Global Food Security: “A Measure of Wheat for a Denaris” – The Green Revolution’s Domination and Control of the World’s Last Major Frontier

Submitted by Terence Blackett

If you control the oil you control the country; if you control food, you control the population  – Henry Kissinger

Who amongst us have not noticed that the cost price of our food at the supermarket checkout till has escalated in the last year? Let’s go back 5 years – or maybe even 10 years! Has there been a systematic pattern of food hikes going back as far as you can remember – notwithstanding the ongoing genetic manipulation of our food? Has your dollar also been buying less and less? Do you have to stretch those “pennies” in the hope of satisfying those hungry mouths which seem intent on eating you out of house and land?

Well, according to our governments’ spin, the latest economic argument for the state of things currently is the dreaded (I) word –“inflation”. First, we were told that we had to fear “deflationary” pressures on the economy and so the rumourmongers quickly tilted the scales with a nouveau concept called “stagflation” to keep up the sinister façade of rule by fear.

So today, the chimes in every quarter are over the issue of “food security” and who ultimately controls this last precious human resource. As the world’s population meanders towards 7 billion souls with a mere 0.005% controlling in total the accumulative wealth and resources of the 90 odd % – watchdog organizations are becoming increasingly concerned about the leverage of certain multinationals and their control over food and its prices.

In F. William Engdahl’s book – “The Seeds of Destruction”: The Hidden Agenda of Genetic Manipulation paints a damning picture of a world controlled and manipulated by a conspiratorial elite who for decades have worked to bring about the emergence of the 3rd horseman of the Apocalypse – on the heels of which will follow DEATH* and destruction!!!

So have a look at the facts regarding this final attempted siege. Watch the video followed by the link below – then decide if there’s cause for concern and action!!!

53 responses to “Global Food Security: “A Measure of Wheat for a Denaris” – The Green Revolution’s Domination and Control of the World’s Last Major Frontier

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