Barbados Under Threat from the OECD, AGAIN!

Chris Sinckler, Minister of Finance - Fyi

Chris Sinckler, Minister of Finance – Fyi

There is also the question of whether global reforms could disadvantage Canadian-based multinationals, which have increasingly looking to offshore jurisdictions, most notably Barbados, as conduits to invest overseas. More than $60-billion flows through or is kept in Barbados, where the corporate income tax rate is 2.5 per cent. While some of that is private wealth being stowed offshore, much of the money is being used by Canadian companies doing business in other countries around the world – Global watchdogs take on the corporate tax dodgers

There was a time when tax treaties with little islands like Barbados gave the opportunity to foreign companies (captive insurance) to exploit tax structures to secure profit. In a post OECD active world, developing countries including Barbados, have had to withstand the piercing glare of the most powerful countries in the world.   In is instructive this weekend finance ministers from the world’s 20 largest economies have gathered in Australia AND the main agenda item if you are curious? “ To to squeeze billions of dollars more in taxes from the world’s largest companies … to plug the gaping loopholes in the international tax system that allow multinationals to slide substantial profits into tax havens or low-tax countries, depriving governments of badly-needed revenue”.

It is an open secret the opinion OECD counties hold for countries like Barbados who use double taxation treaties to lure multinationals from developed countries.  Minister Donville Inniss, as is his wont, has voiced his displeasure at the OECD moving the ‘goal post’. The world’s powerful countries are intent on blocking flight of capital from their jurisdictions and Inniss can continue to utter his usual high level of political rhetoric, there is not one iota he can do about it.

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The Dirge We’re In

Submitted by Beresford
Ronald Jones, Minister of Education promised 3,000 bursaries...

Ronald Jones, Minister of Education promised 3,000 bursaries…

Not satisfied with forcing Barbadians into resignation of their harsh economic fate by a witches’ brew of lies, scorn and ineffectiveness, the Government continues its rabid behaviour by fermenting a new platform of statements so stupid the instant reaction is to stupse and dismiss them.

Dennis Lowe continues to distinguish himself as one not fit to hold any position at all of authority. In shooing away the massive piles of garbage, his answer is that this “is not unusual” at this time. And in support, Lowe references garbage collection in July, in the heat of Crop Over.

Lowe does not know much, but he should know this is the end of September. If Crop Over garbage can be picked up, and quickly, too, the Minister of Confusion in Every Area should find some commonsense to know that with much less garbage, we are facing a serious issue.

Have the trucks off the road been repaired? New ones bought? Or instead of looking after the most basic health provisions, long established in Barbados and for which citizens are paying for through their teeth, the DLP Government prefers to waste money journeying here, there and everywhere.

Which brings us to, as Barbadians say, “igrant” statement No. 2.

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Blacks, Religion and Stockholm Syndrome

Submitted by Bentley

This [Stockholm Syndrome] explains the very strong connection that people of (recent, since all humans are) African descent have with religion.  Religion (Christianity, Islam) has been consistently and unrelentingly forced on Blacks from the time of slavery to the point where the vast majority of black people are now adherents to one or the other.  This is almost always to their own detriment.  As a group blacks are the poorest, most downtrodden people on earth and it all started with

Scotland and CADRES

Submitted by Douglas
Peter Wickham - CADRES

Peter Wickham – CADRES

Does it sound familiar? Just rewind to 2013 and the Barbados general election. A particular pollster/political guru had the DLP to get whitewashed; or as we would say in local lingo – ‘catspraddled’. Well, we all know the outcome; the DLP was returned to office, and that pollster/pundit, who had egg all over his face, now spends every waking hour excoriating the government on air and in print. Big Joker!

Heard him a week or so ago pontificating that the Scottish people deserve better and a ‘Yes’ vote would shake-up Whitehall. However, when a caller tried to put him on the spot and asked him to predict the outcome, he was somewhat non-committal and hedging; probably remembering how he and the Belle Tower made a fool of themselves in 2013. I am waiting to hear that pollster on last night’s result. I am sure he will do a volte-face; that is his accustomed mo.

Scotland’s Referendum is an object lesson for the self-righteous. People Power always wins out. For the record, I was hoping and wishing for a ‘No’ result. It makes sense. Alex Salmond wanted to have his cake and eat it too – aka- the best of both worlds.

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Bus Terminal Dispute – The Next Generation

The term is not into Week III and ….

God help us!

Privatization of State Enterprises on the Horizon

Posted by Artaxerxes to the UWI Cave Hill Takes a Hit

Tracey Shuffler advises government to Hand Over

Tracey Shuffler advises government to Hand Over

Politicians from the BLP and DLP are guilty of implementing policies that seemingly benefit the electorate in the short term, but in actuality having long term benefits for the political party.

For example, the NHC housing policy has been exploited by both the electorate and political parties. These housing units should have been starter homes for individuals/families who are in the process for developing themselves. Tenants should have been limited to rent units for a specific time period, while encouraging them to build their own homes. Financial assistance should have been given to those low income workers to either build their homes or purchase the units. Hence, rentals should have been an on-going process, whereby when one tenant moves out, another one moves in. Instead, and more so for political reasons, tenants were encouraged to occupy the houses for several years or not to pay rent. In 2008, this administration transferred ownership of the units to those tenants who occupied them for over 20 years, free of cost.

Additionally, I was doing a bit of reading and realised, prior to the 1976 general elections, Errol Barrow reduced bus fares from a per stage basis to a standardized rate of 25¢ per destination. However, he went on to lose the elections to Tom Adams and the Barbados Labour Party. Many people think Barrow is beyond criticism, but if we want to have a serious discussion about the Transport Board, we must first examine what implications this election gimmick had on the Board’s operations and financial stability over the years.

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Anal Adored by the Sexes

Do we misuse the gluteus maximus?

Do we misuse the anus?

The hushed issue of using the anus to extract sexual pleasure continues to hold interest for many. The expected reaction to this revelation will be one of alarm followed by condemnation by those whose heads are planted in the sand. But navigate to any reputable website offering insight into the issue and the message will be the same – an estimated 30% of males AND females have engaged in anal sex at least once. And what are some of the popular Internet searches? anal, booty, fat ass,   big ass, you get the drift.

Of interest is the fact the botsy or pooch, to use a Bajan term, as a source of sexual pleasure and general interest is pursued by BOTH sexes.  Yet it is a subject that is taboo even in the most liberal of societies. Many Barbadians associate anal sex and homosexuality. However, the volume of visits and hits to porn sites and specifically of male and female clicks to anal searches challenge the notion that there is only a moderate interest. So why the hypocrisy?  Why do males and females risk pain by penetrating the sphincter which is an anatomical feature to manage the flow of ‘waste’ from the body? Are male homosexuals attracted to the same sex because of an urge to have sex in the same way as the heterosexual? Is it a case of pursuing an emotional interest and having to settle with the anus because the female was the vagina by the great designer? To be frank BU is confused by this issue.

The big question is why is anal sex and matters related to anal rising in popularity among the sexes. If only we were able to commission a Wickham poll to determine the level of interest in anal sex among the religious in Barbados. We know that there is a healthy interest if we deduce from  revelations coming out of the Catholic church. Unfortunately the truth will never be known because of the taboo!

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