Shopping For Fruit In Barbados

Submitted by Islandgal246


Today I was out shopping looking for some fruit to buy. My husband had tried getting some bananas earlier this week but was unable to do so. So I decided to go to Bridgetown to seek some fruit and  I visited Cheapside market. I asked some vendors for some melons, cantaloupes, honey dews, pineapples, water melons anything that is called fruit. Many told me that they never see cantaloupes nor honeydews selling in the market and I must try Scotty’s across the street.  I told them that these can be grown here so why aren’t we growing them? They said that they didn’t know. Now Scotty’s  is an importer of melons and pineapples and  I have frequently bought fruit there. I went in and saw a piles of fruit. Many apples, plums, pears, grapes, oranges, grapefruits all imported. I managed to get one of the last three honeydew melons and the last pineapple.  I decided to go to Hanschell Inniss to see if I can obtain a cantaloupe. That was another disappointment.  I was fed up and hungry so I decided to head home.

As I was approaching my driveway, I noticed a hired car parked in the driveway. I said to myself “like we have some visitors”. I unloaded the car with my precious fruit and made my way into the house. I heard some activity in the garden where  I found my husband  talking to some visitors.   I remembered being contacted by someone from Canada who wanted to visit the garden. They had visited Barbados before and followed my blog. I was introduced to this very pleasant couple and we started talking about the plants and garden. I told them that I was in town shopping. The lady who is a doctor  at a hospital in Canada, mentioned that she was in the  supermarket and that she couldn’t find any fruit to buy. She wondered how people who live here can afford to buy food  and how we survive with the high prices. I told her that I was on the prowl for some fruit as well and I had some difficulty obtaining some and I was fed up!

Yes I am fed up! So fed up that I will start growing my own melons!  I then had to scold myself that it was my fault trying to buy imported fruit that  we can grow here in Barbados. I had grown these before so growing is not a problem. I know I will have to wait three months to harvest but I am going to start TODAY.  Where are the local fruit farmers? Is fruit a luxury in Barbados?  Is that why a water melon cost $25.00 in the supermarket? In Florida tropical fruit farms are producing every exotic fruit they can lay their hands on. What are we doing here where we have suitable growing conditions.  Yes fruit is seasonal, but why do we have to wait until mango season to get fruit?

Are there any fruit farms here on the island? Why can’t we plant short crop fruits? What is the Ministry doing to widen the varieties of fruit on the island. There are many delicious fruits we have never heard of that grow in Brazil  and Guyana. Why haven’t we done trials to see how well they adapt to Barbados. Governor plums, Jaboticaba, Longan are a few that can grow here.  I fed up of scrounging  to buy fresh tropical fruit on a tropical island.  Anyone growing unusual fruit here on the island please contact me. I am eager to hear about your experiences.

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58 responses to “Shopping For Fruit In Barbados

  1. Hants
    Yes, I was a Boy Scout in my early days, in fact, I was a Queen’s Scout when Mr Harrison was Scout Comissioner. I was chosen to be one of the Scout’s represntative at the Independence celebrations, an honour I will never forget. Yes, I know of twist and baking a chicken in mud buried in the ground. Did you ever have to light the fire early in the morning for breakfast and had to use wet wood, or did you ever had to scrub the pot after it was used on a wood fire and get it back spotlessly clean? What about gadgets? do you remember how to made any? I once made a thirty foot tower from bamboo at an island camp that was visited by the then G.G Sir John Stow, I then had to erect it at Government House at a function he was hosting, plus make a replica for him to place on his desk. Scout was great, I said I was a scout but I was wrong, I AM STILL A SCOUT because ONCE A SCOUT ALWAYS A SCOUT.


  2. @Island gal
    If a person wants to achieve a purpose they would do it any cost. In Barbados people would buy certain items at any cost to achieve they perferred purpose . I would say that not everybody can afford them. However not everybody can afford for e.g. a car but they are plenty of them around in barbados and they cost much more than a green house so go figure! In essence our wants trumps our needs.


  3. islandgal246


    I agree if you want something badly enough you will find a way. Many small farmers do not have the finances to buy this equipment. Many lending agencies may not fund these structures. I know I wanted one and I searched the net until I found a manufacturer with good prices.

    BTW those of you who like fat pork, dunks, guavas I do hope you are not collecting them from the wild. Those belong to the monkeys and when you take food from the monkey’s mouth they will take food from out mouth. So plant wunnna own!


  4. islandgal246

    I meant our mouths


  5. @island girl

    That is where US the people play an important role in educating our government about the importance of helping our farmers achieve what is necessary for them to maintain a livelihood. We should be calling or representatives and educating them about such issues and the desire for proper funding by government agencies to farmers . It is not good enough for us to vote for these people and for them to turn a deaf ear when we seek their help. Government funding should be expected and is necessary in this area.


  6. a/c They are plenty cars around for two reasons (1) the public transport system is awful and unreliable, therefore to asure they getting to work and other places on time many people were forced to purchase cars, (2) it is easier to get a loan to purchase a car than to get a loan to construct a green house.


  7. @Scout
    Very good try . However in Barbados”monkey see ” monkey do” Nobody can forced nobody to do nothing. That is why their is an elected government by the people who job is to figure out and correct public needs such as transportation. As far as getting a loan . for a “Greenhouse this is one of the areas in which government is heralding and people ought to approach government concerning such matters as loans .Just like cars people would do whatever it takes to get one . Using the same mindset would also work . It is called “The Spirit of determination.


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