The CLICO Forensic Audit Report

Patrick Toppin (l) Oliver Jordan (r) CLICO Judicial Managers

One of the most discussed issues in Barbados in the six months has been the CLICO Forensic Audit Report. The Nation Newspaper has cherry picked  and published those parts which make for ‘good’ reading. BU is pleased to post the full report for ALL Barbadians to read.

Forensic Audit of CLICO International Life Insurance Ltd. (under Judicial Management): – Report as of December 5, 2011

Thanks to the BU family member who submitted the report.

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105 responses to “The CLICO Forensic Audit Report

  1. Observing (and inquiring)

    looka life miller.

    Only tonight I repeated thatexact same phrase to a colleague “LP is an estimable gentleman ….”

    The BLP only need to replay that over and over again this election cycle. 25,000 people are not to be take lightly anywhere, in any circumstance, in any condition.


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  3. winston Black

    the 3.3 million went back to the CEO from the lawyer. its time that policy holders file a class action suit against the directors CEO president vice president, L D, all of the politicians and lawyers knew what was going on with that company and withdrew all of their monies, the regulators F.S.C, supervisor of insurance, the government and the auditors are liable. the minister of finance allowed it to file fraudulent annual reports on its operations in Trinidad and not Barbados, the insurance industry needs cleaning up in that they should submit quarterly reports along with a recent bank statement for the corresponding period. The Financial Service Commission have to take some blame too for letting it withdrawn funds from its statutory liability fund that is require under the law to purchase land in Miami without its approval or that of the central bank


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