Prime Minister David Thompson Succumbs To Cancer At 48

Late Prime Minister The Hon David Thompson QC MP, 1961 - 2010

BU is saddened to learn of the passing of  the late Prime Minister David Thompson MP QC,. He died about 2.10 AM (23 October 2010).

We join all Barbadians in extending sincere condolences to his family – wife Mara, mother Margaret Knight, children and close family members.

In this moment of sorrow the Lord I’d in our midst and consoles us with His word. Month eye has seen nor ear heard, nor the human heart conceived what God has prepared for those who love Him. Blessed are the sorrowful for they shall be comforted. Into your hands O Lord, we humbly entrust our brother. In this life you embraced him with your tender love and opened to him the gates of heaven. The old order has passed away and you welcome him into paradise, where there will be no sorrow, nor weeping nor pain, but fullness of peace and joy with your Son and the Holy Spirit for ever and ever - Rev Guy Hewitt

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129 responses to “Prime Minister David Thompson Succumbs To Cancer At 48

  1. Pretty Blue Eyes

    I offer my condolences to the family of the Rt.Hon.David Thompson, I am so sorry to hear of his passing, our country is in mourning once again. Gone too soon this man had a lot to offer this country of ours, but he as been called to a higher service, he is resting now in the arms of Jesus.


  2. Here is another read which the late David Thompson sent to his constituents:

    “Dear Loving People of St John,

    Since 1987 when you first embraced me as your friend and then your elected representative, it has been my happy privilege to be among you on a frequent basis. In recent months, however, I have not been able to visit you in your homes, have a drink with you in the shops, worship with you or even share a joke on the block. As you know, I have had some serious health challenges which have curtailed my active life, including my enjoyable sojourns to St John to see you.

    You would have heard from me on every occasion that I have shared my sentiments with the entire country. But for me that’s simply not enough for the the people of St John, given the very close relationship which has always been renewed through our face-to-face contact throughout these past 23 years.

    Life has been lonely without you. I have therefore decided to write you a more personalised letter.

    In my quiet moments I have happily replayed in my mind the truly splendid times we have shared on the hard courts at Gall Hill; on the streets of Cherry Grove; the hills of Society; and in the hamlets of Venture and Edgehill; and the neighbourhoods of Massiah Street, Mount Tabor and Wilson Hill.

    I yearn for a special opportunity in the not-too-distant future to be able to do it all over and over again. And with your prayers and God’s help I will. In the meantime, the programme to improve the quality of life for you is being given the special attention it always deserved, and which I have personally been able to direct since January 2008.

    There is more work to be done that will be done. There will be personal needs to be attended to, and you are already aware of the well-known persons in your community with whom you can be in contact for assistance and direction.

    They are under instruction to act on my behalf because I am yours and you are mine.

    Be comforted in the knowledge that while I dearly love all of Barbados, the special bond between you the people of St John and me is unshakeable, even in difficult times of sickness and separation.

    Know for sure that this experience has brought me much closer to God, whose compassionate love and grace I commend to you based particularly on my personal experience these past six months.

    I invite you to continue to uphold my family and me in prayer at home and at church; in communities and in neighbourhoods wherever you meet. May God comfort everyone who may have lost relatives in recent times; may He bless all who are faced with personal and health challenges; indeed, may He bless each and every family of St John; each and every child.

    I remain not just your caring Prime Minister, but your dedicated representative and your true friend and confidant.”


  3. As I read the posts here, I am nearly tearful. I have just posted the following on the BFP blog, I trust no-one feels offended that I should just copy and paste it here.

    “I know many of us uphold the cliche that God works in mysterious ways. However, those of us who really believe in the supreme sovereignship of our Almighty God, will understand that He placed David Thompson as our Prime Minister in January 2008, already knowing that He would take him from us in October 2010.

    “I think we all need to think and pray about this very sincerely, especially our politicians. We should take this clear message from Jesus as a wake-up call to put aside our personal ambitions, to reflect on David’s honesty, and his commitment to the spiritual well-being of us all.

    “I do not think God does work in mysterious ways. In our grief we should all reflect on where David wanted Barbados to go, and do our utmost, both in private and public life, to see its fulfilment.

    “When he became Prime Minister, he came up against some very evil forces, and was therefore not able to implement all of the things he promised. So God takes him away from us, and now it is up to us to see his legacy through.

    “God bless you David Thompson, my condolences to all of his family and friends, may you rest in peace.”


  4. Biography – Prime Minister

    Born on Christmas Day 1961, the same year that the Rt. Excellent Errol Walton Barrow, many years later his mentor, became the Premier of Barbados, it was as if David Thompson was destined for great things and high office.

    The third child of Barbadians, Margaret and Charles Thompson, his early childhood spanned London in Britain, where he was born, and Barbados where he was nurtured and schooled.

    He received his primary teaching at the St. Gabriel’s Junior School before proceeding to Combermere School for his secondary education. It was while at Combermere that he displayed and developed his considerable intellectual abilities. It was also there that he excelled in the cut and thrust of debate and public speaking.

    Indeed, he came to prominence and public attention as the leading panelist for his alma mater, in the then popular secondary schools’ television debates – Understanding.

    That forum and his active membership of the youth arm of the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) of Mr. Barrow, virtually catapulted him into the national limelight and he was seen as a future leader bequeathed to Barbados by Mr. Barrow.

    David Thompson completed his secondary schooling at Combermere, securing a Barbados Exhibition in 1979. He returned and taught at his alma mater for a year before entering the Law Faculty of the University of the West Indies where he read for a degree, graduating with honours in 1984.

    He then pursued the Legal Education Certificate at the Hugh Wooding Law School of the University of the West Indies in Trinidad. That prepared him for his chosen and natural profession. He further honed his legal and oratorical skills at the feet of Errol Barrow Q. C. whose law firm, Trident Chambers, he joined in 1986. There, he rubbed shoulders with some of the other legal luminaries of the day: Asquith Phillips Q.C., George Moe Q.C., Carol Fields Q.C. and Philip Greaves Q.C.

    Between 1986 and 1988, he served as a part-time tutor in law at the University of the West Indies. Following Mr. Barrow’s untimely death in 1987, he successfully contested the by-election in the constituency of St. John which he has represented ever since.

    Mr. Thompson’s first Cabinet appointment was in 1991 when he was made Minister of Community Development and Culture. His passion for and commitment to meaningful youth development, as well as his interest in culture, saw him in the vanguard in the establishment of the Barbados Youth Service and the Youth in Business Programme, as well as in the restructuring of the National Youth Orchestra.

    From 1992 to 1993, he was switched to the Ministry of Finance as Minister of State, and between 1993 and 1994 he assumed full responsibility for that Ministry. During that time, he was responsible for restructuring the sugar industry and the offshore sector, monitoring the government’s successful stabilization programme with the International Monetary Fund and the structural adjustment programme that was implemented in 1993.

    Often described as the consummate politician by his peers, David Thompson has also experienced the vicissitudes of electoral politics over 20 years. Always handsomely winning his own riding, and by overwhelming margins in all six attempts, he was, however, the leader of the Democratic Labour Party when it lost the general elections of 1994 and 1999.

    Never one to be daunted by transient setbacks, he relinquished both positions of Leader of the Opposition (which he held from 1994) and the leadership of the DLP in 2003; but came back in 2006 as Opposition Leader and DLP President.

    During the interregnum, he turned to his law practice, specializing in corporate, insurance, international business and property law. Prior to this, he had also established a law partnership that lasted from 1994 to 2000.

    In May 2009, he was admitted to the Inner Bar and appointed as a Queen’s Counsel.

    In short time, following his re-appointment as Leader of the Opposition in 2006, he set about putting his stamp on the DLP. The party regrouped, as he reinvigorated its rank and file and went on a relentless two-year campaign to restore the DLP as the political party of choice for the majority of Barbadians. His efforts turned around the fortunes of the DLP and saw it regaining the reigns of power in January 2008 when it won 20 of the 30 parliamentary seats.

    Little wonder that at age 46, Prime Minister David Thompson, Mr. Barrow’s protégé, is the sixth holder of the office since Independence. He also has ministerial responsibility for the portfolios of Finance, Economic Affairs and Development, Labour, the Civil Service and Energy.

    Over the years, David Thompson has provided consultancy services to a number of regional and international organisations, including: the Commonwealth Secretariat, the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association, the Caribbean Law Institute, the Caribbean Policy Development Centre and the CARICOM Secretariat.

    In addition, he is involved at the local community level in several cultural and sporting organisations. Among his many affiliations are: PAREDOS, Barbados National Trust, Barbados Museum and Historical Society, Barbados Cricket Association, the UWI Guild of Graduates, Combermere School Old Scholars’ Association, Rontana Dance Movement, St. John’s Cultural Cricket Club, Sussex Cricket Club and Sonnets Football Club.

    His bold and much acclaimed Families First programme, in his beloved St. John, is a pioneering initiative that aims to re-establish and re-assert the family unit as the paramount and core constituent in the overall development of communities.

    An avid reader, with a near insatiable appetite for literature on people, politics and international affairs, he lists cricket, football, music and community activities as his hobbies, whenever time permits.

    Prime Minister David Thompson is married to Marie-Josephine Mara, nee Giraudy, and they are the parents of three daughters – Misha, Oya and Osa-Marie.


  5. Huge loss to his personal family and the country as a whole, no matter your politics. My condolences


  6. For all of us who offered tributes to David Thompson, we must now be of resolve, to live out his legacy and dream of peace and kindness to each other. He worked in an untiring manner, to provide each Barbadian, with a regional and geo-global future, that would have catapulted Barbados into regional and even serious global recognition. David was a man ahead of his time, a man incapable of an inelegant act. He was in essence, personified by “longfellow, when he said, the heights by great men reached and kept, was not achieved by sudden flight, but they while their companions slept, were toiling upwards throught the night.” We must be mindful, that the bible speaks of Faith, Hope and Charity. The bible says of the three, charity is the greatest of them, for charity extends beyond the grave, through the boundless realms of eternity.


  7. Bonny Peppa wrote “J you are still a cold callous slut and i make no fcuking apologies. ya stinkin skunt. dis is not de time to talk shite bout ‘we bring nothing into dis world and we carry nothing’.You committing de body to de ground? ya p-hole. stupseeeeeeeeeeee”

    J replies: I am none of these things. The piece that I quoted from the BIBLE has been read at every Anglican funeral that I have ever attended. I doubt that you would call the BIBLE a callous slut and a cold stinking skunt.

    But who knows. Maybe you would.


  8. Anonymous Numero Uno

    @permres | October 23, 2010 at 12:40 PM |
    “When he became Prime Minister, he came up against some very evil forces, and was therefore not able to implement all of the things he promised.”

    Hi “permres”, believe me when I tell you that ALL of us in Barbados and I mean including those of us on the other side of the political fence, were deeply saddened by Mr.Thompson’s illness. We now feel even worse at his passing.

    At a time when we are being exhorted towards unity, to cool political fervour out of respect for Mr.Thompson’s memory, and because it is the correct and decently human thing to do, I do not believe you or anybody else, should be using that sort of emotive language, such as the excerpt above from your posting.

    I do not know what “evil forces” you speak of, but clearly someone could easily misconstrue what you saying and take these so-called “evil forces” to refer to the opposition party. I really do not know what you mean!

    Please speak with more sensitivity and decorum. Couch your language in a way that you do not unnecessarily inflame political passions at this time. Let’s just give thanks for his short, but productive life, instead of going overboard.

    Again, my deeply felt condolences to his wife and children, his mom, dad and brothers and his extended family.


  9. You at a funeral right now? NO. Everyone is paying tribute and you that always carried a grudge for de PM come bout hay talking junk. Look fa right now, I real mad, sad, hurt, hurting and I in got na time ta quarrel wid you. You nor your accomplice GP will be no better off today than you were yesterday now dat he has passed. De two a wunna did burying he befoe he dead. Sad indeed. Hope wunna happy now.
    Wunna grudge he fa whatevva reason I would nevva kno.
    You n GP could go n rest in peace now too.

    I in a sombre mood now so doan come ta me wid na junk. I in in dah mood a’tall. From you nor nabody. I got a bad headache since hearing dis news man. I was up since bout 3.3o n I in went back ta sleep yet. I tekkin dis ting hard.

    Lordddddd, I feel sick in my stomach. I just cannn deal wid dis a’tall. I really hurtinnnnnn. Help me Lord.


  10. Anonymous Numero Uno

    And Bonny Peppa, as I have told you already, please please demonstrate some decency on this discussion board. I wish I knew your ‘phone number, so that I could call you personally and discuss this useless and unnecessary profanity of yours.

    Somebody has to say something to you about it, or you may take the silence I observe, as approval. I kindly ask you to responsibly consider what I have said here.

    I believe that deep inside you are an O.K. person, and a temporary inability to articulate causes you to use this revolting language.

    Please do not respond by cursing me!


  11. My condolences to his colleagues and friends and especially his family who have suffered a great loss. May he rest in peace.


  12. I want to start by saying thanks to David/BU for the background music associated with this topic. I listened to every selection and enjoyed all of them. Nice job.

    It is always a shock when someone passes even if you’re expecting it. The Prime Minister’s passing was no exception.

    A Tribute to Our Beloved Prime Minister…
    It saddens many of us to loose you
    Time and time again, we’d cry
    If love alone could have saved you
    You would still be by our sides
    Many of us will think about you often
    You did not go alone
    Part of us went with you
    When God called you home

    May the family find comfort in this time of sorrow.


  13. ….NOW NOW Bonny!!!

    Sir, you may wish to consider that our beloved PM is loved by thousands of ordinary Barbadians who speak and react exactly like Bonny Peppa. Mr Thompson was ABSOLUTELY at home with such people ..with such language.
    …we must be tolerant and respectful of the various styles with which hurting Bajans express their sadness, respect and dismay…. however your concern for decorum is well placed….
    What we build in this existence is character. Great men need less time to complete this mission….The greatest man who ever lived completed his mission at 33.
    ..what a blessed little nation is Barbados- to have had such leaders.


  14. Last Words
    Your last words spoken penned in lines
    To the people you loved so much
    Cut deep..more than skin deep
    Now you are asleep.
    You served Barbados selflessly
    Not only in thought or word
    But by your productivity against your longevity
    So much in all the eyes of the world
    The golden bowl is broken
    So too the silver chord
    Many shall mourn your passing
    Now your pain is done
    You left us new beginnings
    -A true son on the soil-
    yes! a true son!

    My sympathy to the relatives ,comrades and indeed the entire country.Written for the late Prime Minister of Barbados The Rt. Hon David Thompson.


  15. No, Anonymous Numero Uno, I was not referring to “those of us on the other side of the political fence”. Within the context of my post, I was trying to make the point that I see David Thompson as a man of God, and the evil forces are the workings of the devil, to which we are all party, I think. My apologies for any misunderstandings.


  16. @Bonny Peppa

    Girle chile ah glad to see you surface and hope that you are feeling better. Please don’t let “J” make you sin yuh soul. Even though I din’t like the PM politics I am still sorry dat he passed, after all he was a human being with a loving family. “J” will walk this road one day wid she family and I hope that no one treats her with the disdain she has shown in this forum. If yuh want to talk yuh can call me or email me fuh muh number.

    yuh friend


  17. Anonymous Numero Uno

    Thank you “permres” for your clarification. Best regards to you.


  18. Anonymous numero uno
    Bonny feeling only anguish at dis time but I will try to behave ‘human’ to appease if only you. I apologise but i feeling hurt and am a bit touchous at dis time.

    Can’t promise no profanity in times to come though.I have a quick temper but my bark is usually more scary than my bite.
    I am not as bad as I sound or look and I don’t suffer fools gladly.

    You still want my fone-numba? Call and I will give it to you.


  19. @Bonny peppa
    Nothing new. Up to Friday afternoon BLP supporters were still on FB saying things that would offend most.

    Now one Lorenzo Harewood wrote a prayer
    that attracted many positive and other kinds of responses.
    Heavenly Father above,

    Only through the grace and timeliness of your blessings can our nation truly begin to heal and cater to the overwhelming sentiments that reflect these unfortunate circumstances we face

    It is through you and your spiritual guidance that we implore our people to depict their well known ability to cope with harsh impositions, both externally and internaly when or if the chance presents itself, as has been done in the past

    It is through you and your spiritual guidance that we hope the livelihoods of many, who have entrusted their future and that of their children and grandchildren, via traditional vessels, are protected and that their pending returns are adequately insured

    It is through you and your spiritual guidance that we hope an equal amount of time and effort is designated to dealing with current issues affecting the people of this country, relative to the amount of time spent reflecting on partisan policy divisions

    It is through your spiritual guidance that we hope our people will come to recognise that the implications of a failure to act in the interest of the country and to incorporate the most applicable stategy for this country, are very undesireable

    It is through you that I take this opportunity to extend prayers in hope of a speedy recovery to EACH and EVERY person inside and beyond the boundaries of this country, who have been battling with attacks as mild as the common cold to those as harsh as HIV AIDS.

    You have made all of us equal under your eyes and through you let everyone receive an equal blessing and prayer. You have created everyone special in their own way, and so every prayer we make on their behalf can be deemed special prayer, none more speial than the other.

    So everyday starting today, let us pray for all of our people and hope that God will direct those who are seeking to safeguard our future. All these things we ask in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost

    Raquel Gilkes Lorenzo!! I deading, I really am!
    Maybe its only me that thinks you are just being extremely sarcastic about the prayer idiots that wasting time praying for a half dead duppy when we got serious problems here in Barbados?
    Ah well… I am kno…wn to be cynical….

    *ducking and running*See More
    Yesterday at 12:21pm
    Raquel Gilkes: Oh Please! Bajans are such sheeple. Its no wonder politicians and their transparent tricks work so well. You just saw heavenly father and a man praying, and immediately started with your pious amens. Ha ha ha. Well sorreeeee, but I read the entire topic, and if that wasn’t a study in sarcasm, and an indictment on all the shallow sentiment we expend daily on trifles, while ignoring things we need to pay more attention too, then I’ll eat my hat!!
    Yesterday at 12:59pm

    Now they were a few other posters to this blog and none of them took her to task for her comments with one suggesting that it was not very clear to whom she was referring.


  20. Perhaps the strength of the late Prime Minister can/will be measured in the decisions which he made in the days and weeks leading up to his death. From his public utterances regarding his health he obviously knew the serious of his illness and possible death. In the months and years to come his final decisions will say alot about the man.


  21. @ islandgal246 October 23, 2010 at 5:00 PM

    Many thanks for giving us that piece by Nana. I just love her music. I was introduced to her music maybe more than 20+ years ago.


  22. @De Hood

    I discovered the music of Nana Mouskouri as a teenager visiting Paris 30+ years ago. I hope that her music will sooth those who are grieving the loss of our PM Hon David Thompson. I also wish that we take time to reflect from within on improving our relationships. This is not the time for Tribalism. I will upload the final song ” a time to say goodbye” Wunna stop behaving like barracudas.

    A wife has lost her husband, her children have lost their loving father, a nation has lost its leader. LET US EMBRACE AND COMFORT THEM IN THEIR TIME OF NEED.


  23. David
    please give me some words of inspiration to get me thru this. I am crying all the time. I am really hurting and I am hiding in my room that my family won’t see me like this. I am now getting over a terrible flu and now this. I have a splitting headache. Never thought that his death would hurt like this. I feel terrible David. I am so sorry for his little ones. Lord have mercy.


  24. @ BP
    It may help if you read Matthew 5 and John 14 from verse 18 in the Bible. There is hope with our Lord and Saviour. I hope that this will be of some solace to your spirit.


  25. Sincere condolences to the family of PM David Thompson.


  26. Anonymous Numero Uno

    @Bonny Peppa

    “You still want my fone-numba? Call and I will give it to you.”
    Hi Bonny, inspite of your hurting heart, you are still able to display a little humour! Time will heal the pain. Be of good cheer.


  27. @Bonny

    The BU household feels your pain.

    The day has been difficult for us as well.

    David was not unfamiliar to some members of our household.

    The fact that he has left such a young family behind brings the greatest sadness of all.

    It is no secret that he had been at the forefront of the need to focus on building strong families.

    We all remember his Families First Campaign project and his desire to build a society by shifting away from the narrow focus on the economy.

    Take heart from the maturity with which the government has transitioned leadership to Stuart.

    Let us who live perpetuate his legacy by continuing to build on what he has started.


  28. As we continue to uphold the Thompson family, new PM and government in prayer, a query remains. Has any other country, outside of an election, ever had a change in the leadership of the two main parties in the same week?


  29. A life and light extinguished too soon.
    Take it easy Bonny.


  30. Carson C. Cadogan

    David Thompson

    Rest in Peace.

    Carson, Coralene, Carlene, Carolyn, Carson jnr.


  31. The Gatekeeper

    My deepest condolences to the family and friends of the late PM David Thompson. Our nation has lost a good citizen and public servant. May he rest in peace.


  32. Today has again left me with feeling of great despair, same as I felt last year, at the death of a close relative. All the time our PM was sick, I was going through all the emotions and the pain. I feel the pain of separation, his wife and children have felt today. My heart goes out to them, the DLP family and those closest to him. Is time a healer?, still wondering, but the despair does lessens.
    God has his plans for each of us, but even with our faith we still wonder why a man of great intellect, strength and knowledge should be taken so soon.
    After listening to his last speech again tonight, I think of the words of John…. “Peace I leave with you; My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you. Do not let your heart be troubled, nor let it be fearful.”
    God giveth and God taketh…., but is so hard to accept.


  33. Carson C. Cadogan

    Take it easy Bonny.

    I recently lost my dad to prostate cancer. He was a supporter of the Democratic Labour Party form its inception, both he and my mother who is eighty years and not doing too well either. He was eighty three years old.


  34. Washington – Barbados prime minister David Thompson died Saturday at age 48 of pancreatic cancer, the state-run Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) reported.

    Deputy Prime Minister Freundel Stewart was sworn in as Thompson’s successor hours after his death.

    In Washington, US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said: ‘Barbados has lost a leader and the nations of the Americas have lost a friend and valued partner. Prime Minister Thompson was a champion for democracy and justice in the Caribbean and an advocate for wider prosperity and opportunity throughout the region.’

    Thompson became the island’s sixth premier in 2008 after leading his Democratic Labour Party to victory.

    The third of six children, Thompson was born in London on December 25, 1961. He is survived by his wife and three daughters.


  35. Seibert Straughn (Chairman of National Sport Council)

    It is with deep sadness and regret that we have learned of the
    passing of the Honorable David Thompson, Prime Minister of
    our beloved country. Mr. Thompson has truly served Barbados
    and indeed the wider Caribbean with distinction. As an avid
    sports fan and an ardent promoter of the value of investment in
    youth, Mr. Thompson has given much support over the years, to
    the furtherance of our sports and cultural industries.
    The Chairman, Board, Management and staff of the National
    Sports Council and the entire sporting organizations in
    Barbados, we are very grateful for the support which his
    government has given, as they have sought to improve both our
    human and physical sports capital.
    We therefore wish to extend our deepest sympathy to his wife Mara, his children and other members of his family, and to the government and people of Barbados. May he rest in peace.


  36. Dearest Mara, your chidren, his parents, his entire family, the democratic labour party. my family here and abroad would like to convey our sincerest condolences to you and the entire Thompson family, our hearts ache with sadness at our great loss and we thank you for sharing him with us,may God continue to strengthen you and your family in the days ahead, rest in peace Mr Prime Minister until we meet again.


  37. Dearest Mara, your chidren, his parents, his entire family, the democratic labour party. my family here and abroad would like to convey our sincerest condolences to you and the entire Thompson family, our hearts ache with sadness at our great loss and we thank you for sharing him with us,may God continue to strengthen you and your family in the days ahead. Rest In Peace.


  38. Condolences to the family of PM David Thompson and all the people of BIM. It is only a matter of time before we all join you brother David on this journey. The only difference is that your number came up before us.


  39. A story in 23/10/2010 Page 18 showed the character of the man as practice.




  41. This for Bonny Peppa


  42. My condolences over the passing of a great national and Caribbean leader. Surely Barbados can take pride in producing a leader such as this, whose service to his people and his nation was one of servanthood. The pain, grief and regret over this loss must be balanced with the satisfaction and pride that he put in a century worth of work in the 48 years he spent on this earth.

    Gone too soon, my brother, gone too soon.


  43. @Bonny. This too is for you.


  44. En Partant ……..Outward journey


    Outward bound
    Upon a ship that sails no ocean
    Outward bound
    It has no crew but me and you
    All alone
    When just a minute ago
    The shore was filled with people
    With people that we knew

    Outward bound
    Upon a journey without ending
    Outward bound
    Uncharted waters beneath are far, far behind
    The green familiar shore is fading into time
    And time has left us now


    So farewell, adieu, so long,voya condios
    May they find whatever they are looking for
    Remember when the wine was better than ever again
    We could not ask
    We could not ask for more

    Outward bound
    Upon a ship with tattered sails
    Outward bound
    Along a crooked, lonesome trail
    Things we learned, will just be satisfied in knowing
    And we’ ll tell it to our kids as a fairytale


    We could not ask, we could not ask for more


  45. Today on the first Sunday after Mr. David Thompson’s passing, we know that at times when darkness surrounds us; we seek that little candle of light which brings us hope.

    Can we as a people, despite the burden a death delivers to us, not be calm within ourselves, as those we loved so dearly would wish. Can we be less selfish, less greedy and banish the idea that untold wealth brings unlimited happiness.

    If we can, as a people, that candle flickering in the distance can be transformed to a beacon of light, which will illuminate our way to a prosperous and life changing dawn. May the “ordinary” citizens of Barbados, yes the “ordinary” citizens be victorious in this new chapter in our history.

    May comfort be brought to his wife Mara, young family and relatives. I wish each day may manifest, through his legacy, the stature of the man we were privileged to call our Prime Minister.


  46. @ Adrian Hinds..

    Raquel Gilkes and her husband are staunch BLP members.
    I am not surprised at her remarks at all knowing her the way I do.
    As we see here on BU time and time again, it is the ones with most education that, most of the time, are the idiots.


  47. @Technie

    After reading the comments attributed to a former PR person of the BLP it made one wonder where did all the learning go.

    A key learning of public relations is to effectively communicate to your audience.

    Her message seems to be divisive with a public she should be wooing in the present circumstances.

    Sometimes it is better to ignore ignorance when it manifests itself.

    One can support a political party of choice but not at the risk of compromising someone’s professional ethics.


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