Innovation Wanted

Innovation WANTED!

Innovation WANTED!

BU’s favourite caller to a popular talk show made the point recently – those who contribute significantly to political campaigns and political parties are the ones who consume scarce foreign exchange. These are the companies and individuals described as wholesalers and retailers who patrol and control the political landscape of Barbados. BU’s favourite caller was provoked to respond to well known self confessed political financier Leron Gibbs. Gibbs is known as one of the political shapers who has funded Peter Wickham CADRES polls.

If we want to increase our foreign exchange earning capacity we have to target growth areas designed to deliver the result. In a climate where limited resources exist, both time and financial, one has to decide for example if to priortise tax concessions to a Cost-U-Less compared to a professional or company in the export sector. It continues to be an embarrassment ignorant politicians allow an obvious a strategy to incent export oriented businesses to be compromised because of greed and political expediency.

At the root of our problem in Barbados is an inability to embrace innovation to affect how we do things. Now required in a global space which demands it to be competitive.  A comment posted to the Innovation NOT Being Taught in Schools by BU Newbie Dee Word is recommended reading:

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Jeff Broomes, Principal of Parkinson Memorial School

Jeff Broomes, Principal of Parkinson Memorial School

The Alexandra School Saga provoked the intervention of Prime Minister Stuart and led to the establishment of the Alexandra Commission of Inquiry.  Six hundred thousand dollars later many of the actors were transferred hither thither an yon or forced to retire BUT the principle actor has re-emerged, Principal JEFF BROOMES.

News broke yesterday {28/10/2014) that Parkinson Memorial School was forced to close around midday because 39 out of 61 staff members decided to attend a meeting at the Barbados Union of Teachers (BUT) headquarters to air “grievances over the management style and other practices of principal JEFF BROOMES. For many it evoked a feeling of déjà vu. It was not a strike action but the union obviously sanctioned the meeting.

Many will again take sides, BU prefers to locate the JEFF BROOMES issue in the realm of Barbados’ capacity to solve problems. If JEFF BROOMES has a management style that is creating tension at the school, there are tried and tested management methods to diagnose and inform a solution.

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Re-Route Reboot

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The continued dispute over the Debe-Mon Desir Link of the Point Fortin Highway and the growing public debate over this issue require further attention to certain critical aspects.

The Armstrong Reportcover-tilt was published in March 2013 after a process agreed between parties to the dispute over this highway link.  It is a significant achievement in the journey to a more considered and consultative approach to national development.  Given the shifting grounds of the dispute and the nature of the various statements, it is necessary to clarify some of the key issues.

The three main issues to be clarified are –

  1. The Armstrong Report

    The State’s position in relation to The Armstrong Report is a critical element of the dispute, so it is important to detail how this has morphed, like so much else in this matter.  The Ministry of Works & Infrastructure Press Statement of 3 December 2012

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Recording of Guyana’s Attorney General Anil Nandlall

TAPE RECORDING OF GUYANA’S ATTORNEY GENERAL ANIL NANDLALL ALLEGEDLY THREATENING TO SEND DEATH SQUAD TO KILL JURNALISTS: Guyana’s Attorney General Anil Nandlall caught on tape telling a Kaeieture Newspaper staffer that gun men (men with weapons) will soon show up at the offices of the newspaper & innocent people will pay the price if the newspaper keeps writing stories that embarrass and expose corrupt PPP government ministers and other officials

Rickford Burke

Study of Caribbean Men Who Have Sex With Men Launched

Submitted by Cedriann Martin – UNAIDS Caribbean Communications Officer

Please find attached a press release on the launch of the Caribbean Men’s Internet Survey (CARIMIS)–the region’s largest study of men who have sex with men and the first such research to be conducted online.

Launch soundbites from Dr. Ernest Massiah, UNAIDS Caribbean Regional Support Team Director and Dereck Springer, Director of the Pan Caribbean Partnership against HIV and AIDS (PANCAP) are attached. You may also post/play/hyperlink our message videos:

Meet the men of CARIMIS

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BU Members Featured in Barbados Bu’n-Bu’n

If you are interested in the book contact Rosemary Parkinson

BU members featured in Rosemary Parkinson’s latest book Barbados Bu’n-Bu’n.

The Composition of the Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc Board

Adrian Loveridge

Adrian Loveridge

If the media reporting on the recently selected board members of the newly formed Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc is accurate then I have to express enormous surprise at the apparent absence of a senior impartial member of the Barbados Hotel and Tourism Association. It is almost inconceivable that you could not include someone who has a vested financial interest in the sector with proven experience and that would contribute to how the island is marketed. To me it raises the question of what is the purpose of the board.

Is it there to ensure due diligence, accountability and that monies are spent in the most cost effective and productive way or is it simply for political window dressing. If a sufficient number of members of the board are devoid of hands-on experience in marketing a product like a destination, how can it possibly judge if the persons actually managing the entity are doing a good job. Looking at some of the other tourism boards across the region ‘we’ appear to be moving away from the model that other holiday competitors are using successfully to generate increased visitor arrivals and spend.

There are also several other issues. Surely this is a time when all vested interests should be working closely together to maximise results. According to recent media reports and documents contained on the website of the Inter-American Development Bank a loan of US$20 million (BA-L1033) is being negotiated with Government for the stated ‘objective to promote tourism, trade and investment between Barbados and Latin America’.

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