah, pity as you so aptly put it, the mentality will surely remain the same, just in maybe a different sized vehicle.


  42. Good for Roy although somewhat ironic coming from him.

    Barbados rapes: Editor backs Rachel Turner and Diane Davies’ call for inquiry

    The editor of a Barbados newspaper has backed the call by two British women raped on the island for a full independent inquiry into how police handled the case.

    Dr Rachel Turner, of Hertfordshire, and Diane Davies, of Anglesey, were raped within days of each other in 2010.

    Barbadian Derick Crawford, 47, was charged with the rapes, but the case was dismissed last month.

    Barbados Today editor Roy Morris said an inquiry could look at any concerns.


  43. Roy should call for an inquiry into the matter that he was accused of being involved with. There are more than a half dozen people in Barbados that believes that Roy Morris should be in jail but I have been made to believe that the man was innocent all along …!


  44. @a piece uh de rock

    Check your Kindle agian. You can enlarge the font easily to make it readable, and it weighs nothing compared to the ipad. If all you want to do is ead, the Kindle is the answer. Sorry to intervene in the ongoing conversation.


  45. Owen Arthur, Mia Mottley and Dale Marshall embarrasses Barbados. The Violet Beckles and the Myrie Rape case embarrasses Barbados. The Colin Peter and Terry Schwartzfeld murders embarrasses Barbados, the Police Commissioner Darwin Dottin embarrasses Barbados, also Sir Richard L. Cheltenham QC, PH.d., a crooked lawyer. United States Embassy [Bridgetown, Barbados] recommends a crooked lawyer, Sir Richard L. Cheltenham QC, Ph.d. to offer legal advice to United States citizens and or assistance in a civil or criminal matter. LOL


  46. Look both brothers are crooks


  47. Frustrated businessman

    Darwin Dottin is an egotistical maniac who has wrought the RBPF asunder with his maniacal form of dictatorship; all the other scandal we hear about is simply a result of that. Stalin’s first job in office was the arrest and execution of anyone in the system powerful enough to oppose him, Dottin has done the same. When Dottin went after legitimate gun owners no-one said anything, they were a minority and most people see the role of guns as reported in the press. When he went after Bertie no-one said anything, he could take care of himself. When he put up his own lackies for promotion and the Police Services Commission blocked half and put forward their own candidates to maintain the power balance no-one saw that for what it was either. Mia is the only AG who had the balls to deal with her lapdog, Dale adopted a ‘yes sir’ policy and Adriel hides under his desk (probably next to Foo Foo).

    The real question is this, how will Bajans deal with runaway civil servants in the absence of elected management in future? It is easy to say the courts are the answer but it takes 10 years to get a result. Dottin’s shame will continue for years after he leaves office as these matters are resolved (at great expense to individual and state) by judges.

    In 1956 Khrushchev started a process of ‘destalinisation’ in order to save his government; by the time Tyrone Griffith starts that process in Bim the credibility of the RBPF and the relationships with public and business they depend on for their very survival will be gone forever.


  48. @ Frustrated Businessman

    Speaking at a political meeting at the corner of Deacons Road, Owen Arthur said “the island had been humiliated by the recent S&P downgrade.”We have been reduced to junk status and someone has to be held responsible for it. He Arthur said also that the S&P downgrade report must be taken seriously. Violet Beckles has been humiliated by massive land theft and fraud perpetraded by corrupt lawyers and high authorities in Barbados. This must be taken seriously. Someone has to be held accountable. Barbados police raped and humilated that Myrie woman from Jamaica. This must be taken seriously. Someone has to be held accountable.

    Mitt Romney and the Republicans [United States] were sure they could and would defeat President Barack Obama and the Democrats [presidential election], November 2012. Romney: ‘it’s possible’ Obama could win but ‘not likely’. Romney had prepared only a victory speech. He had prepared his inaguration and had begun choosing his cabinet. Romney and the Republicans [United States] are now so very embarrassed. . . Dat not funny.

    Some on this blog are lawyers asking questions about Violet making fun, thinking its funny, REALLY. . . . Ohhhhhhhh really. That Myrie woman from Jamaica was raped in a jail cell, in Barbados. The Barbados government at first denied her claim [rape] but later conceded. The Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) has allowed her case to go forward. Barbados is liable for all incurred expensed. That is the order of the Caribbean Court of justice (CCJ), REALLY. . . . Dat not funny. . . . Barbados according to Clyde Mascoll is flat broke “all in the red” [can't afford Myrie's legal expenses] butttttt must pay. . . . Dat not funny. Al Barrack has in his posession a court ordered judgement, Bajans must pay. George Payne, though, is slated ten million and Dale Marshall two million. . . . Dat not funny.

    Owen Arthur, Mia Mottley and Dale Marshall embarasses Barbados. That Myrie Rape case embarrasses Barbados. The Terry Schwartzfeld and Colin Peter murders embarrasses Barbados. Sharene Mongroo and Violet Beckles embarrasses Barbados.


  49. Hellen Domagall

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