The Edmund Hinkson and George Payne Story, EXPOSED

The following was extracted from the witness filings in the Edmund Hinkson versus George Payne Barbados Labour Party affair:

Edmund Hinkson versus George Payne (1)

Edmund Hinkson versus George Payne (2)

Edmund Hinkson versus George Payne (3)

Edmund Hinkson versus George Payne (4)

Edmund Hinkson versus George Payne (5)

Edmund Hinkson versus George Payne (6)

Edmund Hinkson versus George Payne (7)



B’S Recycling Barbados Versus Cahill Plasma Gasification Waste to Energy

Godspeed Malala Yousafzai

Submitted by Charles Knighton
Malala Yousafzai

Malala Yousafzai

Alfred Nobel would be proud. At least for this year the Norwegian Nobel Committee, by awarding the Prize for Peace to Malala Yousafzai and Kailash Satyarthi, has eschewed its recent proclivity for awards based on politics and/or ideology rather than for actual deeds and works. While not familiar with Mr. Satyarthi’s “Save the Childhood Movement”, I have been intrigued by Malala’s life since she was attacked in 2012, as well as by how easily we in the West tend to take for granted our own hard-won freedoms.

Our daughters are free to go to school, to think for themselves, to decide how they will spend their lives. Had they been born in rural Pakistan, in Saudi Arabia, or in large swaths of the world, they would have no such choices. Culture and religion would assign them “traditional” roles—that is, subservience to men. In Pakistan, then 15-year-old Malala dared to demand more. “I have the right to speak up,” she said. “I have the right of education. I have the right to sing.” For this crime, the Pakistani Taliban shot her twice in the head. But as she struggled for life in a hospital, she became an international hero—a change agent. Like Mandela, King and Gandhi, she exposed the ugliness of the thugs who wished to silence her.

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Caribbean Against Apartheid to Observe 67th Anniversary of United Nations Resolution to Partition Palestine

Submitted by Caribbean Against Apartheid (CAAP)


On Saturday 29th November 2014 the Barbados based group “Caribbean Against Apartheid in Palestine” [CAAP] will be observing the sixty-seventh anniversary of the United Nations resolution to partition Palestine between its residents who had lived there for countless centuries, and recently arrived Zionists from Europe, with the majority of the land going to the minority recently arrived Zionists.

In an exclusive comment, CAAP Secretary, Attorney-at-law Mr. Lalu Hanuman, said: “This despicable and racist resolution has directly led to contemporary global security and civil liberty concerns, from chaos in the Middle East, to 9/11, to increased Airport Security, to erosion of our basic civil liberties, to ISIS today. We are all victims of this insidious United Nations’ resolution, but the biggest victims are the Palestinian People who have had their land stolen from underneath their feet, and who have had to live for generations in squalid refugee camps, or under Zionist military occupation, while the Zionists have been subsidised with huge annual financial and military Western grants.

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Governor Delisle Worrell Repeats Himself

 Dr. DeLisle Worrel

Dr. DeLisle Worrel

The following statement was made by Governor Delisle Worrell in January 2011.

.“Barbados economy predicted to grow by 2%

The Governor of the Barbados Central Bank, Dr. Delisle Worrell says the island’s economy is expected to grow by about 2% this year [2011]. Dr. Worrell says the projected economic growth will result from improvement in the performance of key sectors including tourism. Dr. Worrell’s annual economic review shows that up to November 2010, tourism improved with increased arrivals from North America and Canada. He said beyond 2011, the economy is expected to achieve a 3% rate of growth. However, he added that this depended on a number of factors including a full recovery of the tourism sector”RJR News

West Indies Cricket at Implosion Point

The fans continue to be shortchanged by the managers of West Indies cricket.

The fans continue to be shortchanged by the managers of West Indies cricket.

West Indies cricket continues at pace on a path to implosion. The WICB Board latest statement reads as follows – WICB STATEMENT FOLLOWING SEVEN HOUR MEETING. The decision by the WICB to go the route of a press statement in lieu of a press conference is indicative of the ‘peer down the nose’ approach to dealing with its publics through the years. Coincidentally, the Barbados Cricket Association (BCA) elected to do the same; communicate its mismanagement of the recruitment of a fraud as CEO of the BCA – see  The Sagicor Thieves and the BCA Fraudster – Ruel Ward and Jefferson Miller Create a WTF Moment. In both cases the two bodies probably acted under the best advice of a public relations company and not the public.

Frankly it is boring listening to leading regional cricket commentators spouting ignorance by playing the blame game for the recent muck up in West Indies cricket. It was inevitable that a dysfunctional management and operating structure would have led the region to where it finds itself currently as it contemplates whither West Indies cricket.

Instead of focussing on who did and should have done what, BU has to accept that the abandonment of the tour of India confirms a continuing the lack of leadership in the entity formerly known as the West Indies Cricket Board of Control (WICBC). An entity which lacks the capacity to resolve issues that require critical thinking. A routine requirement by any successful organization.

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Governor Delisle Worrell Projects Growth in 2015, International Reserves 1 Billion