BU Family Member Roosevelt King Makes A Stand!


BANGO Secretary General, Roosevelt O. King

Recently BU family member ROK was mentioned not in a very favourable light on another blog site. BU family members would have expected ROK not to cower but instead to react in the true tradition of his alma mater by Fighting Back!

Read what this is all about by visiting his most recent blog!

279 responses to “BU Family Member Roosevelt King Makes A Stand!

  1. In a previous posting I alluded to the possibility that those white bajans-canadians who frequent BFP most likely left Barbados at a time when white Bajans were either revered of feared by blacks. A time when equality was not in practice, and therefore their recent behavior on BU can be viewed in this context.

    I need not to be anymore convinced that we need to continue the discussion on race, but it is heartening to hear the words of the outgoing British High Commissioner.

    Some Bajan Canadians should read his words and pounder their own actions and activities.

    “Speaking to the DAILY NATION at the end of his tour of duty, Taylor said: “The history is difficult obviously because some terrible things happened here under ancestors of mine and from the UK, and those are things that are obviously unforgiveable”.



  2. Adrian

    For what its worth, you will find that besides the “black” and “white” sides people see

    and sometimes think they see

    there is also a human side to any problem and therein lies the solution

    …. at least I think so after my “few” short years of life!!


  3. @Adrian Hinds // September 17, 2009 at 8:49 AM wrote, ‘In a previous posting I alluded to the possibility that those white bajans-canadians who frequent BFP most likely left Barbados at a time when white Bajans were either revered of feared by blacks. A time when equality was not in practice, and therefore their recent behavior on BU can be viewed in this context.’

    That’s a mighty observation! How many other possibilities could you allude to? Is this the only one that fits your view? How about they just do not agree with much that is written here? Talk about making a peg fit a hole. Load of nonsense.


  4. @John
    It is becoming the norm for me to understand what you have written as long as I do not think about it afterwards or God forbid I start to ponder the relationship of it as a response to what I said, and so it remains in a vacuum not to be linked to anything, I recently said. Be that as it may. Lol!


    To whom it may concern. :)

    I did not vote for Barack Obama. It has been my practice with Prime Ministers of Barbados, to support the chosen leader until the next opportunity comes along to review and decide if I should retain them or chose another. I have continued that tradition in the US with Presidents.

    This particular President presented me with another valid reason to support him.

    He is regarded as a Blackman much the same that I am, — it is but a skin thing. We live in a culture that as taken to viewing the actions of one person so define as indicative of all the others and so the stereotypes is maintained at all cost. Therefore, it appears.

    Certainly, there are legitimate reasons to objects to any number of things he has done.
    In my own case, I object to his healthcare bill in its original form. I object to his comments and the way he inserted himself into the Luis Gates/Sergeant Crowley tussle.

    It is arguable that his involvement in the Luis Gates issue gave impetus to those who at their core object to his Presidency simply base on his skin color, — to mount what is easily camouflaged as legitimate concerns. The Tea-party groups to my mind had many good points to their objections, but the various rally spokespersons, placards and signs displayed those stereotypes.

    In addition to this, I can find no good reason to support the hysteria and boycott of President Barack Obama’s speech to schoolchildren. No reasonable or clearly articulated objection has been tabled, so we are left with past best practices of other Presidents doing the same thing and to wonder why not this one. Dare we to ask, does his skin color have anything to do with it?

    Attended to this is the accusation by Glen Beck that a man whose mother is white, and who was raised by Whites and is considered black because his skin is black is a Racist. Does not Glen Beck’s accusation seem very similar to the recent actions by some out of Canada and on the BFP blog?


  5. Adrian

    I don’t follow Glenn Beck so can’t respond to your question.

    To be honest, I don’t even know what he looks like although I have heard his name used by others both

    … glowingly,

    …. and not so glowingly.

    I was trying to say that sometimes there are human explanations to much of what we see and reducing an observation to black and white simplifes and sometimes degrades a highly complex issue and can give a jaundiced view of life.



    Chris Halitosis-

    I dont pay you any mind -You should wait till your trough put and then bubble in it. Putting your mouth in people business ! Be off !

    ROK bores me and that is a fact with his R.O.K name and his picture.Its time to change, bring something fresh (good advice) I am seriously bored and I hope that the blog administrator can see with and empathise with me because I will soon refuse to visit this blog .

    As for Bare Pupp also known as BONNY PEPPA , the less said about the pepper the better.

    As for Pat –
    PAT and BONNY PEPPA are sisters.
    Work out this formula :

    Take the P from PAT and add an R , drop the PEPPA from BONNY and then add them together and after switch them around and see what you get.

    You must have BRAIN POWER to work out this formula—
    CHRIS HALITOSIS (who is looking to buy friends) cant qualify_he lacks Brain Power.

    As a matter of fact –you all need BRAIN POWER. Some of you need Brain Powder and some of you need Gun Powder in your brains-not cialis or the other one —-yeah viagra.-
    old farts !


  7. 1+2+3 is like A+B+C or do + reh + me

    BIM + BRO + BAM = BP + ADD

    (i.e. Angry Bimbro = Brain Power with Attention Deficit Disorder)


  8. I got brayin power doh..ya ya.. donkey’s ’bout hey know me good enuff



  9. How enlightening.


  10. kiki, I listened to the first few lines of the reggae ‘song’ u reference above and delivered my verdict on it of – bollocks!! Is that indicative of the quality of the posts u normally submit – bollocks?!!


  11. Dave, I’ still patiently waiting hay to be inducted into the hallowed, Barbadian, Hall of Family Member Fame!! How much longer will I need to wait, please?? I’m feeling left out at the moment and, as a normal Barbadian, I doan feel dat dat is fair!!


  12. Bim Bam what about yellowman
    ( champion entertainer )


    Out of hand them get out of hand



  13. Hi kiki, thanks for that! Yes, yellowman’s the boss!! R u Jamaican?!! and, if so, do u passa-passa!! and, if u do, do u wear pants!! U know the young ladies r getting very brazen (‘out a hand’) over there, these days!! Next, it’ll be spreading to Bim and we have a duty to protect our innocent, young things!!

    Also, kiki, did I tell u how I found out the real meaning of kiki?!! If ud like to know just ask me and I’ll tell u. It’s really funny!!


  14. kiki, if ur Jamaican, do u know what’s become of my darling Patra, the only black woman whose feet I’d b prepared to kiss, other than Rihanna’s!!


  15. Bimbro, what about Millie Small with “My Boy Lollipop”, 1960’s??!


  16. Hi Bajan, that was a nice, little no. although she could n’t begin to compare with Patra for looks!! Wonder what became of her!!


  17. ROK
    how are you
    whats happening in your neck of the woods


  18. Brain Power is well suited here. Yet another Jackass adding his bit to the rest.


  19. Bim,
    this tune (queen ifrica) is a bit patra-ish




    This blog needs BRAIN POWER


  21. Hi kiki, yes, I c what u mean but u can’t beat my Patra, man!! What, r u a JA then?!! Find my darling’s ‘pull up to d bumper’ fuh me, if u can!! Raunchy stylee – black leather trouser suit, as well!! Sexy to die for!!



  22. Patra Pull up to the bumper




  24. LOL, thank u kiki!! Had almost forgotten just how devastatingly, sexy my girl used to be!! Typical, sheer, unadulterated, sexy-girl, on legs!! Thanks to the JA lady and, u, kiki!!

    KISS, r u a church-minister? Then, close ur eyes!!



  25. KISS, on the subject of vulgarity, the handle you’ve chosen is not only vulgar but insulting. You’re lucky that I’m not David or your presence certainly would n’t be registered, here!!


  26. Lee Scracth Presents



    Going on the Underground
    Glory shots around
    Neighbors looking down
    Can you hear the sound
    of the Underground
    Blue on the Underground
    Green on the Underground
    Gold on the Underground
    Red on the Underground
    Glory shots around
    Neighbours looking down
    Can you hear sound of the Underground
    Reggae is the sound that is coming down


  27. EY, Chris!! Pull-up to me bumper bro!!


    It’s comforting to know ur not that way inclined!!

    Kiki, it’s a shame but I only know d first line of Patra’s song!! Not being Jamacian I can’t understand everything she says. Can u help with supplying some more of the lyrics for me?!! Only the decent ones though!! U know, David!! He’s a bit strick!!



  28. I wanna b able to sing it properly, myself, and try fee dance, like er!!



  29. Hi ki, thanks for the Lee Perry blast from the past! All this has put me in the mood for a party. What’s next on d turntable, bro!! Jes doan tell Dave!!

    How’s about some classic ‘Yellowman’!!


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