Jeff Broomes TRANSFERRED – Alexandra Dispute Matter Revisited: The Waterman Report

The following is a critique of the Alexandra Inquiry matter by Senior Law Lecturer at the University of the West Indies Jeff Cumberbatch and a BU family member.

Senior Law Lecturer Jeff Cumberbatch - reproduced from the Barbados Advocate - 04 October 2009

Senior Law Lecturer Jeff Cumberbatch – reproduced from the Barbados Advocate – 04 October 2009

There is an English equivalent, but the French, in their own inimitable way, put it so much more elegantly: “Plus ça change, plus la même chose” – the more things change, the more they remain the same. This might have been the exact sentiment of more than a few objective bystanders after the public release of the report of the Waterman Commission of Inquiry into the Alexandra School. From all accounts, those who were, before the report – see WATERMAN REPORT, in favour of the censure of Mr. Jeff Broomes, the principal, for his alleged misdeeds, now feel a sense of vindication by the report that has recommended, inter alia, his “separation” from that institution. On the other hand, those who were firmly in his corner previously and of the view that he had done nothing wrong, have chosen to reject the commission’s findings in that regard. These opinions are to be expected. But what of the report itself? Has the commission really achieved its objective after the comparatively substantial sums spent on its production?

First, we have to appreciate the limitations of a Commission of Inquiry. Already cribbed, cabined and confined by the provisions of the statute under which it is constituted and by its stipulated terms of reference, the commission is not in itself a punitive body, even though it does have power under section 15 of the Commissions of Inquiry Act, Cap 112, to report certain forms of procedural misconduct during its deliberations to the High Court, which may inquire into the matter and, after hearing the relevant evidence punish the offending individual as if he or she had been guilty of contempt of the High Court.

Read full report in the Barbados Advocate

0 responses to “Jeff Broomes TRANSFERRED – Alexandra Dispute Matter Revisited: The Waterman Report

  1. @ miller,
    Clone wrote……………..I have posted against B and D unlike you who believe that it is alright to commit acts like taking a cheque not intended for your account but putting it there and still can become Prime Minister again…

    You should know better than to ‘big up and make Clone look important and that he is able to think outside the partisan box”. These DLP hacks cannot change.

    The debate is all about the foolishness going on with AX and Clone ups and bring up a worn out story about Owen Arthur. These DLP hacks never say a word about the CLICO policyholders millions that their dead king stashed away in Families First account which this present gang cannot get their hands on nor the policyholders neither would they talk about the millions of CLICO policyholders monies he laundered away in Thompson Associates but always bringing up a dead issue of a cheque. They never talk about the questionable dealings of Kenny Worst, Michael Lashley, Dennis Lowe or Hammie La. He left such a good legacy that the only remnants of Thompson Associates today is the hole in the wall where the gold plate bearing his name was ripped off!

    Be off, Clone, the people of Barbados dealt with that issue in 2008. I am satisfied with OSA’s explanation. Too bad you believed the lies your dead king told you. Too bad he aint alive to face the facts about CLICO and now Mr Molasses trying to fool the policyholders that there will be a solution in March. It is too late for Mr Molasses!

    I was speaking to a young intelligent lady today. She said to me that she foolishly voted for the DLP in 2008, never again would she vote DLP. She said it took the BLP three terms to become arrogant but it only took the Dems one year. She then began to list all the woes and ills since 2008. So if a lot of young people are thinking like this, the DLP ass is grass! You may yet have to put up with OSA!


  2. Broomes has been doing foolishness for at least six years. The teaching-learning processes of the students of Alexandria School had been compromised yet it took a strike by teachers and a threat to ramp up the strike, Prime Ministerial intervention with a $600 000 Commission of Inquiry (which came to the same conclusions as a earlier Ministry investigation of the school) to get the Ministry of Education and the Public Service Commission to do what probably should have been done four years ago!!!.

    If it took all this bachannal to solve what was really a fairly minor issue how will this country respond to the really big issues of growing the economy and creating employment and wealth for our people, protecting the natural environment and the resources it provides (like water), securing our country from the threats of drug dealers, human traffickers and even those terrorists of many different persuaions and dealing with the health threats posed by chronic non communicable diseases (just to name a few)?


  3. Mr. Broomes is a classic example of the “Peter Principle” in action, not every school teacher is destined to become a Head Teacher nor every Priest a Bishop nor every Bank Teller a Branch manager etc. Generally the people who work with individuals like Mr. Broomes suffer in silence hoping that he can be further elevated to become someone else’s problem but how long is too long before it comes to an end?

    It is too bad that Mr. Broomes is being foisted on some other children, parents and teachers , the Ministry of Education should have the power to assign him to a desk job where he can work on individual assignments and out of harm’s way.

    There are some good educators out there who have longed toiled in their field without seeking recognition or publicity but who derive satisfaction from seeing their charges achieve success academically and in their chosen fields, let’ applaud these individuals rather than spend time dissecting the sorry spectacle of an Alexandra School under the Administration of Mr. Broomes.


  4. @Sargeant,

    If Broomes is spiteful and vindictive like me, he will park his ego and go to Parkinson and become a great Principal of that school.

    There is nothing sweeter than success when failure is expected.


  5. @Hants
    If past exploits are predictive of the future then we should worry, however never say never……


  6. Doesnt Miller import politics into every discussion?


  7. Caswell,

    Do you know why Queen’s College is not involved in any of the transfers? Strange, dont you think? Why was HC chosen for the cause of all this trouble? Is it because the Principal of HC took a stand for the principal? Revenge? Spite? Give the HC principal the headache? I wonder?????

    Mrs Greaves would do well to know up front that the HC principal is nobody’s fool and the stunts she pulled at AX would never be tolerated by Winston Crichlow! Just saying!


  8. @David

    I could not respond to ur query earlier because my internet was being eratic like Enuff, and that Caswell stole my thunder how the commission is appointed.

    Regardless to how we think, as long as politicians can appaoint they will disappoint. Caswell is quite cognisant that Owen Arthur appointed people to top positions in the Public Service under the guise of Public Service Reform. His wife benefitted from a high payying job in the service as well as Kerrie Simmon’s wife, among others. Until the power of the prime minister is curved we will get no where. Just remembered how David Simmons was appointed as CJ.


  9. You forgot the mention the blatant nepotism being practiced under this present administration that you support. Just check with John Boyce, Richard Sealy, Michael Lashley, Stephen Lashley, Esther Byer Suckoo andthe rest of them. then let us start to talk about the power of a PM!


  10. Oh I forgot to mention Donville Inniss!


  11. Gabriel Tackle

    Much of the problem with Broome and Farley is that they revel in publicity .They both should have been told to follow the rules and stop speaking to the media on every and every subject- as they are prone to do- unless authorized to do so by the Ministry.They both have become a law unto themselves.Amaida Greaves,Beverley Neblett,Leslie Lett have been let off lightly.They should have been fired.They may be called teachers but were not called to the vocation.Their swinish and despicable behaviour has tarnished the AX school and its reputation, so richly deserved over the many years of its existence,and might have denied Barbados of some fine scholarship if only they had used their energy to impart knowledge and positive values in their charges.They will be forever damned.


  12. Think on these Things

    New Year’s Honours List
    printshare0 comments Sat, December 29, 2012 – 8:00 PM
    The following is the New Year’s Honours list for 2013.

    The Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE)

    Shirley Vivienne Bell

    For public service and services to the legal profession

    Everson Robinson Elcock

    For services to business

    Charles Emile Straker

    For services to tourism and the music industry in Barbados


    Joan Lorraine Blackett

    For services for education

    Anthony DeVere Browne

    For services to industry and culture

    Larry MacDonald Mayers

    For services to broadcasting


    Victor DaCosta Farrell

    For services in the field of medical laboratory technology in Barbados and other Caribbean counties

    Robert Jeffrey Kinch

    For services to tourism and hospitality

    Arlene Eleanor Miller

    For services to the financial sector


  13. The current solution to the AX problem has been largely represented and accepted as being a thoughtful and even handed solution that shows the PM in a good light and casts Broomes and the protagonist teachers in a poor one.

    But suppose that we are just viewing smoke and mirrors at the present time.
    I was made aware today that one of the teachers being transferred


  14. Oops! clicked the wrong key above. (continuing)

    ……. has not yet received any official notification of her transfer but saw her name on Barbados Today last night. There are probably several others of the 22 reverse transferrees who have been dealt with similarly. Many of them will now have additional travel expenses and other disruptions, in addition to the major disruption of being moved at an important time in the school year from the charges to whom they were committed. They are in a perverse position for people who had nothing whatsoever to do with the AX imbroglio. Random punishment I suppose, theirs not to wonder why.

    Mary Redman may be thought of as having an easy job and no need to protest the transfers, as the teachers whom she championed at AX have largely been well treated. It appears that their transfers have been thoughtfully worked out and have been to Schools that are largely considered by most bajans to be promotions OR they have not generally been transferred to schools that would result in significant disruptions to their travel schedules re. getting to and from the new school or transporting children etc. So they might not protest too much. So the architects of the transfers appear to be very thoughtful in their treatment of the AX transferees. But the uprooted teachers coming to AX might think differently. It appears that no-one consulted with them or anyone else of the teachers before the decision was implemented.

    It is going to be very interesting to see how the Unions deal with the problems of the transferees to AX, and there will be many. I also hear that a few teachers are seeking legal opinions on their unwonted and sudden disruptive transfers, given that they dealt only with their respective Boards re. their hiring and other matters not the MOE or Services Commissions.

    The timing of the disruptions was certainly not thoughful, if the intent was to cause as little disruption as possible. Indeed, I suspect that the timing was possibly to project an image of someone solving a problem in one year that his predecessors could not solve in eight and little consideration would have been given to softening the AX students’ learning environment at this time or indeed that of the other schools where new senior teachers would have to rise to a call not of their calling.

    ’twere better if the problem was kicked down the road for a solution in the next school year in September 2013 by whoever is in power then, but such a solution might not big up certain individuals and so, imho, the decision was taken to risk confusion at this time.

    There are many other considerations in this matter which are likely to start being engaged in public within the next 2 weeks that might show that the transfers were not as thoughtful or even handed as most consider.


  15. Think on these things;
    The New Year’s Honours list looks like a good one to me and I am sure the recipients are all highly deserving of the honours. I would like to congratulate all of them but would like to highlight three of them, who I know have given excellent service to Barbados over the years and have led exemplary lives. Shirley Bell; Everson Elcock and Victor Farrell.


  16. Just hope Mary Redman does not think she is a winner in this and was not meant to be one, the winners should be these poor students who had to endure years of negative, backward behavior from so called adults who are unable to resolve conflicts with respect.


  17. Gabriel Tackle

    I should like to add my two cents worth re the New Years Honours List.Emile Straker has done more than most with his Merrymen to establish Barbados as a tourist haven for the Canadians in particular.Emile and the Merrymen,the Barbados Police Band,Paul Foster and his Publicity Committee have combined to make Barbados the favourite tourist destination of Canadians from the 70’s and they all richly deserve honours.I would recommend to the BTA that they revisit the Canadian and Venezuelan markets,both countries prospering in the current downturn.


  18. Do I remember her husband was high up in the Education Ministry? If correct I am sure that is a complete coincidence.



  19. Mrs Greaves would do well to know up front that the HC principal is nobody’s fool and the stunts she pulled at AX would never be tolerated by Winston Crichlow! Just saying!
    what stunts did she pull at Ax mr prodigal?


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