Norman Faria Calls For Blogs To Be Censored While Attending Annalee Davis Rookie Attempt to Capture A Serious Topic on Film in Just 30 Minutes

Annalee Davis

Members of the BU household attended the viewing of a 30 minute documentary titled On The Map produced by Annalee Davis at Solidarity House tonight (15 July 2008). The night’s proceedings was moderated by the ubiquitous Peter Wickham. The viewing although not a full house attracted a cross section of Barbados. Before we comment on the actual 30 minute ‘piece’ we should clarify a few matters which have been given rise by tonights proceedings. Norman Faria, Barbados Guyana Consul during the feedback segment of the night’s event launched a broadside at the blogs, we believe he meant BU given our persistent blogging on the Barbados immigration issue. He called on the authorities to censor us. He referred to the vile, racist and xenophobic positions taken on the blogs regarding the issue of migrant labour with a focus on the Indo-Guyanese.

Norman Faria we hope that you are reading very carefully what we are about to write:

All of our blogs to date on the immigration issue are built on two positions 1) the lack of a managed immigration policy in Barbados and 2) the socio-impact of large inflows of Indians on a predominantly Black host population. We have reread many of our blogs on the subject of immigration and we have struggled to discern any xenophobic meanings on our part. We must admit that some of our commenters have sometimes crossed the line by engaging in racial rhetoric. However Faria, Ricky Singh and others should not mistake the comments of a few commenters to represent the views of the BU household. We believe in free speech and while we don’t condone all the comments on BU we will always seek to protect freedom of expression. We believe that Barbadians are educated enough to filter racist and xenophobic nonsense from the real fears and concerns of Barbadians. The fear was very eloquently expressed by Caribbean Broadcaster Corporation broadcaster Jewel Forde and Sydney Simmons, now retired. The issue of migrant labour is a topic which is currently occupying the many countries in the world, the developed countries being no exception.

To respond to Keith Nurse who we understand is a lecturer at the UWI and who sought to scare Barbadians by referring to the Dominican /Haiti experience by mentioning the word genocide, it will not work!

To comment on the first effort by Annalee Davis to produce, we have to compliment her on the attempt to highlight a concept which is of value to our small region, i.e. migrant labour. The Caribbean was built on the backs of migrant labour and we have no doubt that this will continue. The BU household fully supports the free movement of people within a managed immigration policy. Contained within that policy must be how ethnic populations will be absorbed by our host population. It seems like we have made this point ad nauseam since our launch but some people prefer to ignore it. The construct of the presentation was woefully inadequate to deal with such a complex topic and Davis located the story mostly in the Guyanese experience and more specifically Indo-Guyanese which led to a perceived bias by the BU household. For the benefit of Davis we should provide one glaring example. The documentary featured resident Indian lawyer Bacchus, who may have some Guyanese origin speaking to the incident dubbed ‘terrible Tuesday’. The BU family may recall that the Barbados authorities sent back 20+ Guyanese who intended to visit Barbados a couple years ago. In the film we listened to Bacchus castigating the Immigration Department and by extension the Barbados government for allowing such to occur. To our surprise the documentary failed to extract an official response from the Barbados Immigration Department to bring some balance to the issue. Instead Ms. Davis film which is a collection of disadvantaged Guyanese grieving served to build the plot for her 30 minute effort.

The feedback session which followed the viewing spanned the gamut of rubbish to insightful but that is to be expected, it is a free country. We should make mention of Ricky Singh’s contribution when he passionately asked government to reverse its current policy on immigration. Ricky seems to know more than the average Barbadian because the promised White Paper on a new immigration policy is yet to be made available for public consumption. BU took umbrage to the tone of his presentation which expressed discuss at how Barbadians and the region have been slow to adopt CSME. He also had some lashes for the media of which he is a part. Whether he likes it or not, the concerns of Barbadians are being echoed all around the Caribbean. Again the concerns of Barbadians were represented two weeks ago by the action of our Caribbean Heads to delay the roll-out of CSME until 2012 because of the very same issue for which we have concerns, movement of people.

Lastly we wish to remind Peter Wickham of the days leading up to the last general election when the Nation newspaper frustrated his effort to publish articles, the blogs assisted him in the cause. Now we have seen him betray us by agreeing with Norman Faria that the blogs need to be censored. Although he did not actually say it he did not offer a denial when Faria made the comment by co-opting his support. We take that Mr. Wickham as acquiescence. Like your former colleague Dr. Don Blackman who lauded the discussions on the blogs prior to election as healthy but recanted soon after, both of you may realize the error of your ways. To reinforce the point we had an email sent to Peter Wickham recently requesting some information to which he has refused to respond, as we said this is a departure from the recent past.

The same behaviour has occurred from someone we thought was a friend of BU, Mr. Stephen Worme of the Barbados Light and Power Company. BU will remain in the wings and quietly observe because as the Bajan saying goes, God does not like ugly.

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418 responses to “Norman Faria Calls For Blogs To Be Censored While Attending Annalee Davis Rookie Attempt to Capture A Serious Topic on Film in Just 30 Minutes

  1. JC & Others

    Now that the governor of the central bank said that unemployment has gone up and is going to increase evn more;

    Now that the governor has said that construction has declined and the economy is contracting;

    Can someone tell me what are we going to do with all these guyanese legal and illegal who came here as they say to work – what are we going to do with them?

    No doubt some bajans are going to become unemployed,but if we listen to the bleeding hearts are they saying that these guyanese should be allowed to stay in barbados and push bajans out of their jobs by the guyanese accepting low wages?

    Must bajan families be allowed to suffer and go on welfare while guyanese enjoy the fat of the land?

    These are the facts that are before us as provided by the govenor of the central bank – no one should now come asking their 14 dumb-ass questions – to prove what I really don’t know.


  2. Anon
    Check my blog of 25th at 12.41 P.M, you wiould find the answer. There are somethings that are good until you interfere with it. Once a change comes it can only be helped but it would never return to it’s original state. That has happen to Barbados. Check Jamaica. Fellow bajans you see what we are up against, I feel as though I’m watching a bad horror movie that I’ve seen before. The difference is WE CAN BRING THIS BACK TO AN ACCEPTIBLE SITUATION. I’m willing, like NATIONAL HERO Bussa, give my life for my offspring and loyal fellow bajans. Every day that passes makes the situation worse and our leaders are thrying to muzzle us. I’m beginning to HATE our leaders too, they seem to be part of it. If you are not with us you are against us. WE SHALL OVERCOME.


  3. You are on the ball Negro Man! Norman Faria is yet another of the many stooges controlled by Bharat Jagdeo. He speaks of censorship because that is the order of the day in Guyana. I guess you know the rest! Regarding Hinkson that is anothyer issue, it only shows clearly that the Jagdeo institution will stop at nothing to ensure that they renact the apartheid era in Guyana.


  4. Scout

    Post your above post @7:31 a.m. under the new article David has just put up.

    It needs to be read there too.


  5. what is norman faria’s email address?


  6. Faria's email

    Norman Faria e-mail address is


  7. Correction

    Norman Faria e-mail address is


  8. Decended from Bajan immigrants to Guyana

    My Grandfather was one of the thousands of black Barbadians that flocked (immigrated) to British Guiana early in the 20th century. However, I say that in light of the current attitudes sampled on this blog any Guyanese that is stupid enough to stay in Barbados deserved what they get there
    Question: Is the Bajan dislike of East Indians reserved only for Indo-Guyanese, or do you also hate those originating from India, Trinidad, East Africa, jamaice, etc. Or are you so dotish that you think any one with and Indian appearance must be from Guyana?


  9. listener
    While I really don’t have time for your ignorant comments I must take you up on a few. We bajans’ standard of living is way in advance of yours. I have seen guyanese in Big MARKET BUYING CHICKEN FAT


  10. Scout

    5 shootings occurred last night.
    Sounds like the choke and rob type you hear about in georgetown.

    Didn’t you tell us scout a lot of this would happen over the period of the crop over festival?


  11. Isn’t Rihanna part Guyanese? I wonder if Bajans consider her non Bajan since she is a first generation Bajan?


  12. Decended from Bajan immigrants to Guyana

    Listener, Too bad your grasp of the English language is so weak. But you seem like a bright gel, so keep on working at it .
    ‘Little England’ indeed!


  13. For all you guyanese who keep bringing up,rhianna’s name – Rhianna’s grandparents were black bajans who went to guyana in the 40s.

    This is why her mother was able to come back here and settle and eventually marry rhianna’s father – a bajan.

    Barbados was known on the international scene before rhianna and will be continued to be known long after rhianna.


  14. scout atleast they have a large supply of chicken while you will be starving and by the way standards of living can be raised


  15. Actually sorry for bringing up Rihanna because the more I read you actually seem to celebrate black emmigration. What seems to be the sticking point is really Indo Guyanese immigration to Barbados.

    Particularly Hindus seem to be not tolerated am I correct?

    The funny thing is many of the writers here seem to get upset when described as racists or Xenophobes but the reality of it with the level of discussion it makes it really difficult for me to understand how it is not racist?

    Mandela embraced Indians in South Africa, The Kenyan’s definitely have a huge Indian Population that are celebrated and in Mauritius and even in Fiji there are many black leaders that actually defend the right of Indian immigrants within their borders.

    Strange that Barbados’ black population doesn’t want more diversity within their ranks.

    Please help me understand.


  16. Reaganomics

    @ Jack

    It’s not racism because Barbadians dont think they’re superior by dint of race.
    But there’s a real fear/phobia of a large influx of a particular ethnic group with whom the country has never had a history. And based on the news coming out of Guyana and Trinidad on the race politics and racial tensions between blacks and indians, Barbadians are fearful that the same could happen in a country that has been relatively stable since the 1950s. That’s all. If anything, it borders on xenophobia (fear of foreigners). And that is quite legitimate.
    What you will hope for is that an educated and enlightened people will address the issues openly and honestly and come up with solutions that are grounded in respect for human rights.
    You cant espouse christian values and morality today and then show disdain for indians tomorrow. It’s a contradiction.


  17. i thought that her grandfather went to guyana and married her grandmother

    Back and forth between guyana and Bim is an established practice but idt does not mean that we should our country to be undermined by guyana


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