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Jippy Doyle Goes To Prison

Pastor Dr Jippy Doyle (right) on his way to spend ten years in jail for raping a 13-year-old parishioner. (Picture by Nation Newspaper Heather-Lynn Evanson)

Pastor Dr Jippy Doyle (right) on his way to spend ten years in jail for raping a 13-year-old parishioner. (Picture by Nation Newspaper Heather-Lynn Evanson)

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Mrs. Ram Merchandani Brought To Heel By Public Counsel Barry Carrington And The Consumer Claims Tribunal

Public Counsel Barry Carrington

Public Counsel Barry Carrington /Nation Newspaper

The Barbados Consumer’s Watch (BCW) organization is reporting in its latest blog that consumers in Barbados may just have something to shout about after all. For years the passive Barbadian consumer who has been taken advantage of by merchants who have appeared to be impervious to a sense of what is fair and just. Finally there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel. It appears that a FEW customers have been availing themselves of the services offered by the Office Of Public Counsel, and Public Counsel Barry Carrington has been rising to the challenge.

Here is a snippet extracted from BCW’s blog which caught our interest:

Consumers, you have something to shout about and a man to thank for his tireless work as Public Counsel. Though Barry has moved on up, he has left a legacy of cases before the Consumer Clansumersims Tribunal, over a four year period of championing the cause of Consumers; a well kept public secret.

Imagine that Barry took Mrs. Ram before the Tribunal ten times between 2004 & 2005 and won all. Not only that, after the tenth time, Mrs. Ram like she decide that she ain’t coming back (brought her to her knees) to the Tribunal because there are no entries with any of her companies since then, so she got to be settling everything before it get there. A serious victory for consumers.

Moreover, just prior to his departure, Barry successfully argued a landmark case fitting for a good send off and for a job well done. This is Case No. 87: Kimone Phillips v Courts (Bdos) Ltd. where the facts of purchase or arrangement are not in dispute since Courts agreed to give a refund. The matter in question is, “What is a refund?”

We recommend that the BU family go over and read about a landmark judgement which has been handed down by our Consumer Claims Tribunal on the Barbados Consumers Watch blog.

The Guyanese Immigration Mistake And The Honorary Consul's Views

Submitted by Yardbroom

Could it be that with regard to Guyanese immigration a mistake was made a long time ago, and that mistake was compounded by a perhaps misguided but well intentioned act by the Barbados Immigration Department. Sometimes you can act in good faith but no good prevails. Norman Faria the Guyanese Honorary Consul was invited by the Barbados Immigration Department, to give an In-house Training Programme for Immigration Staff on the role of the Consul. On the surface it seems a reasonable thing to do. I do not know who instigated this exercise.

I will now use Norman Faria’s own words as reported in a letter he sent to the Stabroek News in Guyana dated 23 March 2002, to allow you to draw some conclusions. I will make a few points later in this submission. Remember his words are for Guyanese readers.

(1) ” I took the opportunity to remind them of the Consulate’s monitoring of their actions towards Guyanese visitors.”

(2) “There have been results Guyanese have been permitted entry with expired passports after consulate assurances.” Continue reading

Dr. Randy Persaud Is Peeing On Our Leg And Telling Us It Is Raining

Submitted by Max Hinds-Caribbean Institute for Democracy

Dr.Randy Persaud

Dr.Randy Persaud

Dr. Randy Persaud, a man of letters I am assured, uses the opportunity of the tragic shooting of two Guyanese immigrants in Bridgetown to make the presumptuous claim that it is racism as instigated by Dr. Kean Gibson and Rickford Burke and BARBADOS UNDERGROUND, more so than anti-immigrant sentiment or garden-variety crime that is responsible. (He examines Freddy Kissoon participation also, but decides to absolve him.)

The police investigators in Barbados may want to study Persaud’s allegations for clues as to who the perpetrators are. Better yet, the Guyana authorities could employ Persaud’s line of reasoning to the task of solving the dozens of murders that traumatize that benighted country. But in all seriousness, this Persaud article is as Goebells-like as any that has ever issued from the pens of the special breed of sycophants that prop up the crooks who run Guyana.

Persaud must be familiar, as I am, with the hate-filled Blogs and Chat-groups such as GUYANA UNDER SIEGE and ‘OurGuyana@YahooGroups‘,, etc, that entertain certain Guyanese communities in North America. He would also be familiar with some of the purely ethnic organizations like the INDO CARIBBEAN COUNCIL of New York that vigorously promote and defend the Guyana government, even to the detriment of those of us who may not be avid supporters of the ruling party nor belong to the ruling race. Continue reading

Search Is On For Relevant Renewable Alternative Energy Strategy For Barbados

Submitted by RE Engineer

A renewable energy (RE) policy begins as informed decisions made from case studies of operational renewable energy systems under conditions as close to the expected operating conditions as possible. Carrying out tests and amassing empirical data is imperative. This data would effectively answer the myriad of questions that would need to be answered in the developmental stages of a RE policy.

Some say solar photovoltaic (PV) energy is perfect for us but what type?

Grid-tied or battery based?

What kind of legislation is possible for grid-tied?

What kind of solar-electric collectors will be used?

Mono-crystalline, polycrystalline, amorphous, thin-film?

What kinds of temperatures do these types of panels reach under our sun?

Can they be incorporated with water cooled (water heating) systems to increase cell efficiency and recover thermal energy?

How long would these systems be expected to last?

What about concentrated PV systems?

What kind of efficiency to cost benefits can we expect?

How about wind power especially in the eastern and less densely populated sections of the island? How about power tower?

Maybe these towers can be installed on roofs of large commercial buildings for efficient land use. Stirling-engine-parabolic-dish solar thermal electric systems?

What about wave power especially on the eastern coast?

All of these may be viable but there has been so little research on them that we can’t really determine which are better. We have the tendency of following North American technological models; so officials may be waiting for the holy-grail of renewable energy (RE) to save us. This is possible, but improbable, in the near future at least, so we need to start looking for our own most adequate technologies and the interesting thing is that we have the expertise to start that search. Continue reading

Former Editor Of The Advocate Newspaper Tells Of Victimization By Former Prime Minister Owen Arthur

Former Prime Minister Owen Arthur

Leader of the Opposition Mia Mottley issued a Press Release over the weekend which strongly condemned a recent position taken by the David Thompson led government. CEO’s and other political appointees at statutory boards are now expected to offer their resignations should there be a change in government. This position has created heated discussion in Barbados and in the Bajan blogosphere. Many on the government side have questioned the sincerity of Mottley’s position. One such person is Ruedon Eversley, a former Editor of the Advocate newspaper who was literally chased out of that job by former Prime Minister Owen Arthur. It is well known on Fontebelle that both newspapers parted company with thousands of dollars to Arthur and others of his government just to keep the “peace’, ooops it extended to River Road as well!

At the request of Reudon Eversley we have published his article in full. We have to say that if half the things mentioned in the article are true, it is not only an indictment on former Prime Minister Arthur but also on the people who surrounded at the time.


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Bajantubes Weekly Crop Over Top 20

1. Edwin Yearwood – Handle Yuh Bizness
2. Pong – On Pon It
3. Lil Rick & Gorg – Wuk Up U Hear Wha I Tell U
4. Lil Rick – One More Time
5. Nard – Socarobics
6. Edwin Yearwood – Nah Missing Me
7. Bobo – Riddem Of The West Indies
8. Rupee – Feet Don’t Fail Me
9. Alison Hinds & Lil Rick – Wash Off
10. Fraud Squad – Pork Mout
11. Abacu & Fakaroo ft Stabby – The African Song Rebootah
12. Stabby De Guard – Stabby
13. Natahlee – Sun Til Sun
14. Khiomal – Unleash De Beast
15. Jana & Rashida – Candy World
16. Mikey – Explosion
17. John Mahameed – Hold The Brass
18. Mr Dale – Til Um Dun
19. Square One ft Alison, Blood & Oshaka – We Gine Down
20. Hypasounds – Party Mood

Khiomal Start De Madness Music Video

Edwin Yearwood Nah Missing Me Music Video