Senator Crichlow Asks Opposition Senators to Account For Monies

The following article reproduced from the Barbados Advocate at the request of a DLP supporter.

Canon Harold Crichlow

His Honour Senator The Very Reverend Harold Crichlow says he would like at some point to hear Opposition senators give an account on the behalf of the previous government, on issues raised in “disturbing reports” from the Auditor General.

His call for Opposition senators to speak on this issue came as he spoke in the Senate yesterday, on the Catastrophe Fund (Amendment) Bill, 2012.

“I don’t think that any Government, this present one included, should just be contented with the millions of dollars that the Auditor General said cannot be accounted for. This is the big problem that we need to tackle in this country. Granted the economic stress we’re having, I don’t think that we would be in as deep a problem now if those monies that the Auditor General spoke about, were repaid or reclaimed. We would be in a position to do so much,” Crichlow stated.

However, Opposition Senator Kerrie Symmond, in response to Crichlow rose on a point of order to indicate that any one member of the Opposition cannot account for the wide array of issues raised in the previous Auditor General’s report.

He however stressed that if Crichlow wanted to bring a private member’s resolution to address any of the issues with specificity, he would be willing to be part of that debate. However, he maintained that he had no collective responsibility as a member of the previous Cabinet and therefore, cannot be asked to shed light on where money went and who should put it back.

Continuing his contribution Crichlow then stated, “There are only two members of the Opposition in the Senate and that is a tremendous disadvantage I think. It is being said that the Senate cannot hear what the former Government did because one member who was a minister of that Government cannot take responsibility. I know that the Opposition only has two members, but how are the other members of the Senate to hear what happened to those millions of dollars that were not accounted for? Where do we have to go to hear that?”

“I thought that anything coming up in the Senate where the former Government was accused, that members of the Opposition here and certainly one who formed part of the Government, would be able to tell us. I am not saying that he is responsible, but surely he could have asked other members of the Government why certain  things were done and so on, but in any case, Cabinet is supposed to act as one. It is the Government and I think that when such questions are raised, the members of the Senate representing the Opposition should get the answer from those who ought to know something about it, so that we here can know what happened. Because all we have been knowing for a couple of months is trying to understand how those millions of dollars went unaccounted for and nobody can tell us why,” he concluded. (RSM)

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0 responses to “Senator Crichlow Asks Opposition Senators to Account For Monies

  1. Not sure Crichlow is a “Very Reverend” now he is no longer Dean. My information is that the title “Very Reverend” is one used in the Anglican Church for the senior priest of a cathedral, whether a dean or a provost. Crichlow is neither.

    But I agree with his question and I endorse it and I wish him luck (which he will certainly need) in getting it answered. It should be answered – the answer is owed to the electorate. Maybe if he were to put some pressure on the govenment on the matter of integrity legislation and FOI and get that passed as promised, then he would not need to ask the question in the first place.

    @Miller. Non-partisan enough for you?


  2. old onion bags

    Why the verily verily, don’t ask this administration to account for the $ 10 Million that was put in CLICO as “showing confidence ” money?

    Luke 6:42…thou hypocrite, cast out first the beam out of thine own eye, and then shalt thou see … First remove the beam from your own eye, and then you’ll see clearly …


  3. @Onions

    Wasn’t that 10 mil repaid in installments? Sure it was reported somewhere in the media.


  4. old onion bags

    If only Deloitte could be reactivated…..maybe we would see the Right Hand and the Left Hand coordinated charades quite well…..but that is meat for another matter, yeah David something of the sort was reported…


  5. old onion bags

    The verily verily should also seek to find out why a certain fellow like he under house arrest….


  6. Carson C. Cadogan

    This is good platform material.
    The former Dean of St. Michael’s Cathedral is not going to be very popular with the BLP this election time around.
    And all he is doing is asking questions that I have been asking for years, but with no answers. I wish him more luck than I have.
    Yet on this blog they are those who are seeking to put the FOX(BLP) IN CHARGE OF THE CHICKEN COOP.


  7. Some pointed questions.............

    As usual we look to shoot the messenger.


  8. millertheanunnaki

    @ Amused | August 30, 2012 at 9:33 AM |
    “But I agree with his question and I endorse it and I wish him luck (which he will certainly need) in getting it answered. It should be answered – the answer is owed to the electorate.”

    Senator Crichlow is totally out of his depth when it comes to the administration and accounting of government finances. He is not even in the right chapel far less the wrong pew.
    His question should be directed at the present Cabinet Ministers, especially the MoF, who must ask the civil servants who are the chief accounting officers (including the Director of Finance) as stipulated under the Constitution and set out in the Financial Administration and Audit Act.

    Dear Reverend C(h)richlow, you have stooped to low and to you we say: “Mene, Mene, Tekel, u-Pharsin.” And with the soon coming of a change in the guards you will be replaced in a few months as the ‘independent-thinking’ representative of the Church which is mandated by the principles espoused by Jesus Christ, its founder, to always preach fair play, justice and uphold the Truth. May your god have mercy on your misguided partisan political soul!


  9. @CCC. “Yet on this blog they are those who are seeking to put the FOX(BLP) IN CHARGE OF THE CHICKEN COOP.” You have confused me. What are you trying to say?


  10. old onion bags

    “Those in glass houses should put up or shut up .”Should we point to CLICO and the Marble ?


  11. Carson C. Cadogan


    They are numerous unanswered questions concerning financial matters dating back to the BLP administration, to this day no one has been held accountable, the Auditor general is pulling his hair out trying to get some sort of action on these matters. I am sure that you can recall one of his most recent calls for an investigation of five million dollars which was transferred to the vat office from the Min. of Finance to pay vat returns just before the last general elections which disappeared into thin air. this five million dollars is still on the books of the vat department.

    Amused, I am sure that you know that a Leopard can not change his spots. If the BLP is returned to office it will be business as usual for them. This can not be good for Barbados.


  12. The reality for Bajans is that none of the parties (DLP/BLP) can throw stones.


  13. Carson C. Cadogan


    So in your opinion, everyone should just shut up?


  14. No, the people have become sick of the behaviour of both parties. The back on forth on this blog by party faithfuls is therefore disingenuous and tiresome for many.


  15. These questions were out there for a number of years. Why have they not been asked before? Please don’t tell me that is because the Dean has fallen out with the BLP.

    To my knowledge, since Independence the Senate has not serve a useful purpose. It is only used to get the unelectable in Government since you have to be a member of the House and Senate to be appointed to the Cabinet.


  16. Carson C. Cadogan

    so therefore say nothing about it.


  17. @Caswell

    Does it matter if the questions are late in coming? What matters is that the questions need to be asked.


  18. Both parties have given up credibility on the important issues.

    At a time our country needs leadership we cannot find the way to engage constructively.



  19. Carson C. Cadogan

    Like many of us, The former Dean of St. Michael’s Cathedral is raising his disquiet of missing funds from the last administration. That is his right.


  20. Carson C. Cadogan


    I think you are tiresome!


  21. The reality is that the Auditor General has raised these issues for many years under both political parties. How many time have we heard of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) meeting? Are we serious? Or are more more interested in playing politics?


  22. Carson C. Cadogan


    As you go along you have become part of the problem rather than part of the solution.


  23. old onion bags

    How much money you duz get for doing nuttin on the Constituency Council doa….you don’t know that is dishonesty too? Go ask called tiefry…


  24. David

    It matters that the questions are coming late. If questions had come earlier, Government would have noticed that they could not get away with wrongdoing and pull up their socks. But because they realized that no one was looking they continued in their bad behaviour. If Crichlow and his useless colleagues in the Senate had exerted their independence, Government would have thought twice before the got so far. Their behaviour could have been nipped in the bud, so I really matters that people had not spoken up earlier. Maybe, just maybe, they would not have started on a new venture if they knew that they would have been exposed.


  25. @ Old Onion Bags

    Would Harold classify being the Chairman of the St. Michael South East Constituency Council and giving out largess, and then trying to get nominated as the candidate for the same constituency as tiefry?


  26. old onion bags

    Strange enuff Chrichlow lips buttoned on CLICO and 30,000 pensioners waiting in earnest…Strange he can’t see wrong in that….why it must be the lens (problems) in his glasses…gimme a break Harold man…..say something on that too….


  27. old onion bags

    Why Artaxerxes
    Thanks man …I din know he did in that too….well there ya go…


  28. Here we go attacking the messenger as it our wont in the toxic political environment.


    The questions may not be relevant for this government but given that it [government] is a continuum, lets hope the next government can embrace these issues.


  29. David

    I am not attacking the messenger: I am saying that he should have brought the message earlier.


    Who is the chairman of the St. Michael South East Constituency Council. I need to be certain before I comment.


  30. @Caswell

    Isn’t Patrick Tannis the Chair of this Council? One would have expected his resignation by now given his candidacy.


  31. For all of you who might have missed it, I feel it important to inform the general and blogging public of the following facts.

    On the 24th August, 2012 Woodbank Investments limited, a company owned by Mr. Christopher Andrew McHale was placed into RECEIVERSHIP. Mr. Craig Waterman from the company PwC is now the RECEIVER and MANAGER. Woodbank Investments Limited is the owner of the ocean front condos Ocean Reef Suites opposite Worthing Police Station. Woodbank Investments Limited was placed into RECEIVERSHIP by CIBC FirstCaribbean Bank which is owed millions and millions and millions of dollars from Woodbank Investments Limited.

    Also placed into RECEIVERSHIP by CIBC FirstCaribbean Bank was Ice Properties Inc, another company owned by Christopher Andrew McHale. Ice Properties Inc. is the owner of the property at the corner of Harts Gap from which many businesses opperate, including Mama Mia’s Italian Restuarant.

    According to the Notice appearing in yesterdays newspaper, Mr. Waterman of PwC has assumed full control oand management ver both Woodbank Investments Limited and Ice Properties Inc and Mr. McHale ceases to have any control whatasover until the debt to CIBC FirstCaribbean Bank is settled and the Receiver is disengaged.

    The Receiver is accepting offers to buy the apartments at Ocean Reef Suites. It is expected that the apartments will be sold for below market value given the depressed state of the real estate sector in Barbados at the moment.


  32. David if you tired go take a rest because there is more to come. even MIA talking about TRUTH getting truth from OSA is liking asking black belly sheep to turn white.


  33. Carson C. Cadogan

    Serves him right, he had a lot to say about Sandi.


  34. Gabriel Tackle

    I am relying on a contact who informs me that in the Anglican church here there is only one Dean;that there are 6 or 7 canons who occupy stalls at the Cathedral and the dean is in reality the senior canon among the others and this seniority affords him the title of Dean,so that Harold Crichlow is properly Canon Crichlow and Frank Marshall is the Dean.The informant reminded that the former Dean Hazlewood reverted to the title canon as did William Dixon.
    Of interest also is that in 1987,the then Dean fell out with the DLP and the BLP in on fell swoop when he welcomed the NDP to a service which was boradcast live on VOB or Rediffusion,and argued that Barbados needed a third political party.That was the end of live monthly services from the Cathedral.
    The point made by David is important.Where is the PAC in all this,seeing that a minister does not sign cheques,but influences to whom monies are to be paid.There is no accountability in matters political because they all do misuse the funds entrusted to their care and seek to feather their and their supporters nests. Politicians with power have no reason to believe that one of their ilk will let down the other in the interest of scoring a point.They do not throw out the baby with the bath water.


  35. Carson C. Cadogan

    Up until today, it is still not too late for the Government to go after those who misused the taxpayers money. Arrest warrants can be issued today for those responsible.
    The evidence is there!
    What is the Government waiting on?


  36. For example BU has written extensively about corrupt procurement practices at the Transport Board, Transtec etc. Then there is the marina issue which Arthur threatened to activate the PAC and what?


  37. Kerrie was given a project by Canon Harold. Let us see if he has the gall to ask Mia or Owen and return to Senate with his findings.

    This is platform material. Owen will understand once and for all that the electorate wants to know how the monies were spent (appropriated) from the horses’ mouth (the BLP) provided they want a return to Government.

    Don’t you guys see strategy??? Place your cards on the table now, throw in your hand – the electorate is not as concern as CLICO as it is of the millions and millions up to and including 2007.


  38. millertheanunnaki

    @ Carson C. Cadogan | August 30, 2012 at 1:12 PM |
    “Arrest warrants can be issued today for those responsible.
    The evidence is there!”

    Arrest whom? The public servants past and present?
    What evidence? Do you think politicians are stupid given that most of them are lawyers and are themselves the architect of the legislation which you would like to see used against them to bring them before the courts?
    Do you, think silly man, that the admission by a civil servant that he was verbally instructed by a minister to award contracts to a particular person would attract the attention of the DPP far less stand up in a court of law as sufficient evidence to convict a crooked corrupt politician whether B or D? It would be incriminating to the same very idiot servant for which the existing legislation would easily facilitate his or her incarceration.
    What is required is much tighter and specific legislation. For example, the establishment of a Contractor General who would oversee the award of all public contracts over a legislatively agreed limit thereby making it financially unattractive for politicians to get involved in contracts below that limit.
    The much promised FoI and Integrity legislation with teeth and access by the public must be sine qua non for such an integrity framework.


  39. millertheanunnaki

    @ David | August 30, 2012 at 1:19 PM |
    “Then there is the marina issue which Arthur threatened to activate the PAC and what?”

    I too am totally disappointed with that state of affairs.
    Arthur is a total let down leaving a very big question mark over his capacity to manage the affairs of this country again.
    Unless he immediately reactivates this important organ of governance to ensure financial propriety one can understandingly conclude that his personal integrity has been compromised given his past association with the players concerned.
    Please OSA, please don’t lend credence to “ac’s” ad nauseam claims of corruption on your part.


  40. Carson C. Cadogan

    Contractor General? what purpose will he serve?
    There was a Supervisor of Insurance under the BLP and we still have clico.
    In Jamaica the Contractor General is vilified and despised by both political partys.


  41. Carson C. Cadogan

    The BLP threw away Two million taxpayers dollars on a Solar project in Nigeria of all places.
    No type of benefit to the Bajan taxpayer. We need answers.


  42. In Jamaica they have a police force and so do we.


  43. war paint….lol


  44. millertheanunnaki

    @ Carson C. Cadogan | August 30, 2012 at 2:09 PM |
    “There was a Supervisor of Insurance under the BLP and we still have clico.”

    There is a Financial Services Commission (FSC) under the DLP.
    What purpose is it serving now that the forensic audit evidence is before it?
    Additionally there are a few CLICO-like small devils in the making especially in the credit union hell hole. What is the FSC doing about it. Diddly-squat a long as the crooks in charge of that credit union are supportive of the present administration.


  45. BU is still unable to access the BWA Special Audit on the Auditor General website. (Page not found!)

    The question which continues to weigh heavily on the mind for some is how could the Transport Board deficit have reached such a level at a time when the government is preaching expense control?


  46. Prodigal Son

    The Dean is suffering from dementia, we in the Anglican Church do not take him seriously, under his leadership, the flagship church was left in ruins and most of the congregation gone. That is what we Anglicans would like him address. If he could not manage what was entrusted to him, how dare he ask someone else to account?

    CCC, should the police be called in to investigate the findings of the auditor general’ s report into the BWA made public in last Sunday’s Sun. Should the DPP bring charges against the minister identified?

    When are you going to stop condemning the BLP whilst ignoring the corruption in the DLP in four short years?

    Where you now come back from to confuse BU with your filth? We were happy when you were away!


  47. Observing(...)

    “The question which continues to weigh heavily on the mind for some is how could the Transport Board deficit have reached such a level at a time when the government is preaching expense control?”

    Practicing and preaching are two different things.


  48. Carson C. Cadogan

    When the former Dean of St. Michael Cathedral was lambasting the Democratic Labour Party, the BLP considered him the wisest man on Earth. Now that he is asking questions that are on everyone’s minds, he is now suffering with Dementia.
    You Barbados Labour Party supporters have no shame at all.


  49. Fractured BLP Party

    Miller and Onions,

    Your chickens have come home to roost. I told you guys long time ago Owen is a waste…a.k.a Spent Force.

    Dean Harold Crichlow is RIGHTLY using the floor of Parliament to ask the intelligent questions that the Barbadian electorate want ANSWERED.

    Owen would never summons the PAC as opposition Leader. We all recall how he berated David Thompson & Cyde Mascoll, as opposition leaders, for not calling the PAC to meet . Owen Arthur even used the Parliamentary might of the then BLP Gov’t to change the composition of the PAC so as to facilitate its work.

    After all of that posturing, Owen as Opposition leader armed with the same PAC rules that he instituted , cannot call a PAC meeting after publicly declaring a few months ago to do so…..on the Bridgetown Pierhead project.

    Well after Chris Sinckler told him to call the PAC meeting…..but make sure walk with the file about the said project Arthur went SILENT.

    WHY ????

    Because after waking up from his drunken STUPOR……he realised that oh boy…..they have that tape from the PEGASUS Hotel in Jamaica.

    Arthur standing up in Parliament and LYING about not being present at Cabinet when the contract was awarded to VECO to build Dodds prison.

    WHY ????

    Because after a moment of DRUNKENESS…..Owen now reaslises he has saddled the Barbadian taxpayers with a $ 30 million bill every 1st January for the next 25 YEARS.

    AND he is the GREAT Economist that Miller and Onions is saying is RELEVANT for these TIMES !!!!

    And to witness Miller and other BLP pariahs ADORE this joker Owen Arthur is truly AMAZING. Look at what Miller wrote :

    ” millertheanunnaki | August 30, 2012 at 1:46 PM |
    @ Carson C. Cadogan | August 30, 2012 at 1:12 PM |
    “Arrest warrants can be issued today for those responsible.
    The evidence is there!”

    Arrest whom? The public servants past and present?
    What evidence? Do you think politicians are stupid given that most of them are lawyers and are themselves ”

    So if Owen Arthur is not a CROOK & A$$HOLE… come campaign donations of $ 750,000.00 ended up in his personal bank account ?

    Wunnah calling for General Elections…….I hope wunnah ready to hear how the BLP muck of 14 years CONTRIBUTED heavily to Barbados debt profile TODAY.

    Dean Crichlow is RIGHT………answers are NEEDED…..NOW.


  50. old onion bags

    @ Fractured DLP
    ……….Abide with Harold do


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