Mr. Ricky Singh, Ever So Welcome Wait For A Call!

barbados_svgWe have read the pleading from journalist Ricky Singh directed at the government of Barbados in recent weeks with some concern. Our first thought after reading his scribbling was that as a nation we have come a long way. If the late Prime Minister Tom Adams were alive we are confident he would have surmised that Mr. Singh’s was meddling in the affairs of a sovereign country. No doubt Mr. Singh has long become a naturalized citizen and to declare him persona non grata AGAIN would go against the constitution of Barbados. Who gives Mr. Ricky Singh the right to question the government of Barbados about its immigration policy? Should he not put his syndicated column to better use by highlighting the horrors which are being perpetrated on Guyanese at home?

By his own admission the visitors to Barbados who request a visa extension do so at the discretion of the Barbados Immigration Department. The Nation newspaper has the gall to print his feeble attempt to create pressure on our government. The irony is that Barbadians when they tried to publicize their views on the issue of our open door immigration on VOB 92.9 and letters to the editor at the Nation newspaper, they were branded xenophobees.

The government of Barbados has spoken with clarity on the matter of our  current and future immigration policy. The torrent of immigrants, legal and illegal who were allowed to enter Barbados unchecked under the previous administration has now been checked. The Barbados government in fairness to the problem has let it be known that a Cabinet sub-committee has been formed to make recommendations on a comprehensive immigration plan. We suspect that the sub-committee will create a fair immigration policy. It is a characteristic which Barbadians have been known for through the years. This time around however we will make sure that our drums are beating the loudest!

Mr. Ricky Singh please use your commonsense, do you think if the high number of immigrants is said to be placing a burden on our services that the immigration authority will  be routinely renewing visitor’s requests for extensions? Your unrealistic expectation is even more unreal in the prevailing depressed economic conditions.

Ricky don’t despair because your blind loyalty to the Revised Treaty of Chaguaramas by thinking that Barbados should freely open its borders to ALL has support from the Don Marshalls and Peter Wickhams. if you remove your head from the darkness you would realize that little Barbados was the only country with the open door policy you seek. Free movement of people can only work if the other CARICOM countries agree to do the same. As it was the traffic flow was one way. The illogical argument that Barbadians emigrated to Guyana in the 50’s will not cut it with the BU household. As we understand it back then Barbadians were asked to report to work in Guyana i.e. there was a demand.

Mr. Singh please write an article under this by-line next week – Ever so welcome wait for a call!

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74 responses to “Mr. Ricky Singh, Ever So Welcome Wait For A Call!

  1. Many months ago I made the comment that “Barbados will reap a bitter harvest,” if the problem of illegal immigration is not seriously addressed.

    At the time I was vehemently criticised by some…whose opinions I respect, but when commenting on a public forum that should be expected. However, I laid the matter to rest.

    What has surprised – even – me is the relative short time it has taken for the situation to deteriorate.

    We – Barbadians and others who have made the rock their home – will look back at this hiatus before the “storm” and wonder how could we have been so lacking in basic common sense.


  2. Livinginbarbados

    Dear Jay,

    You agree with me that water shortage alone is not a constraint on development. Thanks.

    Barbados’ water scarcity does not argue for an immigration policy; it argues for better water use management.

    Perhaps I am asking more questions than offering solutions, at this time. It is important to first ask the right questions. It is not necessarily I who has the right or all solutions. Some of the questions being asked are for government officials/departments to answer.

    The immigration policy needed should be one that is clear in its objectives and application, not arbitrary. If a particular nationality/region is less desired then that can be in the policy. But the policy must be consistent with other existing commitments (eg CSME undertakings in the context of the Caribbean). You can’t pick and choose in international relations; that’s how “failed states” and dictatorships operate. The country also needs to deal with any possible backlash.The policy needs proper administration. The lack of replies or explanations by the Immigration Department is a public issue and one that should be addressed in the proper place, such as Parliament. If administration of immigration is weak that is a political issues and the responsible minister needs to be held to account.
    Dear David, as you know I am also a blogger. I visit your site regularly but often choose not to comment. I know very well the style you like her for “provacative” commentary, but that is not the only manner nor my chosen style. It’s often hard to find the substance in all the “noise”.

    In this instance, being a “foreigner” too, and one from another Caribbean country, helps me see how some of what is being discussed or proposed will cut across other aims that Barbados says it has. I am also someone who has seen/lived through some difficult immigration policies (UK and US), and have seen how they work badly.


  3. Dear Livinginbarbados,

    What you have just said basically dictates a dictatorship already,but from abroad towards a sovereign government elected by the people.The reality is clear, is the Barbados government elected by its citizens [Commonwealth or Bajan] accountable to its Citizens more or to its Neighbours through treaties?

    The fact that you’re side stepping the questions dictate where your position is,a classic move if you were a politician,lol.The “right questions” can also depend on an individuals motives &/or experiences I believe.

    CSME is also still at the implementation level & clearly isn’t going to be implemented unless the proper safe gaurds are in place to prevent over crowding,which already exists in Barbados.

    Barbados has also been honouring its commitments under CSME,especially the right to visit for up to 6 months for all Caricom nationals.The problem is that is being taken advantage of by some Caricom nationals & it is clearly not working in Barbados’ favor.The people who end up paying for it all when they overstay are Barbados Citizens who have to pay through the nose in taxes for NIS,schools & also it adds additional stress to Barbados’ current infrastructure such as water resources & traffic.

    Barbados is a SOVEREIGN country within Caricom & regardless of treaties immigration is an internal affair & those who break the rules should should feel the wrath of the law.


  4. I forgot to mention,I can definitely understand what you’re saying about experiences as it relates to what may have happen in the US & also the UK,but how each country handles its affairs [especially immigration]is guided by the local populace not treaties.


  5. This blog has so gone down in the dumps – no one can talk issues unless you agree…

    DLP is great

    BLP is villainous

    Homos (M+F) are abomination

    PLUS: All Indo-Guyanese, Guyanese and Indians need weeding out from Barbados, if you disagree? W’Lorsey!

    So let’s pelt out Latchman Kissoon, Nirmal Thani, Rihanna (no half-breed Guyanese here, no sir, 100% BAJAN and not SHE), Obadele Thompson (Another 1/2 Guyanese has been with a druggy wife, right?) and I am sure the list can be lengthened for all you jingoistic ra’souls


  6. @LivinginBarbados

    We are glad to have provoked a response from you. We do live in a world full of noise so we just have to wear our best filters. Remember the blandness of the Barbados media does not support dealing with the contentious issues. The current debate on managed migration is important and we agree people like yourself can add real value to the current debate.

    Our leaders seem comfortable with a piece meal approach. We disagree with you that parliament is the place to drive this issue, civil society must be on board.

    The voice of the PEOPLE is the voice of God.


  7. Let’s do like St Lucia did some years ago. Start a peaceful protest. Let us Bajans stop work for a day and tell this administration, we want a clear mandate on the immigration policy in this country.For this day we will also tell ALL non- barbadians that if they report for work they would face the conseqences. It would not be us starting something . It would cut the string that binds the P.M ‘s hand. I refuse to fly my Independence Flag or participate in any such celebtations until I know if this country still belong to us.


  8. Scout
    I agree a protest might cause the government to get up & take stock.A good idea .Commenting on the blogs,radio & writing to the press did had an effect on this government approach to the immigration issue.However,I believe we must take it to the next level.I am extremely certain that almost 95 % of Barbadians will support any positive moves to rid this country of illegals especially the detestable Indo-Guyanese bandits & mercenaries.The Indo-Guyanese toilet scrubbers,prostitutes & the lot must leave this country.Scout it only takes 1 person to start the revolution.
    Fellow bloggers I hope you all are observing what the Indian criminals are doing with their own.The killing race Indians who like the murderous,pig looking,pig smelling,disease Europeans are continuing the carnage of killing their own.Observe what happened in India yesterday and equate it to what I wrote concerning the Multi-Faith service that the previous government established.The Muslims & Hindus refused to participate in that service because of the hate those 2 religious entities have for each other.I believe what happened in India yesterday could be replicated in Barbados in the not to distance future.The warning signs are there.
    I am seeing our Police Force is being bribe by the Muslim Community of Barbados.The Regional Training Police School was recently given a whole set of books by the Muslim Community to learn more about Islam.Interesting indeed.That reminded me of the hand me down fire trucks,ambulances & other equipment that bastard Mrs Ram used to give to our governemnts.Look now she is Miss Untouchable in Barbados breaking all of our traffic,labour,Town & Country Planning laws & even criminal laws and no one can touch her.
    Will these gifts given to the Police Training School cause our Policemen & women to turn a blind eye to the wrongs that those people committ in Barbados?Bribery at its best.
    Scout & the rest Black Barbadians are in for perilous & horrible times at the hands of the rat catchers Indians both from the continent & Guyana


  9. Negroman;

    Thanks for the 101 in harmonious race relations.

    Good luck on your future travels.


  10. “The voice of the PEOPLE is the voice of God.”

    Sorry Davy but that’s crap


  11. Check other caribbean countries namely Monserrat, Antigua, St Lucia, they are all tightening their immigration laws and insisting their jobs there are for their nationals first. Are these not part of CSME too?
    We bajans are too laid back and allow everybody to rub mess in our faces


  12. “Leading from the front”

    Mr. Singh is right on point. If the PM has decided in his infinite wisdom, that foreign blacks and cloolies are now persona non-grata, let him publicly and unequivocally state his government’s new position. These downlow, under cover of darkness, juvenile shenanigans are unbecoming.


  13. de Gap
    I agree with you the P.M has to make a definate stance on this immigration issue, most of the other CSME countries are tightening their immigration laws and our P.M is pussyfooting with our, yet we are the ones these people are gravitating to. Something wrong


  14. bajanbrownsuga

    everybody got dey own opinon. i think it is time ricky singh start to look into how guyanese treat each other here in barbados, just ask the ones in HMP Dodds


  15. Just read the following article and was bemused by the writer who is described as a lawyer. His power to reason and understand is flawed. What about it about Barbados not wanting to create an underclass does he not understand? Maybe he maybe consoled in the fact that the Jamaicans seem to be complaining about Barbados immigration practices as well.

    Thursday, December 4, 2008

    ‘Ever so welcome, wait for a call’
    In the DiasporaStabroek News. December 1, 2008 @ 5:03 am In Daily, Features | 4 Comments‘Ever so welcome, wait for a call’ (This is one of a series of fortnightly columns from Guyanese in the diaspora and others with an interest in issues related to Guyana and the Caribbean)By Arif Bulkan, Arif Bulkan is an attorney-at-law and lecturer in the Faculty of Law of the University of the West Indies in Barbados
    For those who might have missed it, that was the message Prime Minister of Barbados David Thompson had for aspiring Guyanese immigrants to his island. And even though it was brutally frank, to his credit the PM had the honesty (some might say the temerity even) to deliver it in Guyana itself. At the annual awards ceremony of the Guyana Manufacturers Association, where he was an invited guest, Thompson acknowledged his own Guyanese roots and paid the usual lip service to the myth of regional integration, but there was no sugar coating his ultimate message: “Would-be Guyanese immigrants, don’t call us, we’ll call you.”  That such candour could be brazenly displayed before a Guyanese audience was not an indication of how far Barbadians have come from their legendary politeness. It was, more than anything else, a reflection of the growing xenophobia inescapably present in public discourse on the subject of immigration here in Barbados.
    Full Article


  16. Like a lot of migrants Mr. Bulkan does not want to believe that the “lazy lickerish Bajans” are the same Bajans who have created a society which offers “economic benefits and unparalleled security…free availability of excellent social services…a truly democratic approach to land and home ownership etc.”

    I would like to know who designed and supervised that UWI survey which found that we Bajans are lazy and lickerish.

    The truth is most Bajans are neither.

    I have lived for the greater part of 100 years and I still work a mimimum of 14 hours most days, and I plan to continue doing so for decades more.


    My grandmother and her sister who were born 30 and 41 years after the abolition of slavery (1868 and 1879) pooled their money together in the early 20th century and bought their own land. And no they were not the mistresses of white plantation owners, they were 2 distinctly African women, whose children, grandchildren and great grandchildren are still distinctly African.

    But lazy and lickerish? No I know nothing of that.


  17. what else do you expect from dese ungrateful,backward coolies.


  18. Mr Bulkan and many more indo-guyanese so-called big boys, think that they can operate in Barbados the same way they do in Guyana but he nor any of the others like him cannot rule anybody or dictate policies here like they do in Guyana. We would get them OUT, CSME or not


  19. There is a saying that black birds know where to build their nest.

    Well I can say the same thing about annalee davis.Have you noticed she decided to attack the letter writer in the advocate newspaper who spoke out against ricky singh – where else but at BFP?She knows she can find strong support there for that rubbish.

    Annalee davis is a white woman who has all the comforts and more that you can need so she believes she can come here and promote lies about barbados and spreading propoganda that these guyanese indians – because these are the ones she is most concerned about – that these indians are really being unfaired and are not doing any harm here in barbados.

    Annalee davis,dennis johnson and all of the others like them are using the media to defend that detestable ricky singh,but thankfully it look as though the tide has turned or is turning because a lot of those persons who were on the fence are now finally seeing the light and are speaking out privately and publicly.


  20. Truth be told Dennis Johnson has been a fair advocate on the matter of immigration. He himself is living proof of how a sensible movement of skills can work for the region.


  21. At Observing,



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  24. Shondell Dublin

    Hi can you tell me who is the now representitive of Guyana to Barbados after the late consulate has passed? and what is the phone number? thanks


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