Arthur’s King Move

Submitted by William Skinner
Former Prime Minister, Owen Arthur, M.P.

Former Prime Minister, Owen Arthur, M.P.

Those who would seek to write off former Prime Minister Owen Arthur are making a potentially grievous political mistake. Apparently, it is now customary in our society, to declare anyone above the age of 60 as a has been. This means that all those teachers, police, nurses and others including those in the private sector, are supposed to go home at 55 or 60 and grow lettuce or roses. I respectfully beg to differ. The truth is that, as far as I know, Arthur has no impediment that will affect his ability to be a very productive citizen for many years to come.

This desire to declare people old prematurely has led to the destruction of West Indies cricket when we deliberately hastened the exit of players such as Desmond Haynes and more recently Brian Lara, out of the game before they were, in my opinion ready. When we determine that people who are that young are of no more national use, we are technically wasting all the money we have spent giving them free education!

In Arthur’s case he took about eight or years or so to master Bajan politics. While I do not “sing in his choir”, I have to really ask why the callers to the call in programs, who support Mia Mottley and the BLP are so harsh on the only political talent of any magnitude that the BLP had in its ranks. To blame Arthur for Mottley’s inability to emerge as a viable leader is a poor escape from the fact that Mottley herself is perhaps her greatest enemy. It is beyond belief that Arthur who gave her all the tools to evolve as a creditable leader is now being told he was her “problem”, according to political scientist, Peter Wickham. Wickham has gone so far as to imply that if Mottley had led the BLP in the last election, she would have been victorious. He is yet to bring any substantial argument to support such a far out conclusion.

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Putin – The Theory of the Big Lie

Submitted by Pachamama
Vladímir Putin - President of Russia

Vladímir Putin – President of Russia

Those who are capable of tyranny are capable of perjury to sustain it – Lysander Spooner

In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act  – George Orwell

If you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truthJoseph Goebbels

All warfare is based on deceptionSun Tzu

Our central point of departure rests on the truism that we live within a tapestry of lies. But when it comes to Geo-politics, the theory of the big lie was always necessary in the maintenance of empire. Notwithstanding this centuries old adage, the big lie remains a potent weapon in the quiver of the powers as they seek to conduct war, by any means necessary, against their foes. In recent years we’ve had big lies serving to instigate illegal wars against Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Gaza, Yugoslavia and others. However, the recent war propaganda against Putin’s Russia take the big lie to new and staggering levels of acceptability. Indeed, the very existence of the Anglo-American Empire has come to rest on the acceptance of these big lies as truisms.

We have never been persuaded that any country commands any high level of innocence. Indeed, we see countries as impersonal entities without any enduring friendships but with perennial interests. These national interests guide countries and blocks as they tussle for advantage and ascendancy. In this pursuit countries may try a combination of diplomacy, politics and other cultural and economic levers to change the balance of power, gain strategic advantage. In the event where there is a failure, militarism, including sanctions, maybe employed by belligerents to achieve, through violence, that which could not be so done by ‘peaceful’ means.

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BWU Wants Moore

Submitted by the Mahogany Coconut Think Tank and Watchdog Group
Toni Moore - General Secretary of the BWU

Toni Moore – General Secretary of the BWU

The Mahogany Coconut Group welcomes the new General Secretary of the powerful Barbados Workers Union (BWU), Comrade Toni Moore. She is the first woman to head what is probably one of the best organized workers unions throughout the Caribbean. It is a tribute to the Barbadian women, who have always been in the struggle for the betterment of the working class. Our faith in the younger Caribbean generation is fortified by Comrade Moore’s elevation at the young age of thirty eight.

Comrade Moore takes over the union at a time when the workers in Barbados are under tremendous pressure as the government’s austerity program becomes more intensified and far reaching. The Transport Board, and other government statutory boards, have suffered from widespread retrenchment and the unions, in many cases have not been as vigilant, as we would have wanted them to be in fighting government on behalf of their members. Many workers of the BWU believe they have been betrayed by their leadership, and have speared no effort in publicly accusing the BWU and other unions of dropping the ball.

Her task will be to reignite that spirit of activism that has fallen so badly and we hope that she quickly demonstrates a desire to carry the fight to both the public and private sector employers. We are aware that her predecessor, Sir Roy Trotman, has left some issues on the table which she must address with great speed. We speak of the current Employment Rights Bill that employers have been exploiting because of loop holes. Comrade Moore should also move quickly to mend all fences in the Social Partnership if it is to become any worthwhile factor in the social and economic development of the country.

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New Dawn Beckons for Tourism

Adrian Loveridge

Adrian Loveridge

Later this week, for three days, one of the most important travel trade events takes place called Connect 2014. It is estimated that around 97 tour operators representing 74 companies from the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Continental Europe and the Caribbean will attend. Courting crucial business and hoping to positively influence choices around 125 local hoteliers and ancillary service providers will also be taking part.

Along with a number of other industry interests including the Barbados Food Wine and Rum Festival and Bushy Park, the Barbados Tourism Authority or perhaps I should now refer to the new name (BTM Inc) have been kind enough to invite me to make a presentation on our re-DISCOVER initiative. With so many destinations to choose from, often at substantially lower cost, it is, in my humble opinion that we collectively make every possible effort to get across that Barbados can offer value-for-money by providing a greater selection of more affordable options.

For us, the perfect scenario is to persuade the tour operators to place our website address on their client’s final documentation, whether in print or electronically. That way the consumer can plan ahead, budget for their out-of-pocket expenses which helps maximise the potential for participating restaurants.

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State of the Barbados Economy

It is obvious the many prognostications on the rebound of the local economy from government, Governor Delisle Worrell and a few vocal local practitioners have reached a point where there is little credibility with the public. The cancelation of post economic review media briefings by the Central Bank of Barbados has been interpreted in many ways because there has been no official explanation from authorities. The decision therefore by the Central Bank to host a 15-part series on CBC TV8 and Voice of Barbados to be moderated by David Ellis to start on September 3, 2014 titled ‘The Barbados Economy: Consolidated and Growth Strategy A special Economic Discussion Forum is interesting. Panel participants will be Dr. Delisle Worrell, Tracey Shuffler, Andrew Brathwaite, Jewel Brathwaite. BU welcomes the Central Bank change in communication strategy because the media briefings had become uninformative and an embarrassment to the Fourth Estate. However the switch should have been more seamlessly implemented to avoid  the political debate that followed which helped to politically polarised the country as well as to dent the reputation of the Central Bank..

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Chris McHale Case No. 1489 of 2012 – First Caribbean International Bank and PricewaterhouseCoopers

Chris McHale, F C A

Chris McHale, F C A

Chris Mchale is the one everybody loves to hate. He has been embroiled in controversy of one kind or the other in the last 20 years. One endearing quality (BU’s view) no one can deny is his willingness to take on all-comers. The latest two, PwC and FCIB in a decision handed down by Justice Olson Alleyne on 11 March 2014.

Disposal (Decision 1489 of 2012)

[69] In light of the foregoing, the preliminary issue is determined in favour of the Mr. Mchale and the application is dismissed.

[70] I will hear the parties as to costs.

More and more international companies with global brands are being taken to the law courts to defend their decisions. Three days ago PwC faced a decision by a U.S . District Court that it gave bad advice to a company to buy $6.3 billions of sovereign debt that contributed to losses – see PwC must face $1 billion lawsuit over MF Global advice. And in May FCIB announced six months results ended April 2014 it had recorded a net loss of $199 millions. Some (including Mchale) will suggest FCIB’s loss making state in the Barbados and the Caribbean is linked to bad decision making – see FIRSTCARIBBEAN INTERNATIONAL BANK LIMITED (“CIBC FIRSTCARIBBEAN”) TODAY ANNOUNCED RESULTS FOR THE SIX MONTHS ENDED APRIL 30, 2014. On a tangential note BU believes the Barbados Investors Policyholders Association (BIPA), Financial Services Commission FSC) or some other vested party should have taken PwC to the law courts to test negligence on their part.

Black People Live ‘RACE’ Every Day in America