Flyovers In Barbados Revisited~Barbados Association Of Professional Engineers (BAPE) Stick To Their Guns


Barbados Underground (BU) congratulate the Barbados Association of Professional Engineers (BAPE) for sticking to their previous demands made to the government of Barbados and 3S Barbados SRL, the company contracted to build the flyovers, to provide them with the opportunity to clarify some technical questions concerning aspects of the flyover project. BAPE’s position gives lie to the accusation leveled by Richard Sealy MP at the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) meeting in Deacons Road on Sunday night, when he accused BAPE of being a timid organization “devoid of a spine” which is made-up of people who are scared for their jobs.

We have written exhaustively on the issue of Operation Free Flow, better known as the flyover project. We have read hundreds of comments posted to the several flyover topics we have posted on BU and also on BFP. Although many of the comments provide a true insight how ordinary Barbadians feel about the project, several of the comments continue to demonstrate a refusal to separate the issues. It is apparent to BU that several of our frequent commenters have misrepresented the issue of the flyovers by blurring the tender procurement process of the Barbados government and the benefits of this project in terms of relieving traffic congestion. We are fortunate to have sources who have provided information which is not in the public domain; however to protect our sources we are sometimes restricted as to what we can publish.

Many of the BU articles on this topic have focussed on the lack of a policy framework which has affected the flyover project. It is necessary if Barbadians want to sensibly debate the issue of this project project we must not let partisan political views to derail the debate. We recognize that there has been voluminous information which has been printed about the flyover project so we decided to list what we think are the pertinent points which Barbadians MUST seek to clarify from our government:

  1. The 3S Barbados SRL April 2006 Operation Free Flow drawings must be made public. We know from people who have seen the drawing that as early as 2006 the plan was to widen the ABC Highway to 4 lanes throughout, including the section of the ABC Highway South of Life of Barbados roundabout.

  2. Our investigation shows that the cost of the flyover project from mid-2006 was BDS140 million. We want to know what was the approval process that saw the cost of the project increased to BDS280 million (if we listen to Clyde Mascoll) or BDS360 million (if we listen to George Siddall of 3S Barbados SRL). In fact the government needs to tell Barbadians what was the tendering process for the whole damn flyover project!
  3. According to a recent Hillis-Carnes press release- the engineering firm contracted by 3S Barbados to do geo-technical research – they collected core sample from 100 test holes along the ABC Highway in 2006-2007. The cost of Operation Free Flow was made public in mid-2006 with a figure of BDS140 million being tossed about. Also was the cost to perform the geo-technical research by Hillis-Carnes included in the original figure of BDS140 million dollars?

  4. Why wasn’t the geo-technical work done before the project was mobilized given that the results could have seriously impacted on the design and scope the original project plan? Our sources have always confirmed that the jersey barriers and the makeover of the ‘Bermuda triangle’ was included in the 3S April 2006 drawings. The talk about an increase in the scope of works is therefore a LIE and Clyde Mascoll needs to explain this lie because it seems that he has been given the role of government’s spin doctor on the contentious projects!

There are several other issues that we can question but we believe that the four outlined above provide fodder for discussion concerning how the tender and procurement process was engaged by the Barbados government and the subsequent management of issues which followed.

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67 responses to “Flyovers In Barbados Revisited~Barbados Association Of Professional Engineers (BAPE) Stick To Their Guns

  1. Bush Tea we is ALL mice trying to go after the BIG CHEESE.

    What needs to be focused on seize what opportunity these blogs give you to get your voice heard. And do not waste time on trivia. That is the point to focus on!

    I cleared up or I hope I did why we cannot expect more from journalist in yesterdays post.

    How can any journalist in Barbados wanting to hold on to their jobs write powerful Anti BLP articles in the Nation that is filled from the top down with BLP lackeys none more so than Al Gilkes who usually run King Arthurs campaign.

    The same is true over at the “Whitemans” voice who was ordered to kick Adrian Loveridge off of their Guest columns. This was done with the full knowledge and consent of Christian Bryan.

    Look at Noel Lynch who is supposedly a “Silly” Servant of the people. He goes on a Radio or TV show and the minute he does that he becomes fair game for the public to ask him anything. But the minute somebody read an e-mail on the air from a Barbadian questioning Noel Lynch financial standing he walked out and sue. And look at what happened they gave him $60,000. Why?

    Because the station knew they would not get a fair trial in a Kangaroo court in Barbados. That is Democracy BLP style!

    Had this incident occurred in a Democracy first of all the “politician” would have stood his ground an answered. But let us say he/she sued, the station would have said “bring it on” we will see you in court because the proceedings would be impartial.

    The same Noel Lynch said he was not going to share the same space with Adrian Loveridge in a TV/Radio debate did he not? What does that tell you about Noel Lynch. Had Adrian done the same thing I could hear the confusion because of it hundreds of miles away.

    I waiting now to see the next shoe fall. How long will Adrians column last at the Nation News.


  2. Let me show you how hypocritical, phony and what a liar Clyde Griffith is. He like most in the BLP have no shame and make a mockery of decent people.

    This Clyde Griffith has been for weeks spouting off his weekly BS on Sunday of all days in the BLP Nation News about how wonderful the QEH is and how efficient it is and like “Bajanbat” clainming it to be the best Hospital in the region. This is in spite of the myriad screw ups at this hospital like.

    Broken down equipment, alleged sabotage of electrical power, shootouts in the Emergency, the need for dinner bells to be DONATED and given to patients recovering from STROKES ANF HEART ATTACKS among other serious illnesses so they could call nurses by ringing their bells. This primitive approach was needed after the electronic nurse calling aid broke and will not be fixed. The press being beat up by police at the QEH for doing their jobs WHICH THE COMMISSIONER OF POLICE said was partly due to poor communications between senior staff at the QEH and the police. Let me catch my breath. These are but a FEW of dozens of other deficiencies going on at this hospital now for the past ten years. And remember this is the ONLY GENERAL HOSPITAL IN BARBADOS WITH BAJANBAT or DINGBAT SUGGESTING IS THE BEST IN THE REGION. WHAT DOES THIS TELL US ABOUT THE OTHERS?

    Now let me get on with it before my critics call me the “RAMBLER”.

    The hypocrite Clyde Griffith uses his todays column to first piously express his condolences at the great loss of the late Mr.Alleyne. And then launches into his usual lying tirade about the political realities of the Nations leaders etc. As usual most of his remarks are lies and misinformation and we can allow for that because Clyde Griffith gets paid by the buffoons he defends. But to show the people of Barbados how dumb this man is he does not take the time to realize that on the same day another Griffith, George is writing more disturbing information about an even greater revelation at the QEH that Clyde for the past month has been saying is so good.

    George says security is so lax at the QEH that nurses for their own safety and that of their patients have to keep doors in some wards locked BECAUSE THEY ARE LOCATED IN REMOTER AREAS of the Hospital. Security is not what it should be. That is the message I got!

    George says a camera system is ONLY NOW being considered to improve security for the nurses and patients but as usual no one can say when it will be installed. I say I cannot understand why one was not already installed years ago. Another thing is a Camera Security system is only as good as those monitoring them and at the QEH that could be another problem to be added to the list.

    I hate to say this but it BEGS TO BE ASKED. I wonder what Travel Agents abroad and potential visitors to Barbados must think about these primintive Hospital standards should anyone be unfortunate enough to need them. Maybe Noel Lynch should be focusing on this and until the election is over someone should put a muzzle on the mouth of dumb Clyde Griffith.

    Here is a Nation spending hundreds of millions on a CWC FLOP while its one hospital is falling apart and Barbadians are crying out about the high cost of living both of which problems started with and has got progessively worse under the more popular Prime Ministrs Owen Arthur and his Merry band of spenders.


  3. Bush Tea I also think you missed my point when you responded.

    David said as I understood him that a “professional” journalist told him he should not flog a story to death like the ABC controversy as an example. That is what I responded to the Journalist “suggestion” that David not “flog” a story to death.

    As most know the Iraq and Afghansitan wars, are constantly in the press because they are controversial, current and relevant. And these are only two of many such examples.

    To say you should not flog to death relevant issues that involve millions of dollars of taxpayers money AND WHICH BAJANS SAY THE GOVERNMENT WILL NOT COME CLEAN ON GEMS INCLUDED, the press has an obligation and responsibility to hammer away at these and any other such issues until the Democratic process is served. Look also at the late Richard Nixon “Watergate” and the Bill Clinton Monica Lewinski affair. The press had those in their jaws like a bulldog until the truth finally had to come out. That is a true press in action!

    Maybe secret Government standards have been handed down to the Press in Barbados that they are allowed only a certain number of prints on a specific story. That could well be the case for the Journalist saying what she did to David because it is not normal press ethics or practice in other countries of the world. Adrian Loveridge was removed from the Advocate by Government. That is what Barbadians were told. As I have said before the late and Honorable Peter Morgan who wrote a regular column in the Nation himself was on the public record as saying on numerous occasions Arthur intimidated people who criticized him. Harold Hoyte said the same thing. Mr . Reudon Eversley I think who writes for the DLP and was a former editor of the Advocate 8 or 9 years ago went on the public record to say that as editor at the Advocate the BLP intimidated him because of family loyalty to the DLP and threatened to take Arthur before the World Press Council for impeding “Press Freedom. All on the public record.

    I think that any Government that has been consistently fingered by respectable and responsible citizens of Barbados for interfering with free speech and PRESS FREEDOM is not only a dangerous Government but one that needs vigilant public attention if Democracy is to prevail. Facts don’t lie and I AM ONLY THE MESSENGER. Anyone doubting what I say research the archives of the press or go to those who are still living for confirmation!

    Let us say that the ABC and GEMS controversies are stopped being kept before the eyes and minds of the electorate without any answers or explanations coming from Government because they are old and repetitive stories. Then why bring them up at all?

    I think that this suggestion makes no sense at all especially with a general election is in the making.

    What is being suggested is basically saying. Well we were told that the ABC project went over budget by $120 million dollars and though we do not have the details of what went on we have covered it long enough so let us find something else to write about! Any Government would welcome a press like that. Especially at election time dont you think?


  4. You are right No name, I missed the actual point you were making.
    Truth is I noticed before I posted but it does feel too sweet attacking you,… so i still post it… (life is short – what you want me to do?!)
    Sorry old boy…


  5. Bush tea this is my last response to you but I want fellow bloggers to see your hypocrisy and phoniness in your foolish remarks to me and Mosquito. And you are not alone!

    You are coming through or trying to in a very pathetic way of preaching that we must first remove the beam from our own eyes before trying to remove the beam from the eyes of others. You are also advocating the ways we should make children see right from the wrong way. All of which is phony BS because you are couching it in Religious rationale while acting as a hypocrite with your own behaviour. Don’t use God for your corrupt and hidden agenda!

    Look at the message you sent me which is hardly one that a role model for the youth of Barbados should or would want them to follow.

    You said sir, here in print for the blogging world to see “Truth is I noticed before I posted but it does feel sweet “attacking” you so I still post it.

    What you have gone on the public record as saying on this blog was that you did know the issue under discussion and what I was saying but you couldn’t care less all you wanted to do was “Attack” me. That is where you got your jollies. Highly questionable conduct for a religious person!

    I say how dare you speak for what is right and wrong for the young in Barbados or how they should be brought up? You are a true hypocrite by your own public admission! So therefore cleanse yourself before cleansing others.


  6. BT:

    and here endeth this lesson.

    Listen and learn


  7. No name,

    You have no name, no brain, no sense of humor and obviously no life….
    …. try not to catch a heart attack

    what you used to do before blogging???


  8. Wishing in Vain

    I went to a meeting this evening and it was to witness a very level headed and well attended meeting.
    What impressed me the most was the sober calm (now you know that I could not be about to speak about Owing See Thru Arthur as sober is not within his grasp of understanding or scope of his works) manner in which the Leader of the Opposition Mr David Thompson addressed so many pressing issues of this society to a very attentative audience where one could hear a pin drop while they listened to his presentation.
    What he had to say was clear and without any doubt to the point and forceful.
    What I heard was that before the election that every candidate will have signed onto a code of conduct and integrity Legislation, this in itself is a positive and progressive step towards leading this island.
    With inflation and cost of living spiraling out of control the measure to remove vat of electricity bills is a very worthwhile effort that is to be commended despite the utterances of the blp that it cannot be done the VAT component of this relief is a no more than $ 17 million come on blp and Owing this is the least that you could give back to us the taxpayers of this land after all this is a mere pittance compared to what you lot have shafted us for remember your commissions on the VECO PRISON, the 3S and DANOS scam and you share there maybe had not raped us as you have the $ 17 million rebate could have happened two years ago but instead you lot have kept your own treasury well topped up and over flowing.
    In Summary each of the speakers were articulate and clear in their message and delivery it made me very proud to know that the party has tremendous talent at their disposal, in no lesser a person the Mrs Ester Byer Suckoo she is a gem of a person with a strong christian upbring and a hard worker, Mr Colin Spencer was clear and precise in his delivery and focused, Mr Chris Sinckler is one very good speaker he reminds me of the great His Excellency Sir Errol Walton Barrow.


  9. HARDWOOD and holdings

    I know that Mottley maybe a little unsettled by the story making the rounds that Owing plans to unseat her but honestly I do not believe that he needs to intervene as she may well have done so to herself but more importantly it was reported tonight that she has had nothing to do with ASSCOLL and she wants nothing to do with any thing like HARDWOOD.
    I always knew that she would be opposed to HARDWOOD for more reasons than the obvious.


  10. I am sure that as the sun rises over Barbados the thousands who read the Nation News will see that cost of living, housing, crime and unemployment is a worry for I think about 40% or more of the Bajan Society. Yet how many times on this Blog we see Barbadians denying there is anything to worry about.

    Could it be that those Barbadians believing there is no problem are taking the position that the 40% complaining are lazy, limers and drunks as Mavis Beckles claim the unemployed are?

    But here is another thought to ponder a UK Economist OBVIOUSLY WHO LIVES IN BARBADOS says in the BLP Nation News that removing VAT to give ease would be disastrous because the Government would have to find new generating tax revenues that would then make matters worse. Isn’t that funny!

    Let me give him a few hints at what SHOULD be done and which would be done in other countries. Increase tax on Off-Shore activities because this industry obviously is only helping people like the economist and Foreigners while creating little in the way of meaningful employment. Revise the redundant tax system in place now to make the wealthy not paying their fair share of taxes do so. And to make those not paying taxes at all and who have millions and billions in Bim and overseas to stop the free lunch ride that they blame others for. Increase taxes on business and look at controlling Commission Agencies.

    Then have Government turn their attention to the massive waste of taxpayers dollars being spent on contracts that are vehicles to steal and to start running Government smartly. Cut the fat and the waste that foreign contractors are putting in their pockets. These are but a few things that could be immediately started. And these are the things that would slow down run away inflation in Barbados responsible for what the Bajans are complaining about. 75% of the inflation in Barbados is home grown it does not come from abroad as Arthur wants us to believe.

    I think any economist worth his/her salt might want to explain to the Barbados people these obvious questions instead of conning them.

    The BLP and the movers and shakers in Barbados including Doctor Marion Williams of the Central Bank is saying Tourism has increased dramatically over the past ten years of BLP regime, generating huge sums of Foreign Exchange. So has Foreign Investment that totals I am told by reliable sources hundreds of millions if not entering billion dollar territory. The Off-shore banking industry is bounding ahead by leaps and bounds and though those who know will not tell you exactly how much money this industry is generating a modest estimate of $200 million annually is the figure given. The Construction industry is on fire. These are but a few.

    Why then is the general economy running high inflation, low wages that are not keeping up with inflation with a low level of unemployment and the cost of living is out of sight, poverty is alive and well, infrastructure is falling apart and the list goes on. Where is all of the money going Mr. Economist tell the people of Barbados crying out about the high cost to eat, can’t buy a house etc? TELL THE PEOPLE! THE PEOPLE WANT ANSWERS AND SOLUTIONS NOT BS! THEY HAVE BEEN FED BS NOW FOR TOO LONG BY THE GOVERNMENT AND FOREIGNERS IN THEIR LAND.


  11. Wishing in Vain

    I am no expert on the thinkings of MR OWING SEE THRU ARTHUR; then again I am not sure that he is himself.
    However I think he may have missed the boat to have had a good result and that was the period leading into CWC but his greed and hunger for power to be the one on stage dictated that he wait until after CWC so that he could take the glory that was to be CWC, however that glory disappeared in the dark and fiasco that became CWC.
    Since then it has been one scandal after the other for he and the blp, least we forget VECO involvement in bribery court cases in Alaska and Owing and Nicholls along with Bannister have awarded them the contract for building our prison, the DANOS 3 S outfit that is before the courts in the UK for FRAUD committed in Jamaica but yet he gets awarded the contract to build the flyovers and right off the cuff the price triples, now this is a man that has setup a scam company has an investment of $ 400,000.00 with five employees but manages a works contract for $ 360 million he and his five employees must be laughing all the way to the bank
    Then we have the nonsense of the Paradise development where Pemberton is ok’ed to rape the landscape of Batts Rock and hire illegal Chinese workers with no questions asked of him.
    Not a lot has gone well or has been favorable to Owing in the past few months, it would be my guess that he may prefer to let it run to the very end of its life before calling the election in the hope that he can squeeze the last drips out of the treasury and rape it that bit more and in the hope that people will forget about his corruption and dishonesty in office, May I add I think that this is a lot to ask anyone at this stage of the game.
    Owing it is time to submit yourself to the scrutiny of the voters and see where they take you.
    My guess is a reassignment of power 22 to DLP and 8 to the thieves the blp.
    Let me hear your views???


  12. Wishing in Vain

    RE the rape of GRENADA AND BARBADOS being carried out by FOUR SEASONS RESORT
    Should anyone feel motivated enough to write any of the ones listed below to express your disgust please feel free to so the email addresses are provided free of charge use them.

    President-Jim FitzGibbon

    Louise Chasin

    Angela Kretschmer


  13. Wishing in Vain

    Mabey & Johnson in Papua New Guinea
    In 2004, the Serious Fraud Office in the UK was investigating allegations that British bridge manufacturer Mabey & Johnson paid bribes to win a lucrative contract to build 116 bridges in Papua New Guinea.

    The SFO is accountable to the British Attorney-General and investigates and prosecutes serious and complex fraud cases.

    The company stated that it does not pay bribes or any other form of unlawful inducement stating that it has a comprehensive anti-corruption policy with procedures which are vigorously enforced.

    The Guardian said Mabey & Johnson stood to reap a STG 10 million (K61 million) profit from the PNG deal, which was snapped up in 2001 by the then Morauta government through a STG 31 million commercial loan provided by Deutsche Bank and guaranteed by the UK’s Export Credit Guarantee Department (ECGD).

    Officials within British government circles have confirmed that Mabey & Johnson applying for cover in respect to phase 2 of the
    program but ECGD is yet to decide on whether to provide cover for the next stage.
    Report Bribery in International Trade

    It is a crime for companies from all the major trading countries to pay bribes overseas to foreign public officials.

    Whilst surveys show that bribery is still commonplace, especially in sectors such as construction, defence and utilities, reports of bribery remain low.

    To date there is only limited information available on where and how to report foreign bribery offences.

    Reporting the crime to national enforcement authorities involves the following steps:

    1. deciding where to report the offence: host or home country;
    2. (if home) identifying the home country of the company or individual involved;
    3. identifying the relevant authority to which to report the offence in the home country.

    The attached report contains some of the relevant contact points and will be updated on an on-going basis.

    If you know the home country of the company or individual embroiled in the bribery allegations, but can’t identify the relevant national authority then another option is to contact the commercial section of the home country embassy in the country in which the offence took place.

    If you don’t know the home country of the company or the individual involved you could report the offence to the OECD Anti-corruption Division:

    In addition to reporting the bribe-payer, it is also possible to report the solicitation to BribeLine (, a reporting system established and managed by TRACE, which is a non-profit membership association of commercial intermediaries and multinational companies. The aim of BribeLine is to compile information on incidents of solicitation and to use the aggregate information to gain a better picture of solicitation around the world.


  14. Wishing in Vain

    MABEY’S SIDE: Comes now an unsigned email from which I presume to be Mabey and Johnson, the British builder of allegedly overpriced temporary Bailey bridges in the countryside.

    Some of these World War II-vintage steel spans reportedly valued so far at £429 million (P39 billion) have been called “bridges to nowhere” by critics because no roads connected to them at the time they were built in isolated places.

    Interest in M&J and its bridges, as well as its contacts who pushed the projects directly with Malacanang, was whetted again after the UK-based Guardian reported that M&J was being investigated by the British government for its operations in the Philippines and Iraq.

    In its email, M&J said we should not pay attention to the Guardian report because it quoted, among other sources, opposition Sen. Panfilo “Ping” Lacson, who it said was “politically biased, highly polluted and lacks credibility.”

    That is a lame argument — to say that the accusations cannot be true because they were made by a member of the political opposition.

    * * *

    TESTIMONIAL: To prove that the hundreds of bridges it has built did not lead “to nowhere,” M&J said it collected 63 testimonials from officials of localities where those Bailey spans were thrown.

    It gave as sample a letter from Mayor Rodolfo dela Torre of Sibagat, Agusan del Sur, dated Sept. 7, 2005: “The municipality of Sibagat is very fortunate to have two permanent bridges under the Tulay ng Pangulo program. (They) are currently being used by people from various barangays. In fact, heavy equipment and other means of transportation can easily pass the bridge and transport agro-products to the main road, down to commercial centers. The bridges are built of permanent materials that cater to economic development.”

    M&J said there was no space in its email “to quote all those testimonials but they are there for everyone to read.”

    * * *

    PRICING: On the question of pricing, M&J said: “The claim of the Guardian that the British firm, Mabey & Johnson, had grossly overpriced the materials it supplied for the bridges, with loan guarantee from the British government, is utterly baseless. The Mabey bridge program had been evaluated by the British government and found to be the cheapest and most effective value for money.

    “As for the bidding requirement, where there are no bidders the sole supplier is awarded the contract, in this case, Mabey & Johnson. While the Philippines has six other foreign suppliers, its awarding also considered the company performance. In fact, following bilateral protocol, the country providing the financing usually designates the contractor and the supplier. In this case, the British government, which financed the project, designated the supplier, Mabey & Johnson, after exhaustive due diligence.

    “The Guardian’s claim that the Austrian firm, Waagner-Biro, and a UK consortium, Balfour-Cleveland, had quoted lower costs for the same materials is based on an inaccurate analysis. Waagner-Biro’s costs did not include decks and substructures, while Balfour-Cleveland’s estimates did not include the counterpart cost for the Philippine government and the 40-percent grant from the British government.

    “Mabey & Johnson had incurred no costs overrun, while Balfour had incurred costs overrun amounting to P1.5 billion in 2005. In fact, Mabey had incurred ‘costs underrun’ of P1.2 billion, enabling it to build two more flyovers and 150 more bridges without an additional cost to the Philippine government.”

    “The claim that Mabey & Johnson profited illegally and excessively from the bridge contracts is totally unfair and groundless. Mabey & Johnson is a 157-year-old private company. The family owning the firm has been able to manage its business in a responsible and efficient manner as to make them one of the richest and well respected families in the United Kingdom. There has never been any scandal attached to that firm. Otherwise the British government would not deal with it.”


  15. Wishing in Vain

    Lets list them here-:
    Owing Arthur Tired having stolen enough of our taxpayers money his bank account is well set for his retirement.
    Mottley – Disenchanted and should be fired for here roles in the EDUTECH, PRISON,VISA REQUIREMENT ANS SECURITY FOR CWC, nothing to do with her moraless manner.
    Cynthia Forde Disenchanted and drifting aimlessly
    Liz Thompson Hired, Fired and rehired re posted Disenchanted
    Rommel Marshall Fired and taken to court left to hang out and dry.
    Gline Clarke Sick metally and physically
    George Payne Fired getting drunk and standing on a table in a bar in London and declaring himself the next PM.
    Trevor Prescod Disenchanted with nowhere to hide or go.
    Ronald Toppin Disenchanted and do not care
    Kerrie Simmons Confused not sure which way to go, may still be trying to find his wife. who knows?
    Jerome Walcott should have been fired end of that story.
    Noeless Lynch more of the above should be fired end of that story as well.
    Hammy Lashley Disenchanted and put out to graze.
    Joseph Edghill Disenchanted he to is grazing
    Reginald Farley Disenchanted he has been side stepped for the role of PM since he troubled Lyn and Owing found out about his venture.
    Rawle Eastmond Disenchanted after his speech of December who wants him after stating he does not know what he has done Owing Arthur has he gotten nothing done in 9 years of neglect.
    Anthony Wood the sleeping idiot who has done nothing for years
    Dale Marshall Drifting remember his claim to fame the tripling of cost on the prison and the fiasco of handling the Brittons hill scene he should become a reporter for CBC
    Lynette Eastmond one installed by Arthur before the present wife but this one has used taxpayers money and equipment to build her office, dishonest as ever.
    Joseph Atherley lets not remember the fiasco of the PARADISE and the Chinese workers for which the taxpayers are still awaiting a sensible statement.
    CLYDE MASCOLL may well be the biggest idiot with a degree but yes a total lying dishonest liar with corruption written all over him in such a short stint in the BLP cabinet just guess how the longer styanding memembers have amassed.
    Rudy Grant he rubs up to Noeless Lynch so much than he can hardly get the browness removed before it is put back in even larger volumes.
    Tyrone Barker he to is like the above his head is stuck so far up that he cannot see the light of day.


  16. Interesting story coming out of India about the frequency with which flyovers collapse because of non existent building codes and heavy rains:

    CHENNAI (India) – TWELVE people died and eleven sustained severe injuries in southern India when an apartment building collapsed after heavy rain, police said on Saturday.
    Three women and a boy were among those who died in the accident late Friday in southern Coimbatore city.

    Around 500 policemen were deployed to clear the debris and help with rescue work, city police commissioner C.K Gandhirajam said.

    The apartments – built by the government 30 years ago – had developed deep cracks and residents had been advised to move out for repair work.

    ‘The building collapsed even as the victims were still busy packing all that they considered valuable,’ said a senior police official, who did not wish to be named.

    Such accidents are common in India, where houses and flyovers often collapse because of heavy rain, poor construction materials or flouted of building regulations.

    Pic shown above is indicative only


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