Nude Beaches In Barbados …

Nude Female Since we posted this blog awhile back it has been receiving hits galore. Believe it or not the top searches on the Internet which stumbled on Barbados Underground blog were ‘homosexuality’ and ‘nude beaches’. This little BU statistic provoked a little thinking which pushed us to ask, why not? Why can’t we have a nude beach(s) in Barbados? Our tourist product is becoming a little tired and the people who have been driving it for the past fourteen years appear to be all out of imagination. Their solution is to spend more marketing dollars. Guess what Barbados, we are starting to get stiff competition from Grenada, St, Lucia and the other neighbouring islands. They have the natural beauty which the traditional tourist yearns, and they can buy it at a significantly reduced price when compared to Barbados.

Heaven help us when the current myopic United States foreign policy removes its embargo on Cuba and it becomes an unfettered option as a world travel destination. What we can we do in Barbados to diversify our product?

We are tired about hearing about heritage tourism because that will not cut it. We simply do not have the kind of attractions that can attract droves of tourists to Barbados using the heritage tag. We would need attractions the equivalent to the Kaieteur Falls, Soufriere Volcano, Blue Mountains, Cuisine of the Caribbean (we don’t get a notable mention as a destination rich in cuisine delights of the Caribbean), the architecture, we could go on. Of course Barbados has a lot going for it, a highly developed island with high standard of living, good telecommunication infrastructure, stable political climate etc. Unfortunately the majority of tourists who we target are quite accustomed to most of the attractions we have to offer. The sea and sand sell can’t be our only drawing card because other destinations have it in great abundance at a more affordable price.

Now that the US economy seems ready to ease into a recession and even if it doesn’t air travel to Barbados from our traditional markets is increasing out of all reason, some tough decisions will have to be made on both sides. The tourist will examine travel markets where they can get more for less and Barbados must examine its tourism product to target non traditional tourists. We know that the highly religious society of Barbados will not think about the homosexual market. But there is another tourist segment which is out there which maybe beckoning the Barbados authorities. Naturalists in Europe especially are looking for more nude beaches to bare their assets.

Adrian Loveridge and the Barbados Tourism Authority over to you!

105 responses to “Nude Beaches In Barbados …

  1. Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right!

    @ Mark MacDonald

    My black friends are ashamed of you…brings to mind in vivid colour that famous statement that many of us older folk who lived in Englant, Canada en Amurica en de 60’s immediately assign to white condescending racists “why many of my good friends are black…”

    It comes so naturally that you dont even seem to recognise that your entire comment is rife with sanctiminous dribble and we must be beholden to you for your development assistance, your telephone infrastructure (and rape of our natives through exorbitant telecoms fees and of course AID(s) or did i mention that already.

    For every cent of development aid you Canadians, US or EU reverse colonists put into our third world economies you have raped us $23 in ROI.

    You are of the grouping that will say something like “give a man a fish and you will feed him for a day, teach a man a fish and you will feed him for a lifetime” but you and your ilk are quite quick to ignore the fact that the land on which you having extended your largese does not belong to that fisherman, it, by virtue of your carving up of the world, Magna Carta style, belongs to you.

    So yes sah we still dependent pun you massah fuh de tourism dollahs en ting and yessah massah we shame to be mekking dese ungrateful comments bout Canada en ting and mekking you Uncle Tom Black fiends sorry friends shame uh we.

    Shame pun all uh wunnah fun not accepting MacDonald solution fuh de farm all uh wunna pun, e-i-e-i-o.. ingratitude befitting of Macbeth, indeed.

    But kind sir, tarry yet awhile with me while i ask this foolish question that only shameful blacks like i can ask what of the Mohawk dispossession by Crown Prerogative under the TREATY RIGHTS AND SELF DETERMINATION?

    I guess them too was a bunch of ingrates like we Bajans!!


  2. Mr. Macdonald….I am not sure exactly why you are expressing your view in this manner, but yet it is understood. Oppression is all around and those we allow to keep us tied to they beliefs, Whether it may be the Canadians, Americans or Europeans, they will continue to impose such views. Decades have passed and we have progressed, but the effects of the damaging psycological implantations and our repressed notions has taken its toll. Our habitual reliance on such oppressors has created a unrelenting dependency which only Education of coming generations will allow the removal of the Oppressor views and repressed feelings creating a more proficient society in Barbados. As for the person who commented and so gracefull embrace his oppressor seek your roots….


  3. Jeffrey Baker

    Wow, I’m so embarassed by some of the anti nudity comments, can’t believe how narrow minded they are,ok here is what Barbados needs to do put together a small team of people to go outside the country to visit some nude destinations and see how normal things would be for Barbados to have a few nude resorts and beaches, people serious if people don’t like the idea of a nude beach…well simply its not for you and don’t go, but rest assure people will come out of the wood work to go, and has nothing to do with pervertion, please the scene at a nude beach is not a talent show. so at first will most likely be a little crazy but once the new wears off Barbados will have a new found way to bring tourist to the island, but at the rate things are going I’ll probably be able to pick Barbados up on E-bay for a pretty good price…c’mon just kidding but do a little homework before being quick to judge.


  4. Whats wrong with you,people???What abnormal you see on human nudity?
    Look at the animals-Do they feel bad about theme bodies?NOT ofcourse not.So why shut you feel bad?
    Many of your comments,are about religious talking.Do you say public nudity is against the god?So ASK HIM!!Ask your god.Make a complain to him.Tell him,that he made something,what is full of shame,and because of that shut be hidden securely.
    When Adam tryed Eve’s apple,later in the afternoon they find him hidding behing the tree.He feel shame for his nudity.Something which wasnt normal.God give us our bodies.Bodies we shut be proud of!


  5. most decent folk like to holiday for high standards, nudist beaches attract trash minded people and degrade the area. If you want to turn the area into a place full of pervs then count me out. my wife and children also agree.


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